Project Income Club Review- An Overrated Scam?

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project_income_club_review_Thanks for stopping by my Project Income Club review. I know that this particular company has been getting quite a lot of buzz lately a lot of people are skeptical because it think it’s a scam. Well I can tell you that it is pretty close to one and I want to exactly explain why in just a moment.

Paul Jenkins is the one behind this program and I have actually seen his name floating around the industry before. I’ve seen him tied to a number of other “make money” stuff. The only thing that concerns me is that I have seen them come & go pretty quickly. This could be to constant negative feedback and reviews and I think this program going to have to be one of them that gets a poor rating as well.

The Old-School Sales Page

when I first visited the website, it brought me back. It brought me way back to the days where there is a huge long sales letter for you to read. It’s pretty obvious by now that the game has changed and the industry has changed and we don’t need to see those long huge sales pages where you have to scroll down and scroll down and keep scrolling down and read nothing but a bunch of hyped up sales copy.

The way you make money with Project Income Club is by marketing or selling the My PC Backup software product. Understand that you are joining a “system” that pretty much uses this back up service as the product. What is the “system”? It’s pretty much going to be your own affiliate link…and that’s mostly it. There is a lot of stuff missing with this program and it’s obvious what the goal is…to make Jenkins more money at the cost of your confusion.

There is a lot of stuff missing. In the sales page it seems like it’s going to be soooo easy. As if all you need to do is “tell” people about backing up their PC. Also the website claims that 80% of people don’t have a backup and you’re going to have a great selling point. Please understand this is to build up excitement and encouragement so that you buy into this system.

Yes. You’re pretty much going to download the My PC Backup software yourself. It costs $5.95 but supposedly you get paid $120 per sale.

Is this a Scam?

I can’t say that Project Income Club is an illegal scam. It’s just a really poorly put together “system” with a little bit unique selling point: PC backup software. And that’s also another problem. The software honestly is way overpriced and a piece of junk in my opinion. There many better options out there. I don’t even think the backup software is that compliant with a lot of issues.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

I just know that I would never join this program in 1 million years. I’m willing to bet some money that if you do join, you will probably be really confused, and it’s going to be a whole other aspect as far as actually making sales. You’re going to have to learn Internet marketing and this just isn’t the place to do it. My final verdict would be to stay away from Project Income Club. But it’s your choice. You can do whatever you please. 

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