123 Income Academy Review- Another IM Scam Product?

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123 income academy scamHey and thanks for visiting my 123 Income Academy review. So I bet you are looking for ways to earn a living on the Internet or maybe you just need to make some extra money. That’s fine. So you’re doing your due diligence and researching this company. Smart choice. You might have just saved your time and money by landing here on my website and I’m glad you did. Let me explain why. As I got this company to review, I just knew right off the bat what kind of program it was going to be. You see, I’ve been working online for 2 years now and I have developed a pretty good eye for seeing what things are going to be like just looking at the sales pitch and I must say, things are not looking good for this program. In fact, I can tell you that it’s probably a big scam. Well let me show you what I mean.

There are a ¬†lot of fake news websites out there just like 123 Income Academy that say they are offering work from home positions. In fact, in this company there is a fake character named Jennifer Smith who is supposed to make it seem like she has made a lot of money with the program and that’s just a lie. Sites like this one often use this tactic of having a fake spokesperson tell you about how great the income opportunity is, when it’s actually a scam. This can be very dangerous especially if you’re a beginner or you’re someone that doesn’t know much but you’re looking for extra ways to create income from home. Let me show you how this company scams you.

link_posting_scamWhen you visit the sales page, you will see a video and a sales pitch that says you can make a bunch of money because companies are looking for people to do link posting for them. This tends to excite people because they think they’ll be able to finally generate a full time income from home. I’m sorry to shoot your hopes down, but that’s not how it works. I’m going to explain to you what link posting really is. In order to get one of the “work form home positions”, they require you to pay! Have you ever gone to a job where you have to pay before you can start working? So what this is, is basically an cheap low quality affiliate marketing guide that’s going to teach you how to pay and write for your own advertisements! Those links you are trained to post don’t make you any money! In fact you don’t get paid to post the actual links.

123 Income Academy Review Conclusion 

Many people get their hopes up with fake scams like 123 Income Academy. You will see duplicate websites all around that look exactly like this one because they keep getting busted and shut down! This is another tactic that they use. They like to make it seem like positions are limited in your area and that they are going to get filled if you don’t act quickly. This is nothing more than an IP script. It can tailor the location to where you are, so it seems like there really are positions in your area when there aren’t. This is to get you in an urgent mood to have to act and buy into the 123 Income Academy scam! Just stay away from it and you should be fine.

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  1. Thank you very very much for not getting scam a second time in one week. I was scam $98.00 a few days ago by By this company Megan Jackson claiming to work from home posting links on the web. Thank u very much again

    • They thought they would scam me . I used my debit card for Bank of America and I charged the 97.00 dollars . It went through and I could not understand why , cause my direct deposit was not on my card yet . So I called Bank of America and guess what this company tried to run my card a total of 8 times under the name academy . Trying to use a point of sale as if I was in the store swiping my card . Ha ha the scam is on them cause I had my card stopped and i will be picking up my new temp card in the morning . So please people this site is fake !

    • I got scammed by the Megan Jackson Thing too.

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