Get Answers. Get Help. Get the Training You Need.

wa_help_today_Hello and welcome. My name is Vince. I’ve been making money on the Internet for over 2 years now. I know it can be hard to figure out what to actually do when it comes to affiliate marketing and making money online and everything else. That’s why I finally figured it out. The best way for people to succeed is to get help, support, training, and be able to ask questions.

The only place to do this is the #1 affiliate community in the world, Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and people that have visited my site love it. And now it’s my main focus: to just help people new to affiliate marketing or who are having trouble. Let me just highlight a few of the benefits of being a part of the best affiliate community out there right now…

24/7 Live Chat Available

live_chatBeing able to get assistance when you need it is just pure gold. Wealthy Affiliate has it up this way on purpose. You can ask questions. Get tips. Advice. Make friends. Connections. You name it. There is always someone on chat you can talk to.

Some people are complete “newbies” and some people who are very experienced. The point is, you can get immediate support and help and would definitely take advantage of this when you need to.


Get Step-by-Step Training

understand_how_to_make_moneyDon’t understand exactly how affiliate marketing or home based business works? Don’t know anything about computers or building a website? Need to know what strategies to get traffic actually work? No problem.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification courses where designed to walk you through step-by-step the process of affiliate marketing and creating a money-making home based business from scratch. Kyle & Carson, the founders, have put together something really special because even the most clueless and brand new person can understand how things work just by going through the training.

This consists of instruction, videos, and even a check list of tasks for you to complete so you don’t miss a thing. How could you go wrong?

 It. Works.

jan_14_earningsSometimes I do get tired of people asking me…”does it work?”

Lol. Yes.

The training Wealthy Affiliate provides does work. As you can see, I have put the same methods taught into action and this is a screenshot of the earnings of just 1 of my 6 websites that I own.

Of course, I put in the effort and took action. But yes. “It” works. No, you are not going to make millions of dollars overnight and you are not going to get rich quickly. The training on how to do affiliate marketing “works”. This is not MLM, pyramids, “systems” or any of that junk.

However the real question is, are you willing to work?


Get Help & Support From The Experts

wa_kyle_and_vince_interactionNot only am I available to help, but even the owners (Kyle & Carson) respond to questions. When I first became a member, I honestly didn’t think that the actual owners would have time to respond to me. You would think they are too busy or you’re probably not worth their time, right? Because they are the “owners”. 

Well, I thought wrong.

The first time I asked Kyle a question, he replied personally. I have also talked to Carson as well. 

I knew then that this was all real. Another cool feature to the community is you can “follow” people and you can see who’s helping others by their ranking. That way you can be updated and in the loop of who might be able to help you out. There are some people that really, really like to help. 

There’s Even A “Help” Search Bar…That’s Just Crazy


As you can see the interface is just ridiculous. I mean, in a good way. It’s insane. There is now a “search bar” on the top of the screen so you can literally type something in, and it will find something related to your question or request. 

Get Started For FREE and Try It Out

arrow_animatedThe next step you want to take is…action. Probably the coolest part is you can get a Wealthy Affiliate starter membership for free. This is not a joke. No credit card required. No bait-n-switch. No gimmicks. No bull crap. There is also a Premium membership which is totally optional. I would suggest to create your free account. It’s fast. It’s easy. You literally have nothing to lose. Plus, you’ll get the help you need & deserve. You can browse around. You can check it out. Click here to create your FREE Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership