Easy Binary Income Review- Join the Trading Trend

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Easy Binary Income Review

Does Easy Binary Code scam people or what?

Hey there and thanks for stopping by to read my short Easy Binary Income review! You are most likely looking for different ways to create extra income online. Many people have already signed up for Easy Binary Income and are excited about the system, but there are others who are skeptical. The skeptics really cannot be blamed because there are a lot of failing systems out there. They will be glad to know that Easy Binary Income is the real deal, but it’s definitely not perfect. You might be interested in Forex trading, and this could be a good start for you. 

The Rundown of Easy Binary Income

This program was created by Thomas Hunt and Steven Lee Jones , who have already released some products and been in the business of launching multiple IM products over the last few years. The release of the product had been greatly anticipated by many who were excited to get their hands on a copy of their very own.
The system is all about using binary trading options to fatten your bank account. The idea is, by following this simple program it will allow people to change their situations as they easily make thousands of dollars a month if they can master the skill. Their small investment into Forex quickly brings awesome returns. Not only do they learn the techniques needed to be profitable, but the software is supposed to “automate” their profits and grow income. 

What The Heck Is Binary Trading Anyway?

Who is this software product for?

Easy Binary Income is for everyone. What I mean is, anybody can buy the program but Forex trading and binary options is definitely not for everyone. A lot of people think by purchasing a software tool like Easy Binary Income, they are going to be able to make lots of money easily every single day. Not really though. These are some of the “benefits” the sales pitch gives if you get involved with binary options and trading. 

Anything Good About Easy Binary Code?

  • A unique approach to building monthly income
  • More exclusive skills, techniques, strategies taught
  • Once mastered, the Forex market could be a cash cow for you
  • Software tool does a decent job at showing trends
  • The real way you make money is by selling Easy Binary Income through the affiliate program!

Should You Get Easy Binary Code?

Easy Binary Income is a pretty good idea to promote as an affiliate!!!! Please know that you are probably not going to immediately see results just from purchasing the software and following the directions. I could tell you right off the bat, it’s just not enough training to truly take things to the next level or develop that keen eye for trading Forex binary stock options. You have to develop that skill on your own! This is more of a “make more money” product for affiliates to promote to their list or on their website. 

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  1. Please sir send a free copy of the easy binary income software to me . thanks

  2. Hello Vince,

    Just came across your Review site of “Easy Binary Income Software”.

    I recently learned of a similar program that is about trading binary options too that just launched and is giving 90 days FREE to try the software. Okay, to make the long story short, I had downloaded the software to my PC and I was supposed to receive a call from a “startup agent” and didn’t get it. I don’t know anything about Binary Options, but I know that there’s a lot of people that is making money with binary options.

    The problem with the software mentioned above is that the BROKER assigned and the ONLY ONE included in the software to trade with was CEDAR FINANCE, located in Cyprus. So I made my research and I found a site just today Friday 6/14/13 a link of horror stories and of people that was scammed up to $1,000 with this broker! Apparently they “Cedar Finance” seems like an user-friendly broker but don’t be deceived by that! They only require from $150 to $200 to deposit but since it is located in CYPRUS, I read that all the “SCAMMER BINARY OPTIONS BROKERS” move there or are from CYPRUS where there’s NO regulations at all!

    I found a lot of people asking the same question that I had ” WHY IS IT THAT TO DEPOSIT MONEY, CEDAR FINANCE DOESN’T ASK YOU FOR ID DOCS. BUT WHEN YOU’RE TRYING TO WITHDRAW THEY WON’T PAY YOU? At the EASY BINARY INCOME software is the Broker assigned to work with the software located in CYPRUS too? Have you tried this software and cashed out?


    Hope you reply.


    • Hey Oneida. Thanks for visiting. About my first 10 posts to this website, I had hired a writer do reviews and this was one of them. After seeing your comment, I went back and updated this review myself because I don’t think it was accurate.

      I’ve been playing around with Easy Binary Income as I got the $7 trial and I can tell you, it’s just like anything else out there.

      Anytime you run into a company promoting a “software” that’s supposed to make all this money for you, don’t believe it. If you want to earn income through binary options, it’s a skill you’re going to want to develop and become a master in, like anything else. Sure, this program could help you get an idea and give you some of the basics with a simple tool. But it’s more of a product they’re looking to sell and make money on.

      I can tell you that the “FREE” software you got, was nothing more than bait to get you interested so they could upsell you later, which they tried to do, and do it with a partnering company in Cyprus, like you said, where’s probably very limited regulation at all. I would advise to pick up a good book about the Forex market or binary options and start learning the ins and outs of the industry.

    • Hi Oneida,
      Firstly you are correct about Cedar as i have read many reviews also with some horror stories. There are several good brokers in England also that are very good.

      But if you want to try something this may help.
      put up a few 1 minutes charts. Place a Bollinger band on the chart.
      When price hits the top and the next candle chages color or direction you enter. Using the 60 sec option on the platform. When price hits the bottom band and changes color you Buy and 1 minute later you will most likely be a winner.

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