Web Fortune Vault Review- Legit or another Scam?

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web_fortune_vault_scamWelcome to this Web Fortune Vault review. I know there are probably many reasons why you are here reading this article. Maybe one of the reasons is because you want to know if this is a scam because you are looking for different ways or opportunities to make a little bit extra money on the Internet so you heard of this company, and want to know if it’s legit or just a big scam. Well, what I can do for you is kind of break it down and give you my honest opinion and review as a full-time Internet marketer from home who does know this industry inside and out.


  • anyone can join
  • you can get started immediately


  • unrealistic income expectations
  • it’s actually pretty expensive
  • it’s very basic affiliate marketing material
  • overly promotional in my opinion
  • is on the verge or edge of being an actual scam
  • you can’t login if your member
  • it promotes link posting which is misleading
  • fictional characters are featured in stock photos
  • I just think it’s a bad idea
  • Security seals are non-clickable

wfv_link_posting_So let me cut a breakdown see what exactly Web Fortune Vault really is. You see, there are people out there that are desperate to make some more money. They have no clue how to make money on the Internet, so they hear of companies like this one and join them. Maybe you’re one of them. The problem is you are extremely vulnerable to these schemes simply because you are not familiar with industry. So you will see stuff on the website that says you can make $3000-$10,000 in just three months only working 7 to 10 hours per week.

That’s to upsell you and get you excited. Please understand that this is not a job. It is not a guarantee. And in my opinion the package doesn’t have enough information for you to actually build a successful home based business and affiliate marketing. It’s just really basic affiliate marketing stuff. In other words, training.

Is this a scam?

To be completely honest with you, I cannot say that Web Fortune Vault is an outright illegal scam at the moment. After doing more research I am finding red flags about the founder. But I will update this article once I have found further material on that.

Warnings About Signing Up

Just to give you a heads up, when you join sites like this one, expect to be up sold and get tons of follow-up phone calls to get you to invest in coaching. Usually the coaching is extremely expensive and it’s how they make their money. By almost promising you great success, when the reality is there is no guarantee of success no matter what anybody says.

I know I would never join a system or program like Web Fortune Vault.

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