The Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam- Anthony Trister Review

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coffee_shop_millionaire_scamSome people are calling it the Coffee Shop Millionaire scam. Some people are saying it’s the best thing ever and will make you rich without using much effort. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my review. I just wanted to quickly give you the jist of this income opportunity and what it’s about. Maybe you’re looking to see if this can be your ticket to Internet riches. I don’t think so. But that’s just my opinion. Make no mistake thought, that there are legit income opportunities out there. Here I will quickly and briefly break things down.  

How Does It Work?

The way you make money with Coffee Shop Millionaire is by learning how to sell your SEO skills to local businesses around the area. Many businesses have no clue how to bring their websites or presence to the online world and are willing to pay a lot of money to you to help them out. Get a few clients per month, and you could be making a substantial amount of income from the comfort of your own home. You figure you charge each business around $300 per month. That means 20 customers per month, working a few hours per week, and that’s $6000. I’m just giving out hypothetical numbers here. You get the idea.

You’re going to get 10+ Training Modules

  • Cash Machines
  • Million Dollar Launch Secrets!
  • Skillset Videos
  • Tech Tutorials
  • Your Private Label Content
  • Bonuses
  • Rolodex
  • Affiliate Center
  • Support
  • Connect With Us
  • And more

Good For Affiliates

I’ll tell you one thing. Coffee Shop Millionaire has a pretty good sales video. It is very convincing and Anthony Trister does a good job explaining to you the benefits of making money from your computer and using the Internet to build a fortune from home. You will often see a lot of positive hype floating around the Internet talking about how great “it works” and how you can make lot of money once you purchase it. Well, that’s because the affiliate is trying to market it to you and earn a commission from you. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is, if this program doesn’t truly deliver what it says it can do, then the customers gets screwed over. I know some systems that don’t do this. 

Also, you might find very biased positive reviews because of a lot of times these “big wigs” make most of their money on launches, so they’ll build up interest for a few months and have their affiliate do the same. So does it deliver?

Not The Best For Beginners

I can absolutely relate to marketing SEO services to local businesses. You see, I used to be a telemarketer in Irvine, CA for an SEO company that sold its services to brick-and-mortar businesses. Let me tell you something. It was very very difficult. And that’s that we already had a script, followup system, and everything else set up that was working. I mean, I wasn’t even working from home at the time. I literally had to drive to work and from 9-5pm be trying to do the same type thing Coffee Shop Millionaire is claiming is so easy to do.

It costs you $37. But it doesn’t stop there. There are going to be a few hefty upsells, again, targeting you beginners that cost an additional $234+. You could end up spending a lot of money here and many times, beginners are often taught to. 

The site claims you will get a “secret” cheatsheet that will help you make $20,000+ within a matter of weeks. This is obviously hype and sales copy to get you excited to learn more and buy. Of course, I highly doubt you’ll be able to make that much money in such a short time just by getting a hold of this product and learning from the cheat sheet.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Coffee Shop Millionaire is not a scam, but it definitely is missing a lot of things. I believe the brand-new newbie Internet marketer probably will get at least some value out of purchasing this program. But for those who are truly looking for the best route to get started and learn from, I would probably keep my options open. 


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  1. Too much, too late – BUT I did get “bit” for only $37….only had $104 in the bank,.

    Will request a refund………have a copy of his “guarantee” — probably like DC Fawcett (Faucett?) who even told the BBB that he was refunding my money — and of course he didn’t……..I email both monthly “Still waiting”

    I will come back to you after my social “in-security” comes in next week……GOTTA find SOMETHING to upgrade this 77year old frame with JUST 3 teeth……..very tired of nutri-bulleting veg, fruit & unknown whatever to slurp down!! Estimate for upper/lower choppers ONLY $12-15,000 MORE than a needed new roof!

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