Cash Machines 2.0 Scam- My Unbiased Review

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Glad you stopped by my Cash Machines 2.0 review. There are a lot of make money from home systems out there and there are very few that actually work. Can this be one of them? Well that’s what I meant to share with you here in this article, so let’s get right to it.

To be completely honest with you, I was kind of disappointed visiting the website. It’s pretty much a sales pitch in the form of a video like a lot of other low-quality IM products are. On the sales page it will send the header “Congratulations!! You’re in. Claim Your 5 Free Cash Machines Now!!” which is totally designed for you to opt in and start getting presold.

One of the first things I noticed when going into the members area of Cash Machines 2.0, is that it looked oddly familiar to another program out there called Commission Conspiracy. You got to understand that a lot of these cookie-cutter make money online things are nothing more than rehashed products that do a good job at up selling beginners by giving them very limited and a lot of times outdated content and training. But I’ll still give it a chance.

The most useful module in this system is the CM2 Profit Center. This is where you’re going to build your “cash machines” on Facebook.┬áReally the whole premise of Cash Machines 2.0 is to teach you how to create these Facebook applications that are nothing more than squeeze pages to get people to opt in so you can generate leads to your business. It’s going to cost you $30. That’s actually not that bad. The training in this module is pretty good and shows exactly what to do to set up these apps. And there is a training section that says “Make Money” which teaches you how to put all this together so you can actually make income. I have to say that this probably could work for you, but honestly I can’t really recommend this for complete newbies or beginners. This is probably can work best for intermediate to advanced Internet marketers that know it thing or two about paid advertising, otherwise you can definitely lose some money.

cash_machines_2Now let me tell you a little bit about the downsides of this program. Most of the training modules in order to access them, you’re going to have to pay something. I would say only about half of these training modules in the members area are for free. When trying to click on about 4 out of the 9 listed, you will get a message saying they are not able to access it unless you’re a full access member.


So, in a sense, Cash Machines 2.0 is somewhat of a hybrid of training and up sells. That’s not uncommon in this industry though. So if you’re trying to figure out whether or not this is a complete scam, I would not say it is a scam. It does focus on a very specific method which is creating these apps for Facebook so people land on your squeeze pages. I would definitely consider adding this message to your already existing online efforts.

I personally am not going to be using this program, but if you want you can go ahead and check it out and see if it’s for you.


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