FS2M Lesson 2: The 5 Real Ways To Make Money Online

In this lesson I will go over the 5 real ways to make money online. There are many different ways to make money, but these are going to be worth your time, money, and energy in my opinion. So here we go!


1. Internet Marketing (Recommended)

This is how I make money and what I do full-time from home. It’s possible within the next few months to develop a home-based business, in any niche, and produce thousands of dollars…even if you have little or no experience at all. I had absolutely ZERO experience when I first ventured into Internet marketing.

internet_marketing_worksBy far, this is your best option if you want to make a significant amount of money from home. It really comes down to working smart and compounding your time. Internet marketing allows you to set something up, and that something is able to generate you hundreds or thousands per month on complete autopilot. Of course, you need to learn what to do first if you don’t know how.

[note note_color=”#fffddb”]Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate breaks it down. Watch this lesson: Understanding How To Make Money Online[/note]

Take a few minutes. Go through that lesson. Come back.

I designed the From Scratch 2 Money to teach you about the benefits of Internet marketing because I believe this is your best bet if you are SERIOUS about making SERIOUS income from home.

2. Become A Writer

become_a_writer_You can make money as a freelance writer. This would suit you if you are already good at writing and have good grammar skills. I would say you probably wouldn’t develop a full-time income from home, but more likely to earn a little bit of spare cash each month.

But there’s a catch.

There is more to it than just signing up at a freelance writing site. You’re going to have to learn how to promote yourself, start building a good reputation, and outbid your competitors just to land any kind of small writing jobs that pay very little. It’s almost a whole business in itself: just getting writing assignments. But it wouldn’t hurt to sign up. The best site I would recommend for this is www.iWriter.com


3. Fiverr Gigs

 Fiverr_LogoDo you have any special talents? How about any special skills? 

Fiverr.com is a place where you can sell random gigs on the Internet and people will pay you $5….actually, you walk away in profit with $4 because the website takes a cut. 

But stuff like “I will sing you a Happy Birthday song on my guitar while dancing for $5” is not uncommon. How many people will actually buy that kind of gig? Probably not that many. But if you have a really, really special unique skill or talent that is useful, and you are willing to sell it for $4, then you could probably earn some extra income. 


4. Sell Stuff on Craigslist/Ebay

craigslistThis method is pretty cut & dry. Basically, put up for sale anything you have of value to make cash. Craigslist is a great place to post something you’re trying to get rid of. For an example, I’ve made money selling extra stuff I didn’t need anymore like exercise equipment, an old surfboard, and a cellular phone. Think of it as a yard sale, but online. I would only do business with local prospects however.  


5. Online Surveys

survey I’ve done a lot of reviews on paid online survey sites. It’s probably one of the most searched for on the Internet. These sites like to make it seem as if you’re going to make big money just answering questions all day. Wouldn’t life be awesome if that were the case? You should just quit your job now!…or not.

I am not the hugest fan of online surveys, BUT you can make a couple extra bucks here and there. It’s just an issue of TIME vs. MONEY.

You don’t get paid a lot. I mean, you get paid like literally $0.30 for 1 hour’s worth of work when you sit down and just try to qualify to take most of the stinken surveys!!! Probably one of the best websites for this is InboxDollars.com


So Which Is Right For You?

question_mark_1Of course, I would prefer anyone who is interested in making REAL money to get into Internet marketing if you haven’t already. 

To be honest with you, all of these methods are going to require proper Internet marketing skills anyway if you want to see any kind of significant results. And this is why I’m so big on getting started at Wealthy Affiliate. It just becomes 100x’s easier to know what to do to make money and what works and what doesn’t work, when you are guided and helped towards success. 

Keep on the lookout for Lesson 3, coming your way. I’m going to talk about how to avoid scams and how trying to land “online jobs” might cost you money!! 

Talk Soon!