FaceBeast Review: Potential For Making Money Or Scam?

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Not everyone on the internet is out to rip you off but there are those that tread the very fine line between being legit and an outright scam. Some people market way too hard to sell these products or programs that they pretty much end up waving a big red flag in front of us. It’s easy enough to spot if you know what to look out for and that had me wary from the very start.


“Make a legitimate income by simply liking Facebook pages, posting comments, and doing what you normally do on Facebook.”

That’s what they try to tell you. Sounds easy enough right? Besides, you’re probably doing those things on a daily basis. So what if you can earn at the same time? That’s what FaceBeast is all about – a work-at-home ‘job’ that doesn’t really sound like it entails a lot of work.

Anyway, their ‘training’ is mostly just about creating the fan pages and directing traffic to those pages.


  • The Cost: Its original price is set at $97, with a 65% discount so you’ll likely end up paying only $34. Try leaving the sales page altogether and it will drop down to a measly $15. It’s an old trick to make you think you just had the deal of your life. Sure, they do have training modules and tutorials but don’t be fooled; this is still not worth your money.
  • The Upsells: This isn’t really bad per se, but when it’s all overpriced and you’re constantly being propelled into signing up for other fees and companies, that’s not very ethical either. Here are some of them:
  • FaceBook Ad Campaigns – More or less $1,000
  • AWeber – Starts at $19/mo
  • Leadpages — $25/mo
  • Elite Circle Membership — $197
  • The Testimonials: There’s a disclaimer that the people who gave a thumbs-up and raved about FaceBeast “received monetary incentives”. This is another thing that made me dubious – you see so many positive reviews online and it’s actually pretty obvious they were all paid. How can you expect a company to be honest when they are paying people to put in a good word for them?
  • The Outrageous Claims: See the sales pitch above? By liking pages and posting comments, FaceBeast claims you can make up to $10,000 per month. Yeah right and there are unicorns in my garage too.


Making money online is never THAT easy. Imagine if you could actually earn that much with very simple tasks – FaceBeast wouldn’t need to pay for endorsements since their members would obviously gush about their earnings. This is not the way to ‘take a bite out of Facebook’s billions.’ Mark Zuckerberg will laugh in your face because social media marketing is no longer as easy as spamming everyone’s newsfeeds.

FaceBeast isn’t really all that bad. You can find some valuable information in their modules BUT it’s not the best and most credible source. You can read about topics like niche research, email list building etc and find better tutorials at that.


FaceBeast is not a scam but it’s close to it – from the red flags to the hype. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who wants to make money via social media marketing. It’s overpriced and you can basically Google the information FOR FREE.

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