Does Commission Inception Scam People? Unbiased Review

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Another Commission Inception scam? Oh boy. Looks like the good old fashioned overly hyped IM product scheme again. Hey folks and welcome to my quick Commission Inception review. If you are someone that heard about it, got excited, but wanted to do a little research before spending your hard-earned money, good thing you did. It’s really hard to find a high-quality IM product that truly does show you how to make more money and I’m afraid this one is something I can’t recommend.

You will watch in the sales video the typical hype train that is displayed with all the houses, cars, and luxuries all claiming to be a result of this that is being used to generate profits online each month from home even with no experience or anything like that. It’s just your typical IM product that sells mostly hype phenomena go over with you exactly what’s inside. Shawn Connor is the face of the program. on the be honest with you. The way that the ease guys make so much money is by taking advantage of the fact that there are a lot of greedy people looking to get rich quick. So what you do is you create a product and create a very promotional sales video that promises quick riches and I get a lot of people to buy.

The Google Loophole, Really?

One of the things that the system brags about is this Google loophole that they have discovered and generates the millions of dollars over the last few years. Please understand that there really is no loop hole and if there was, you better believe that Google’s going to eventually close it. They like to make references like this one because it gives the idea of a shortcut to profits and many people that buy into these cheap IM programs, are looking to get away from hard work and just want to make easy money but I guarantee you, you are going to get burned if you think this way.

[note color=”#fffbeb”]Pros: You’ll get WordPress websites setup and ready to go in no-time flat. Also, there are a few training videos that go through with you the basics and have a couple unique concepts and ideas[/note] [note color=”#fff2f0″]Cons: The prebuilt websites are not going to do you any good unless you create content and post it to your websites. And that’s a whole another skill in itself. Not only that but you’re going to have to know how to drive traffic to these blog websites anyway and the training is not detailed and advanced enough to take an average person to tons of traffic to be completely honest with you. I would also say probably one of the biggest of flags is that this product isn’t dealt through an affiliate marketplace which means you can have a hard time getting your money back or a refund. Plus honestly the whole tone and attitude of this program is kind of cheesy in my opinion.[/note]


It’s going to cost you about $49 but if you exit out the page you can get $20 off. If you exit out of that page then you can get the product for nine dollars. This is called down selling. But still to be complete the honest with you I wouldn’t even pay one dollar.

Commission Inception Member’s Area, Training, And Websites

Logging into the Commission Inception members area, you can see that it is your typical membership area that you might find in any affiliate program out there on the market. Their art different tabs that you can click on and explore including the training videos that are supposed to help you make tons of money from home, right? So I went ahead and watch some of these training videos and I can tell you that it wasn’t anything that I didn’t expect. Artie knew off the bat just by the really overhyped sales video, that they were going to teach you very basic Internet marketing techniques and strategies and they try to put their own little twist on things but to be completely honest, none of the things that were taught were really going to bring you in solid results in my opinion.

I guess the only thing that is of benefit with Commission Inception is that you get about 20 premade niche websites that have images and clickable links on them already. This is not even going to be worth 5% of your overall total success in affiliate marketing as far as generating traffic and making sales. You’re still going to have to learn how to put on the correct content, how to do keyword research, how to analyze competition, and how search engines are ranking of websites nowadays in the year 2013, and this program definitely is not going to show you all that stuff.

Commission Inception Scam Conclusion

I guess I can’t really call it a scam since there is little bit of content in their, but I can tell you this much. it’s really easy to see that this product was designed for greedy folks were looking to get rich and are looking for the next key to success. what a lot of these marketing gurus do, is they know that there is a large audience out there that will fall for anything and are looking to buy the next greatest key to success, so what will do, is get together and with up a product that basically blows hot air and sell it to these people and make a big profit. They literally can make millions selling garbage to basically an audience that is desperate for money and quick results.

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