Cashgopher Review- Another Scam Software?

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cashgopher reviewAh yes, the infamous CashGopher scam. Or is it? Thanks for reading my review. I know you are probably someone wondering if this little software system can really dish out tons of cash for you on autopilot with you only having to install it on your computer, right? Well, about that. There are definitely good ways to make money on the Internet, but sometimes people get caught up in “ez” money software and systems that claim to do all the work for them and produce income. How much income? Well, not a lot by just using the software itself. Allow me to explain.

One of the first thoughts that came to my head when I was learning what Cashgopher was, was “oh gosh, here we go again with another do-nothing-but-get-rich products”. And that’s the kind of marketing that will draw a lot of attention and suck in a lot of beginners and “newbies” who are very vunerable. But let me tell you how this software really works.

Cashgopher is basically a kind of PPC marketing research tool where you install it into your computer, and as you’re browsing the web, it will create ads from GeoAds. In other words, depending on the type of sites you visit, it will pretty much remove existing ads and place its own. Get it? The idea is to have ads there looking at you and for you to eventually see something you like enough and click to buy. Well, that’s how they are going to make the money. They make money for each click. So what does this mean for you?

It means about 2 cents for every 3 days you leave your computer on idle with Cashgopher. Honestly. That’s how much on average according to the feedback I’m getting from people. So they’re not lying. There are a bunch of concerns I have about this software. It definitely slowed down people’s computer a lot and some question if this is actually technically spyware. In a way, it kind of seems like it, right?

Let Me Tell You How You’re Really Going To Make Money With Cashgopher

The real way you’re going to make any kind of decent income with Cashgopher is, yup, through their affiliate program. It’s going to come back to you being able to get as many signups as possible. And if your signups are active, you will receive 25% of their earnings. If their earnings are 2 cents, well, good luck! But really you’re going to face a common problem even with the affiliate program and that’s how to generate traffic to your Cashgopher affiliate link.

Does Cashgopher Scam People?

That’s a good question. But I have to say, it doesn’t necessarily scam people. Cashgopher even says that you’re not can get rich doing this. And you won’t. Of course only problem I have is that a lot of people are going to join this program and use the software expecting to actually make any kind of some income, and in my opinion that’s probably not going to happen at all. What I’m saying is there are definitely better places to spend your time and energy as far as making money on the Internet.

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