5K in 15 Days Review- Another Scam or Does It Work?

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Really think you can make 15K In 5 Days? Well, that’s what the name of this make money online system maybe wants you to believe. Put please just remember: it’s just the name. And that’s why I have reviewed this system and am going to give you my honest, unbiased opinion. You see, I am an Internet marketer and have been doing this full time now for a couple years. So I know what works and what doesn’t anymore. In fact I got started with a program that sold a lot of hype and told me I could get rich quick. And it seems that nowadays a lot of affiliate programs sell more-anything. Is this one of them and is this a scam? Well, the best I can do is give you my own perspective and opinion. So please read on.

15K In 5 Days Summary

 This program was created by Travis Stephenson and I guess the premise is he will show you how to make $5000 in 15 days if you just purchases program and learn from what he teaches. There is also a software product in the package as well that will help you do a few things. Basically this is your standard run-of-the-mill make money online program that targets beginners. It is very common and I see these kind of packages promoted all the time and people fall for them all the time as well unfortunately.

What I Like

┬áto be fair, there is some decent information in the system that does teach you about affiliate marketing. Also I like the fact that it doesn’t cost too much.

What I don’t like

I really do not like products such as 5K in 15 Days because they promote unrealistic expectations when it comes to making money in the Internet. They almost make it seem as if if you purchase their products, you will unlock all the secrets and make thousand dollars quickly. That is how they make so much money. By getting you to call your credit card and pay for this info, or “secret”. And of course if you haven’t figured out by now, there really is no fast and easy way to make lots of money on the Internet other than developing the skills and knowing exactly what to do.


I would personally pass on purchasing 5K in 15 Days. Why? Because I know you can’t really make that much money that quickly if you are somebody brand-new unless you got super lucky and just hit the jackpot on an advertisement and good keywords. But other than that, most likely when you join your going to get up sold over and over and over.

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