Quickrewards Network Review- Hopefully Not Another Scam?

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Hey there and thanks for stopping by my Quickrewards Network review. I’m sure you are investigating to see what kind of program this really is and whether or not you can really make money, or if it’s just another complete scam waiting to jot down your e-mail address and sell you more stuff. I hear you. So what I’m can it do is give you my on biased review and opinion and try to explain best to you what this website is all about. The point is that you are somebody that probably just wants to know how to make money from home and you are looking for something legitimate.

How It Works

Quickrewards Network is a get-paid-to type of websites where they sell you the idea of making easy money doing simple tasks such as completing surveys, visiting websites, shopping, completing trial offers, playing games, and watching videos. So the idea is once you sign up will get paid to simply participate in these kind of activities.

Sounds like easy money doesn’t it?

Well, not really. You see you’re not going to get paid a whole lot to do the stuff otherwise the company would go broke. Think about it. Think of the thousands of people just like you want to make easy money. They are going to join ¬†in hopes of making good income just following the system. You think A company can really pay out big paychecks for doing easy stuff like this? Of course not.

What I like

the only thing that I really like about Quickrewards Network is that you can sign up for free. It doesn’t look like it costs anything to join and you can start doing the tasks almost immediately. This is good because it’s not like a lot of other work from home programs that may keep a bunch of money up front and you don’t even know what you’re going to be doing.

What I Don’t like

one of the things I really don’t like about these type of websites is they are really in the business of capturing your e-mail address. What usually happens is they push you on the list and will every so often send out promotions to you through e-mail for stuff to basically by. That is one of the reasons why they provided an opportunity for you to sign up and make money with them. They want you to join their membership so that way they can also market to you in the future.

Another thing I don’t like is that like mentioned earlier, you are not making a lot of money. That is the reality. You might spend hours and hours and hours behind the computer only to generate a few cents or maybe a couple bucks. There are much better ways to use your time such as studying Internet marketing and learning how to develop a full-time income from home through a home-based business.

Honest Conclusion

do I think that ¬†Quickrewards Network is just another scam? No. I don’t think that this is a scam or anything like that. I just personally one and join this because it just doesn’t pay a whole lot and you are going to have to sign up with so many different companies to participate, it just gets annoying honestly.

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