Digital Income Path Review- Just Another Scam

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digital_income_path_scamYou better watch out for the Digital Income Path scam. I hope to save you some money and headaches with this review. It never ceases to amaze me how these scam websites are still up and running and getting people to dish out there hard-earned money. I’m telling you. The ones behind this are quite clever. They have this strategy to make the website look like an online newspaper and have location-tracking scripts to make you feel like it’s something real. The website says “Online Jobs Journal”.

As you can see in the image, there is an IP-tracking script setup. This means when you visit the website, your area or city will show up in the headline. This is to make it seem like there are “work from home” opportunities in your area. It’s kind of scary.

Fake Featured Success Story

Another thing that is pretty unfortunate is the featured story of a fake person named Marybeth Weber. Lol. It’s kind of funny what names they come up with. I see it all the time with other sites just like this one. But, this is to fool the person reading because often time the website visitors are complete “newbies” and don’t understand what is going on. They think that this is real!

Everything Leads To The Sign Up Page

digital_income_path_There are a lot of tabs to click on. The only downside is…they all lead to the signup page! That’s really what this whole website is about. Everything you click on basically points to you opting in. It’s all about “buy, buy, buy!”. Not much else. When trying to see what the different categories were about, it just lead me to the signup page. Even when I clicked the “Home” button, it took me there. 

What’s the Purpose Of Digital Income Path?

It’s basically to sell you an expensive training kit. It’s basically an info product that tells you, you can make a ton of money just by posting links on the Internet for companies. That’s not how making money online really works. This is just to get you excited and make it seem like once you purchase the package, you will be all ready set to go. You will often see sites similar refer to you as a “Search Engine Agent” or some kind of title like that. It means pretty much nothing. 

If you do buy into Digital Income Path, prepared to be bombarded with upsells. That’s how they make a killing off new people. By telling to buy more if you want more. This could easily add up to thousands of dollars as the sales team goes after you and offers additional “coaching” which is just a bunch of info you could probably find online for free!

How To Get A Refund

Unfortunately, the proper authorities are a little slow to catch up on cracking down on these pretty much scam websites like Digital Income Path. Hopefully, if you’re lucky enough, you might be able to get your money back. Often times though, sites like this one pack up their backs and take off. I’m surprised that this site is still on the Internet because usually they’re gone by now!


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