Will Neobux Scam You? Honest Review and Opinion

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neobux_scamSo you want to know, does Neobux scam people? That’s a good question. The reality is, the make money online industry is plagued with scams so it’s hard to tell which programs are legitimate and which ones are just looking to take your money and waste your time. I’ve been doing this full-time online for the last couple years and to be honest with you, I can tell you the truth about most of these income opportunities that claim you can make easy income and make big money just working from home. This is actually a pretty popular company and I’m going to kind of explained to you what I think of it as far as actually making money.

How It Works

paid_to_view_ads_Neobux is not anything revolutionary or new when it comes to make money from home stuff. It is a get paid to type of website which means supposedly if you’re somebody that wants to make money, all you have to do is sign up and you can start making money immediately by simply doing an easy tasks. The main task is viewing advertisements. Yes, you can make money by simply looking at advertisements. But don’t get too excited just yet because I’m going to tell you something about this that you might not want to hear. You barely get paid anything.

Why would they want to pay you to do this?

The answer is actually quite simple. This website is nothing more than a place for advertisers to meet potential customers. These potential customers come in the form as members looking to make money on the Internet. You see, when you become a member you are going to be forced to look at these advertisements. And sometimes you might like something that is advertised and will buy. So the advertiser who joined Neobux is basically paying you to look at their ads in hopes that they will get a sale.

Does it make any sense?

What I Don’t Like

Now here comes the bad news, in my opinion, about making money with Neobux: you’re just not going to make that much money at all and it’s going to add up to just a few bucks per month for spending lots of time behind the computer looking at advertisements all day which is extremely boring. With the same amount of time and effort, you could be learning how to build a full-time income on the Internet through Internet marketing meaning building websites and getting traffic to high converting videos instead. Personally, I just think websites like this one are just a waste of time when it’s all said and done.

What I Like

What I actually like about Neobux is that it is a legitimate company and they will pay you if you participate and fold the rules. Also I like the fact that if you are an advertiser, this would be a great way, or should I say decent way, to get possible options and sign ups by sending out advertisements because you know people are going to look at them. So this can work pretty decently for you if you or somebody that’s in the Internet marketing niche like I am. It’s a method of paid advertising.

Final Thoughts

So will Neobux scam you? Absolutely not. But what I spend my time enjoying it and signing up? Absolutely not. The reality is with these easy money making programs is that you’re just not can make any kind of significant income and you’re going to waste lots of hours behind the computer for just a few bucks per month. Now, you might be able to make more income if you work the affiliate program but that is a whole different story.

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  1. Neobux is waste of time and money. Do not get tricked! The referal averages are so low you can never earn real money. Absolute scam! I believed this is a good way to earn money and invested from my own pocket. I spent more than 1 year clicking ads every day from January 2017 until February 2018 and the final result is loss of 220 EUR! Please do not waste your time and money! The only way to earn money from this site is to invest thousands of dollars and then wait 4-6 years to start earning money! Stay away from neobux and all pay-to-click websites!

  2. Shit I’m really scared now. I joined in February of 2010 and slowly made my way to ultimate with almost 10000 referrals. My plan was to stop around there and have whatever income per month I would have at an average of around .65 or so. Around late November or into December, I noticed I couldn’t post in the forums and when I sent a ticket, I received the “nothing wrong at our end or yours either. Just wait for it to fix itself” message. I was thinking I was banned/going to be banned once I cashed out as the prompt for my ticket, but was told that despite some clicking oddities within the prior month(that I can’t imagine why existed), I was safe to cash out., I didn’t because I was still building my account steadily. Come January my average suddenly slipped below my break even point and except for about 4 or 5 days in these last two months, I’ve consistently stayed below. I did tons of mini jobs today and in random days these last couple months, but today I am at .49(.57 is my bep). I don’t know what to do, I even bought that handy referral manager, but it’s no use.

    At first I was thinking the usual lull in activity after the holidays was to blame. That people weren’t in a need of money and so dropped off online earning. Then the disasters all over the US like the fires and cold, but now…

    What’s more, I saw someone who regularly updated his forum stats ask about his falling average. I watched that thread for a few minutes and then it was gone. I’m staking out his stats thread, but there’s been no update since his thread’s deletion… I can still click his name and see his history, but that’s it… I’ve often wondered if that Reggen666 was really just too busy to post, but from what I’m seeing…

  3. With the help of a recovery expert i was able to recover my money from a scam broker , happy to share my experience .

  4. neobux renting rr is SCAM i started 2016 i rented 8000 rr and after i stopped renting rr my AVG go down from 0.65 to 60 first month and second monthe 0.49 and now 0.23 and I have to renew some rr and I loos my money and time I invested 7000$ I got 1487$ only for two years working hard!! and my account dud please do not put your money there for renting rr…

    • I have the same problem, at least i recover my investment because i was pioneer, buy my avg drop dramatically from 0.68 to 0.19 in over 6 months.

  5. Yes, they scammed me big time, I put a lot of time & effort into it then they stopped letting me click on ads, said someone was using my ip address, that isn’t possible, but I guess they got what they wanted out of me & stopped letting me see their stupid repetitious ads, that were the same every single day.

  6. Ever since PayPal was dropped as a payment processor, I cannot get my money out of Payza or Neteller. After 8 years as a member I think I’ll find better ways to spend my time online.

  7. I also believe Neobux is a scam, something which I have realized months ago. Unfortunately I started to suffer from this by myself for the last month or so.

    1. I think the referrals are really people, BUT, Neobux has some kind of algorithm to regulate the amount of clicks you get from them. Why I think so:
    a. When you’re a standard member, your average will be >1, but once you go golden, SUDDENLY your average drops to ~0.67.
    b. As an ultimate member, you suddenly get the best referrals Neobux can offer you, meaning, those that click 4 ads every time. As golden/standard your referrals click 2-3 ads.

    2. I got commissions from my referrals, but one day I suddenly stopped getting them. Wonder why…

    3. This site is a dictatorship, something which is noticeable on the forums. When you write something they don’t like (such as criticism), they delete your post immediately.
    Also the moderators are cowards, hiding behind their “mod edit” instead of posting like regular users.

    Here is what happened to me:
    One day I saw that the projected average dropped, from about 0.61 (my BEP) to 0.55. I thought it’s not a big deal, it will get better. IT DIDN”T.
    Every single day my average dropped more and more. I never thought it could get any worse. When I saw that my projected average is 0.49, I thought this is the lowest it will ever be, and it will get higher over time. IT DIDN”T. At the time of writing this post, my projected average is 0.3(!!!). I am losing about $8-9 per day.
    I believed this was a direct move by Neobux against me for some reason and by reading the comments here, I finally got confirmation I’m not the only one.
    I have also ban banned from the forums. While I can view posts, I can’t reply or open a new topic.

    My advice to those that still want to open a Neobux account:
    1. Get ONLY direct referrals. These will cost you nothing and you will only earn from them.
    2. Click all your ads every day and try to win golden in adprize. by getting golden, you will earn $0.005 from every click, and passive income is nice, after all. You’ll also get commissions.

  8. A option comes up for my direct referral. to sell. how I will be benefitted to sell my direct referral?

  9. Admin clearly has never been a member or used Neobux. Neobux is a SCAM!!! Stay away!!!!

  10. I joined Neobux in 2012 and shortly after that became an Ultimate member. I built my account up with rented referrals over five years, reached the point where I have gotten back all of the money I put into it, and currently am seeing about $55 – $65 per week in profit.

    You do have to learn how things work, and it is definitely a place where you have to put in some effort, time, and money if you want to make serious money, but it is being done by a lot of people. I think a lot of the cries of “scam” are being made by people with unrealistic expectations (“get rich quick”) or people who haven’t for whatever reason learned how Neobux works and just plunged in.

  11. I registered Neobux back in 2011. I invested over $15 000. I was very very happy till august 2017 when I reach ROI. I was extremely happy – waiting for pure profit for years and years :). Suddenly I realized that my AVG drop from 0,67 to 0,55 !?!?!?! Now my AVG is 0,55 stable, but my BEP is 0,57 and I am in a loss :(… I am convinsed that they control my and every rented referrals – For over 5 years my AVG was 0,72 – 0,67 and When I reach ROI suddenly drop to 0,55!!!?? The most interesting thing is that I can’t write in NeoBux forum!!!

  12. i was a neobux-member from 2010 till today (02.09.2017) i have orderd the ultiamte-membership and rented 23 000 referals. The last days the AVG (average) decreased to a non-profitable amount (0,5). So i decided to share my experenience in the forum, but i was already banned. So i asked the admin, whats wrong. He just told me some crap about browers and internet connection. I was distrustful and wanted to take a cashout all my remained money. Surprise: The cashout didn´t work!!!!!
    I wrote again to the admin and i get banned immediately!!!

  13. Scam site by a mile and let me tel you why
    1) No contact section/about ?? This is fishy;
    2) After some years of clicking like crazy, one day i try to log in … no user;
    3) I tried to use the recovery option, guess what ? no user found.

    So the conclusion is they deleted my username, so I cannot withdraw any money i have made.

    • Yes they scam me too, they suspended my account with many years , with more than 12000 RR and ultimate , and they suspended without any explication, never answer tickets.

    • $ 4000 invested, since 1.07.2017 funtioniert my refflink no longer. since the 20.7.2017 I have with my 6000 RR avg 0,46 make in cut 3 $ minus.
      have my statistic Truthfully in the forum geschieben screenshot etc can be presented as proof. neobux deleted my reports ung Blockt the forum can no longer access forum since I avg 0.35 avg my investment is lost, neobux is scraam site can occupy everything and prove. Forum of Neobux is zenriert and only positive reports admits that all other user be deceived how well one deserves. selbs magnet the ling of neobux is the burglary to remember.

    • I haven’t been canceled, but just cashed out because I went from getting about .90 a day in clicks to .02 a day. I never invest money in these types of sites. I was there to make money. Apparently, once Paypal stopped, everything dried up. I’m seeing more people in Neobux’s forum complaining about not making money anymore.

    • This is the exact thing that happened to me too. I had make about $6, went to log in one day. No user was found. Same exact thing.

      TOTAL SCAM SITE: Everyone needs to just stay away.

  14. Dear Admin
    It is really too bad to read the views of the people about neobux, I was planning to take membership but now I have to think twice.

    • Never get in.

  15. I invested more than 2000 USD and lost more than 1000 in the end. I extended all of the rented referrals for 240 days even used more sophisticated strategies to profit but it really is ONE OF THE BIGGEST SCAMS on the internet.

    Even as an Ultimate member, you are still going to lose most of the sum invested because you have to pay the membership every year and nothing guarantees the behaviour of rented referrals.

    • I Strongly Agree.

    • NEOBUX is a BIG SCAM!!! I invested there over $15 000 and they SCAM me – terminate my account… search in formu for pirin27 – This was my user name. I have been there for more than 5 years and in the end – when I want to cash out my profit they terminate my account! It’s a shame!!! It’s a sin….

  16. Here’s what happened with me 16/1/2017:

    Yesterday at 07:14 by You
    Hi, I was surprised when I logged into my account, it was suspended for inactivity, and my balance is zero now!! I had some problems which kept me away from the Internet for that period! please fix this problem! I had worked so hard!

    Thank you in advance!


    Yesterday at 10:51 by Support
    Hello Fadel.
    Since your account has been suspended for being inactive for more than 30 consecutive days as explained in point 8.2 of our Terms of Service, the balance has been reset.

    Unfortunately after a balance has been reset, nothing can be done.

    Best regards,
    Sónia F.
    NeoBux Support



    But this is unfair! I told you that I had problems which kept me away from the Internet all that period!! Why should someone work with you anymore if he for example came back after 1 or 2 months at hospital to find out that his balance had been reset and all his hard work had gone in vain?!!

    I work for other PTC sites none of them did what you had done!

    I am so unsatisfied!

    Yesterday at 15:17 by Support

    Since you are “so unsatisfied!” just because we cannot and will never bend our own Terms of Service, since it’s something that you’ve agreed upon your registration, all you need to do is logout now and don’t access your account for at least 60 consecutive days. As explained in our Terms of Service, your account will be permanently suspended at that time.

    Note: There is nothing unfair.

    Best regards,
    Dave E.
    NeoBux Support

    • What a stupid remarks” There is nothing unfair.”

  17. Neobux is a big scam.
    Why they are stable from 9 years?
    Answer is they are stealing money from new members in form of rented refferal bots system and selling memberships and that amount they pay to pro members. Although they have thousands of advertisers but they don’t share the profit with members. Most of people lost money.
    Well grandbux is better site than neobux.
    They provide stable income to everyone not too much or too less.

    • NEOBUX is just a cheating machime>

  18. You all dont know about BOTS they are using as rented refferals….STOP investing in neobux.. listen to me or you will sue yourself in next one year.. BE AWARE..CALCULATE RENT OF REFERRALS AND THERE EARNINGS .. dont invest..

  19. Neobux ain’t a scam. I have just under 500 rr and my average sucks.. I’m making a small profit, but my dr are clicking loads.

    Can always try Entropia

  20. i want to ask a simple question about the rented referrals in neobux-if the so called “RR” are real why are they anonymous?
    Can`t they be real people so you can actually communicate with your rented referrals and see if they answer you back?I mean conversation,not the fake bot conversation like you see from pop up ads chat in internet.
    Everything anonymous is suspicious these days,especially when we talk about bux sites.

    • They are all controlled by the one who is handling neobux. Imaginary RR, but only made up by neoubux itself.

      • I think you are right about rented bot controlled by the admin,there are programs made for referals bots for PTC sites already.The admin can actually buy one and use it and i am sure he has done it .Neobux intentionally gives very low money per click for standard users and have lowered the earnings ten times from 1 cent to 0.1 cents trough the years,you earn nothing if you are standard member!Premium membership,ultimate membership?This is all for money,just their bot script is smart admin and a the site team are smart gang of scammers.They intentionally don`t have a second level of income-a member can only directly earn money from referrals,but not from the referrals of their referrals-1 level referrals earnings.This is just modified pyramide scheme,so most people won`t notice it.The real earnings come from the paid membership and rented bots.
        If the rented referrals are not bots so let Neobux Admin make it available for the members to chat or at least PM with their “Referrals”.If the Referrals are Human some of them will speak something and chat something.If they are bots they may answer something by script,but they won`t be able to speak like a human being-this will prove to everyone that the Neobux use BOTS for rented referrals!
        Fernando,do you read me-let the members of Neobux chat with their referrals to prove that they are human!
        You will need to pay half of India population to simulate chat with real persons if your site is so big as you claim.It will be funny as hell.
        Neobux will close soon,i am sure.This guy will get f@ked!

    • Lol, you’ve been brainwashed by ProBux/EnClix type sites, all of you have. You do realize NeoBux used to allow direct messaging of referrals in their first year, but there was too much spam and harassment from people saying to click every day, so they removed it. When you guys take part in actual scams like ProBux, EnClix, OnBux, UpBux, etc, you are feeding the ponzi industry and ruining the legit PTC market. There’s not many legit PTC sites because these ponzi scams have made everyone paranoid about bots. NeoBux does not use bots, open your damn eyes lol.

  21. I’ve lost my 140 dollars..
    It’s really true that there is no free lunch.
    it’s rather cheap to remind the instruction.

    • I have been a member of Neobux since Dec 2012. Tonight they suspended my account for so-called TOS violation. They claimed I was clicking on ads from a tablet rather than a regular PC. HA, what a JOKE. I have never owned a tablet, only a regular desktop and laptop. NEOBUX got rid of me cause tru all these years I have never upgraded. Today I tried to cash out for $34 and they suspended my account for using a tablet,. I HAVE NEVER OWNED NOR USED A TABLET. Had 50 rr I had paid for from earnings on site. Since about April of 2016 they started having about 200 1/2 cent ads a day. So as a free standard member I all of a sudden could make about a $1 a day in stead of a couple of cents, though it took hours a day to click the malware ridden ads. . in the last couple of months I cashed out for about $20, maybe twice. Today went to cash out for $34 and suspended. NEOBUX A SCAM , LET:S GET IN ON A CLASS ACTION LAWSUITE against them.

      • Same situation here. I didn’t use a tablet, only a desktop. When I tried to cash out $40 and kept getting errors. I then file a support ticket. The next day when I log on, it told me that my account was suspended because of so-called TOS violation. Stay away from it! It’s not worth your time.

  22. Charge people $1000 Upgrades plus several thousands in rented bots.
    Use it to pay standard members while blaming the buyer for their stupidity…


    Just because all standard members get paid does not imply the site is honest. Actually Fernando is far away from being honest. Moreover he is threating people who understood the scheme and tried to warn new members from getting scammed with lawsuits. Disgusting but go for it! A court can force the evil con-artist providing access to the admin-panel. So there is no more need for a Bitcoin donation wallet for anonymous/lulzsec with $5k in it to provide screenshots of the rented bots!

  23. I have been with Neobux for 5 years already, i have spent 6,000 dollars and own around 8,000 refs, i already got back all my investment, i CASHED IT OUT, and i´m having earnings of around 23% ANUALLY, that with my ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP already paid……… this is a big buisiness, investment ANYWHERE ELSE, will never bring you 23% profit a year believe me . NEOBUX is only really profitable if you spend a large amount of money and become ultimate, the faster you invest, the faster you will get it back… the GOLDEN RULE is to follow their TERMS OF SERVICE BY THE BOOK… if you do so , you will never have any problems, NEVER, if you got banned or got deleted is because you didn´t do your homework, you did not read… you can not expect to get a real profit if you only stick for a few months people! , and that is with ANY BUSINESS!! do the right numbers… The ultimate membership is really the only profitable one, but it will take you sometime…meanwhile you have to focus on cashing out your investment as fast as possible, and REINVEST the rest, this is the only way to reach a high amount of referrals quickly. I trust Neoubux, i have cashed out to paypal, and i have withdrawn to my bank account. That being said… NEUBOX ROCKS!! just learn to use it, learn from the forum, ask experienced people, i mean REAL EXPERIENCED PEOPLE

    • Hello,






    • Haha! You must be a staff of Neobux. Everyone knows Neobux is scam!

      • DS, please then name a good site bro, who acts not like neobux….

    • you are part of the NEUBOX SCAM……YOU ARE SCAMMER.

    • Does neobux really pays to its members? or it’s fake.? plzz reply me.

  24. if neobux is scam… then try to cashout 2 or 20$ if not cashout then go if they can cashout try it cashout,cashout,cashout before its to let to get banned 😀 if they are scammers use standard members and wait a month and cashout the money how much you earn and if you not get the money on how much you earn try to comment here the proof of screenshot so that more people can know it that this is neobux is scam 😛 i dont know im always wrong grammar 🙁 pooof 😀 lol

  25. I am a neobux member and I am working with neobux almost two months. I have invested $20 to test the system and make some profit. But I couldn’t make any profit rather I have made so far $17. This is not working for me and I tried to cash out my balance $17 but I couldn’t make it so far. I don’t know whether I can cash out or not.

    • NeoBux is indeed a scam. This is coming from a guy who was an ultimate user there, and has invested over $2000 there. But it’s a clever scam, it’s subtle, and this is why people fail to see it.

      When you first start renting referrals, NeoBux assigns you
      active users who click with high averages in order to encourage you to take the
      website seriously and invest more money. When you commit to it, you’ll see your
      average severely dropping.

      After a thousand or so referrals most or even all all the
      referrals you rent are inactive users that serve no purpose but to make you
      lose money.

      Basically the average is everything, and since it can never
      go beyond 1 with a large number of referrals, say 4000, you’ll never really
      earn anything significant, and all what you’re doing is just putting more money
      in NeoBux owners hand for them to use it to earn themselves more money then
      repay you a worthless amount to them when you request payment.

      Believe it or not, ultimate membership is pointless. You can
      actually make more profit with a gold membership with the same average. This is
      because whatever you think you’re saving from being ultimate, you’re paying
      every year in $890 ultimate fee.

      If you’re gold and you have 4000 referrals, you’d actually
      need to recycle over 12,700 referrals, in order for that -0.03 discount you’d
      get from recycling to be worth it. Divide $890/0.07 to get that number.

      If you have 4000 referrals and you renew for 240 days,
      ultimate membership only saves you $84 every 8 months, meanwhile you have to
      pay another $890 by the end of the year.

      If you have more than 1750 referrals and your average is 1,
      then the best case scenario for you to have positive profit using 240-day
      renewal is to have an average higher than 0.56 this number comes from dividing
      $0.168/($0.3*average) which the ratio between how much you pay for each
      referral per month over how much money each referral brings you per month multiplied
      by the monthly average of referrals. For an average of 1, any average below
      that 0.56 means you’re losing money daily. The lower your average, the smaller
      the denominator becomes, the higher this threshold becomes. And since
      inevitably your average will drop, you’ll start to have a smaller and smaller
      profit margin until it very quickly becomes not worth your time.

      I currently have 1443 referrals and my average is 0.75
      maximum despite recycling properly and carefully for a long time. Five months
      ago I lost faith in NeoBux and left. Back then I had 2300 referrals and my
      average was around the same number.

      If this is too long for you to read, just remember the
      following three lines,

      You can profit more with gold membership than with ultimate

      You can never ever have an average of 1 with 4000 referrals.

      rate*discount/($0.3*average) is the only formula that
      matters. Through it you can see what is the threshold average that determines
      how much you’re really profiting or losing.
      Note: The instant I posted this on the forums, It was
      deleted and I was banned from forums because my thread was “prejudicial”.

      • Ha Ha . This is Neobux. They just want and discuss so-called SUCCESS stories.

  26. Neobux is scam no invest! Bloked my account without reason i lost 15$

    • neobux is not scam buddy!You just need to learn how to earn from neobux……….

  27. Hi Have enjoyed your post , so very informative . I don’t know what the definition of a scam is ? But any organisation that precludes members for raising issues around how the system operates . Scam? yes or no . Any organisation where members particapating in the activities of the said organisation for renumeration and can not break even to maintain their postion . Scam ? yes or no ? Any organisation where the activities of the members is related to activities of rented agents where the activities of these rented agents decrease in their activities over a period of time , there by impacting the return to the leassor . Scam? Yes or no ? Should federal agencies look into the activites of the said organisation ? Yes or no ? If I were to set up a bricks and morta business and operate under the premisis as mentioned would I be investagated by federal agencies ? Yes or No ?
    I have experence with neo bux . Just putting forward some questions regards their activites . Is neobux a scam in the online world it appears not . If neobux operated in the bricks and morta world , they mite be ok in some countries ?

  28. When someone has planned how to organize a PTC site the first thing, which he shall work is on the advertisemnet of this PTC site. In this aspect Neobux has done a lot of things and is doing now.
    Look on the Neobux’s form how many of those heavy earners writting everyday how much they are earning, have rented referrals and so on. This is a very good trap for those, who are eager to do a little $. They will also be eager to be like them and join. They will Invest, click everyday and became sleplessness. This is only for few months.
    Those heavey earners are very few, however the Neobux members are estimated ten millions. If only half of these members invest $100 each then imagine about what kind of money we are going to talk.
    At a time I have been on the Neobux forum and read a surprising post. An American citizen has invested $600. This money was to rent those bots rrs and upgrading, but the RRs clicks has fallen too suddenly and he was very nervious. He wrote this on the forum and prior the Admin and moderators have seen it some of us were able to read it. People advised him to send a ticket. What a ticket if rrs are not working properly ? To ask the Admin click the ads properly ? so after some minutes that post has been disappeared. It is possible, that American citizen has been banned from the forum or his account suspended.

    Really Neobux is a great SCAM, which understood the mentality of the people and organized very well.

  29. i think all of rent referrals in neobux are bot, i have 30 ref, i count if my referral’s clicks per day more than 48 click i will get profit, but after 2 weeks they have just had less than 48 clicks, Give me some advices please, whether I have to give up? sorry my english is not good

  30. I’ve been a member of Neobux for a pretty long time now and make about $10 per day in profit, and have done many cash outs now.

    I do think a lot of people run into trouble with Neobux because they either don’t read the TOS or they don’t learn how to properly use their system before they invest a bunch of money, lose it, and cry “scam”.

  31. NEOBUX = SH**!!!
    Their customer service is so bad, assholes. They are making people fools, and take your referrals. Your time, money. They are the worst thing on internet!!!

    • Yeah I’ve been getting a lot of negative feedback about the company lately. Before, it was actually pretty decent. But tell me, how are you generating referrals? I would say always be careful that they are organic and never buy lists to send over to a program.

  32. hi…. Im a golden member. It is true they pay instantly. but that is not enough.
    when you become a standard member they welcome you very gently .And even after few weeks of your golden membership problem began . because referrals are not active to give you 1.0 average.
    (you must at least get 1.0) to profit and pay your referrals monthly.
    reasons are some people who have money invest large money like $1000 and purchase golden packs to activate vacation mode. so you will not be able to profit from such referrals .
    its not easy to maintain your account by recycling referrals .
    If you have patience to recycle referrals all the time and wait like 2 years in oder to earn $20 per day with 2000 referrals ( avg 1.0) in other words its a nice scam.
    they fool you. you will survive if you have $500 to trow away. but if you dont have dont even think about neobux.

    • Thanks for your fantastic explanation about neobux, and also about Internet marketing. Regards

    • that is my experience..i was earning well when i was a standard member…and got so happy and thought i will be profitting well so i upgraded my membership into gold. that is when the problem began..from 250 refs, now i have 130.. i am losing money and i dont even know if i will be able to get back the money that i invested into this scam site.

  33. Neobux is not a good company. I repeat, NEOBUX IS NOT A GOOD COMPANY.

    I am a golden member that have around 500 rented referrals but most (if not all) of my balance is from doing minijob. I accumulate my balance to hundreds because I think I will extend my referrals and add some more. One day, Neobux suspended my account and all is gone. It is my fault that I don’t read ToC and click the ads from my tablet.

    But what I am asking them is why they don’t suspend me from the first time that I click the ads from my tablet? I’ve been clicking from my tablet from the very beginning (which is like years ago). But they wait for me to keep on working on the minijob, increase my balance and just informed me that I have been suspended. If they are good, they surely not need a bad, ToC violator, like me from the very first click I’ve made and should’ve suspend me from the very beginning.

    Their answer is just funny: they say I can try to violate my country laws multiple times and on court defend myself by saying “why don’t you arrest me from the first time I violate the law?”.

    I reply: the different thing between Neobux and law enforcement is that law enforcement will catch me (in this case, suspended me) in my first violation. They don’t wait for me to keep on doing minijobs, clicking ads and my balance increase (for their benefit) until I cash out and suspended me. I wish them good luck spending my balance.

  34. People, NEOBUX is not scam, because they pay me 10$ , and they transfer me 10$ and I see it in my account paypal, this PCT works since 2008 and they have payments everyday, if you see this PTC is scam, talk to they.

    • TEN dollars? And do you think, Neobux isn’t scam? My God !!! Where do you live, if you consider ten dollars for estate ??? In some desert island? What do you buy for ten dollars???
      The people invested hundreds dollars in Neobux and the didn’t get back almost anything.
      Neobux rents imaginary referrals, they aren’t people, they are only bots. Neobux manage each account, if you aren’t good, you can’t win nor 10 points in adprize.If you lick their asses in forum, maybe you will win 2 dollars.

      • Do you have any proof for what you are saying?

        • it is true they pay. but problem is with the referrals earnings (not in standard accounts, golden account ) after you upgrade into golden you will not get referral earnings like before . it will be below the average(1.0)

      • You are right my friend.
        Only those, who can lick the butt of the NEOBUX’s admin may won Adprizes and get some previlages.
        For those, who can invest a big money Neobux might be a good place to earn money, but if your financial possibilities are very limited it is better for you not to join Neobux.
        I have invested around $100, but this is considered asa small $ and these fake (bots) referals stopped to click. Imagine I was having a 0.15 average in a day. In general my avg never raised more than 0.4. What does it mean ? This mean, because you don’t want to invest more Neobux admin will dismiss you. Even if you have an avg of 1 you will not a profit. If you have avg less than 1 then the killing process has started.
        I have many friends, who have been banned from the Neobux forum, because the Admin afraid that they might write something bad and his empire may fall. These people are not able to read the forum, post on it and even to post their payment proffs.

        So, for thos, who have a few money Neobux is a SCAM. Don’t join it.

  35. Rented referrals are bots! I rent 300 referrals, average clicks of rented referrals is 2.5 but… I bought gold, average decreased from 2.5 to 0.3 on the same day… I lost over $150 and I gave up! Biggest scam site!

    • You are right.Neobux is only the biggest scam in the world.They rent bot refs,if you ask in forum.you are banned.All succes stories in forum are only lies.They earn money, but you only cents.
      They are scammers.

    • I lost $200 ( brought golden membership ) and referrals . I dont know how they run this scam .

  36. Hi,
    I have lost $200 today.When i insisted to refund and i said i will file case against them then they have closed my account.
    Is there anyway to get FBI online crime involve to get his owner on jail.
    He looted thousands of people.

    NEOBUX is biggest Scam of this century, Report to Police.

  37. Neobux is really scam PTC site. They accepted my invest money but they don’t want me to cash out back. They suspended my account when i am cashed out my money. So I loosed my money. They wouldn’t do business with that mind.

  38. swapnilbhuyan5:
    why am i not receiving from my RR?

    Call accepted by operator Klaus C..

    Klaus C.:
    Sure you are clicking every day like Terms of Service 3.7 says so you get credited for the referral clicks?
    Klaus C.:
    You fulfill Terms of Service 3.7, your referrals are clicking and you are being credited.
    Klaus C.:
    The rest then depends on your referrals; how they click and how you manage them.
    Klaus C.:
    So “why am i not receiving from my RR?” is false.
    how you managing them?
    what does that mean?
    i haven’t received today
    and from 1 i have not got since 7 days
    Klaus C.:
    No clicks from rented referrals today (so far).
    R749554735 3 days and 05:25 12 days and 03:03 Yesterday 4 1.333

    2 R48035367 16 days and 06:17 12 days and 03:03 2014/10/27 16 1.000

    3 R371820662 16 days and 06:17 72 days and 03:03 Yesterday 31
    yes see this
    Klaus C.:
    I know… Nothing to see there.
    so i won’t receive from 3 of them everyday?
    Klaus C.:
    If you fulfill Terms of Service 3.7, you get credited for all creditable ad clicks by referrals.
    alright…and will i get new referral if they donot click for 14 days?
    Klaus C.:
    Terms of Service 3.4. Rented referrals have a return policy. If, within 14 days one of your rented referrals does not click any advertisement, you will automatically get your referral exchanged with no additional charge and for unlimited times. This exchange policy is only for rented referrals and they will only be replaced when new ones are available. Rented referrals are distributed based on an activity rule but we cannot predict or assure how they will behave afterwards. Letting a referral expire will have a small fee ranging from $0.02 to $0.05 depending on your current membership/pack.
    for unlimited times
    what does that mean?
    Klaus C.:
    What it says. Normal English.
    i dont understand, sorry
    Klaus C.:
    You need to understand the site documentation in at least one of the supported languages – otherwise you can’t operate here.
    huh i understand english man
    Klaus C.:
    Well then…
    so why are you here for?
    is that a way to talk with members?
    i just asked what it meant
    Klaus C.:

    Klaus C. has left the conversation.

    • That same idiot in technical support, laugh at me because I said i could not afford gold membership, that was today, and now in the night I got banned from forum, it makes me think that Neobux is a well elaborated Scam, there a lot of people complaining about a sudden drop in their rented referrals average, I posted about that in forum and according to their TOS in the point 1.5 and 1.6 you can’t talk about negative things about the site, to conclude, I was getting credited 4 clicks of the few rented referrals I had, then a month later, sudden they started dropped to 3 clicks per day, almost the 90% of the ones who used to click started behaving the same way, for the last days I have seen a lot of people saying the same, and their forum threads have been hidden by the staff, so here is something really suspicious going on

      • Portion of my conversation with Klaus C.:
        Sorry to say, I do have respect for others and can’t understand why you are writing ‘ show at least some respect.”. Do you think you are showing respect to your client by saying “Even 10% would have been nice. I don’t expect more from your kind..” I told you PLEASE……. You marked my sentence as “dramatic” What a ……….. I took several tickets in CrowdFlower but never treated like this. +

        Call accepted by operator Klaus C..

        Klaus C.:
        ” Try to understand ” – Like I didn’t try OR can’t.
        Klaus C.:
        Like I was stoopid… Not nice.
        No, No . You misunderstood me.
        I just try to emphasis.
        Klaus C.:
        Ah, so I “misunderstood” – anyway, my fault.
        “Even 10% would have been nice. I don’t expect more from your kind..” !!!!!!!!!
        Klaus C.:
        Klaus C.:
        “Proficiency: 1
        Politeness: 1
        Comments: Unacceptable tone and used offensive words.”
        Enough is enough.
        Klaus C.:
        Want to get banned?
        As you wish.
        Klaus C.:
        Klaus C.:
        You have several warnings from before.

        Klaus C. has left the conversation.

        Warnings! Where?

        I can’t imagine it. This is there support.

    • I don’t know how people like Klaus C. sit there. I talked with him today and he is rude and careless about what I ask. I think he memorizes or has some file to cut and pest for answer. I served by CrowedFlower, and their support is much better than this *** Neobux.

  39. I want to add something to the story of “Betsy”. She is absolutely true, I have made a screenshot as evidence. Claud C is the owner of Neobux. And the so called money making members you see on the forum. Those are false payment proofs coming from one person, Claus C.

    If you think you can make money, you can forget about it. They all forget how much you are required to invest… let’s start with 90 dollars membership to become gold member. Good Luck to earn that back!

    Than i quote: “Neobux is that it is a legitimate company” from the article above. No they are not, a legit business in Europe is required to display company details and Neobux is hiding that.

    A company advertise using Adwords to gain Warm Leads/customers. Neobux is the last place to get warm leads lol!

    ps: Dear webmaster, adjust the color of the texboxes. They are hard to read (light grey on a white background)

  40. I had been a member of neobux for almost three months now. And so far i am satisfied and happy with neobux, however my happiness with neobux was tainted by their customer support KLAUSE C. who was very unreasonably arrogant! I was asking him what a 1.3 average referral clicks mean and here is how he answered me. This is our actual conversation in their support chat box:
    what does a referral average of 1.3 mean?

    Klaus C.:
    Klaus C.:
    number of clicks divided by number of referrals.
    meaning , the average credited no oc click per referral is only 1.3?
    i odnt understand, is this in terms of cents or clicks?
    Klaus C.:
    An average is a number only.
    yes, i know what an average is. I really dont understand what “average” in neobux is. Is it 1.3 cents or 1.3 clicks?
    Klaus C.:
    It’s a number, a ratio.
    Klaus C.:
    You are apparently a child who doesn’t know math at all.
    oh , is this how you deal with your members clause? i am asking you an honest question because i do not really understand what it is
    Klaus C.:
    If you can’t make sense, you can’t.
    Klaus C.:
    Not much one can do about that.
    wow! and you are suppose to be the king of ptc
    Klaus C.:
    So, one can only assume you are a child. Only that makes sense.
    Klaus C.:
    Most members are adults or at least teens…
    caluse im not going to argue with you ..because i am not like you.. well if this is how neobux deals with their members, I AM not impressed
    Klaus C.:

    Klaus C. has left the conversation

  41. I got scammed – Moved to a website called vidfall – much quicker payout.

  42. i wasmember of neobux i was buy 830 rented referrals and i wasa golden member on neobux but after buy golden membership my account was suspend now i am working on http://www.——-.com

  43. Neobux is a scam. They use bots for RR. I have been with them for over 4 months. I have clicked every ad and rented referrals once a week. The RR click 4 ads for about the first 3 days then drop off quickly. I have always had auto pay on. I have averaged about 100 clicks a day from the bots. I posted in there forums about bots and I got banned from forum. I turned autopay off, instantly my average clicks per day dropped to about 45. such a scam site.

  44. I like Neobux, but the rented r. avg is very bad!!

  45. They lied for 6 straight years to their members about their “referrals”. The numbers on the front page are fake and the admin laughs at the naive people investing in the bots while he controls the output/profits. IT IS A SCAM although they may pay.. Fernando from Portugal is a evil snitch.

  46. Hi All
    Neobux is a great site so far , got 400 ref and make about $6 plus day so not to bad i say.
    Still increasing my ref.

    • Great! I’m golden with 300 Referrals. earning almost $4.5 a day and still progressing. Neobux is a great website. The ones who are complaining against Neobux are those who wanted earning overnight without any efforts of managing referrals. They are so stupid. Look at their complaints, not a single legit complaint

  47. they suspended my account ones i ask a cashout … SCAM in new way

  48. Looking at the responses after my input on 19 January, it is clear that there are more than just me who noticed what is going on with Ptc sites. As a member of a Ptc site nobody can realy make money, except if they only see the money made and not taking into consideration what was paid out to buy more referrals and to do upgrades. Deduct those costs and the member works on a lost. To double check what I am writing here, we got a few persons who became members, all bought extra referrals and all upgarded. After about 3 months it became clear when the time came for rrenewals of referrals, the money earned was not enough for any one of the members to upgrade all af the referrals which are supposed to be renewed. Then everybody only renewed for 15 days. After the 15 days expired all memebres had to either only renew some referrals keep some, or to lose them all due to “not having enough funds”.
    Although this is said, there is a way to make money and a lot of money with a Ptc site, but is is for sure not if a person is a member. Work this one out for yourself.
    Although we have a site regarding these investigations on our own, we will make contact with the adminsitrator of this site and in if he is willing, in a combined efford keep this site running untill the problem is solved and it is proven that APtc sites are a scam or not.

    • Thank u so much I had just Joined neobux.can we deactivate the account

  49. Neobux stole my money. I had 30$ in my balance and after I submitted a ticket for them because I couldn’t cash out they suspended my account and they don’t even answer me why they suspend my account!


    • Is this true that this site is a scam?

  50. Neobux is some kind of scam in several things:

    Especially their golden membership. When you spend 90$ of your hard work money on it you can understand that with your deferrals click.
    The purpose of Neobux is keeping your money they encourage you to spend your money on referrals and golden membership and extend your rental referrals times period, but all of those are ways to keep your money and when you stop renting and spending your money on such thing the problems will be begun! somethims you cant acces your account you will not be able to cash out and you will get this famous message :There are too many cashout requests right now and probably they suspend your account.

  51. As long as you don’t invest your money in Neobux, I think you would be OK.
    As John said they don’t like any question or any criticism about them, and they have very fast so-called support team for editing posts they don’t like and punishing you if it was necessary!
    Don’t pay for rental referrals and any kind of membership they are offering.
    Only work on minjob for money
    And withdraw your payment regularly.
    And At the end don’t trust this site fully, they will suspend your account anytime they want without any concrete reason and you can not do anything about it!

    • You are also wrong in a little way. If you neither click on any ADDPRIZE nor rent referrals from them(which they keenly expect from you),then they definitely will not pay you your money you earned .I tried that strategy and when they blocked me from chat room as well as forum post due to my posts mostly uncomfortable for them,I decided to give up neobux and at once requested to pay my $ 4 and they send me a massage attaching my payment and tuirnd my account page information according to that. But to my surprise when I clam it my paypal told me that there were no payment in my e mail.

  52. I have over 400 referrals and is a gold member. Does not matter what I do I earn only about $1 a day which is not even enough for the renewals of my referrals. Al those out there telling everybody how much they make, if you do you can buy my membership and I will change everything to your name and give you my username and password.
    I am sure I will not get one response as everybody knows I am telling the truth.
    You can then carry on making your millions. NEOBUX and I think most or all ptc sites are big scams.

    • 400 referrals at $1 per day???? OUCH!! You could be making way more than that with 400 referrals.

      I agree with you. PTC sites on the affiliate side really suck. On the advertiser side, it’s not that effective either. Your clicks are coming from people who just want to make money…not buy anything.

  53. At this stage I am busy investigating sites which are operated in ways which could or might be compared to Ponzi schemes and sites which robs people from their money..
    The difference between a normal Ponzi scheme and other ways used is, that with a normal Ponzi scheme, members get paid with money coming from other members.
    In the case of Ponzi schemes, the Federal government using the FBI is quick to take steps to close such schemes down and to take legal action against the person running the scheme. With other indirect schemes, it is much more difficult and it might be too much work for the federal government to investigate and owners of such sites get away with it.
    The only way to investigate schemes and ways money are stolen indirectly from people is to become a member of such sites.
    What I noticed with Ptc sites and which is very clever of the owners of these sites, is that people can join free and members even earn money without investing money, but the people joining are all persons who is in need of money and will click forever trying to make a few Dollars. Where the Crux of these schemes comes in is for the members to try and earn something faster and maybe more is to use their earnings to buy referrals. Then by doing so, they use the money they have earned after weeks and months of clicking to buy a few referrals. The member then see a few extra cents and try whatever he can to invest money to buy extra referrals and even upgrade to higher levels.
    Comparing the daily income and the so called clicks by referrals, it is noticed that for the member to keep these referrals when they come up for renewal, is that in most cases, most money earned must be paid out just to keep those referrals and sometimes and in most cases the member have to transfer money to the Ptc site in order not to lose his referrals.
    This means that money is pumped and invested into a Ptc site by members all the time and because there are so many people writing to tell how much they earned (which was not really profit but their own money they get back) more and more people join these sites in the hope of making money. I even got the impression that a lot of the write ups about how much was earned is written by the owners themselves.
    Please give your feedback and opinion. It is needed to do a proper investigation and to get the FBI and federal government to do proper investigations in order to stop people making Millions while the poor are been ripped of without knowing it. Just for interest sake if certain Ptc sites with millions of members only get one Dollar out or from a member per day it add up to Billions per year.
    My honest opinion is Ptc sites are Ponzi schemes and even if it takes me 10 years I will proof it and I will get the federal government to act on it. If people like Madoff can be investigated, it is time that others who is doing the same but doing it behind screens also be held responsible. It is worse to steel $1 from a poor person than $100 from the rich.

    • Wow!! Thanks for your input. I think you hit the nail right on the head here.

      You’re definitely not going to make significant income with these types of survey/ptc/tasks membership sites. That’s what I always preach. If you want to make big or full-time money, you have to learn the Internet marketing skills needed and then work hard at it.

      There are no websites out there that pay good money for doing quick easy tasks.

    • agreed.. they’re cheating on your money..

  54. Neobux might be ok but, don’t ask too many questions, don’t say anything bad. They are looking for ways to keep members money if you make a small mistake without knowing it.
    Neobux was lucky and build a large membership and will thus not worry getting rid of anybody who ask questions they don’t like or say something they don’t like.
    Mails to them never get answered directly or correctly and most of the time members do not know whether they are banned or not which is bad. With this I mean a person might be banned and click and click and keep on paying and buying referrals and upgrades and if that person was banned and want to withdraw money they will just keep it.
    The bad thing about Neobux and all ptc sites are that the members are people who need money and is mostly people who try to earn money. What they do not realise is by paying all the time for renewals and upgrades, it is usually and mostly some of their own money they get back and about never makes money.
    The paty who does make money is the Ptc owners and about never the members..

  55. For me, Neobux is a great way to earn money BUT NOT FOR A FREE MEMBER. Neobux is an untold investment site. Hundreds are earning more than a thousand dollars/month from Neobux, and dozens are earning about $2000/month. The secret is to invest what you can afford. The more you invest, the more return you will get.

    • It is clear from most of the people who commented here as well as another site having same article that neobux is really a scam.And at the same time a question comes into consideration that why neobux has been prevailing for so long ? The answer is easy to understand. The neobux administrators are using a bit of trick .They launch so many websites with articles like HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH NEOBUX which attructs the money hungry people especially of those country which’s currency is weaker than that of neobux pay. These articles not only creat a false idea of making money in their mind but also the writer pretends as a neobux clicker which makes many innocent people to join in neobux. Although most of them are either suspended or give up neobux after couple of months but in the mean time neobux earned a considerable amount through those people.If any one does not agree with me theh I request him to think about some incidents in neobux. firstly I want to point out rr. When a standered member is upgraded with golden then surely his rr’s click fall down to 1/2 of previous click average . Now tell me how can it be happened if rrs are human being? The 2 nd. thing is neobux forum and chat room. When any one posts a question or comment with justified evident which goes against neobux honesty, they surely replace that post at once and suspend the sender from forum as well as chat room. Do you know why ? Because they want a user to realize neobux real strategy with his own experiences not from other’s. So the spun of time that he consumes to gather his experiences must make neobux administrators to earn enough through that user. I am also a neobux clicker till now . I know that my account is going to be suspended soon so that they always watch blogs against them but I don’t care .If some body says that he earned very very good amount from neobux then he will belong to either of two communities. He must be a liar or might be neobux administrator.

      • I absolutely confirm everything this guy says! 100% true statements!

      • wow!!! that’s call a heart of a roaring tiger i fully agreed from you because i also facing the same problem and i also got suspended from posting and chat room cuz they know that they are just a fucking brat

  56. Neobux is not a scam.
    You may not be earning much by only clicking ads but you can earn more if you get referrals.
    Also it depends on how much time you actually want to spend earning money from Neobux.

    Neobux = The best PTC site 😉

  57. Neobux is okay only if you dont invest money there. The best option is just to click and accumulate you cents to withdraw. My other thought is, that Neobux is actually a ponzi scheme, and like any other ponzi schemes, you will never be able to recover your investment, effort and rise to a profit from what you have spend.

    Also, to me it’s obvious that their rented referrals are just scripted bots wich behave according to you financial management of your account. This means that this program has been arranged to leave in the hole if you invest, and to never recover to a profit.

    The best way is not to purchase their rented bots, spend the money in direct referrals and cashout what you can often.

  58. ive just received my first payment of $2 and i have registered on neobux just for a month.
    Only thing is be patient and ur head should work like a business man thinking of the gains and loss,
    and ask me i only used to spend only 10 minutes on nebux everyday except sundays….

    good luck…

    • you shouldn’t have done that, if you want to earn real money you should wait until you have about three dollars and then rent referrals.

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