Does Emobile Code Scam People? Honest Review

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emobile_code_scamI almost couldn’t believe that the Emobile Code scam could fool so many people. It’s funny because I was hanging out with a buddy of mine, a fellow affiliate marketer, when he looked over at me with a smirk on his face.

He then turned his laptop towards me and showed me the Emobile Code sales video and couldn’t believe it himself! There is a whole sea of crazy get rich quick products out there, but I think this one takes it to a whole new level.

Well, I should say that at least the sales and adcopy is something so extreme, I actually wouldn’t feel that bad if someone fell for something so cheesy. It has to be out of desperation or greed. Lol.

Let’s Talk About The EMobile Code Video

It’s like a movie trailer with some of the most fact acting I have ever seen. It’s just a number of, what I think are paid or fake actors saying stuff like “Wow! I can’t belive it was this easy to make thousands of dollars…and for free?!”.

It’s incredible to think that people actually believe you can make that much money…for free. Of course, during the whole presentation, by Bill McKnight, you never are told exactly what it is, how it works, or what exactly you are going to be doing.

It’s just some revolutionary new software product thing that is putting thousands of dollars into the pockets of people who buy it…please. Get real.

6 “Getting Started” Videos Are Actually Upsell Steps! Scam!

It’s just a big scammy upsell! Yes, that’s right. It’s just a sales funnel designed to sucker the new person into giving up their money….for what exactly? Let me explain the process…

  1. You will get a welcome video from the owner in which all he does is welcome you into the program
  2. Free call with “Upstart Specialist” which is just a phone call to upsell you to buy more stuff
  3. “Free gift” which is not free because you given a website but it’s useless unless you get the hosting in which the affiliate or owner receives a commission off you
  4. The “Special Members Only Training” is nothing more than yet ANOTHER cheesy sales video to another scam
  5. Software & Training is nothing more than a software app to make websites mobile friendly. It doesn’t generate income for you. It doesn’t make you any money. In fact, you would have to go out and find clients yourself and build website for them. Good luck.
  6. Bonus weekly webinar in which is nothing but upsells again, and not even live or anything.

There Is No Emobile “Code”

emobile_code_scam_Maybe you thought you’d give this a shot and find out what that “code” was that could possibly work and make you money. Maybe you felt that this might be a loophole on the Internet that you could take advantage on or cash out on. 

Wouldn’t that be great? Where all you had to do was pay a little for something and then watch the paychecks flow in?

Nope. Sorry. 

Understand when it comes to making money online, there is no “secret” or “code” that you can just plug into and start earning. But, that’s the kind of picture Emobile Code likes to paint. 

The Only Way To Profit From This

I think the only way that’d you’d ever make money with this is by selling it to other unsuspecting prospects, for a commission cut. You can become an actual affiliate of Emobile Code and try to sell it to people. How could anyone feel good about selling this? I have no idea. 

Besides, this would mean that you would need to get good at affiliate marketing and get all the proper training and guidance to know how to promote something online and get people to click and buy. This program doesn’t even come close to showing you how. Good luck. 

Can You Get Your Money Back?

One of the biggest questions is “how do I get my money back?” Emobile Code works through an affiliate marketing place. You probably won’t be able to get a hold of them directly. Instead, you can try to go to and call them up and explain that one of their affiliate products SUCK and you want a refund. Some people have tried this and it worked. Usually, crappy products like this won’t last long in an affiliate marketplace. Sometimes the marketplace doesn’t care and will still allow such programs. But, you can try and see what happens. I would just take it as a lesson learned and not fret and get stressed too much about this. Just realize that anything that looks like this, is pretty much a scam. 

EMobile Code Scam Conclusion

If you haven’t figured out by now in this EMobile Code review, it’s just a big fat hairy scam and is just really really really cheesy. A lot of the links weren’t even working and I’m not even sure if it’s a real company or not. All it did was really redirect me to other stuff so I can pull out my own hard-earned cash. No thanks. If I were you, I would run.

I Don’t Recommend It 

Understand that programs like Emobile Code are built to fool beginners and get them to basically whip out their credit cards and receive a product not even worth more than $5. That’s just the reality of it all, and you know what? Lots of people fall victim to this. The only ones who profit from Emobile Code are the owners and affiliates trying to sell you this garbage. It may look free at first, but it’s going to cost you lots of money.

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  1. Has anybody heard of Virtnext? The guy in this emobile cluster looks like the same guy that was selling Virtnext.

  2. i am interested

  3. is it mean the emobile code is no encourage to buy?it is a scam?

    • It’s definitely a scam, Qngo. You can’t really make money like they portray in the sales video. Nothing in life comes that easy. Maybe the lottery only. Lol.

  4. Is this company still in business?


  6. I was interested in this program as it sounded like a software that does mass email bursts to lists of people seeking this kind of opportunity. I always investigate a product before buying and when I googled Emobile code all I am seeing is posts that is a scam. While watching the video they keep saying its free but then want $49. Big Red Flag! While reading reviews I’m hearing about up sells, Another Red Flag. I also checked into Clicksure and there seems to be both good and bad reviews there, however the bad reviews seem to be from people that don’t know what they are doing and are looking for the One Click to Riches Secret. The truth is there is no Magic Bullet, no secret, If you want to make money online you have to find a reputable affiliate program and do the work. I spend 6-10 hours a day on the computer. Some of it is marketing, some researching new products and some education. You have to invest in yourself as well as your businesses. Notice I said Businesses!
    I currently have 5 businesses up and running. I am making money but this is like any business. You have to stick with it and invest your time to make it work. To have it become profitable will take an average of 2 years of constant marketing. Some people are either very good at marketing or are very lucky and do it quicker but remember this is a business and is o different then if you opened up a brick and mortar store, except for the overhead and having on hand stock. If you want this to work you have to work it.

    Thank you for saving me time, money and frustration with your honest review of this product.

    • Yeah no problem, Rick. You definitely do have to stick to something and make it work. That’s part of being an entrepreneur. Too many people are seeking easy ways to make money and that’s why they fall to things like this. It’s not really job, but like you said, a business. You have to create it from scratch and work really hard.

  7. I live in Japan and there was a limited offer from people who live in Japan ,but I was suspicious cause I saw 2 years ago same type of setting big house beautiful car people showing How they got the money ,but different actors cause I had a feeling that they were actors ,they say you have to act fast but I google before to see if it was really true and was lucky to find this site ,I am thankful To the people who wrote about their experience and sorry too
    But is this connected to Antony Morrison ? Also now I got call from Titan Trade are the safe ?
    Thank you and as it say it was too corny this whole play to be true !

    • don’t be fooled by the “limited offer in Japan”
      I’m from the Philippines and also got the “Limited Spaces Available In – Philippines ” at the top of the page. It looks like it’s just a template that would input the country you’re from which can easily be traced via IP addresses.

      $49 is not worth investing in especially if they don’t explain how the system works. They just call it “system.”

  8. Every one is right people like. Emobile code should be arrested and give everyone there money back just like me. I was eal upset and mad. Guess what when i call some one i forgot whuch part i think it was 3rd part. The india guy told me if I had 3 credit that or a cc that had $1000 “to train me. And show me the ropes” really that was stupid they sell u websites that is mad already to resell but stupid ones. That 3 buttons they did on video is fake is more than 3 buttons and not only that its all worth lesss

  9. OMG! i just gonna be buy and at the same time i did google and see the all comments.
    that’s really bulshit. NOW I AM SAVE. thank you for your kind words.

  10. I should have read your notes before I bought into this. Here is what I wrote to Bill McKnight;

    To: Bill McNnight, E Mobile Code/Click Better
    From: Karen Russell
    Re: Products/Services I Purchased from your Company

    I was very excited to watch your videos assuring me how I could make huge amounts of money on the Internet. I was very intrigued to watch your complete novices press three buttons and then go to their Click Sure account and see money coming in after only 2-3 hours. The whole process took less than a few minutes. I was impressed that you had said you had spent millions of dollars to supposedly use “military grade cell phone technology,” to harness the power of not only the Internet, but cell phones, which are used 7 times more than the internet, to make this push button ready.

    On a the feedback side, I would have appreciated it if the selling video was not so doggone long…it was ENOUGH ALREADY…how many times did we need to see your beautiful home, Rolls Royce, yacht, young wife, etc. I get that you were trying to establish your credibility and success, but it could have been done in a much shorter period of time. It was just so annoying after awhile.

    But nonetheless, I went through your couple of hours of video, and then purchased your programs and upsells. (On that’s another bit of feedback I have…you showed all the sample bank accounts with over 10,000 a month etc, after only a couple of weeks, and made us believe in the video sell that it was all possible with a $49.95 investment (to cover the cost of your customer service). However then when one goes to purchase, they are given three upsells (again MORE long videos)…which makes it look like if you don’t get them, one won’t make the kind of money that was demonstrated in your video sales piece. It really is misleading. But because you offered a full money back guarantee, I figured I should get all the upsells. And, though I don’t know you, I do know that my credit card would stand behind a refund, if it turned out this was not all that you represented. So I purchased all 4 of your offerings.

    You promised 24/7 customer support and one of your upsells was someone to walk me through your process. I must admit, I didn’t understand why all that training would be necessary, since your demonstration showed a complete novice stranger (ie bank teller, accountant and waiter) literally sitting down with you and pressing three buttons on their computer and then the money started pouring into their account within a couple of hours. It was the ease of all that, and your successful claims that sold me on your “opportunity.”

    So I decided to use my entire Memorial Day weekend to watch your training and set up my system (which you said took minutes) and start to make money. That’s where the nightmare begins. I wish you could pay me for all the many many hours I wasted watching your lying videos. Your training was not training, but more upsells for yet more software. All I wanted to do was learn to press the three buttons like you did in your sales video and start making money. I tried to contact the customer support on your website, and that was broken…doesn’t work…got a 504 error. Then I tried the phone number for my supposed special training person, the voice mail said the mailbox was full. Finally when I reached a live person this morning, they said that they don’t really know anything about your company, and that they were a company who handles your overflow calls. So your supposed customer service line was a completely different company altogether (Elite Mentoring Group), who wanted to sell me on their services…so I had to waste more time on the phone, cause the first customer service rep, Jim Wolfe, said I would have to answer a bunch more questions who could then put me in touch with the Director, Jason Miller, who could get me in touch with support for what I paid for with you. OMG, the nightmare continued. Why oh why would you so misrepresent what you do? And why would you represent your customer service line to be available, when it’s not your line at all?!!!

    I watched your video trainings, which weren’t relevant to what I had purchased through you. You said you had developed software that made everything push button easy…auto pilot…but in watching your videos, I would need to do extensive training, purchase a hosting company, separate domains, etc, and then market to MY Facebook page and email lists. I don’t want to bother my friends and family. You represented that you had done it all through your software…pick your pretested proven websites and register for a Click Sure Account…press 3 buttons and watch the money roll in. WHAT A LIE…how do you sleep with yourself? You should be ashamed of praying on the dreams of innocent people.

    Now, if you are willing to have one of your staff actually call me, or send me the three steps that you did in your video to make money, I would be happy to rescind my allegations. But based on all the time I have wasted and watching your bait and switch videos on your website, I must request a complete and full refund of all the money you have put on my credit card. My guess is that you make your money by stealing funds from innocent and trusting consumers like me…leverage the interest on the money you keep for those number of days and though the refund will come back to me, that’s how you have made your money…that’s my guess. Anyway, you are a scam artist and though your home, car, yacht and wife are beautiful, your soul and conscience are NOT. I am coping this letter to my credit card company so they will know to be sure to process my refunds and to make sure no more charges come through from your company (ie one of your $4.95 upsells for the 5 day trial of Viral Video Velocity, would turn into an $18.95 per month recurring charge if I wanted to keep it.) If your system was what you represented it to be in your selling video, I would have wanted to keep it…but since NOTHING is as you represented it to be, then I do NOT.) Again, I am SO sad that I trusted you…you certainly know how to say all the right things to get people to trust you. I think you and Bernie Madoff have a lot in common (sigh). Please confirm that you received this email and that the refunds were made to my account.

    Sincerely a once-again-duped consumer, Karen Russell

    • Karen, I too purchased the emobile code product, like a year plus, ago. But, once I got into the other side, they wanted another, like, $1200 or $1300, for hosting and traffic generation. Once I saw that I needed to spend more money, I promptly emailed ‘clickbetter’ and got my refund in a few days. Yes, it is very sad that there are people like that on the internet (and, everywhere else) and that ‘cyberspace’ is too big to stop it all. I watched it again, the video, tonight, just to see if he had changed the ‘actors.’ They’re the same people, and nothing has changed. I must admit I am getting better at finding the scams. However, these ‘scam review websites/blogs’ are a great help, so thank you, Mr. Reviewer……

    • I can’t seem to get a refund, and I never was able to watch all the videos that was presented. I got scammed for the 49.00 and I have been called over and over again from people that says they are with E-Mobile Code. I explained the same thing that happened to you Karen and they said they would have to contact someone to give them the information. I fill that was a 49.00 mistake for sure. I am so glad that my computer was acting up or I would have paid and paid for something that I couldn’t get. I will be more careful in the future not to be clicking on things like that. Sad and mad at the same time.

  11. I am a business owner and a consumer. FYI it doesn’t matter if you used A debit or credit card you have 6 months from the date of purchase to do a chargeback with the card company or bank. Product not received or product not as described are some of the options. Chargeback now if u have an issue!!!

  12. when it took so long to get to the end I got suspicious
    I you can rent a luxury home, car for a production and actors.
    At the end giving you countdown and they still don’t block you out then when you
    Try to leave the page take 30.00 off too try to sell you u
    What a rip off why do people prey on the unsuspecting. Thought about it kepty money because they never explained actually where the money comes from.

  13. I scamed $49 plus $195 please someone help me to get my money back. I am trying to get a rfund . hate time wasting shitty products!
    Where FBI to get these scamers.

    • I got scammed out of $295 from these crooks. There is no customer support in place. Every step cost more and more money!!!!!! WTF!!!!

      • Sorry for your loss here. Don’t feel bad. You’re not the only one that has been scammed. I mean, dang, $300 is quite a bit of money though. Did you ever get a refund? And every step costing more money is called being “up-sold”. They like to make you feel like the be successful, you have to take the next step, and play with your emotions. Hopefully your experience can help people avoid losing their money as well.

        • when it took so long to give me a code about a hour .I told myself I just made a payment on his rr car and I called visa and asked if they ran my 49.00 on my card . visa looked it up and said no not yet and told me to stop payment and get a new card I did and I saved myself

  14. thanks for helping peoples, i need your advise for this website ,——————–
    can i take my chance or it’s a scam, maybe i seem stupid for you, but ,I am a beginner , and a yes or no will be
    very helpfully ,thank you

  15. Hi Vince.

    I am new to internet marketing, and received promo emails from affiliates who I thought were straight shooters. The production value and acting in the sales video was so cheesy that flags went up all over the place.

    I just want to applaud you for giving an honest review. Many people may not know that search results often bring up fake “reviews” that are nothing more than bogus third party ads that are propagated by the owners of the sites.

    Thanks for providing a forum so that others won’t be scammed.

    Best regards.

  16. I am devastated. I am disabled and can’t leave my house. I spent my savings


    I am devastated. I am a senior citizen and disabled and spent my savings and still owe more and I got nothing except a website builder. I want a refund. I reported it to the FBI, but like you said they are probably out of country. If anyone comes up with a way to get my money back please let me know. I feel so stupid.

    • Don’t feel too bad, Eve. I had also fell for many scams when I first got interested in ways to make money from home. The reality is, lots of people out there fall victim to these schemes because they are so well orchestrated in a way that makes you want to believe that you found the hidden key to success and fast money. I would just take it as a lesson learned. You’re going to spend more time, money, and energy trying to crack down on these guys. That’s jut the truth. Stay away from anything that looks like this or anything that promotes fast results and success. What they like to do is over hype and promote a simple tool that really does nothing else. That’s what they did here and got you. Don’t sweat it. You still might be able to get your money back if you can contact whatever affiliate marketplace it is being sold through.

    • Hey, not trying to promote these guys or anything, but I have been with this trading service lone wolf signals, and I have actually learned a thing or two about trading and I have covered all my losses with them and i am now happily starting to profit. Just wanted to give more info to people who are wondering .so just follow this link for profit from trading ……….

      • Hey man. Yeah, I’m definitely not allowing any affiliate links here. Good to see that you are learning a few things about trading and what not.

        • You can definitely tell everyone is acting, and the “son” actor was the worst one. You remember how Mr. Bill threw that one guy under the bus for lying? Well, Mr. Bill was also caught in one. He said a couple of times in the video, that his marriage ended a couple of years ago due to financial hardships. (Remember his own bank record?) Then he proceeds to say, that he invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in that company he started three years ago. How could he have such minimal money in his account from 2 years back if indeed his business was started 3 years earlier, and he started making high end money within a few short months? Wouldn’t his account be loaded a year after starting that business? His and his “wife’s” choice of clothing was cheap & not believable, for a millionaires wardrobe. Did anyone else notice the inexpensive electronics they were using? I also found it suspect that Mr. Bill claimed he makes millions in a year, yet he needed the very few selected people to pay for processing agents to input information. I did not fall for this scam, and I feel very sorry for those who did. Many people are suffering financially these days, and are hopeful for a solution to their financial crisis. I found myself wondering if there were any reviews or scam alert site regarding the e mobile code system. And here I am. I’m really glad there are posts like this one, to help others against fraud. I applaud the administration for their efforts and time.

      • this is the website scam I pay 49$ in reality is $52 always ask more money I stop immediately and I do the form ID order for refund money was 60 day for eMobile now is 10 day and not refund my money, I send also a e-mail but for the moment I west my time, for me is as scam, I think I never take back my money?
        this is other web side arrive same same to the other arrive to my e-mail I Unsuscribe but continued to arrive this people need go to jail for this scam, is unbeliever the government is allowed this scam this is the last arrive in my e-mail my-onlinebusiness
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    • Signed up for e-mobile code on May 19, 2014. Requested a refund (remember their 60 day 100% refund guarantee) on May 22, 2014. They never address the issue and continuously tried to get me to agree to stay and give them more money to make it work. I did not have any more money. They said I needed to give them a chance. I sent numerous e-mails continuously claiming the product was not as advertised and no training was provided as responses and reiterated my request for a refund. After 60 days they said it was too late to issue a refund as it was against their corporate policy. Definitely a scam. Unemployed fro 11 months. Sorry I was such a sucker trying to figure out how to survive.

      • Hi Dan. Unfortunately your story isn’t all that unusual. Emobile Code is nothing more than a setup. It’s like a fly trap. They lure you in with false promises, and make it seem like you have to unlock the next thing in the system. I mean, these sites are so well orchestrated that all kinds of people from different backgrounds fall victim to it. You’d be surprised.

        I know it can be a challenge trying to get your money back from these guys. They make it that way. The phone call was all to keep you in the game, and possibly just add on more stuff to buy. Of course each and everything more that you buy, the creators of Emobile Code profit from. The whole goal of these programs is to make as much money as possible per person who comes through the gates.

        I wouldn’t dwell on it for too long. Just see it as a lesson learned. You cannot get rich quick on the Internet and there are no secret “codes” that will make you a bunch of money without even trying. If there was, everyone would be doing it. I wish you the best!

  17. Please help me get my money back I already did the first purchase and now they want more ! I don’t know what to do –

    • Hi Nanna. There actually is a number to call. I believe a few people have found success calling Clickbetter which is the marketplace which Emobile Code is sold. They are going to want more as most scams usually do. This is called “upselling”. What they do is make it seems like there is more golden-nugget information that is going to lead to big riches, but you have to purchase the next course. I mean, I could understand if it was just 1 flat-fee, and that’s it, but, usually there are going to want more and more and more…

      This is all a setup to earn as much revenue as possible in as short time as possible. It’s why so many people have been scammed and lost their money. This will usually happen to people who are brand new to online money and who are desperate for money as well. They are very susceptible to schemes like this. I would say, always use common sense moving forward. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

  18. I was wondering what the hype was all about so I googled “auto mobile code scam” and all that came up was page after page of different scammers trying to sell the same “code” under the guise of a “review”, complete with the same links to the same website with the same bad actors pitching this crap. These websites deliberately put “Is auto mobile code a scam?” in their headers and headlines so google will bring them up first! It took me a while to find this page and I found it only after googling “auto mobile code bullshit” …. lol! The scam artists are getting smart by burying the real reviews in google search returns this way.

    That old saying “If it looks to good to be true….” still applies 24/7/365….

    • Yes!!!! You are absolutely right. It’s funny. You have actually figured out how affiliate marketing works…just in this case, a very unethical way. There are some reviews sites out there that are SCAMS themselves! They promote garbage like EMobile Code because they are going to earn a commission if you click their link in the review and purchase the product. It’s sad and many people do fall victim to this strategy.

      It’s a battle trying to fight these fake review sites out there that are just in it to make a quick commission. If it looks too good to be true, it definitely is. I mean in this case, the sales pitch is so ridiculous, you have no one to blame but yourself if you get caught buying it. I’m just being truthful here. I have been down that road one time, when I was a newbie to all of this “make money online” stuff.

      I hope you found this review helpful.

  19. This is definitely a scam. I tried to logon to the site http:,,,,//amcmember(dot) com they said I wasn’t registered, even though I had just done the registration and transaction. I have the phone number for the ClickBetter company 1-800-719-1832. Guaranteed will call them in the morning.
    Hope this helps anyone who thinks they can get rich quick.

    • Yeah it’s definitely a scam. It’s more and more clear that it is. Thanks for giving the number. You definitely can’t get rich quick, even if you wanted to.

      Everything about this is all set up to make it seem like it’s easy when it’s not.

      Glad you got things sorted out, Rhonda.

  20. I received the “special invitation” email yesterday, I watched the video. What a joke, I expected Charlie Chaplin and the Keystone Cops to appear lol. Definitely a poorly staged scam filled with Oscar winning wannabes.

    • Yeah, the special invitation is all to fool people into thinking that they’ve got an exclusive opportunity to get inside the program. It’s all a joke and it’s quite clever because you’d be surprised at the number of people who actually do fall for this stuff. It’s insane. People actually believe those videos and actors. It’s almost like, hey, if you fall for it, you deserve to be scammed lol!! Kidding…kind of.

  21. I did not invest any money with these lying a-holes, but I did lend a relative $250 so he could invest in it. This was the worst loan I ever made. Not only did they take his $248, but every single step was an upsell. He never got to the site where he would start making money. Now I am really p—— with myself for lending the money, but I knew it was a freaking scam, but this friend is so stupid that he would fall for this. Trust me, this is nothing but pure bull—- and a bad scam at that. Run from it like the plague. Do bother to listen to the stupid a– videos, and pure waste of time. There needs to be a special place in Hell prison for these scumbags.

    • Sorry had been fooled to invest that amount of money. Ouch. Everything is an upsell, you’re absolutely right. These scams are so well set up, that even the well educated still fall for it. It’s because money messes with people’s emotions and you get caught up in the moment.

  22. I was scammed by this a-hole too. I found the Click number from Jane in this review (thank you Jane) and got my money back. What I need to know is if anyone has an address for this scumbag, I need it to report the scam to the BBB. And then the next step is to the FBI to report it to them. Thanks for any help you can give me on this matter.

    • Yeah I definitely don’t like anything that comes from Clickbetter. It’s almost a scam itself. It’s a marketplace that allows scams to be passed through. Thankfully you got your money back. Unfortunately, even the BBB is inaccurate nowadays. It’s all about the money. If you pay them, they’ll give you a positive review. That’s why there are some scams, if not borderline, that appear to be “good” from the BBB.

  23. Good words says its a fool that put faith in every word, its good to be calculative before venturing into any online business

    • Yeah. You want to do research, but the only downside is there is no official review site in this industry. I’ve seen legit programs be put down by scammy review sites as well.

      I would say, if it’s overly cheesy and seems like you can rich quick, then stay away. It’s got to make sense and should not be overly expensive.

  24. This guys a joke and an ASS.

  25. thanks to Allah that He saved me from joker bill……..just watching video i was thinking to buy,,,,at the same time ,,,,during my research on it i read the commments,,,,so i deside not buy emobile code system,,,,it is fraud

  26. BIGGEST SCAM OUT THERE. DON NOT S ANY MONEY. you will not get a refund. Im reporting them to the better business bureau today. Sheme on Bill.

    • What’s funny is that, it’s not clear if “Bill” is even his real name. Lol. Many of these gurus put on fake character names. Reporting them to the BBB unfortunately doesn’t do much.

      I would just take it as a lesson learned and stay away from any future products of his.

      • His real name is Ronny Montano he is a fraud he is also in litigation…

  27. Thanks to all for the above comments. I dont believe in God but thanks to the above people who posted their comments and saved me from this Joker Bill. No wonder his so called wife looks like a 3rd rate low lying prostitute. Never in his video he explained of how his (shity) emobile code works.
    Get lost Bill — You are a poor loser

    • It’s all an act. That’s the funny thing. Gurus like this guy will rent fancy cars and hire actresses. The funny thing is, they make their big money just selling this scam to people and getting hundreds of other advertisers to do the same thing, and they get a cut as well. It’s not uncommon.

  28. Hahaha what people pay for that

  29. i had his email and link before making the payment i cheked this in internet
    so i see your comments and i decide nnot to pay.
    thank you
    all guys you saved me.
    it is interesting find out why the goverment of america not taking legal action against him?
    if this is fake
    be wise

  30. RED F LAGS: only Donald Trump can get away with such bad hair. The “wife”s clothes are below thrift shop or bargain basement level. We never saw what was on any of the screens the “customers” were using. We have no company name or location. Some of the shots could not have been filmed in the same house. The couple’s walk from the boat to dry dock was unnatural for anyone who has spent time on a boat.

    NEVER buy any product online from someone who says it’s an offer for just a few “special friends”. NEVER buy a product when the seller tells you that you HAVE to sign up immediately. And NEVER trust anyone who calls &50.00 “chump change”.

    FYI The company handling the payment transaction is located in South Korea and they charge an international fee of $3.00 plus which is added to the chump change fee.

    Hope these guys go to jail- but it ‘s rough for the FBI these days because much of their police and fraud work force now has to focus on homeland security.

  31. This man is a living joke…just how stupid does he think we are.? The people in the video are clearly actors . His so called house was rented for the video and that car also was not his own. Talking about some eMobile code…..please save us the stress and money and be a man and grow up and stop making money off of the innocent victims that believe in this scam. Why can’t some people just be honest.?….why can’t this man and his wife..if that’s even really his wife live and make money the honest way.? These people will be punished by GOD. You can outsmart people but you can’t outsmart GOD.

    • Yup. A lot of people have fallen for this however.

  32. I’m so thankful for all of you. I was really hoping for a Miracle, I guess. Thank you for saving me from yet a another life let down. I was already planning how to get family members out of some major hard and painful times. Not to mention my own. Thank you again. I don’t know why I didn’t look it up first. I always research first. Thank again for your posting.

  33. Wow! Glad that I chanced upon this site. I was skeptical about the product. But, the it all looks so convincing.

    There’s a part of me reminding myself that “If something is too good to be true, it probably is”. So, I did a search on Google for review. Thanks, man! You save me all the trouble, money and time! God bless!

  34. God I love you guys it was nice to be able to check with someone credible enough to say “Boy you better get them birches to moving” cause that is what I did ran and ran far away Thanks Again

  35. I NEED MY REFUND BACK THIS NOT FOR ME . This is a scam , will please refund me back is this how Bill McKnight got all that money from scaming people out there money .

  36. Rule number one, if you are force fed the luxury cars, mansion, millions a year and all the rest of the BS we see over and over again, run, don’t walk, leave the sales pitch page immediately and save your money. Not once in history has any of these deals been real, it is all BS, PERIOD

    Save your money, frustration and broken dreams, these so called internet guru’s are all the same, they are after your money. PERIOD. If any of their claims were true, believe me they would not be sharing these so called secrets with anyone. Would you? Just as these scams are saturating the internet, it is for one reason, they don’t work and the only way these scammers can make money is duping you. Been there, done that, and now I simply research them all and expose them just as this blog is doing. Save you money, their is no short cut to success on the internet. PERIOD

  37. e mobile code overpriced got bunch up sells does not explain in details pocess get wife try convince u by when exit have nerve offer u 30.00 off cost !9.95 discount from original 49.00 all those actors rented homes-vehicles etc Were attorneys cant find real users PROFITS EARNINGS are FAKE HOTS who made 6 figures income seller claims he earns Millions a month using the system g the system going make you rich too is Bullshit****

  38. Did anyone even notice the car he was driving didn’t have a number plate. It’s all a video shoot to make this scam. They must have hired a house and a car for the shoot.

  39. My advice to you all.. for the future.. Money cannot be made easily. You have to work hard for it. Don’t ever get scammed in to any such deals anywhere online, over the phone or door to door.

    They main reason someone would try to convince you so much to pay some money to make a lot of money is if it will make them a lot of money. They don’t care if you are broke or are short of money.

    Such people are criminals who rob innocent people of what they have.

    There’s only 1 LAW and 1 RULE. If you want to make money, work hard for it, sell the idea and if people like it you will make money, if not it’s time to move on to another idea or improve on the not selling one. But don’t waste your time, effort and money on something like this.. Any easy and free money claims online are scams.

    I wish you’ll all the best. Be Brave and learns from your experiences.. be smarter than those scammers who think they are pretty smart. I think they are a bunch of thieves who need to be prosecuted

  40. The gut told me this was a scam. Still I watched the video. When was it going to end, haha. Then of course the ‘Free’ turned into $49.00. Now I am sure. If this guy wants to help people, is willing to give away his so called eMobile code and is a multimillionaire, then why can’t he pay his tech people himself. There’s your answer.

  41. Immediatly I thought… nice yacht and house they leased for that video!!! When he went to the refrigerator to get those beers, he was carefull not to open wide because there was nothing else in there. In the beginning, he said do not miss one little detail… I took him at his instruction and watched everything. The home hardly looked lived in and the interior decorator sucked! Oh and btw… my $49.00 is still in my pocket !

  42. I knew something was up when I saw the poorly written email from Justin titled “Real world testers needed” with some random email It doesn’t make sense that his name isn’t in the email. I tried to look up companies with the name Appliedits or Applied IT something, but that didn’t bring up much. And when I clicked on the link in the email it took me to a site with a video and mentioned eMobile Code. I didn’t even bother to watch the video. I just googled eMobile Code scam

  43. After eeading the reviews, I ordered. When I talked to the I told them I wanted to buy something like this my employees when doing seasonal work. Guy asked how many employees I had. I told out of 52, 37 accepted by offer to buy them this gift. I think he Sharted himself. After leading him along and got the total amount of 1,700, I told him I forget my CC and to call me Monday. Sorry about that. The phone Gave them the number for is for an extra emgergency phone we leave off in a drawer. I gave him an alter number to the local humane society (sorry all I could think of at the moment. Hung up and havnt heard from the. Best $49 joke I ever played.

  44. Hi, I also fell for this trick and am currently been promised a refund from CLICKSURE, another payment provider. (I’m starting to think it may Bill’s own…. )

    Now, in addition I am getting deducted about $100 the past two months from the following:

    RELNET.CO 888-699-3345, PANAMA takes money out of my account

    Has any of this happened to others here?


  45. Want my refund of $49.00 never saw it..i keep asking them to loan me the money to prove it works and o will give it back..getting know wete witj that but more emails from other folks and BILL

  46. I actually fell for this as well,I got my money Back!

  47. I felt suspicious right away and cancelled my membership. Since the 49.00 charge was still pending by my bank. The charge never went through. Thank God!!! You can always dispute the charge with your credit card company!!!! They almost always will reverse the charge immediately!!! Good luck!!

  48. Scam….I never bought into it. Watched the video (1hour 47 mins)
    Glad I googled it!

    • I watched the whole video And what’s strange is My right hand starting itching.. Lol.. But anyway I googled came across some of theirs that said it wasn’t until I ran across this one… I feel sorry for those who didn’t do the same… My opinion if you gotta send money to make whatever.. It’s too good to Be true.

  49. Did anyone notice the iPad he was using? It was the first edition iPad!!! There has been at least 4 generations of iPads already!!! Believe it or not – just that observation turned me off completely!

  50. There is no “Easy Money” to ever be made anywhere, except off of poor people believing dishonest scam artists as in this “Emobile Code”. I too was “lucky enough” to receive a random “limited invitation”. But I also know there is NO easy money and would never get sucked in. For chit’s and giggles I decided to watch the “trailer”. As Vince stated, the “sales/acting” was so bad is was laughable. I have a tendency to always notice the little things & mess up in movies, and this was loaded with goof ups proofing how fake it all was. A Royce Royce -lacking license plates driving away,- the trailer actually peeked my interested what else I could find fake. Did anyone notice the house was an obvious “rental” for the purpose of making this “ad” ? Barely furnished, I know if I had their kind of “money” it would at least be landscaped and have some flowers surrounding the outside of the house. Inside there was NO decor or decorations or signs of life you’d expect to see in a normal inhibited house; i.e. no pillows on the couch and other normal decorations/pictures etc. Outside at the pool, there was no signs of anyone actually living there, it was bare. This rental home was sparsely “staged” for the making of this sales trailer, how sad. And I love the way they were sitting in summer clothes: shorts, tank top, -what you”d expect to see on a hot summer day, then he “changes” and ends up wearing long pants/shirt and a heavy cheap looking imitation leather coat ! And if that was his “son”, then he must have fathered a child at age 10 ! (I guess it could happen)
    Anyhow, I also went to research on the net “reviews” for “Emobile Code” and unfortunately this is one by Vince is one of the few honest TRUE reviews out there. MOST of the other reviews have been put out there obviously the “Emobibyle Code” company, because when you read them, along with fake pictures of “real” people to convince you they are truly “honest” reviews, when you go to leave the page, I got a pop up telling me “do you really want to leave the page ? you haven’t downloaded the Emobile Code program ?” Sad. There were comments from people to this “real person” such as “I won’t have enough money to buy the program until next week, will I still be able to buy it then” ? …and “thank-you, it’s nice to have a review from a real person”. There was even a comment from a Reverend ! -Shame on them !
    Anyhow, there should be a law against scamming people like this. I feel sorry for those of you that got sucked in and lost money. Try doing research on “Internet Fraud”, I think there’s something somewhere to get your money back.
    But please please remember, if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS ! IF making money was that easy, EVERYONE would be doing it !!
    Good luck to all

    • I hope no ne else gets stu7ck in this scam,it was so important to get some program that would help me make money. I have tried several times to try one thing to work. nothing yet, maybe never

  51. well i made the mistake…i finally got someone to call me and now ive ordered my refund they say it will take 7 to 10 days….guess we will see…i did this out of desperation as i have lost my job and down to hardly anything…i cannot believe people will sell their souls to the devil to scam people for money..they go way to far..i truly feel sorry for crazy

  52. What stopped me was the “ABSOLUTELY FREE, just pay…” crap line. Then, near the end, he calls the $49 a “donation”. In the U.S.A., it is illegal to REQUIRE a DONATION. I had scrolled down from the video while watching and saw the disclaimer. Then I saw the $49 price. First thing I thought of was the old sign I used to have hanging over my bar, “FREE $5.00 LUNCH”.

    Most people are broke these days and scams don’t help. I, personally, got involved with a unique club. Yes it costs money to join and monthly dues, but I’ve learned a lot on how to become wealthy. I’ve gone from a bad relationship with a drunken abusive girlfriend in a one bedroom apartment with an old car that was falling apart to a 4 bedroom house with a two car garage, back yard, two bathroom house, two SUV’s and a beautiful loving wife and six kids.
    Yea it all took time, 5 years of time but by following the clubs lessons and recipe to the letter, it works.

    The only reason I mention it here is because everyone above is complaining, complaining, complaining. Complaining gets you more to complain about. Nobody offers a solution or an alternative. I spent 9 years in the U.S. Military and we were always taught, do not complain about what is wrong unless you have a solution to offer.

  53. I have a better idea, folks. Send ME your $49.00, we find a new potato salad recipe and I’ll share all my profits with you like Paul Newman.

    This code crap is the MOST pathetic attempt at stupidity I think I’ve seen, so far. Ranks up there with the Forex trading BS scams.

  54. This is Claire from Greece,, I am sure you all know how deep a resession we Greeks live in and how easily we could be tricked for an additional penny, critical to our survival … Reading this VERY HELPFUL REVIEW (congratulations!) it is more than obvious that this Bill is a plain cheap criminal, having cheated oh! so many naive people. My opinion is that this sort of super heroes like this Bill Mc/something should be sent IMMEDIATELY to the Palestinian Section in Gaza and left to Fate for their survival. And as he himself says in his hilarious video “no questions asked”. But I’m surprised for another thing too! Don’t the U.S. have an Internet Scam Penal Authority? Greece has! I have reported all those “super heroes” to our Penal Authorities and it worked! I receive no emails whatsoever by these trash! It’s a shame for the U.S. to fail to protect its people!

    • We have the FBI, who investigates fraud, but many of thes scams operate outside the US, usually in the Caribbean, where a lot of Americans live. So they are out of their jurisdiction. In the video for this scam it might appear as though they were in the US somewhere, but looks can be deceiving. Even if it was filmed in the US, judging from several of the reports her, they are operating outside the US, as most of them do.

  55. This article was very helpful. Thanks. People should be smarter about what they do and do a real hard search on google before leaping.

  56. I cannot believe that people fall for this shit. Come on folks all of these things are scams.

  57. $49.00 is usually affordable to most people, that’s what inticess people to buy. That’s how he is living soo large.

  58. Thank you so much, I spent over an hour searching for confirmation that this was a fraud. So many places were saying that ” not found ” . so I was starting to doubt my gut feelings. I am disabled, I can no longer work to help support my family, so the pressure has been on my husband. Well, we are separated now and he is pushing for a divorce all because he is stressed out big time. Now I will be on my own, well the doctors say that I can’t, so they are advising a group home for me. I am only 43 . I will not do that , I am looking for help from everywhere.
    So thank you for helping me not to pulled into their scam, to try and improve my life and my families.
    God bless you

    • You will succeed Doreen with your endeavors and no one will fool you. Success to your family as well

  59. this is just pure f*ckery I mean really the girl on the boat the Asian the dude with the Royce I mean come on if he really had a Royce why would he need to do all this I just am glad im SMART and did my research ive been scammed before and suid the company for every bit an more so I just cant take the craziness any more I have me a job I don’t need nobody b takin my money


  61. I am so fortunate that I only paid $19 for this rubbish! I just cannot believe anybody can slither so low to go to so much trouble to scam you. This one is especially lower than slime!

    I am trying to get a refund from Click Better and I just hope that they are a more honest crowd that these slimeballs.

    Best luck to all that was scammed by these criminals!


  62. Holy crap!! I’m another one who just dodged a bullet here! I also can’t believe I even considered this emobile code – deep down I knew it was the usual too good to be true thing but I was feeling desperate to earn decent money. I’d rather put up with earning a low income than be ripped off & have my bank account in the negative! Thanks to everyone here for your comments & info – sounds like you saved me from a lot of grief!! I’ll stick with the old fashioned way of earning a living.

  63. I knew immediately after the video started that it was a poor scripted attempt to fraud people… this is horrible!! You hit the nail on the head; they never show you exactly what you will be doing… its appearing as though, you sign up and instantly money is yours…. get the heck out of here!!! Use common sense, people… or at the least, do your research before paying into anything so unreal!! God bless!!

  64. Of course this would be too good to be true. Thank you providing confirmation of my first thought about this system. I usually do not get fooled by schemes like these. I do not know what possessed me to even consider. But I was almost had by the slick delivery. As mentioned previously the acting is bad. If you watch closely the dialogue from the actors who were new to the program said the same script. They just remixed it with a different actor. The video the Asian woman submitted was so contrived. If she did that well why would you take so long to thank the person who made it possible. If McKnight was making so much money his house was kind of shabby. I thought it was funny when he said in a debonair manner that he was going to change his clothes. I like fashion so I wanted to see what he was going to wear. I guess he does not use his money to go shopping for clothes. Even his wife had on a cheap outfit. He then was unprofessional and arrogant towards the end using an expletive. Real money makers do that behind closed doors. Anyway thank you for the confirmation. Dodged a bullet

  65. I wish I had seen these comments before parting with my money! I have already requested the full refund but I realize now that I will never see that money back. This is an evil scam. The very cleverly withheld the “FREE” video which you can only get if you pay $50 USD, until very last. Thats when I knew that it was nothing but a big con from Antony Morrison. Thank you for the comments and reviews here; its very helpful for other honest people who are trying to find legitimate way of earning money. But the likes of Anthony Morrison; Bill McKnight, Monica, Paul etc etc there is such a thing as KARMA. You might be very proud that you have scammed me ( and many others by the looks of things) but know this….the spirit of Karma WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU.

      i JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH CLICK BETTER.COM. tHERE is #….800-719-1832. This will put you in contact with a person in Nevada. have your ID # ready for purchase if you have it. I did not as I never got any receipts. She found it immediately and because it was pending still she states it will not go thru.( I will keep an eye on it) I hope this helps some of you. FYI. Because it was an international charge you will only get the initial purchase back. Your CC is who charged you for the fee outstanding the original. Be thankful you get most back!


    1) Money back guarantee: Request a refund from if you purchased the product through them. They have a 60 day refund policy and yet the emobile code customer service support team will answer your complaint which puts a stop on your refund request unless you answer back each time with another refund request. They will continue to offer additional trainings free. They finally offered me a $5,000 VIP membership for free if I would not cancel. I finally received a refund after I questioned the validity of that offer and stated I was considering filing a complaint for consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices with the FTC and FCC.

    2) I think we should ban together and file multiple complaints with the FTC and FCC for consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices. Additionally we should ban together and file a civil class action law suit to get all our money back plus damages and throw this scam out of business. The only way we can make a significant impact is to work together to stop these scams in their tracks.

    Maybe we could use this website as a rallying point to organize our collective strategy.

    • Yes, online marketing has morphed into such a scammy environment nowadays that it is impossible to believe whatever is promoted. My ccard was showing deductions for products and services that did not materialise as promised so luckily my reliable bank has refunded me and taking up the matter with the fraudulent company. If you have had similar experience and want others to know about it, then you are welcomed to write about it at —————- If we reveal the different deceptive methods used to entice people to part with their money then perhaps these dishonest people will think twice before offering their programs.

    • Where do I go to get a refund ?

      • Joseph, I called my bank and they were able to give me a phone number for the two ClickBetter pending transactions on my account. The number is 800-719-1832. I called that number and got a recording telling me to press number 2 to cancel the order. I got another recording telling me all representatives were busy but I could go to to cancel online. I went online and was able to cancel. I hope you have your order ID.

    • You are exactly right about suing these people. What type of asshole spends thousands of dollars to develope, deploy, cover avenues of protection with bullshit reviews, for the sole purpose of exploiting people who just don’t want to be poor no more. Well, someone just like you! Did you notice that they never told us what the people filling your bank account at the rate of what, $200.00/hr were getting for that money ? We can put them out of business by asking that question, and demanding an answer before sending anybody a Dime!

      Truth is, it works! Question is: Who are we willing to become to get the money? Not that evil yet? Good for you!

    • Whoever Bill is, he is a scammer! Don’t believe what you see in his ads. It is way more complicated than he makes it look like. As others have said, those people in Bill’s videos are just actors and actresses. Actually, just read what is written below the video in the disclaimer section. They spill it right there; that some content of the video is purely acting, which means that it has nothing to do with the truth. I do not know about you, but for me, if some 99% truth is not truth. Save your money. This guy says he is upfront with you, but he is just another son of the devil preying on the children of God. All of you thinking that this guy is really interested in helping you, he is not. O yeah, he says you just pay $49.00 but actually, the real cost of his sale, he will tell you later. So, $49.00 is just an appetizer for him and his wife, if indeed she is even his wife. After the appetizer, then you will pay for the real meal and the dessert, and wait until you get to the so-called emobile code account. Wow, Bill does not stop selling you more stuff.

      • Yeah it’s just a huge sales funnel for the creator.

        • This is the worst place for me to get into. I was so upset . They just kept sending me to ghost sites. I am so upset with this these thieves. They never done anything to help me . They just kept sending me dum ass videos. their nothing more than just CON ARTIST.

      • Its crazy cuz i almost fell for this video as well but something made me look this up more and then i seen everything that was said about it a big thanks

  67. I never fall for stuff that says get rich quick so I advice people to just work hard and do what you have to do to get to the top the old fashion way. Go to school if you can get a degree in a field that you can make a living in or if you are in a field and have a degree get a higher degree to make more money but please stop throwing away your hard earned money to people that prey on the weak. God bless you to get your money back for those of you who fell for that crap. In the future if you see something like this again ERASE IT!!!!

  68. WOW! Thank you so much….I was researching it cause too good to be true! I finally watched too after the whole email of let me get this off my chest! When I researched there were some showing about a $100 and was like…yeah maybe could do it and then stumbled on here! I am glad I did! Ran into another one for websites that was too good to be true and took like 6 months to get my $49 back. So was worried was going to be like them! Sounds like the same thiing! Phew thank God for you guys!

  69. just think about it if someone says free its not likley but ok go for it if then they want money so thats one lie if they lie about one thing how much more is a lie i dont know if it works or not but im not giving my money to people for something i cant prove or someone who makes that much money he could pay it then take it out of the pay but they wont do that caz i dont think there will be any to take from

  70. Thanks for God and the people who posted these comment they almost got me thanks again

  71. Vince, I sincerely thank you for putting this review up and telling people the truth! I like to think that I’m not very gullible but I have to admit that just for a second I was fooled. Luckily I’ve learned to fully research EVERYTHING before purchasing. Knowledge is power! Thank again. Glad I didn’t fall for this one.

  72. I just so thank my star that I came to read this review before I ever put my money into it, I almost fell for it but God didn’t let me. I prefer to take my $49 to the casino and loose it than to put it on this shitty code thing. In the video it is very obvious he’s not the owner of the rolls royce and even not the owner of the house and he even payed all those actors and actresses to lie.

    • It is a hozx. a bad one too. I almost fell into it. glad I saw this page.

  73. Hw I wish to av seen. This before I become a victm, I inventually found my self nuying this stfuu, I then requestef for my refund instand that is right from 7th of may 2014. All they keep telling me is. That my refund had been forwarded, it just been a lie becuase I ddint my refund even up till nowm pls help hw can I receive my refund back

  74. I new it was fake when I saw the fake acting. Im mean really if you give them money, you need to loose it.Ive seen better. Acting in porn! Haha

  75. Total scam and BS. Can’t believe people are this stupid to throw their money away! Especially now days, when you can research scam on internet lol. What a dope.

    • I made them an offer they can’t refuse, I promised them the first $490.00 of my earnings, just get me started making money now ha ha ha

  76. Huge scam, first I had to buy a 100% FREE business? (which shouldve alerted me, but I was curious) then It said I had to upgrade after that with several upgrades more available …there is nothing free about this business. I am now constantly emailing support to get my money refunded & I wont stop until I get my money back (they are trying to offer me help with using the free system, its like they do not listen & are trying to talk me out of it). They actually refunded me before I even asked for my money back but then reversed my refund so debited my ccard again without my authorisation! I reccommend people continue to keep putting in for a refund untill they do it! be persistant.

  77. When I tried to unsubscribe from their invitational email on my cell phone, I got this reply: “Wow, I need to get something off my chest. You screwed up. I gave you a fool proof way to make money using your cell phone….” This kind of response was not unprofessional. But I did check out their video at this point and it was so obvious they were all scripted actors. That’s when I went on a search for reviews. It was difficult to find you because eMobile takes up several pages with their misleading text about scams. I’m glad I kept searching for an honest website. Thank you!!

  78. It was hard to find this report but I knew it had to be out here somewhere… They covered their tracks pretty well with all the fake scam reports they put out. Anything that had e mobile code in the address they had covered with camouflage… I am glad I figured that out too. If you looking for a scam report don’t use there name in the search address!

    Thanks for the report… It needs to be put out in different search addresses so people don’t get conned by their scam “scam reports”! LOL!

  79. Really, a guy trying to get my to buy something from a yacht with his arm around a girl in a bikini telling me I can make over a million dollars a month and then hops in his rolls. Come on people, I’m looking for partners, I hear the Brooklyn Bridge is up for sale!

    • LMBO

      • anyone else find it weird that his son is 35 and looks nothing like him lol

  80. I too wish I would have seen this,I fell into this scam and the monies was in the activity today area of my account on June 3,2014 and was returned, now they are charging unauthorized amounts and never went to activity today just showed up two days later under transactions. I now have a negative bank account because of this.

    • Thanks for your report everytime when I see soemthiing that sounds too good to be true I google or bing it out and read all the reviews about it. I never spend any money on something like it,It is sad how they can suck people in. Everyone in this days wants to make money or extra money to survive. Its just sad that people like this are allowed to post things like this emobile code system.

    • tell your bank so they can block them & reverse the money.

    • it just happenned to m too. i juat checked my account this morning and i have a negative. this is a very big scam

  81. Why don’t you guys report it to FBI so this is stopped?! I am stunned to see the positive reviews which actually are done by the same people.
    Its a shame that certain authorities don’t act quickly to stop these SCAM.

    • I am calling a lawyer in the morning I’m going to sue the hell bill McKnight

  82. fell in love with the video, lost money just like my ex…..

  83. thanks from the hart

  84. I wish I had read your article before I purchased it. Right now its day one, and I am waiting for a refund. Will let you know the results in a coupl of days.

    • Thanks guys, you saved me from a scam. Unreal how many sites they covered with the same lies. I’m posting here to try to keep this one truth site alive.

    • How do I cancel from emobile code….

      • email them

    • Me too. Damn it. $49 was all I had. Shit.

      • lmao.. me too… they keep asking money man..!!

    • Hi Jenny, did you ever get your refund back. It’s been 3 weeks now that I have been waiting for mine

      • They don’t give the refunds…I have been waiting for three months. They also will not help u over the phone. I have also been trying to get their stuff they had me download off my computer and it is like a virus and doesn’t come off.

    • I am trying to get a rfund . Ive just asked clickbetter a few minuts ago. let’s see what happens… hate time wasting shitty products!
      I thought i’d see what the fuss was about but as soon as they tried to upssell me something else after the intial $49 dollars alarm bells kicked off!!

    • Thanks for all your comments I watched the video and thought it was a scam I was skeptical, but after reading all your comments I ‘m not giving them $49

      • I would not give them 15.00

      • I wondered why the payment page came up with my account was declined. Well, I have a prepaid Visa that is NOT good for INTERNATIONAL transactions. Hmmmm…

        • You were fortunate in that…

    • The devil is always in the details it’s a scam and nowadays they have to be even more clever but they give you the facts 5 billion cellphone users @ $49 great numbers and I am sure who ever is apart of this operation is getting paid the American way the rich get richier off the blood ,sweat, and last hope. Last word of advice anytime you feel that charge in your chest that impulse to just give it a shot don’t knowledge is the way to finding your directions.

    • How did you get in touch to get your refund? The site redirected me out of their site with no info emailed to me or nothing. Just took my 49.00

    • How did you go about getting a refund..I just did the same stupid thing…

    • have you tried calling authorities about your issue? to who ever bought this and not getting a refund, get the authorities involved!! we need to shut these fakes down

    • How did you go about getting the refund cause I am trying and the customer support page is practically nothing. There’s no number or anything for me to call so I can get my money back please help me!!!

      • Also they didn’t give me a transaction id does that mean I lost my $49? God I feel so stupid please someone help me get. money back!!!

    • Jenny, I would be really interested if you got your refund. I also got scammed…

    • I signed up last night and I am trying to cancel…can someone help me out with how to do this?

      • Everyone:

        You won’t get any where with trying to get eMoblie code to do a refund. I contacted Click – 800-719-1832 and the representative took care of refunding my money.

        • Jane, thank you so so much for the phone number! I was getting nowhere and the rep was able to do a refund immediately ! However the email did say I may not see it on bank statement for 2 to 21 days. How long did it take for your refund?

        • Jane , thank you so much for providing this phone number!

      • Call your Credit card company and report a fraudulent charge.

    • I can’t Believe how stupid one can get to fall into this trap.
      Yes they have made millions by robbing people of meager means.
      Those of us that are befooled are already in extreme need of funds and sites like this lure are so easy to be tricked into.PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU GET OFFERS LIKE THIS IN FUTURE
      Sooner or later these scammers will pay a price that they don’t know.I have already taken up this case with FBI.

    • I have just been scammed as well, wish I had read this article first. I too am awaiting a refund

      • I was scammed also and have been trying to get my refund ever since I made this mistake earlier this week. I sent email after email to them to refund my money an they just keep saying or sending me to bogus web sites and I am tired of fooling with them.
        So I went to my bank and reported it as a scam and they hot carded my card. So I recommend everyone else do the same if you fell for the scam also.

    • Ok. To all those victims of scams: Here is some advice on avoiding being con. 1. Research the company. 2. Become an investigator and dig deeper into it. 3. Visit the FTC web. You follow these steps before spending your money you might be avoid lost. Any site that claims that you can makemake 1000+ dollars a day is a lie. Any business that pays you than the product you are selling is a scam and a pyramid scheme.

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