[FS2M] Lesson 5: The Hardest Part Of Making Internet Money

It’s funny. I also do personal coaching for home based business on top of running my websites and doing Internet marketing.

I’ve spoken to all types of people from butchers, pilots, stay-at-home moms, retired folk, doctors, students, former Marine Drill Instructors…you name it….and lots of these clients struggle with the same issue…

It’s not something complicated. And you would think it wouldn’t be a problem.  

I can tell you the single hardest part of earning Internet money is…wait for it…



Yes. That’s the truth. That’s the reality.

It’s easy to work at a job. You have a supervisor telling you what to do. You have customer orders you have to fill. You have a boss.

You have obligation.

You take orders.

If you don’t do what you’re supposed to, you get fired.

You lose your paycheck.

You lose money.

You lose your car. You lose your house.

This is why you are willing to get up early in the morning and drive to work. It’s easy to work at a job.

But nobody makes you work in your own home based business but you.


Understand just learning alone isn’t going to bring in the money. You must apply action. Action is what brings in the money. This means DOING.

It can be a huge challenge for some folk to get themselves to take action in their home based business. 100% of the people making good money online have taken action. I guarantee that.

The reason why I make money is because I do stuff. I do Internet marketing. I publish lots of articles. I upload videos. I invest in advertising. I follow up with my leads with email messages. I find new niches to target. I do stuff.


You Can Only Quit. You Can’t Fail. 

I really mean this. You can’t really fail. You can only quit. Why? Because no one can fire you and you can keep trying and trying. I would say for the people that never make money online, it’s because 98% of those people QUIT before they start seeing results. 

It’s like dieting. Many people try but quit before they even see the results! Crazy, right? I know. 

You don’t have to do this alone.

arrow_animatedWhat you’ll probably need more than anything is community and support. You want to be a part of something where there are lots of others like you, building their own home business. Get helpful tips, ideas, encouragement, even Live Chat 24 hours per day. That’s I recommend Wealthy Affiliate if you haven’t signed up already. Create your free starter membership by clicking here. 

P.S. This is the last of the From Scratch 2 Money course. I’m discontinuing it as of today…