Does Power Seller University Scam? Unbiased Review

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The Power Seller University scam was a  another duplicate website out there, targeting the next victim. It stinks because there is a whole army of websites out there just like this one that pretty much like to suck up the money out of people’s wallets and leave them with something that’s not only deliver like promised in the sales pitch. If you came  across this company you probably thought maybe it looked promising or something like that so you decided to do some research on it. And goodness you actually did decide to come to this review. Because I’m going to unleash heat. This was yet another one of these fake business opportunities or work from home packages that love to prey on people that are brand-new to the industry or somebody looking to make an honest living from home. Let me explain to exactly was going on so that way you won’t get scammed anymore if you run into a duplicate website such as this one.

Power Seller University was actually not a school at all and I’m pretty sure that you figure that out. But rather it is was supposed to be some kind of training package that will show you how to make money off the Internet doing easy things. Please show me where you can sign up for something and make tons of money doing easy tasks. I would love to see it. The fact of the matter is that you have to develop a certain kind of marketing skill to actually make money from home or really anything at life. That these websites are so sophisticated that they look so legit so a lot of people are fooled and entering information and press submit. Once they had your information you were pretty much screwed because they’re going to add you to the list and do nothing but spam you with more up sells. That’s how the majority of these scam websites work. They’re really just kind of like a fly trap. Once they got you not only are they going to have you and put you on an e-mail list, but they can also sell your information to other companies.

Important Update!

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. The original webmasters of have packed their bags and left. The domain is now registered at and is still in the process of being launched by someone else. 

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