New Day Incomes Review- Another Scam Or Not?

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The New Day Incomes scam it is out there and you definitely don’t want to get caught up in it. Welcome to my review of this supposed work from home income opportunity. There are many just like this one and I’m going to spill the beans on how these companies are scamming people all across the world. When you visit the website you will see that it will display all the benefits of working from home and how joining the program could mean that you can make a full-time living simply posting links on the Internet for various companies that are looking to hire people. Not only that but websites like this scam also like to give you a sense of urgency by saying there are only a few positions left in your area. Please don’t believe any of that stuff. There are no positions as this is not a job. What it is, is it’s a affiliate marketing opportunity.

There is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing and in fact you can make lots of money. The problem is that they like to disguise it as a job when it is not. So a lot of people as expectantly invest in the opportunity usually for about $100 and only get really crappy content that’s not going to teach them anything valuable.

But also scams like New Day Incomes like to bill you after 30 days or so without even telling you. This is how they’re able to generate a cash flow and I’m pretty sure that a lot of these websites are all coming from the same had company somewhere in Asia. By doing an IP tracking, you can see that sometimes these websites are being hosted from somewhere in China. What they do is they promote to you in a fake newspaper website laced with news logos, and opportunity for you to make lots of money by simply doing simple data entry or posting these links. Please know that this data entry is nothing more than paid advertising at your expense.

Also the whole New Day Incomes link posting thing is nothing more than you getting in affiliate link within the company and being pitched to promoted all over the place. Also a lot of times you will have a sales team relentlessly call you try to upsell you on investing in more expensive coaching packages. It’s just a big headache and a lot of people get scammed because they just annoy me better. Please know that making money online is very possible if you know the right skills.


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