Easy Income Monster Review- Another Scam Business?

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easy_income_monsterEasy Income Monster is another Clickbank product that has been created by George Brown, founder of the popular Google Sniper 2 system. In fact, when you visit the sales page, it almost looks exactly like the G. Sniper sales page. A lot of times, newbies get suckered with the idea of easy money and making quick riches from home through the Internet by doing just a few simple steps. I’m telling you, the creators of these kind of products make lots of money because 90% of the people that are venturing into the make money online niche, absolutely have no idea what to do and will buy just about any thing because they’re desperate to earn income.

After clicking through the Easy Income Monster sales page, just as I had expected, It’s actually Google Sniper 2, which is a notoriously low quality Internet marketing product that George Brown makes a killing off of. I knew this because once I went to the checkout it said Google Sniper and is going to cost you $47.

A click bank product like Easy Income Monster is going to be mostly up sells and basically be videos of the owners flashing their big checks and fancy cars and saying how easy it is and how you can do to if you just buy into the system. You just have to take a step back and think about it. If it was this easy, when everybody who bought the product be successful and be making tons of money on complete autopilot every day? But what’s the reality? The reality is I think that 99% of people that get this type of product will never see the results because there is much more to it than just plugging in or buying a certain system. I’m going to reveal to you how you’re really go make the money with this product, and that’s by reselling it itself.

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Once you purchase Easy Income Monster or should I say G. Sniper 2, you’re actually going to be able to resell the actual package and make commissions. Good luck. The problem most people have is getting enough traffic that converts into sales. I guess technically you could make money with the system by reselling yourself. This means that you have to learn how to generate targeted traffic, invest in the right advertisements, and much more marketing efforts. If you think for one second that the program itself is going to teach you all the right ways to do this, you’re fooling yourself.

Does Easy Income Monster Scam People?

Well I have to say that it is on the market still and has not been shut down. Usually when it is a straight out scam, the FTC is on it and soon the program will be shut down. But like mentioned earlier in this post, it is mainly an upsell and a very cheap low quality content and marketing product at best. Again, the whole point of this product is to buy it and to resell it for a profit.


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