Does Project First Sale Scam People? My Review & Opinion

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When you visit the Project First Sale sales page, oh boy, it’s pretty crazy. It’s your typical hyped up sales pitch that has a dude riding in a helicopter and shows fancy cars and everything else. Welcome to my review. I just wanted to shed some reality for you on what this IM product is REALLY about. In my opinion, PFS didn’t need to throw all that hype with the whole helicopter and limousines and all that stuff a lot of IM gurus do for their sales pitch. I honestly started to roll my eyes when reviewing this product, but I have to say I am a tad pleasantly surprised. Even though there was a super cheesy sales video and hype and everything else, there is a little bit valuable content in this course and revolves around: video marketing. You definitely want to add video to your make money online activities and this particular product does have a few software tools up its sleeve that help you create your own videos along with tutorials.

  • Step 1: Project First Sale Quick Profit App & Sniper Strategy
  • Step 2: Project First Sale Video Profit Machine
  • Step 3: Profiting From FB: The FPS Style

I’m going to go over Step 1. So pretty much, it’s a platform that allows you to set up videos with templates to put in the background and you can write text. After you login, you’ll be directed to a place where you can start creating videos from scratch. Do you ever see those sales videos people make where they have images and text do the selling for you? And maybe there’s a voiceover? Well, those are the kind of videos that it’s going to show you how to make. In other words, it’s kind of like Powerpoint and allows you to add more slides and customize it the way it looks. After you’re done completing and finishing your video and likely it looks, there is an embedded code for you to copy and paste into your blog website. This is by no means a high-quality tool, but it is decent for complete beginners or people with little tech expertise.

Also, in Step 2, dear Libby talked a little bit on how to distribute your videos through different channels and outlets such as YouTube. You definitely can make a lot of money from creating videos and submitting them. However, you honestly can’t just upload and create videos about anything expect to get lots of traffic leads and sales. And that’s what Project First Sale really lacks. They really lacks the teaching and proper training on what to exactly target and how to find profitable keywords that are going to actually make any money, and this is why I cannot recommend it. It is a good place or should I say decent place for beginners to get familiar with video marketing, but I don’t think that this program alone is really going to teach you how to generate a full-time income that most people that are searching for reviews on make money things, looking for.

Does Project First Sale Scam People?

You have to understand that Project First Sale is indeed an affiliate product itself. So you might see positive reviews floating around encouraging you to buy it because the person who created the review is going to make a commission if you do buy through them. There’s nothing wrong with that, I just myself and not want to promote it to you because there definitely are better video marketing products out there that really do show you exactly what it takes to make money videos and have higher-quality content by far.

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