Does Reliv International Scam People? Honest Review

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So have you heard of Reliv International? Most likely maybe someone has pitched you to join or you’re looking for various income opportunities and thought this might be a good idea for you. So you went on Google and searched for more info. Well, as an experienced Internet marketer who knows how to generate income from home, I’m going to give you my honest opinion of Reliv and whether or not I would consider it as a good opportunity to start with. But to make fair and good judgement, lets analyze what this whole thing is about, what products there are, and how you make the money. Because that’s ultimately what we want to do, right?

Reliv International Products

It’s very interesting because the products that this company markets is not uncommon: health & wellness niche. Now, it is a smart move to build a home based business in this market because it’s what’s called an ever-green niche. This means no matter what the world economy state is in, people will always be willing to spend money on health products or stuff that makes them look and feel good. So I think it was a smart move for Reliv International to go this direction for its business and its distributors. Here are some of the types of products that the company markets:

  • Essential Nutrition
  • Targeted Solutions
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Women’s Skincare

Each of these product lines have different supplements, vitamins, creams, lotions, and what have you. For an example, in the weight loss section there is a product called Relivables All-Natural Sweetner. Basically they take your everyday household things and create their own brand and that’s what you use or sell to create business volume (money).

How You Make The Money

Reliv International is going to pay its distributors like a lot of multi level marketing companies do. Here are the ways listed on the site:

  1. Retail Profits
  2. Wholesale Profits
  3. Overrides
  4. Cash Bonuses & Trips
  5. Ambassador Progam

So you can make cash profits just selling the products to customers or “save” by purchasing them yourself with the whole sale profits. Now the “overrides” is just going to be residuals for recruiting people into your team. Get it? You make a certain percentage of the total volume you create. So if you and your team(s) create $10,000 per month in revenue, you will receive a percentage of that each month. The more your team and volume of product sales grow, the bigger your monthly paycheck grows. This is how your typical mlm structure goes.

Does Reliv Scam People? Be Careful With MLM

No it’s not a scam. Reliv International might seem promising, but please understand what you are getting into. To make money here or any kind of MLM, is going to require a large amount of work and pretty much your life. It goes beyond just selling products and recruiting people. It’s going to come down to leading people and having them copy you. This means you must invest everything you need to in order to be an example to your team. It’s a pretty tall order and honestly, there are better ways to make money than MLM. But if you do decide to join Reliv,

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  1. Hi,I was introduced to reliv in 2003!
    We went to a Reliv party out of kindness to friends.At first I wasn’t sure about it,then deciede to try it. I had great results,along with a excerse routine I lost 50 IBS,felt great.Had a neck injury and the Reliv did nto help at all.I gained all my weight plus more still drinking the product.
    Tried selling it to friends and people,some tried it,had no continuing custermers,
    I ended up losing over 5000.00 dolarss because no one took the prouct except me.
    Most people were more happy feeling bad instead of using the product!

  2. Carla Cox, Sacramento, CA had sold my mother some of her product! She had died just after use! I am suing Carla Cox, and her Product makers for the disaster she has caused my family.


    Jim Hansen
    Sacramento, CA

  3. I have seen great results with this product. I have a friend whos platelet count dropped down to 5,000 and she discovered this because she started bruising badly and finally went to the doctor to find out that her platelet count was down to nothing. The immediately started doing infusions of platelets to build her back up and nobody could figure out why this was happening. She was under treatment for years and as long as she did the infusions her platelets went up and after awhile they fell back down. She was really sick and said she might bleed to death if she ever got a bad cut. A friend of hers turned her on to reliv classic and after about 2 months her platelets started going up. Her platelet count is now up to 106,000 from 5,000 and the doctors were amazed and asked her what she was doing. The only thing different was the Reliv. I do believe this boosted her immune system to where her body is able to produce their natural platelets. She has had amazing results on this products. I have started taking it myself now and have only been taking it 1 x day with the Energize and have been on it for about 3 weeks and am feeling quite a bit better. I personally don’t think this product is a Scam….I have seen what a difference this product has made and recommend it to anyone who wants to add additional nutrients to their diet. It is a Soy based product so check with your doctor if you are allergic to Soy.

  4. I am sure they have the money to do double blinded clinical trials. Why do they not do them, because it their
    results do not show anything better than placebo, they are doe… sorry but true.

  5. Well here’s a different Reliv (scam story) review. For the better part of 13 years I had a girlfriend who got taken in by this Pyramid Scheme (oh I meant MLM). I bought her everything because she never had any money, clothes, car parts, tires, food, restaurant dining, vacations and trips. Then slowly The Reliv (scam) came into her life. Indirectly I was supporting her Reliv addiction. The crap, when she drank (shake) it made her gag (as do most people). A brother-in-law had a stoke while taking it and never recovered fully. A sister taking it has cancer in her lung covering and a rib bone. Another sister is the one that sucked her into Reliv. (this is how most people get brought (sucked) or friends etc..). When I first met her she was a vibrant person. After Reliv she was alway sick and or tired. I got duped. She’s been brainwashed. Her kids thinks she’s nuts. I now have more money for myself now we are no longer together. If you didn’t get into the Reliv scheme early on…you’re never going to make a living with it. If you say you are, you’re either lying or delusional. There’s more to this fable but I’m done ever talking about it again.

  6. I was ripped off. I was promised the product would help me and it didn’t. I purchased a large quantity to get it cheaper. Now I find out I’m allergic to soy so I can’t use it. They won’t take it back. I lost more than $1,000 on unused product that is now expired. My friend sold it to me and now I have negative feelings towards her. This was a huge mistake that I bought it.

    • Read my post. Sorry you got duped but that’s how they operate. Hope today you doing well. Best of luck…

  7. All iof the vitamins, minerals etc you’l find in Reliv, you can find in much cheaper drugstore varieties, you will have to analyze their list , ok here we have it all in one but when you will buy them all separately, you will save yourself a lot of money

    • Have you tried Reliv before? The secret is the foumula and bioavailability. I used tons of vitamins with not much difference. I suffered with a lot of health issues and on disability for over 6 years. I was skeptic, but after 30 doctors gave up on me and medications giving me severe side effects, I was open to at least trying it. I got my life back in 3 months, and I got off all meds and even disability. My mom with end-stage cancer improved so much and was given extra 16 months of quality life. It is simply the best nutrition to rebuild your cells, and I haven’t found any better products yet. It does take time and you need to be faithful and take enough to make a difference. It is not a overnight fix, but it really changed my life. The business part requires your effort. Some people are really successful and make really good income. I do it to help people like me – who has lost hope. I make part-time income. $500-$1000 a month. I never did any sales or MLM before. But the people I helped stay on the products, and the company is still paying me commision even when I am out of country for a month. It is definitely different from vitamins you buy indivisually… I am not a scientist, and don’t know how much of each vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are required to make healthy cells. Reliv has top-notch scientist. I do not pretend that I know what they know.

  8. Reliv dose not cure or diagnose, it’s nutritional formula aids in strengthening the immune system , nobody in reliv makes( or should not make) any claims that this product cures anything it helps you build yourself up to fight and you may consider using this product in quite large doses if you want to beat cancer should also consider changing your diet to an alkaline protocol through a profession that is mentioned in the book below and rebuild your system this stuff works I am living proof I will never stop taking Reliv .I am not a cancer patient but I have suffered some severe brain damage and seems to be helping, so consider what is written above and if you need to better understand may I put a plug in here get the book killing cancer not people by Robert write and read

  9. Reliv does not say anywhere that it cures any disease. It’s the distributors who are not sometimes helpful. I suffer from acid reflux and I was encouraged to buy reliv as I was told by a distributor that it would help but it only made it worse after spending more than £300 on the product.After telling them it was not working, I was asked to even by more which I did but only to make it the worst I had experienced. The distributors should stop telling what they don’t know.

    • I had excellent result with acid reflux on classic. It took a while for it to work though.

    • My husband was skeptic and said no to Reliv for 6 months even after seeing my life-changing results. One day he told me to make a shake, and after taking it faithfully for 3-4 months, he realized that his acid reflux was not bothering him anymore. But if he stops taking it, he starts to have acid reflux after eating certain foods. So he is not fixed, but it is clear to us that Reliv helps him reduce acid reflux symptoms. Every one is different, so you need to be patient. My husband did not take a lot. Just the recommended daily serving, but he was faithful taking it twice a day. You can up your amount to see faster results or stay on a minimum and take longer time. Consider it as an investment for your body. But it is cheaper than a cup of expensive coffee. The distributer is trying to help you. I know from my own experience, it helped me tremendously when I took more and added some functional formulas. It got me off all meds and even disability.

  10. Sorry to hear for other people that had negative result, but my brother inlaw save from his vertebrae operation and my husband hands are pain free now for 2 months.My husband had try for 2 months since my brother inlaw and my sister stay with us for a winter visit.Im not interested buying multi business product any more because I was victim before.But when my husband start taking arthafect his Hands pain now gone, so I order our own and all of us taking this now, so far so family experience very good result . my mom ‘s arthritis are not pain now , she went to disco last Saturday not like before ,and she quit taking pain reliever medicine . my self use the energize , reverse age and now..

    • “Reverse Age” your just plain stupid!

    • what reliv does heal arthritis of your mother?

  11. This company SCAMMED 1,100 dollars from my sick and dying grandfather telling him their vitamins would CURE HIS CANCER!!! ITS A REAL SHAME THAT COMPANIES LIKE THIS CAN SLAP A LABLE ON VITAMINS AND SELL THEM TO PEOPLE FOR AN INSANE PRICE! My grandfather is also in the process of completing chemo for his stage 4 pancreatic cancer and extensive research has shown the body does not absorb vitamins and such during a patients time in chemo! These people should be ashamed of taking so much money from a very sick elderly person! Just thought I would warn you all about this scam of a company before some other poor desperate person battling cancer wastes their money on this garbage!!

    • Look at the latest info and you will see that yhere is all kinds of studies out on epegenetic and cancers’ place in the genetic code. The cancer your grandfather fid not appear overnight and like wise using the products from Reliv wont cure him overnight either. That being said, thousands of people with illness have been helped with their ailment; be it fibromyalgia, ALS, lupus, cancer or cholesterol issues. I would suggest that before uou shoot from thehip you read about the work that has been done in reasearching their products.
      I’m sorry about your grandfather.

      • I’d be more mpressed if Reliv could produce even one peer-reviewed paper from a reputable journal to back up their claims.

        They can’t, which closes the subject for me. The only people buying into this MLM racket are those who slept through 9th-grade Science class.

        • I didn’t sleep through any class — I’ve even taught Science classes (middle & high school level). I have had tremendous results with the products. Many journals that you refer to give incorrect information – often proven years later. Next time before insulting intelligent people, please know what you state is factual, not based on an opinion as your comments are

    • So sorry for your family. Also sorry you were misled. Reliv will not cure cancer. There are some studies that indicate it interferes with some cancer genes’ ability to reproduce, and studies that show Reliv products are useful in helping patients recover from radiation and chemo. I expect your grandfather was able to tolerate the treatments better, and made the choice himself to try this companion therapy. As for ‘slap a label on it’, the Reliv company uses its own pharmaceutical-grade equipment, methods and quality standards to manufacture the products in the USA. The label accurately describes what inside, and contains details of the money-back guarantee.

    • I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. My mom has end-stage colon cancer, and Reliv has been helping her. She has had extra 8 months to live so far, and still alive, and getting better. Reliv is the only source of nutrition through her feeding tube, so she gets 16 cans of different products a month and 12 LRX capsules a day. The fluid in her lungs are draining on its own, and she is off constipation meds, and she started talking after being on Reliv. She lost her speech 4 yrs ago. So, there are many people who got wonderful results including my mom and myself. I got off disability. Reliv is not a cure or a treatment, but it is a very good nutrition. It depends on the person, and stage of the cancer. My uncle with pancreatic cancer was way too advanced, and he could not drink his shake. He could get one or tea spoon, and that is not going to be enough to do anything. He passed away shortly after. It was not because Reliv didn’t work. He could not take enough Reliv to start with. My mother is spending probably $600-$800 a month with my discount. She needs a lot of products because that’s all she eats, and she was really sick. I wish I would have known about this company before I lost my father to esophageal cancer in 2008. He went through surgery, chemo, and radiation, and died. I would recommend Reliv to anyone, but it is not a cure or treatment. None of the Reliv distributors will tell you that. I am just happy that I found Reliv and got my life back. No more medications and doctors visits for me. No more pain. Thanks Reliv.

    • I don’t think the company actually says Reliv will cure anything. Some distributors have gotten good results after taking chemo. The body definitely will not break down vitamin pills as well as it will a powdered product. So sorry your grandfather did not get the results that many people have gotten.

    • I have a Priest friend in Canada who was dying of several types of cancer. He began Reliv products about 3 years ago and his last scans show he is cancer free.

      I have suffered from life long agonizing migraines…nothing has EVER assisted me. The migraines were a combination of hormonal and due to a condition I was born with called Arnold Chariot syndrome. Upon taking the Reliv products for 6 months I can truthfully say migraine pain is substantially a thing of the padt!!!

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