Congrats On Gettings Started!!! FS2M Lesson 1: Intro, My Story, and Recommendation

solo smirkWelcome to the 1st lesson of From Scratch 2 Money. Obviously, you opted in the From Scratch 2 Money email course, so please check your email often as I will be sending out a new lesson every day or so. 

My name is Vince, and yes, that’s me right there on the right! As you can see I have a little smirk on my face.

Do you know why I have this smirk?

I just got done surfing. Also, for many other reasons as well. I can wake up whenever I feel like it. I make money everyday on autopilot. I am my own boss. I work from home. I call the shots. The money just keeps pouring in month after month. And I am a master at Internet marketing. 

But it wasn’t always like this…

There was a time when I was struggling. I needed money. I couldn’t figure it out.  And I kept running into get-rich-quick scheme after get-rich-quick scheme. 

Maybe you can relate? Or maybe this is the first time you’ve ever got involved with making money on the Internet. It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you are here for a reason.

Most likely the reason is simple: you just want to know how to make income online.

Maybe you simply just need more money each month. Perhaps you are tired of your job, working 9-to-5 and are looking for a way out. It could be you want to be your own boss. Maybe you wish to spend more time with your family. Or you are just looking for a way to develop and 2nd income on the side.

Whatever the reason is, it compelled you enough to find out more. And that’s why I’m here to HELP YOU.


I Got Fooled In The Beginning

Let me briefly show you how I got started in making money online. I was basically looking for different options in earning income through the Internet. I knew there were people who made good money online. Finally, I landed on something I thought would be the answer and key to financial prosperity. I ran into a website that pretty much told me this:


It all started just a couple years ago. Looking back at things, it’s actually quite funny. There was a picture of a woman about 30 years old or so and said she was making $9,000+ per month working from home just doing simple data entry. I thought, “no way…really?”, so I clicked and wanted to learn more…

I pretty much paid $299 for a very basic ebook on how people are making money on Ebay. It didn’t tell me how, it didn’t tell me where to get started, the product didn’t provide any support & help…nothing. I got ripped off!!! Lol.

  • It didn’t show me how to drive traffic to my account
  • It didn’t show me proper marketing methods
  • It failed to mention how much I would have to invest in advertising
  • It didn’t show me how to beat out my competition
  • It didn’t give me help or support from anyone
  • I couldn’t figure out which products to even sell

I finally figured out this lady was making so much money by marketing and selling this crappy $300 e-book to desperate newbies like me! 

And it didn’t stop there. I kept going from get-rich-quick scheme to get-rich-quick scheme and spent hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dollars that I really didn’t have!


You Don’t Have To Learn The Hard Way

So after I finally figured out how to make money on the Internet, I started researching and writing reviews on “make money online” programs. I’ve literally done thousands of reviews on various systems, MLM’s, methods, etc. 

I make money by helping people get started on the right path to making Internet money from home. I figured if I can reach thousands of people each month and guide them towards the correct direction, it would pay off….and it has!

[note note_color=”#ffffeb”]You don’t have to get caught up in scams and schemes that claim they’re going to show you the “secrets” to $10,000 in 3 days. You don’t have to join “payday” systems that nothing more than sales funnels that get you to pay for steps. You don’t have to join “teams” where your sponsor makes you go all in and spend thousands to get “activated”.[/note]

I designed this course to save you all that time and money and have narrowed it down to 1 good Internet marketing program that is legitimate…


You Found One Of My Reviews On Google




This is not by accident. I purposely know how to get to the top of Google. This is the reason why I’m so blunt and brutal in my reviews. If I honestly don’t feel a program is really going to help you make money as a beginner and teach you, I will say so. And unfortunately, I would say about 90% just don’t cut it.

The reason why these “gurus” and other marketers make so much money is because they get good at selling overpriced and hyped up schemes which get the beginner (you) hopeful that you’re going to be RICH and unlock the “secrets” to thousands of dollars on autopilot each month.

Of course, that’s not true and you are most likely to get burned lots of money.

If you haven’t and this is your first time exploring, consider yourself fortunate!!!

My #1 Top-Rated Recommendation

wa_big_screenshotAllow me to introduce to you Wealthy Affiliate. This is by far the best affiliate community and Internet marketing program I have encountered.

What is it exactly?

It’s pretty much an online community of affiliate marketers that provides the training, support, and tools to make things “work”.

If you are looking for a complete system that will teach you how to make money on the Internet, this is the one for you.

This is pretty much the reason I designed From Scratch 2 Money: to show people the right program to work with. 

This program works for anyone at any different skill level. You can be doing this for the first time, or you can be an experienced Internet marketer. 

It teaches you everything. Step by step. Not only do you get everything you need to see results and build a successful home based business, but you can get started for absolutely FREE. 


arrow_animatedI’m not going to go into too much detail about WA right now as there is still lots to cover. We’ve only got about 4 more lessons left. So the next step you want to take is…action! And plug into WA by creating at least a free account.

Create Your WA Free Starter Membership Here

Next lesson is going to be about the 5 best legitimate ways to make money online. I give you the list and the reasons why or why not I would recommend each method. So keep an eye out on your email.



Talk Soon,


P.S. You’re going to need WA to follow along in the From Scratch 2 Money lessons anyway 😉