Will Success With Anthony Scam You? Unbiased Review

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You’re doing research on Success With Anthony because maybe something isn’t sitting right with your gut feeling. Good choice to look for a review. There are a lot of borerline scam programs out there and many affiliates trying to advertise them. I’m not saying this is one of them. But what I am saying is, I probably would not recommend this to someone brand new who is trying to learn how to develop income online. Allow me to explain. My goal is to protect the consumer, because there are a lot of beginners that constantly buy into programs that look so promising, but are not.

[note note_color=”#fdfbe2″]The Good

  • there is some training material and modules
  • Anthony is a decent teacher
  • you can get your money back quite easily

The Bad

  • very little helpful content
  • way too expensive
  • lots of upsells
  • just another promotion sales funnel for its affiliates
  • has been discontinued on major affiliate network such as Clickbank
  • people still think there are quick-fix systems out there[/note]

Really Expensive: Another Big Upsell For Affiliates

If you ever see any positive reviews on Success With Anthony, most likely the reviewer is in it to earn a buck off you. It sucks too. I’ve even done extensive research and even Warrior forum has a promotional review of this program on there. Tsk tsk. What a shame. If you Art affiliate with lots of traffic to your own website or videos, then you probably could make an easy buck selling this. It’s up to you. That’s mainly how Anthony makes his money. By creating these overpriced products and marketing them to beginners.

Not Allowed In Clickbank Anymore? Bad Sign

You know a product sucks when it gets kicked out of Clickbank!! Clickbank is one of the world’s most trusted and popular affiliate networks and Success With Anthony is no longer in its library.

What Do You Get With Success With Anthony?

1. Email Profits– You will pretty much be learning the very basics of email marketing. Stuff like picking the right autoresponder to work with, setting up your first campaign, ways to send out to your list. Some ways to get traffic (not very effective in my opinion) and just other basic things to get more optins. That’s great. The problem is, this is all pretty much useless unless you are getting traffic to actually opt in. Which is 99% of the battle. A lot of this stuff, if not most, you can find online for free.

2. Social Profits– About 13 videos to watch. This is training material on how to promote throughout different social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. This is the problem. It is extremely difficult to do effective marketing on social networking sites. I mean, you have multimillion dollar companies trying to do it effectively. This is not something for beginners or newbies in my opinion. However, you always see these programs selling you the secrets of getting massive traffic to your sites. Again, this is just another selling point and the whole package. The quick effective way to advertise is through paid-ads…which is definitely not newbie-friendly.

3. SEO Profits– This consists of about 7 videos. Wow. So there are a lot of problems I see in this training. First of all there is the focus on article marketing. If you know anything about search engine optimization now days, you will see that article marketing is pretty much useless when it comes to getting traffic. Google doesn’t rank these article directories anymore. It is just a waste of time now.

Don’t even get me started on back links. If you start doing this, it probably might harm your rankings because search engines hate this tactic. In previous years they worked. But not anymore. Yet the training goes over building back links? That’s crazy. To be fair, there is a little bit decent information on selecting a niche and product offer as well as the importance of keyword research. But not nearly enough in detail.

Final Conclusion

This is not the worst product I’ve seen. I personally would never buy it. There is a lot missing as far as SEO is concerned and alot of outdated info. Would I call it a scam? I wouldn’t call it a straight out “scam!”. But then again, it’s not allowed in the Clickbank marketplace anymore…and there are some pretty crappy borderline-scam products from there that have this one beat. You make the call.

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