Will Melaleuca Scam You? Honest Review

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melaleuca_review_Does Melaleuca scam people? I’ve been getting a lot of requests to write a review. So here I go. Most likely if you have come across this article on Google, you are someone that is curious as to what this company is about, how it works, the products, and if you can really make money. Chances are, you have been approached by someone trying to convince you to join and how you can change your life if you do.

One thing I know how to do is make money from home. I have also been into multi-level or network marketing myself so I know how these things work. I’m not a newbie to the “business opportunity” industry. My goal is to help you decide what’s best for you.

There are a lot of eviews/videos created by Melaleuca distributors.

This is not by accident.

This is what’s called network marketing and is a type of home-based business that has been around for some years now. I’m going to do my best and breaking it down to you because, unfortunately, there are some people that feel this is a scam.

How Does Melaleuca Work?

If I could sum it all up in a nutshell, I would describe it as one of those things that you join and become a representative. You become a customer and you can start building residual monthly income by recruiting people to join the company under your name and have them become “customers” as well. When they buy and gain “customers” you start building a residual income. 

Yes, it is one of those “chain” things as many people from the mainstream describe it.

Chances Are You Want To Make Money 

For the most part, people get interested in these type of recruiting businesses to make money. Nothing wrong with that at all, but, I can tell you from experience there are easier ways to earn an income even straight from home. If you are interested in this, make sure you check out my #1 recommendation if you’re looking to make money the right way

Some People Believe In The Products…

Some people join because they claim the products work. Others join because they want to make more money. Maybe you are somebody that could fit both these groups of people.

What are the products?

They are pretty much a variety of environmental and “green” products. These include:

  • vitamins and supplements 
  • food and weight loss 
  • cleaning and laundry 
  • dental care 
  • facial care/hair care
  • bath and body
  • beauty
  • home fragrances 
  • and more

I think it’s a pretty good idea as a niche product because there seems to be a building interest in keeping the environment safe, and there is a whole bunch of products available within the Melaleuca company. They do not share much info about the pricing though, which is very concerning. 

I Don’t Think Melaleuca Scams People, BUT…

Please understand this. A lot of times, the person that you join under and their team leader will make it seem like you will be on your path to riches and glory if you just attend the meetings and go to all the motivational seminars. You’re going to have to work hard.

Like, really hard. 

Melaleuca Members Try So Hard To Deny Being MLM

Melaleuca members will deny to death it is MLM and instead try to mask it as “consumer direct marketing”…or “direct sales”…or “network marketing”. Yeah whatever you want to call it, there are multiple levels, and you are marketing products, thus: MLM. It’s insane how afraid they are of being thought of as MLM. They will refer to their reps as “customers”. That’s the part that bugs me. Why be so ashamed of being MLM? In my opinion, it makes this company seem way more sketchy. 

This Guy Explains How Melaleuca Is MLM Beautifully!


Members Also Deny “Selling”

Are you kidding me? If you talk to anybody about joining under you, even as a customer, that is sales!!!! A lot of times I get distributors researching their own company, curious to see what others have to say because they’re not making as much money as they thought. I could probably tell you the reason. It comes down to not knowing how to sell, or get signups. But more than likely, you are just not working hard enough. That’s the usually the problem. what I can do to help you, is show you how to build a home-based business through the Internet. I think it’s much more easier and practical nowadays.

Melaleuca Is NOT A Scam

…….But, it’s no different than any other network marketing business in the health niche such as Herbalife, Amway, Monavie, Juice Plus, etc. It comes down to convincing yourself to use the products, and going out there and recruiting a bunch of people under you to do the same.

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  1. I just canceled my preferred membership with Melaleuca, not because I did not like their products, but because the monthly point requirement was becoming too much of a financial burden. Even though they promote the idea of just change the place where you buy your products, other buying clubs like Sam’s only cost $45/year. The last time I purchased 35 product points the cost was over $75 (including shipping). That would be OK it I needed those products every month. So I’ll spend more on the individual items, but will spend less money overall. I think a family of 4 might do well with meeting the minimum product points or if I could swallow the monster pills they have in the peak performance pack that item more that meets the minimum. Ive never had any luck in getting others to join either. I wish Melaleuca would offer different membership levels like quarterly or every other month with a smaller savings percentage.

  2. I love Melaleuca, the products are amazing. More importantly, they actually work and I find they are very reasonably priced. Happy customer!

  3. So if I just want to join to use the product not to sell, do i still have to spend a minimum amount each month or can I just order as needed? Don’t get me wrong making extra money is great seeing as I’m on disability but I would like to try the products before I try to convince people to buy it.

    • You do not need to build unless you decide you want too you. I have been using for about a year and haven’t enrolled anyone but thinking I might in the near future. You can just be regular customer and pay regular price and order when you want or enroll as a preferred customer and get at a lower price on the items but need to buy 35 points a month which is no biggie and if it ends up not being for you can cancel your enrollment. Annual enrollment is $19 or catch a special and enroll of $1.00.

      I use the cleaning products and love them. I’m just starting with the vitamins so no opinion yet. I love the tooth polish and the essential oils.

  4. Where to start??? First, the “back-up” orders are crap. Most of the stuff that I get, I dont even want.
    Second, When I try chat with a rep about some certain products, the gie me a number to call, And I ask them, you dont know the products you are selling???
    Also, their toothpaste has a black strip, which wignfies that its all chemical (if its a green strip then they use all matural, if its red, its chemival composition, and if its blue, it natural and medicine. If its black its ALL CHEMICAL, so stay away from that) Anwyay, I brought this up, and they told me to call a number > NO…. Im not going to call the number thats why I am CHATTING with you.
    Third, just to cancel the membership is a chore and a half.

    • You are extremely misinformed about the colors on the tube of toothpaste. The colored squares are actually just part of the manufacturing process, and are called “eye marks.” The hidden information in these coloured squares are read by light beam sensors and literally just tell the high-speed machinery where the packaging needs to be cut and folded.

      The rep did the right thing by guiding you to someone more qualified to answer your query. Why give you inaccurate info just so you can come to a place like here and go off!? Thats my time.

  5. I’ve been a Melaleuca Customer for 14 years. They are no more an MLM than Proctor & Gamble, just marketed directly to the customer instead of through wholesalers & retailers. I have had much better health as a result of Melaleuca’s products, most notably no asthma attacks in over 13 years. Do I like or use all of their 400 products? No more than I liked or used all of Proctor & Gambles products before I found Melaleuca. However, I do love & use probably about 100 of the products. Prices? Some are a little high, some are about the same as grocery store brands, and some are much less than the grocery store brands. What you get for the money is always a better value.

    • I have been using the products for seven years and I will never go back to the store products for most things I use. I have better health and look way younger than lots of people my age and I attribute that partially to Melaleuca products that I use. I stopped using the Replenux supplementsa few times either because I ran out and had to wait til I ordered again and to just see if the product really work and every time I would get pain in my legs or feelings of arthritis symptoms so I would go back on it and the pain would go away. Now I make sure I do not run out because it really works for me. I can say the same thing about all the products I use including the sensitive tooth polish. For me Melaleuca will always be in my house. I don’t market the products only because I already own a business with employees and I don’t want to but I sure do love them!

  6. I can tell you this …it is A MLM
    … I. Will say some of the product is good other is not
    Their bar soap very drying… All types dry your skin out way too much… They want to sell you their lotion after all.
    The underarm deodrant caused me major respiratory issues from the first use untill the last one… Used it for a month or so and slowly began to realize that every time I used it within an hour major congestion and phlegm issues . I narrowed it down to their deodrant… As soon as I stopped using it the issues went away. I thimk they have the idea you can just put Melaleuca oil in anything and sell it…a bad idea for deodrant… Many of the other products are way over priced and average at best. Others are pretty good … The MLM thing is too much for me the point system gets you to focus on something else except price point….over all not impressed

    • I like the deodorant. It smells great and leaves me dry all day.

  7. I have a good friend who works for Pfizer. She works out of her car. She has a home office and her headquarters are in New York City. She goes around her territory and talks with doctors and gives them reasons to purchase the pharmaceuticals from her company. From what I know about Melaleuca, a representative does the same thing. Does this mean that Pfizer is an MLM?

  8. I DO NOT trust this type of company as in fact this is a MLM company. I have been received “back-up Order” from Melaleuca’s branch in Singapore without my knowledge and confirmation. They just send over the items and amount being deducted from my card When i questions the staff there, their explanation was to secure my membership’s benefit. There will be a text messages being sent to my mobile for notification. There is NO any clarification being verified by myself and they just process the order and send those items which I DO NOT require. When I requested for refund, I will have to bring those unwanted items down to their shop and request for refund. This is not acceptable.

    • You obviously didn’t read the agreement and more significantly, must not have been told that you’re signing up for a monthly commitment of roughly 70- $80 and that everyone has a preset or customized preset order that gets sent to you if you forget to shop that month. You can however cancel within 90 days and get at least your annual fee refunded. That’s all mandatory info to be given to you by the recruiter in their overview video before you sign up, that’s the company’s policy.

      • You can also contact the person you signed up under and they can cancel your account for a month at a time or all together.

    • m a director and we are not allowed to sell products. No large but in. No pyramid because you can advance overall and it doesn’t advance another person. I’m very happy with the company and making business

    • Melaleuca’s policy before enrolling a customer in the shopping club is to verify that they understand this “insurance” policy to protect the Preferred Customer benefits. You may have fallen victim to a poor presenter, whom, is responsible for verifying your understanding of the Customized Preferred Pack. I could see this happening with a “paper enrollment” . I prefer to use the express method by telephone and have the Customer service rep perform the enrollment. I would like to apologize for your bad experience and would like to assure you that what you experienced was NOT the norm and bad practice by an individual.

    • To be honest ,I agree with you .because I have been through this kind of scam.

    • well….somebody didnt explain the DETAILS to you like they did me. You can change your monthly order but YOU have to change it and make it your “defaut” I order vitamins and made those my default order IF I dont order anything else. The Vitamin regime is next to none the best…superb…I have never had anyone send me anything I didnt order….some of the claims on here are ridiculous…go through the website..if you dont understand something ask your Leader…sheesh.

    • All businesses are MLM companies. The difference is, in mainstream companies, the CEO and owner are the only ones making money while you work for THEM. You may or may not get a bonus or a raise with your generic, mainstream business. You may or may not get overtime paid or you may work on a Salary where you can work a copious amount of hours for the same pay. Some people do make it big in MLM businesses, but these are the ones who work the business full time. Most people go to MLM’s for extra cash to pay off bills etc. You’d be amazed at how many famous people have MLM companies of their own.

      • Thank you Brenda, I agree with you!

    • They stated it was a back up pack if you forget to order that month. It keeps your preferred customers prices safe. Also loyalty dollars. Listen to presenter. I understood that 1st thing.

  9. Does anyone have an email address to contact Melaleuca in Australia? I looked on their website and there is only a phone number – I don’t want to call – i want to email them. I was approached by one of their people today – I had commented on a recruitment post by a totally different company (scentsy) – and she contacted all the people that replied for information about the scentsy business opportunity, and offered to send information about her opportunities – it took me a while to figure out this was nothing i had asked for – and she wouldn’t tell me the company name until much further down the conversation. I think it is highly rude to steal people from someone else’s post – very very dodgy and unethical. The company website has no email contact details – a huge red flag for me is when companies make it difficult for anyone to contact them. I am not wasting my money or time calling them only to be manipulated by phone staff who are trained in this art. Totally sounds like a very very unethical dodgy company. If anyone has the email address, please let me know – thank you.

    • Interesting reading your comment. I have been talking to a Director in the Melaleuca Company today as I am interested in joining. In any field or business your may find someone over zealous in their recruiting methods, The company is a totally ethical and above board business, which is totally debt free and has been running for 31 years. It has over 850,00o customers and delivers a wonderful sounding range of products (which I have not yet tried) at a great price. I am impressed with everything I have read and heard from the company. The person who I was talking with today, has been with the company for over 4 years, the health of her family has improved, and she has saved and made money by using the products and telling others about the products. Take the time to source the product knowledge from someone other than the person who contacted you.

      • Courtney you are exactly right no business works if you don’t work it. I just wanted to leave comment because I have actually been with Melaleuca since June 1991. I don’t feel Ike I worked that hard but went director in first month and made more than covered my products in

        • I continued on and put about 10 hours a week n my business and in less than 2 yrs I was Senior Director and making $10,000 dollars a month. Made a bad decision and quit working Mhelaleuca. In 1996 although I stayed in because I loved the products. I went somewhere else to make money faster and I did, next company I was with I went to top of company in 10 months, on,y problem it was all built on weight loss product and when FDA took away the that product I didn’t have a business overnight. So next company loved the company, made $5,000 in first month and check continued to climb for next two years, then that company closed as well , owner got cancer and died.next I tried a fly by nite sort of company online and made $50,00 plus in just 3 months…then they were closed down. I still always ordered my Melaleuca products and read leadership in action every month for last 20+ years. I saw a write in a story in the magazine about a guy that joined Melaleuca 6 months after I did and he has made close to $40 million dollars in last 26 years without anyone getting hurt. My check is no longer $10,000 but I have received a substantial check every month even the 21 years I was not working business. I finally woke up and it will be that again plus plus more. Hard lessons I learned…but Melaleuca is a great company , no one gets hurt by Melaleuca, it is your own fault if you do, as for quitting you just write on a piece of paper ” I no longer want to be a preferred customer with Melaleuca please cancel me effective today sin and date) That is all it takes I am so glad I at least never did that, I still have 25% of my business after Donald no nothing for almost 21 years.

          • Such a shame you did not continue working as hard for Melaleuca instead of wasting all your time and hard work on companies that folded.

      • I work as a safer beauty advocate and I have looked up their skincare. It is filled with toxic, harmful ingredient. US safety regulations are a joke, especially in the beauty and supplement industry. Deceptive marketing. I would research more before joining them.

        • I would recommand to try FLEURESSE, SKIN CARE from KYANI. All natural ingredients.



  10. Let´s me get it straight. I am looking for a great MLM (or similar) program. I want to make a living from home. But I am not going to start with any company.
    This is what I am looking for:
    1- The products have to be of good quality with competitive prices.
    2- My sponsor has to be a professional, who is making a full time income with the business (I need to learn from someone who can teach me what to do to make real money, and only who is doing it can teach me how).
    3- I don´t want to go out to sell anything, I want to do it through internet, so I need to learn about marketing in internet.
    If any MLM or internet marketing pro want to teach me, I am here to learn…I can work many hours everyday if it worths it…
    If I can do it in Spanish it´d even better.

  11. I can buy all natural products FAR CHEAPER from many places. This is a thing now, you know! This company hasn’t found something new. A kick back on my own sales isn’t worth it when the prices far outweigh the kick back. I make a lot of my own products with all natural ingredients as well. This isn’t hard or confusing. How did this become such a business?

    • Read the Labels. How many of Melaleuca Products say Manufactured by Melaleuca? The answer is only 1 Sol-u-guard.
      To me there is a difference between Manufactured By and Distributed by. Why does Melaleuca hide the MSDS sheets that are required by law? Because MSDS sheets have to list the MANUFACTURE of the product.

      • Melaleuca makes EVERYTHING it sells and everything is environmentally friendly.

    • This company has found something new. The way the vitamins and supplements enter the bloodstream. It’s a patented process. called Oligo. These products have been independently researched hence the Frieburg Study and the Sterling Study which show the products enter the body, bind to your cells and your body starts seeing benefits within an hour unlike any other product on the market. Melaleuca is the ONLY company that can legally claim that their vitamins and supplements work. They increase antioxidents, decrease free radicals, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, and on and on and on. You have to understand the products rather than look to make money first. The Renew lotion is also patented and has better results on eczema/Psoriases than Cetaphil, Eurcerin or any other product on the market. Many of Mealeuca products are patented. Melaleuca is a debt free billion dollar company, has the best rating with the BBB. The maximum it costs to be a member is $19 and purchasing your product which is all green. Nothing has safety caps because nothing is harmful to children. You have no inventory and you do not sell or keep on hand any product to sell. If you decide shopping for your products online is not for you getting out of Melaleuca is a phone call away. Also, every product is manufactured and distributed by Melaleuca in the U.S. except the coffee, tea and essential oils. I have access to the MSDS sheet and I am a Director II. As a retiree my monthly residual check is more than $154.00 and helps me with my fixed income. I have been a member of Melaleuca for about 24 years as a user of the products and just in the last 12 months started looking and seeing the benefits of enrolling other members. I certainly don’t know everything about Melaleuca and I’m learning more everyday, but I do know the products. I can tell you that after so many years of taking the vitamins and supplements alone that I am 60 years old and healthy. I know from the independent studies that it has much to do with the vitamins and supplements. I use only Melaleuca in my home and am proud of myself for doing so for my health and the health of my grandchildren.

      • Totally agree with you. I am joining today after talking with a representative from Melaleuca.

      • I have joined Melaleuca since June 2017 and only worked 38.5hours in total in the month of June and got my first cheque for $3588.65 for doing less than forty hours work.
        “Good things come to those who wait but better things come to those who work for it”
        I am so passionate about Melaleuca and also had a chance to make a huge differents in family and friends life. It will only work for the people who have a goal to make huge amount of money in such a short amount of time.
        If you haven’t join please join and do what you are already doing but instead of shopping with the big supermarket switch and shop with Melaleuca and get paid for life.
        My second month with Melaleuca and have advanced to director 8 and so excited for my big cheque.
        This is not a scam its so real and this is just a huge blessing for me and my family.
        Stay blessed everyone.

  12. My Facebook has recently blown up with these pitches. They’re annoying and quite rude. They’re on the same level as Doterra ans Young Living with their arrogance. It’s funny because these people are claiming that they’ve been buying from them for over 5 years and yet they are only now mentioning them? Desperate!

  13. I had a friend contact me about a party, didn’t know what type of party it was, to help out his girl friend–which I’m totally on board w helping friends and supporting someone’s start up business. What I do have a problem with is that he almost certainly was told by his girlfriend to be obtuse in describing the party saying “I don’t know it’s a thing for her “her thing””–I probably wouldn’t have driven an hour to look into something I could research online. But now I know. I REALLY HAD A PROBLEM W MY FRIENDS GF’s “coWorker” PUTTING THE PRESSURE ON FOR ME TO SIGN AFTER I FILLED OUT THE FORM W MY CC # THIS PERSON THEN HAD THE AUDACITY TO CHECK OFF THE BACK UP BOX FOR ME “she said let’s just check this box and there’s no commitment besides the $1 sign up. The issue is that I’m currently in Physical Therapy from a work related injury that has resulted in severe sciatica and while my friend may have forgotten the extent of this issue, I fee I was manipulated especially when I wanted to leave bc of nerve pain from driving (drove 5 hours the day before so 🙁 … WITH THE INITIAL DECEPTION OF THE PREMISE OF THE PARTY AND THE “LETS JUST CHECK THIS BOX HERE” pressure person –this company seems like a good way to loose friends or at least compromise a once trusting relationship w corporate garbage . WHY WOULDNT THE PERSON JUST MENTION THE COMPANY NAME AND SAY CHECK IT OUT AND STOP BY THE “social marketing event”??? Bc MELALEUCA IS A DECEPTIVE COMPANY. A GLOTTON FOR PUNISHMENT I WENT TO CHECK OUT THE PRODUCTS IN THE LOCAL OFFICE BC I AM INTERESTED IN LESS HARSH CHEMICALS FOE CLOTHES AND WAS ONBOARD W THIER VITAMIN PITCH WHICH J NOW KNOW JS PATENTED BULLSh!T scoring A 5/10 on a seemingly legit review site w actual reasons why their vitamins s aren’t as good as they say bc they lack certain ingredients that make them bioavailable, besides use of synthetics and extracts which when taken daily can harm your organs. Maybe that’s why anther sales rep had a big style in her eye–so much for “health” …so far I’ve just seen the $1 charge but know that other pack is like $35 or more. Apparently cancelling is a NIGHMARE … LASTLY (and yes I’m yelling bc I’m kind of mad) when I did go to check out the products I smelled their Rosemary essential oil and it pales in comparison to the YoungLiving Rosemary oil my Mom has worked w since the 90’s . The Mela Rosemary must be diluted w fractured coconut or some other cheap oil as the Young Living oil smells like if you were to crush fresh rosemary in your palm while the Mela smells like someone else cursed it and added a different oil and faint terpines like someone wiped it off someone else who got it from someone else…see the pattern? Funny I’ve asked a different friend who I know is friends w the main sales bs exec (who tried to tell me about oils lol ok) and it took my buddy 1/2 to reply to txt and he acted like he wasn’t too familiar when I know he tried selling it and probably got scammed but didn’t want to txt anything bc it’s a small area and could get back to him etc. FORGET THIS NOISE. People write how the complaints are from those who are lazy and don’t want to work hard, maybe they just are honest people and not scheisters. I didn’t acquire a 95% retention rate eidetic memory by watching tv, been playing piano since age 3 and now play 10 instruments. I’m not a salesman, and care not to push a product that hides its ingredients among other less than admirable sales practices.

    • yup $85 charge on my CC today. Blocked some people on social media and their cell # and wrote the friend who invited me to this “party” I called my credit card and have them on notice and if a package arrives I will reject it as my”friend” told his gf about me being pissed and she said all I have to do is pay to have it shipped back …r u kidding me? Paying for something I didn’t order as I have a witness and the pen writing is different, if this company tries some legal bs w me they will have a counter claim and defamation as any handwriting expert will be able to see that the pen pressure from where I wrote and where the sales lady just “checked off a box ” for me is quite different. Very mad. Besides maybe their tea tree oil, ‘Melaleuca oils are diluted that’s why they are half the cost, same w Do Terra. Sick of this wellness garbage, you pay for what you get. Do your research and Stay Away from things that are “too good to be true”.

      • His gf could be in serious trouble for that. Melaleuca is not in the business to scam you and she should have completely explained everything to you. Including the backup order which is what you received. Hopefully u got your money back

      • Andrew…all you have to do is NOT open the parcel…clearly mark it…REFUSED…and take it to the post office which will then return it to the sender.

    • I work for Melaleuca. I do the business and I can tell you that it was not right for that person to check the box for you. Actually, that is illegal for that person to check that box for you. I do not deal with paperwork when I do Melaleuca. I enroll everyone over the phone for many reasons. Enrolling over the phone allows that person to ask questions directly to Melaleuca. Let’s say the person enrolling you is lying to you about what Melaleuca is about. By doing enrollments over the phone Melaleuca is able to catch on to any lie potentially stated. Melaleuca is also able to clarify any misconceptions or concerns the new customer might have.

      I also tell people to look into Melaleuca before signing up. You would not go to a job interview before looking into the company that you are interviewing with so why wouldn’t you research Melaleuca before signing up? I understand that in your situation you were not told the name of Melaleuca, which you should have been told. Your friend and his girlfriend should have been honest straight up. I am sure that if they were honest you would have gone to look at what it was about.

      I do totally agree with you that canceling is a nightmare. You need to send a letter into the company staying that you want to close your account. I always tell people this before I allow them to sign on. It seems that the person who enrolled you did scam you, which is not right. Melaleuca is not about scamming people. You did not have the time to think it through and you were not shown properly.

      Also, I advise everyone reading this, if you want to do Melaleuca and use their products I suggest so. The products are great and I love them but I want you to also know what you are using and getting into. If you are going to enroll make sure that the person enrolling you is comfortable with you doing your research. If they do not offer to give you their website and if you have to ask to look at their website then do not enroll with them. A good, honest sales rep with Melaleuca will offer any and all information you need. Also, make sure to call Melaleuca to ask them questions. Never, ever fill out paperwork. Melaleuca does enrollments over the phone and that is the only way to enroll. Enrolling over the phone protects you and the company and you will have the opportunity to ask any and all questions before you start the enrollment process.

      Make sure that you are signing on with a person who will allow you to call the company and really do your research before hand. If they are not willing to allow you to think about it or if they are not willing to be patient then they are just out for the sale and not interested in helping you.

      • I have to respectfully disagree with canceling a memebership is a nightmare. I had someone that cancelled because she lost her job. She called Melaleuca, told them she wanted to cancelled and faxed a form. She was cancelled the same day. This just happened this month. I also do all my enrollments over the phone. The representative asks the person if they understand the backup order and to please explain it. If they can’t it is made clear to them until they can. I don’t want anyone unhappy in my organization and would never deceive anyone. That is not what Melaleuca is about.

    • Tq…for being honest..i sign up becos of the impressive income presentation just now…but told my friend to put on hold..i m also not a sales person..unless i m very convinced of the genuine quality of the product..i also bought Young n Living product..which now i would think is a better choice..2 earn fast money..maybe will take more effort n time..

      • Lisa, i have been a customer of Melaleuca for 5 months now… the value you are going to recieve just by being a member will convince you to stay. you still have to wash clothes, still have to wear deoderant, so on.. and the products offered through this company are just far superior. I cant tell my friends enough about them because i love them so much. I understand having to do what is right for you budget wise.. but this is the best decision i ever made, and i am on a budget as well! Hope you stay, its so worth it.

      • Lisa, My wife and I are, finally, Director 1 with Melaleuca. It took us quite a while to achieve this level. All we needed to do was to have 8 people that we already had good relationships with learn about the store and enroll in the shopping club. Our biggest monthly check to date, after 1.5 years is still only just under $200. Our fundamental mission is to help people and to educate folks on how to keep themselves, their loved ones and the environments they live in and around, healthy and how to gain value. If it was fast money that you were looking to make, then Melaleuca is not the company that you are looking for. Making money with Melaleuca is largely a long, slow growth effort – a “marathon” not a “sprint” . The fact is, only about 12% of Melaleuca customers are actually trying to grow a business. Granted, there are those that are very, very driven and have the ability to advance very quickly. These folks are rare. Melaleuca, as a business venture, is only something that you can do if you want to. Being a preferred customer gives you that option and I stress the term “option”. Primarily, it’s only a membership based store to buy the things that you already buy from other stores but you can now have the peace-of-mind knowing that what you’re getting is manufactured right here in this country by people that genuinely care about you. The only “investment” required to use the store is your interest and sensibilities for good value.
        I hope you are having great luck at whichever venture you choose! Unfortunately, there are still those that would use unethical ways to try and dupe people for their own selfish reasons. This is not what our “family” is about and thank you for understanding.

      • Young living is and will always be nmbr 1 in supplements and oils:) 20 years strong for meI was asked to look at this company by a friend who knows my lifestyle..I don’t like that you can’t ciew ingredients or prices. If I can buy organic coffee for $6 at the store how do I know what the costs are here? People want to save $$$ not pay 2x as much-

    • Melaleuca isn’t a deceptive company, the person who did this to you is the deceptive one.

  14. Ok let me get this straight you guys want a free ride well that doesnt exist in any marketing industry even if you are scamming people. Im a business co owner and manager have been for over 9 years and i provide a service. Every marketing company ive encountered has either a membership, or products, or min points. You just have to pick which fits you the best. Unless you can afford to start a business from the ground up whether products or service you wont get away from it. Unless you physically go to work at a job which you are still working for someone else. My current business has over $50,000 in equipment my second one will have over $10,000 in equipment plus a lease. If you dont put in the work you wont succeed. Word of mouth is your best asset hands down. Ive dealt with mca which was a waste of time, and xyngulars costly products. Im gonna give this one a go. I bet i cant make it work too, considering i started off with only one client in my current business. In any industry marketing, service, or products you gotta spend money to make money.

    • You do have to work hard with this business. I work for Melaleuca and I love it. It is hard work but it is also life. You cannot slide into a career and not work. When you are hired on with a company they expect you to work and work hard. Melaleuca is the same. People often think that the business will come to them and that they will make a ton of money by doing nothing. Yes, after you get started, you will make a ton of money and you will not have to work as hard but to build a business or to make money in any career field you do have to work.

      A lot of issues I get after I bring someone on is they want the job and they want the money but they do not want to work for it. I am willing to help anyone who wants to work. I am willing to stay up as late as I need and I have put in 100 hours a week helping customers and people I have brought into the company but often I get people who think it will be easy and the hours will be whatever hours they want.

      You do get to pick your hours but that does not mean that you do not work. Having your own hours does not mean that you can just take a day off because you feel like it when you are just starting. You can take time off but if you want to succeed at anything you need to put in the time. My first week with Melaleuca I was up around 5:00 in the morning and I worked until midnight. I succeeded and made a ton of money and I am doing well in the company but I am working at it. Today, my hours have backed down a little. I am no longer getting up before sunrise but I do find myself working until midnight still. I do not have to work that late. I choose to work that late. I want to be successful and earn a car and help those who I enroll into my company succeed as well. My goals are to get everyone making money that I bring into Melaleuca so I work to make that happen.

      If you want to be successful you can. It does not matter what career you choose. If you work hard you will earn a good income with anything you decide to do but you need to be fair, honest and allow people to be cautious. You need to have patients and make sure that whoever you bring into the company is fully aware of what they are getting into and they are completely willing. You cannot force people to do Melaleuca, just like you cannot force anyone to do anything they do not want to do. There are people out there who work for Melaleuca that are very pushy and often customers feel like they have to sign up. If you are not pushy and you are respectful of those you are talking to and you are making sure they are comfortable then you will do will with this business and you will go far. It is all about the customer and the person you are bringing into this company because basically, you are giving them a job.

      • I just got into the business and have people questioning what the “pitch is”. Others calling it a pyramid scheme. Others still who say some of the ingredients may be toxic. Thank you so much for your honest feedback. I feel better about my decision

      • When you wrote that one of your goals is to earn a car, did you mean earn enough income to buy a car or did you mean win a car through a work promotion? When you divide your income by your hours, does it exceed minimum wage?

        • Hi Noreen, I was just reading the comments and I am with Melaleuca after I had been with the company less than two years I qualified for a car….That means over and above my income they sent Me $500.oo Dillard extra and I bought a Jeep Cherokee limited. To get to $10,00 a month I worked about ten hours per week consiistly!!! My first month my first check covered all my products and I bought home conversion pack for s300…. that was not required, it was an option but I knew nothing about the products and didn’t think I could bill a business unless I was familiar with the products. Hope this answered your questions.

    • Don’t know how you have customets let alone friends with such a rude attitude like that. You must pretend to be nice yo get the sales like most MLMers do to sell their pyramid scheme.

  15. You need around 40pts per month?? Does anyone find they have a build up of too many products because you HAVE to place an order monthly?? Pity they make you do this… i dont like the pressure to spend that amount per month.

    • I’ve been a customer with Melaleuca for more than 15 years but I’m not building a business. My goal was to find better safer products at fair prices and that’s what I found. I have no buildup of products, I can barely keep up with the demand in my house. Spending well over $300 (If money was no object, it would easily be double that or more) per month on products that I would have to buy somewhere anyway, but these products are way better and these guys have just made it simple for me. I don’t have to start my car and run to the store, I just go online and place my order and it comes to me. Shipping is reasonable but still the company gives us loyalty shopping dollars which always exceed my shipping costs. If anyone is not happy with this company, it’s because products like these are not what they’re looking for or they haven’t taken the time to really understand the program, maybe for fear of getting burned which is totally understandable. One more possibility is that the person who represented the company was not honest and for that, even I’m sorry because it’s not fair to the company and to others who are honestly representing the company. I can assure you that this company will go the distance to take care of their customers if the customers are reasonable also .

      • I just joined because I like some of their products, now I feel pressured about the amount I need to order every month. The person who signed me up under her scrolled through the police’s so I’m not sure what they are….can I candle at any time if this don’t work out? I’m confused.

        • You can cancel at anytime. You just call and tell them you want to cancel and then they tell you how to download a simple form and fax it back. Do it before the last day of the month to avoid being sent a back up order. And if they do send u the backup order just refuse it and you’ll be refunded your money minus shipping.

        • There are well over 500 products to pick from. I never have a problem with getting my 35 product points monthly. Between the vitamins, GC control and the access bars ( I have lost 9 lbs in 2 months) along with the cleaning products, shampoos, deordarants renew lotion…the lists is endless. I love it all. All these products I was buying elsewhere. My asthma is under better control now with the cleaning products. Sleeping better too.

      • I have only been a preferred customer with M for 3 months. I love the products and each month am trying different products. I do not have a build up of products, especially if you are using the vitamins as you usually use them up in a month. I also give friends teabags, coffee and sustain when talking to them so they can try them out. The products are great, for you, for the environment, and you can make money only the way. I do not go out to get new PC, just rave about a couple of the products which I have found fantastic and people listen just to that. I would not want to join them into the company and have them unhappy with my ethics . You are using and buying these products from the supermarket anyway, now you can buy a better quality and overall a lot cheaper. I wish I had heard of Melaleuca years ago.

    • Lara, I have been using Melaleuca for 3 1/2 years and just started referring people. When I first joined I was nervous about the buildup of products. I was pleasantly surprised that there are over 5oo products in 6 shopping categories. I get all sorts of products and never have a buildup. I try new things and in fact in 3 1/2 years I have loads to still try. I love the products and found some cures for some ailments that were hard to treat. It’s also been help for my daughter with Asthma.

    • Lara, you need to purchase 35 points a month. There are over 500 products to choose from. It would take you 3 years to use every product at 35 points a month. Some things I have to order monthly. I use the vitamins and supplements in a packet called Peak Performance Total Health. I order prodein and a crave blocker called Attain for my morning shake monthly. Then I order things as needed. Household products, essential oils, beauty products, snacks, coffee, etc.

    • That’s my issue. I love certain products and would order monthly…But not $70 a month. I start looking for things I don’t really need just to meet the minimum. Even started piggy backing with another member and shared the monthly order but she lost her job and cancelled.

      • Susan, if you know someone in Melaleuca you can get them to put you on there preferred list for friends and family….then you order when you want as much as you want at the preferred price you can order only once a year if that is what you want….you will be getting lowesrpt price available for everyone.Hope this helps you.

      • Hi Susan, you should not think about how much you have to pay a month. Do you not already buy, makeup? Cleaning products? vitamins? toiletries? tea and coffee?, snack bars? yes of course you do, but do you write down how you spend over a month? I bet not, I am sure it would average out to be more than $20/week for all these products. I think of the saving on not buying impulse products. I only shop 1-2 times a week and only for milk and fresh vegies, buy enough to last me 4-5 days so I do not visit the supermarket so often and purchase those “impulse buys” which for me is usually chocolate and biscuits.

    • Lara you only need 35 points until you reach a much higher level. 35 points equals $55 to a $100+ depending on what you buy. I was at my sister law house out of town and went shopping with her and I was adding up what she was spending on detergent, fabric softner,dish washing liquid, soap for dish washer , body soap, shampoo, conditioner, fabric sheets, window cleaner, bathroom cleaner, floor. Cleaner, stain removal, tooth paste, mouth wash, floss, lotion, medicine for cuts, vitamins……we were at target it was way over a $100.00 . We were at Target..

  16. I have been a customer for three years. I have been very satisfied with the products. The problem began when we were moving from Florida to another state. I contacted Melaleuca three weeks before we moved and talked to a very nice customer service representative to place our account on inactive status since we had no permanent address. I followed her directions and completed the Preferred Customer Benefits Cancellation form and faxed it to the number on the form as she had directed me.

    The company sent a backup order three weeks later and charged my account. I never received the order since we had moved. The next month they charged my account for a Convenience Certificate since there was a “bad” address on file.

    When I contacted the company, they said they had never received the fax. They refuse to refund the costs of shipping and the cost of the certificate which I did not authorize them to charge my account for. They have finally cancelled my account as of 11/15/2016 and now are sending me “We miss you” emails. Are they kidding? I will not do business with a company with no honor or integrity. They are totally unwilling to fix the problem to retain good customers.

    • Thank you for sharing, I’m sorry to have read about how or why a multi billion dollar company consistently takes advantage of customers and skirts accountability.

  17. Myself as a single person am unable to use so many products each month..
    Also i do not appreciate a box of products that i did not order left on my doorstep each month…and money taken out of my account.
    Products are good but many of their products are not as natural as they say.
    Check the ingredients.

    • You don’t sell products. In fact your not allowed to sell products. Everything is purchased from everyone directly from the website.

      • No, you’re not selling products. You’re selling memberships.

    • If you cannot spend $100 a month you need to call Melaleuca and see what your options are – because you do have alternative options 🙂 – your back up order is coming because the system believes that you havent done your shopping and it doesnt want you to have to go back to the supermarket – – instead of just letting them come call Melaleuca and they will be happy to help you 🙂

    • Hi, I do not understand a box of products left on your doorstep each month. I was talking to a Director in the business today as I want to join, and there is no mention of what you say. Each month you order the products that you choose. A $100 a month is not hard to spend when it includes your vitamins, cleaning products, tea & coffee, sports drinks, washing powder, makeup, etc. There are over 440 products, and pricing is more than competitive than supermarket prices and so much better for you.

  18. I was a sales rep for the company. I love the products, prenatal vitamins from melaleuca are Amazing. Gave them to my sister when she was 5 months pregnant , she had no prenatal care. And what a beautiful health baby she had . The doctors were shocked. Good products but would just be a customer.

    • That is no evidence that the product worked. Women are made to have babies. Most women will deliver a healthy baby without prenatal care or even vitamins. Women can even deliver babies without a doctor. How the heck do you think we populated this world prior to modern medicine?

      Also, seeing that you gave your sister some vitamins and didn’t take her to a doctor doesn’t exactly make me want to trust you to sell me anything.

      • There is evidence they work. I can send you the independent Frieburg Study and Sterling Study that shows what the vitamins do in your body.

  19. I just started with Melaleuca as a marketing executive and in my first month received a paycheck. Also they ask you to replace your toxins in your homes like toothpaste, laundry detergent, dishwahing soap, shampoos, makeup and many many more! As far as it being an MLM or not well the Governor of Idaho certified it not an MLM company, now there is more of that you would have to look it up or call them but I attended a meeting and they showed us the certifications that showed all of that! I’m very happy with melaleuca and I’ve sold Avon, Amway, Herbalife, Home Interior, Jafra and this is the first time I ever receive a check my first month and I had not even done anything!

    • Good for you. Thank you for posting this. I just joined myself last June 17 because their essential oils help me a lot on my pain management and the Glycemic Control Protein Shakes. I joined for the products.

    • If people really made significant income from “businesses” like this then EVERYBODY would be doing it.To really make an income from something like this it takes hard work and good sales skills.

      • We do make significant income. I have been a Melaleuca customer for 8 years and my
        partner has been in 18 years. The products are outstanding and all of my customers are
        very satisfied. The reason everybody does not do this is because most people don’t want
        to work. I have another business and trust me I had to work hard. People would love
        to have the money I make but they just do not want to work hard for it. We also have new
        cars we paid for with our check from Melaleuca. I only can work part time with Melaleuca and I did not have good sales skills. I had a wonderful company and just spoke from my heart. I will be with Melaleuca forever.

      • I totally agree being a great sales person is in there blood. It’s not in my blood what so ever . Iv becoming a better sale lady over the years “slowly” but I am getting there . Everything takes work in life at if your not born to sale then it shall be more challenging for you to make money . BUT NOT impossible

        • I am thinking about joining but not much of a sales person I would like to hear from you on if this is a good decision for me seeing how I also work for a living but I need to make more money because I want to go to Hawaii in a couple of years. What is your opinion on this thankyou jody

          • Jody if you ever recommend a restaurant, movie, baby sitter, vacation spot etc to anyone then you can do Melaleuca.Go for it

          • Jody, be honest and ask yourself whether or not 8-10 hours per week can be devoted to Melaleuca. If so, then consider the contacts that you have via family and friends, coworkers, neighbors, organization members, etc. then, consider a sales approach that works for you. I’ll be glad to keep in touch, as Hawaii is beautiful. Terri

      • many people are doing network marketing businesses KB, more than you know and for many reasons. With small businesses and large businesses alike people are turning to these businesses. No warehouse needed, no office, no overhead; you can write off items in your home etc. Network Marketing is a multi-billion dollar business. IT didn’t get that way from no one working for these companies. I just joined Melaleuca because they have a much better compensation plan than others I was just in and you can make money immediately if you want to. You do have to put some effort into it though. Avon, Amway, and others that have been around forever are MLM businesses. Why do you think more and more businesses are going to network marketing? Because it’s convenient. A lot of businesses like pizza places are now online and you can pre-order your items. It’s all network marketing.

        • ooops didn’t finish my thought….with small businesses and large businesses alike closing doors, people are turning to these businesses.

    • I have been a customer with Melaleuca for over three years now. I had suffered from allergies and asthma most of my life and was desperate to find a solution to stop feeling sick all the time. I started reading about the toxic chemicals that are in our every day household products. EVERYTHING that was in my home was toxic! Toothpaste, laundry detergent, cleaners etc. Not only did I feel responsible for hurting my family’s health (including our dog) I also was quite angered that companies out there are actually making millions KNOWINGLY putting toxic chemicals in the products they sell. I am sure you are familiar with the many deaths caused by Tide Pods….And let’s not forget Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Lawsuit. *BABY POWDER for heavens sake!! Don’t get me started on Febreeze……
      I enrolled as a customer and made my first purchase. It was delivered to my home in a few days and I immediately threw away everything that had been under my kitchen/bathroom sinks etc. I transitioned my home from everything to toothpaste to dog treats. Lol!! Yes, I went a bit crazy but because I did, within 2 weeks I was no longer having to use my inhaler every day or take an allergy pill just to get through the day. I can only share MY experience and for me ~ It was life changing in such a positive way. I will always be a customer with Melaleuca. I don’t care if it’s an MLM or not a MLM – I just know that Melaleuca has far superior products and is a truly ethical company (rare these days) so for me, that’s good enough. *For the people who signed something without fully understanding the terms, well, that’s on you.

    • Are the products so good that you’d be telling everyone about them if you weren’t getting a kickback for their memberships?

      • Lisa, I use their products and do not receive a kickback.

    • I agree with you Gretel, I received a cheque in my first and second month, which was exciting and now waiting on my third cheque due this week. I have also belonged to many marketing companies over my lifetime, never received a monthly cheque from any of them, and the others you had to sell (parties etc) and that was a lot of work and not always a guaranteed sale worthy of the time and travel you had put in, and with the party plans you have to buy stock to show the customers. I currently have over $20,000 retail of stock sitting from my previous sales endeavour. You do not need to hold any stock with Melaleuca as you are not selling… fantastic. I love not having products with toxins in my house and going into our septic, the toothpaste story is one of the best.

  20. I am signing up as a preferred customer only. I have been ordering products here and there from a friend and am VERY impressed with the products thus far. That being said, I told my friend I have absolutely no interest in “building a business” period. I simply love the products, everyone in my family has seen improvement with their allergies, dry skin & eczema since I changed to using their laundry detergent & softener a& a few cleaning products. My fingers used to split open at the ends ifI did not put gloves on in advance from all the toxins in the products I used to clean. She gave me an inside view of what it would take as a family of 3 to use 35 points a month. If you only use one or two items just order direct or find someone to sell to you. Amazon always has someone giving out their address to buy from them for cheaper pricing. They will be happy to sell to you at a lower cost. I agree some of those prices are ridiculous on “XXX” My introduction to their products was totally accidental. I randomly starting talking to a mom at my son’s school & we became fast friends (even before Melaleuca) The rest is history.

    • Hi i started melaleuca june this year…i did so because i have arthritis and their replenix was working…no pain. I decided if i was going to do this as a business i will go for it…i worked hard in june and achieved 17 customers with only 2 interested in business builders..so no not all people want to do the business…i became a director 2 that first month and got a 1732 cheque in the mail…pretty good for just talking to people.
      And no you do not have someone up the top as ceo and then managers etc under…if someone joins up as a shopper only but enrolls a friend who does it as a business…the business builder gets the big money the person at the top of her gets a little cheque but nothing more….it is the ones doing the work that get the money.

  21. Google melaleuca pyramid scheme. If it walks like a duck…

    • Too many people think that they enroll and the checks will come if they sit on there couch. There is work involved and not everyone will say yes. Just like some people love fords and some people love chevys. It is all possible if you work hard. Every business has someone and the top CEO/CFO then supervisors and so on. Its not for everyone but neither is being a football player

      • I.m sorry , but I don’t agree with you. Maybe you won’t make a ton of money, but you most certainly can make some money sitting on your butt. Everyone can have people placed under them and when they order the person doing absolutely nothing can earn some money each month as long as the people keep ordering. I was in Melaleuca for quite some time. I actually was a director and then had a problem and lost my recruits. I love Melaleuca! It;s a great company and I had my mom and sister under me and placed people from my business under then and they made some money each month on those people. Now will someone make enough this way to quit working…no of course not. But it does help them pay for their products each month.

        • It’s crazy how so many people feel entitled to something they didn’t work for. That’s not how the world works and definitely not how America works. Work for what you want and you will get it. No one should believe that they can or should make money by sitting on the couch doing nothing.

          In all honesty- you can make money with Melaleuca by just doing that if you didn’t know. You can make up to $30-50 (in the form of a check) by just being a customer when your enrolled is building. Also- when you enroll by just watching a few short videos to learn about the products (2-5 min in length) you receive $100 in free products.
          Either way takes a little time from the TV by either you or your enroller.

        • You mean all I can make if I sit on your butt just asking is 35.00 40 bucks
          I’d be happy with 150 200

    • Google “Mother Theresa is a scam” and you’ll find plenty of people who will agree with you . . . SMH!

      • Google dog farts…. oh wait that has nothing to do with thus article just like your statement. You have proven nothing and nake me wonder about the credibility of this pyramid scheme.

        • What a negative person you are. Okay you are not interested in becoming a customer, let everyone else make their own choice, without your off colour comments. Find something more constructive to do.

    • wrong. been a customer for years and referred people here and there. I get a small check each month. Lovely company.

      • How much is small.if u don’t mind my asking

    • Branches on a tree not a pyramid because pyramids have one person at the top getting the most and melaleuca does not. A person on the 2nd last branch can be making a lot. More than someone up the top…if the person below is working harder than the one at the top just being a shopper….so HUGE difference.

    • KK… An MLM company, such as Melaluca, provides goods and services is legitimate. An MLM company or any entity that DOES NOT provide goods and services is a pyramid. Therefore Melaluca is not a pyramid scheme. Madoff ran a pyramid/Ponzi scheme.

  22. There is one thing that a lot of people forget. Business is tough, and I mean any business. I have been a conventional business owner for many years and also had a stint with Amway and other MLM companies. The one thing I can say for sure is there are no free rides. If you want to be successful in “ANY” business you have to be prepared to work and work hard. There are unfortunately no free rides. If you are not prepared to do this, then MLM and probably any business enterprise is not for you. Be a customer, use the products you like and don’t use the ones you don’t like. We do that every day anyway.

    Please remember life in general is not easy either, most of us will face adversity at some stage. There is however one universal truth with any business, if you want to be successful you have to know why you are doing it for, forget that truth and your are doomed. You also have to be consistent with what you do to build a business. You won’t see many conventional business owners take 6 months off and expect to come back with the business they left before they went. Then why is MLM any different, it isn’t? You have to develop leaders (MLM business) and managers (conventional businesses) to have a stable long term business, people who will continue to build your business while you are gone.

    It seems to me that some people think MLM is a magic wand, you wave it and 6 months later after a few meetings you can retire and sit on a beach somewhere for the rest of your life. If you want to build a successful business in the MLM industry or any industry for that matter then pick a market you like, do your research on it, find the good and bad points and there will be some of both in every one, NO company is perfect. Then find a company that is best in that market, look for a good mentor to work with, one who can teach you how to build the business, one with morals, respect for people and most importantly one who wants to help people achieve their dreams. Do it with integrity and give it everything you’ve got. Maybe just maybe you will have success. Whatever you do don’t give up.

    For those of you who have failed in the past and that includes me, stop making excuses and blaming everyone else for your failure. Failures are just a pathway to success. Most likely it was your lack of action, not the company, not your sponsor, not the products that was your downfall. If you chose a company that has been around for over 30 years or more, then I would say most likely they have done something right or they would have failed before now. It takes a lot for any business to survive 30+ years and I take my hat off to any that have.

    Another thing to remember is there will be good and bad people in all businesses, be it MLM or anything else. Just because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean others did also. You have probably been ripped off by far more so called conventional businesses in your life then you will ever be by a most good MLM companies. Do you know how many times you have been sold inferior product by a supermarket, drug store, department store etc? You probably don’t even know they are doing it.

    The other thing I would like to mention, and I see the comments everywhere in this forum and in others, is why do MLM people spend so much time knocking other MLM companies. This really irks me. STOP knocking each other and get on with building your businesses. You are only hurting each other and this wonderful business concept. My experience personally, is you will meet lifelong friends in the MLM industry. This is because you have to work so closely together to make it work. This is uncommon in everyday business and life, appreciate that and don’t forget it. By the way, with that so called stigma of MLM, the ones at the top make all the money etc. There are some MLM companies that structure themselves that way, but they never last. As I said previously do your research. Most good MLM companies structure their businesses so the people who work the hardest get the rewards. The trouble is some people get a really good business builder enrolled and sit back, letting them do all the work. If you do that you will fail eventually. People follow leaders not laziness. That is why they are called leaders they are at the front, not slacking it at the back.

    If one of your team starts getting negative about something someone has told them or something they read somewhere, I would just say, is that going to stop you building your business? If it is that just be a customer or quit whatever makes you happy. They will either quit or toughen up. Either way it saves you time. By the way this also happens in conventional business also, there is also that one person who wants to make life difficult. I have learnt over the years to have a chat with them and if they can’t change then they probably need to find a new job.

    One last thing, if you want to have true success stop thinking about yourself and start helping others to succeed and get what they want. You will get more success than you ever thought possible.This is a really hard concept to get your head around, but when you do, it will change you life forever.

    You may think after this, I must have build a large MLM / Direct Marketing Business in the past. Well that is not the case. The remarks in this comment are purely observations I have seen from my previous experiences in both MLM and conventional business.

    Anyway for those interested I have just become a Melaleuca customer and decided to build a Melaleuca business. I researched a lot of companies and found Melaleuca is the best fit for myself and my family. I’m not saying they are perfect, but right now they are perfect for me. The main reason is, I am looking forward earning extra income (I certainly need it right now) and having fun with the new team we will build by help outers to find their dreams.

    Just remember, “It’s not all about you”.

    Andrew M.

    • Well stated Andrew!

    • Well written with a lot of truth.

    • Totally agree! Melaleuca is great! But if you want to succeed in your business, you have to work hard. But this applies to any kind of business.

  23. Please share what other companies carry “All Natural Products” because to no avail every one has brought consumers to a dead end!

    • Where do you live where you can’t find all natural products???

  24. A friend gave me the full sales pitch the other day, and said they’re running a promotional sign up for only $1. She said everything positive about the company that others have: items I purchase anyway, quality products, earn extra income, cancel anytime, etc. Now, I’m a finance and accounting manager and my nature is to be skeptical. The only price she tossed at me was the $1 membership special, everything else was about the “points.” Only 35 points per month. Suspicious about this deception tactic, I pressed her to tell me what the “points” translated to in dollars, and she confessed $52 – $70 a month! Personally, I buy generic products and if I buy name brand, the items are on sale and I have a coupon. I don’t spend $70 a month on popcorn, shampoo and toothpaste. Melaleuca doesn’t just ask to you change your shopping habit, they ask you to change every brand you’re loyal to and that has worked for you for years. You’ll end up with a closet full of products you either don’t like or don’t use. I thanked her for her time and walked away. Do your homework before you hand over your credit card. Visit Melaleuca’s website and click at the bottom where it says “income statistics” then download their income report. You will find, as I did, that 64% of members are customers, and of those who try to earn additional income from recruiting a customer base, 86% earn an average of only $2,000 a year. That’s before you factor in the $70/month you have to spend with them, which adds up to a whopping $840 a year. Your odds of paying off your mortgage or other debt are very slim, and the company is making more money off you than you are off them. Reading others’ posts about the nightmares they’ve gone through trying to cancel their memberships, I am thankful I didn’t fall for the sunshine and rainbows sales pitch!

    • I did fall for the pitch and cancelling is a horrific process. I was told to just set up “any” backup order so I wouldn’t lose my membership if I missed purchasing one month. I have refused EVERY pack of the male health pack sent monthly (I’m a single woman). The company refuses to refund my money for these shipments and deducts from my credit balance each time they send and email. I also was just billed AGAIN!!! I’ve been officially cancelled as a member for more than 90 days. The products may me amazing, but I agree with you. At no point do I spend $70/ month on products like this. I didn’t want to be required to…I still haven’t been able to reach a “person” do discuss my refund. -Stacey

      • You must have done something wrong . I found it very easy to cancel. I sent a fax and it was done.

      • cancelling is easy!!!!!!!!!!!! either phone and cancel then phone your bank and ask them to put a hold on any transactions from this company then they can’t access your money., or just phone straight through to you bank and ask them to put a hold on any payment requests , from this company which appeals to peoples vulnerabilities eg: the advertisement that I was going for said “HEALTH COACH” since when did signing people up as customers to buy cleaning products etc does not make you a “HEALTH COACH”! The very first thing “Carole” said to me was a straight out lie!

    • One of their “high pressure” sales tactics is to tell you that the $1 membership offer (or any discounted offer) is only available at your first contact meeting and if you don’t sign up right then and there, you’ll “have to pay full price”. When I asked this supposed “friend” if we could have a day to think about it and just give our answer the next day and still get the deal, she said “no because she would run the risk of losing her position or level in the hierarchy (pyramid). I knew this to be a complete lie since there was no record of the meeting and was disgusted by the outright lies and betrayal of someone who was once a “best friend” to my wife and I. This was one of the many lies we caught them in that night and our friendship ended right then and there. All of these MLM schemes (Amway, Melaleuca, International Home Marketing…) are the same in the sense that if you are going to target your friends as prospective downlines, you have to be willing to sacrifice the friendships of those who do not sign under you. Greed won in this case and since that time, the only friends this particular couple have left are those that signed.

      • Dear Bill, I promise you that this is not the true Mela way. I have been a customer for years and have run into the occasional sales person that “makes up their own rules.” I am only sorry that you had to endure this and now have a bad taste in your mouth regarding the company. I promise you that your so called former friend was in fact no being truthful with you. Truly the products are outstanding and in fact a handful of them are downright life changing. In Health, Sam

      • That is not how it works. The $1 membership was supposed to go Jan 1-17 but then they extended it to the end of the month. Of course you could think about it. Gosh.. things like this give Melaleuca a bad name. You should have called the company because they sell great products for reasonable prices.

    • You are doing your body a huge disservice. Melaleuca is a wellness company. Those cheap brands you are buying have toxins in them and rot out your insides. Don’t knock the company because you don’t want to spend a couple of extra dollars on a better quality product.

      • You know what takes care of toxins? Your body. Your liver in particular. These products are just like any product. They rely on gullible people who believe they need to be de-taxed to buy their ridiculously priced vitamins and cleaning products. Just silly and sad. Frank vandersloot is laughing all the way to the bank though.

        • are you nuts? too many toxins in the body causes cells to not multiply ….then they cant heal .. an over load of toxins causes deseases within the body … and can lower the immune system. remember your skin has pores and hair follicles .. even at a massage with essential oils .. thats one way to get the benefits into the body stream … same way harsh soaps etc do that are filled with chemicles …. breathing in car fumes etc … you need to keep your body top form. cleanse .. rinse … same for your face .. same for inside. SO you help the liver and kidneys by cleansing them so they can function properly to keep the body with minimal toxins. look after your body and your body will look after you. years and years ago there were no toxic toilet cleaner to buy … this is now all man made … everyone should go back to natural resources …. its what the body needs. …. jeez why would you even think that it doesnt matter if the body has toxins .. and to assume your liver and kidney will cure all without you putting effort in to look after yourself?

    • I have been a Melaleuca customer for 8 years and my partner has been a customer for 18 years. We both have been very satisfied and never have had a problem. All of my customers have been very satisfied.
      Yes, if you want to make money you have to get up off the couch and work. I own another business and
      trust me I have had to work hard to get to where I am today. Melaleuca is a wonderful company and we
      both have made money and have new cars. But yes we had to work for it. All we ask customers to do is
      switch some of their shopping to Melaleuca. People are buying products somewhere, why not buy better safer products that work from Melaleuca. The Vitamins work and have given me so much energy. I feel sorry for people that have never tried Melaleuca products. The products work and I have helped change so many lives plus my own with better products. I will use Melaleuca forever.

    • Doris I feel for you with putting all those nasty chemicals in your house with cheap nasty brands. I personally with my daughter worked out our monthly ount for my husband and myself and I use well over 40 product points. It is not just those couple of things you mentioned there are over 400 products to chosse from and unless you never wash, clean, bath, wash clothes and dishes or yourself. I do not get how you cant use at least 35. But I am really sorry you missed out on the best products out there. 64% ate customers because thats what they want …to buy the best products. I got a cheque of 1732 on first month and my last cheque is over 3000..thats for one month and I have less than 50 customers…and except one person…the rest are happy customers who love the products. Oh and the $100 a month I spend on products well dont forget I now spend $100 less money at the shopping centre for my products I used to buy that gave me eczema and asthma.

      • I feel bad that you believe these products are different from any other product available. Just silly.

  25. As an experienced network marketer, there are a couple of points to address regarding Melaleuca and other ‘MLM’s, ‘network marketing’, ‘direct sales’ etc.
    When it comes to building one’s future there’s always choices which are dependent on a few key things:
    1. Experience and Skills
    2. Tenacity, Motivation and Vision
    3. What one wants their legacy to be when they look back on their life
    Most people tend to choose the path that may prove easiest, least challenging, and most comfortable. However, such a path usually ends up being the least rewarding, fulfilling and usually garners more regrets than feelings of success.
    This is not always the case but more often than not, the majority of people end up experiencing this sad journey in their lives, which is why they desire alternative options before it gets too late. Hence the increasing meteoric rise of ‘MLM’s’ which are collectively becoming a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY!
    The common denominator for most people is the desire for:
    1. Residual Income
    2. More times spent with family and friends and pursuing the things in life that really matter.
    3. Have more of a say where their life is headed.
    However, many of these ‘MLM’ companies take advantage of people’s vulnerability and their desire for the aforesaid, offering shallow promises usually with a hefty investment only to end up not delivering on their promises and leaving the individual high and dry without even the return of any initial investment they may have made.
    Addressing the ‘MULTI-LEVEL’ issue: A traditional business or corporation has multi-level set up such as employees, managers, senior managers, executives, CEO Etc. Whether you get a regular JOB as an employee or you choose one of these avenues that allow you to be your own boss you can’t escape the MULTI-LEVEL system. The power of NETWORK MARKETING with its MULTI-LEVEL set up is LEVERAGE and your ability to maximise your opportunities in ways an average job will not allow you to do.
    But most people are scared for a few justifiable reason:
    1. There are MLM companies that have burned them
    2. Friends or family have had the same experience and will not let go of the negative experience
    3. People expect quick results and aren’t willing to put in the hard yards knowing that rewards come to those who stick at it and work hard (hence why there are those who succeed because their efforts and patience have paid off – versing those who expected it to be easy, didn’t have set goals, didn’t follow the system and apply themselves, and yet expected the result that only comes from hard work and dedication.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of an MLM, do your homework:
    1. Look into the history of the company and what it’s offering
    2. Look at the quality of the products and services they are offering, and any consumer reviews to the effects thereof (no company can please everybody all the time)
    3. If you do not find anything outstanding to validate a need to walk away, then the best way to ascertain an opinion is to try it for yourself, instead of going on hearsay and letting others’ sometimes misguided opinions be the factor by which you determine your view of the companies and any possibilities that may indeed be there.

    In conclusion don’t judge a book by its cover than you would a person, by where they are from.
    MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales (whatever you call it), is a legit business even when there are illegitimate people within its’ industry.
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this industry because it helps people come out of themselves, become all that they have the capabilities to be, plus if it’s done right, the unlimited income you can achieve due to the power of LEVERAGE is possible not to mention the multi-faceted benefits it allows you to be for other people.
    Amway and Melaleuca are by far the leaders in their field and two of a select few that truly do hold to what they say to the best of their ability.
    Sometimes a fresh perspective is the best weapon to fight against lack of opportunities that may be right around the corner!
    Carpe Diem!

    • absolutely correct…..

  26. Wow!! I’m really glad I checked this out! I signed up recently with Modere and so far I LOVE the company . I recently told a friend about it and asked him to come to a social and in turn I’d go to a meleluca social with him. I’d never want to sign up with this company after reading this…..I saw many more bad comments than good ones. That CANT be a good thing! -Alexis Harrison

  27. I’m glad all the Melaleuca lies have been addressed here! Melaleuca is a great vehicle to change the economics of your family a community

    • People Who Are Praising This “Company” Must Love Getting Boned. I Was 19 Yrs Old When A “Representative” Approached Me About This Bag Of Lies. He Was A Church Pastor By The Way,And His Church Failed Eventually Because Of His Making Upwards Of $40,000 Tax Free Every Year. Anyway He Came To Me Like AnY predator Would. He Knew I Was Down On My Luck Financially, As I Was 19 At The Time. Gave Me The Usual Crap That I Hear These Idiots On This Site Claim. Easy Way To Make Extra Cash In Your Free Time, No Commitments, Quit Anytime,No Obligations, Etc, Etc. All He Needed Was A Blank Check… OkaY, Here Is Where The Bells And Alarms Should Have Been Going Off. But, Again, I Was 19, Naive, And Very Desperate To Make More Money. Some Friends Had Already Resorted To Selling Drugs In Their College Years. I Refused To Go That Route. So I Figured Ot Would Be Okay. After All, He Was A Pastor, Seemed Like He Cared About Me, And I Had Nothing To Lose. Until I Lost. The Blank Check Was Processed For Something Like $60. Which Bounced. So Add The$40Bank Charge, And Im Under $100 +. I Tried And Tried To Understand Why He Would Have Done This, As I Made Very Clear That I Didnt Want To Buy Anything. And Even Told Him I Had No Money In The Account. What Did That Matter To This Piece Of Human Shit. He Did It Anyway. And Lied To Me Again Saying That Products Needed To Be Purchased By Me, ThenThe Check Was Just A Way To ROute The Money I Was Soon To Be Making. Long Story Short. He Was A Liar. I Ended Up Throwing The Products Away. And Pay My Money To The Bank For My Stupid Mistake. The Products Looked So Awful, I Didnt Even Care To Try Them. I Hope This Company, If You Can Call It That, Fails. And Everyone Who Profits From The Misery Of The People Snared In This Scam, Should Get Suitable Punishment. On Earth, Or Otherwise. Disgusting Practice Here Folks. I Am Now 31, ANd Much Smarter. If Anyone Has Been Approached, Or Curious, Or Just About To Take This Plunge. Please Take It From Me And My Experience. It Isnt Worth It. Its A Scam In Every Sense Of The Word. But, If You Want A Box Of Products Every Month That YoU Didnt Ask For, Not Sure If They Even Work, And Are Terribly Ineffective And Expensive…Then Melaluca Is Totally For You. Good Luck Everybody. I Know How Hard It Is To Make It Out There. This Is Not The way.

      • Hi Matt,

        A friend of mine just asked me about this company and I was doing some research for her to give her my 2 cents. That’s how I came across your comment. I’m really sorry to hear what you went through. Truth be told, I am a skeptic about companies with pyramid structures like these in general, so thank you for confirming my suspicions. I will tell her to steer clear.

        Not sure if that pastor who approached you came from a place of good intentions or out of self-interest; nor if you have cut him out of your life already. Do me a favor though? I’m begging you not to lose hope in the good people out there because of mistakes some bad apples made. Then again… only bad apples like me need saving because we are not beyond reproach and know we have messed up before and hurt others one way or another.

        Hope your financial situation improves.

        Stay warm,

      • You forget to take responsibility for your part in this!! You did tell him there wasn’t money to cash the $60 check—That SHOULD have been a red flag to him. I have been using Melaleuca products for over 20 years now. I use a large variety of items in my home and occasionally order stuff for friends that are not ‘customers’ because they only use 1 or 2 products. I have no problem using 35 ‘points’ per mo. If I don’t need anything, I don’t order and I get a certificate to use another time. No sweat–I LOVE the products. I have been unhappy with one or two products in 22 years. Each time when I mentioned it I was given a replacement product. I really can’t say enough good things about the products or company. I haven’t ‘built my business’. I don’t like that sort of thing–I don’t blame the company for my lack of interest or initiative–the possibility is out there if I end up changing my mind.

        • Thank you Cynthia! for your comments…. A coworker has influenced me and I believe her thoughts on the product line and I’m willing to give the company a try! I’m not looking to get rich but more interested in not having to waste my time/energy going to Walmart and hoping I get a good product in triad. So, thank you for your post!! And yes, Matt needs to take more responsibility, even if he was only 18/19!!

        • Cynthia apparently you missed the part Matt wrote about telling the Pastor he didn’t have any money in that account. I’m happy you are using the products that work well in your life.
          I was told that I didn’t have to buy or sell anything so I’m a little ticked about being misled.

          • You should not have been told that at all that youndont jave to buy anything, here in australia it is the first thing we tell them that the 35 points is an international currency melaleuca uses and each item has a dollar amount in australia per point…everyone knows immediately in the videos shown where the general manager feom amwrica says clearly to become a preferred customer you have to purchase 35 points per month and if you forget the backup order that you pick yourself will be ordered for you and payment taken from the account is you set up….plain and struthful…products are lerfect and if you cant spend up to 80 odd dollars permonth in cleaning, laundry, personal care, health and Nd beauty and basic household cleaning then you must not use much shampoo, cleaners etc or do not care about the environment. Anyway…im sorry you were misled…all my mates will be told thw truth updront as i love the products.

      • Sounds like you were too young to appreciate the products! It’s all about the products! If they are good, then time will tell! If they are good, then you can sell or share them based on your person testimony! That’s all it is! Sell your enthusiasm for your results! My wife and I spend hundreds of dollars a month on Heath products! We do have the money to do it, and we are at that age were we need all the help we can get! You did not have any of that! That’s a few reasons why you have such a bad taste in your mouth! Melaleuca has a lot of great reviews in there products! Shouldn’t weigh so heavily on the company, when it was more about where you were in your life at the time!

      • I feel really sorry you were lied to, but I am also sorry you didnt even try the products, the vitamin range gave me back my tired body back to feeling 30yrs old, to no arthritis, no carpel tunnel and the rest of products and skin care range and makeup is brilliant and so is the cleaning products. They all work perfectly. And the whole idea is to buy each month, not get the back up order.

      • I feel very sad for you, either because of the lies that have been told to you, or you negative attitude which I bet hasn’t got you far in life. The thousands of customers with Melaleuca many of them who have been customer for 10+ years and have benefited from the use of the products, and those who have worked hard and made it a business for themselves. The results are there for everyone to see and do. You obviously only wanted a quick buck without any work.

  28. Your an idiot. You say no company should be “obligated” to charge a customer every month for business?….what do u call what cell phone providers do? What able cable and internet providers? they charge you EVERY MONTH, something you said isnt right, and will even charge you more if your late or try to cancel. You spend $50-$60 every month anyway going to Walgreens or walmart for your houselhold to get these products. Melalueca just wants the customer to try the products and then simply switch stores….thats it. Dont blast a company just because you werent successful with it

    • Dear Tom,
      Your first word says it all! 🙂 It’s “you’re” and idiot, not “your”.

      • This isn’t a spelling competition. Pay attention to the message not the grammatical errors.

    • Yes but you don’t have to pay delivery charges at Walgrens when you are out buying things Melaleuca doesn’t carry. Keep drinking the koolaid!

      • .I becamE a,customer because, I actually really like their products. They have made a difference in my health and appearance. Their natural soap cleared my skin. Their vitamins gave me more energy and helped balance my blood pressure and heart problem. I breath better from asthma by using the cleaning products. Their oils helped my sinus and colds. Fragrance fron oils no asresol in the air. Plus their prices just like Sam’s club are less than health food stores. Why pay more for products at retsil stores who pay distributors and you can earn a residue income while using the product. If the product works for you use it. If it don’t shop other places. Being healthy is important epesially when you want to feel better everyday and enjoy life. Melaleuca helps people change their health and environment. If a person wants a discount they join like Sam’s club and get products at a discount price no distributing involved. Your level of earning is up to you. You make the choices, just like you do when go shopping at a grocery store. Everyone gets a commission even Avon. Just that some like Melaleuca meet health needs to help us change our way of living, so we can live longer. Being a customer and buying products only that I use each month like I do at a regular store. Now I am more healthier. I’m not saying this to make money these products really do work. What’s more important your health living a long life healthier. We got change our environment cut down costs of getting sick. My choice no forcing. I like their products.

    • I just got back from one of their sales pitches and I really got sick of hearing how the products are less than what you buy at Walmart or Sams club. I have 4 high school and college aged sons and I shop a lot and try to get the best prices that I can and I keep track of prices and all of these products are very expensive. And I have to pay shipping. I would have preferred if they were honest and said yes these products are more expensive but they’re worth it instead of lying to me. When I mentioned the high prices to someone she said but you get money back. Then say that but stop lying and saying the products are inexpensive.

      • The products are not expensive, you just cannot afford them, meaning you are broke, its like saying a 100m sprint is hard, no you are unfit! Get it right before you type

        • JEM-you get it right. What she is saying is correct. You can buy better products, cheaper, on Amazon and get it in 2 days without paying for shipping. Now who needs to get it right? Think before you type JEM.

          • JK

            You are required to pay Amazon $99 per year to get products shipped 2 day delivery. Otherwise you need to spend a minimum of
            $35. I agree with JEM

      • Good health products are expensive! Go to Trader Joes! Look at there prices! You won’t find quality products in typical retail stores! You can’t find melaleuca product anywhere but melaleuca reps or online store! Melaleuca products are leading edge healthcare products!

    • Except they lied about not testing on animals and got busted. The CEO is a terrible person and I wouldn’t want to give him a single dollar of my money, and if you look up the ingredients in some of their products on the environmental working group website, they are NOT environmentally friendly. Plus a lot of their products are not great, so I think Tom you are the idiot if you believe what the company tells you! Enjoy your soilent green!

      • Is this true? Where did you find this information? I just signed up with them and dom t want get people ordering products if they are not really safe and have been tested in animals.

  29. I was purchasing products for over 3 years from Melaleuca but tried cancelling at the end of July. I followed their cancellation procedure – download the form, fill it out and scan/email it back to them. I even got a call from the person who signed me up after I cancelled. When cancelling an account, Melaleuca asks for a 30 day notice, so I made my final purchase last month. I checked my credit card over the weekend and I got a charge from them on 9/3! When I called to say I cancelled my account, the rep said “we have no record of it”. I forwarded the email – thank goodness I didn’t delete it from my sent file! The rep put me on hold and then came back and told me it was a “non-refundable charge”. I said I was going to call the credit card company and she said, “fine, do whatever you want”. The credit card company got them on the line and another Melaleuca rep had me forward the email to her and she said “there was no time-stamp on it”. I read the date and time of the time stamp. I even forwarded it to my work email and the time stamp was on the email. She put me on hold and then came back and said she would refund the charge and close the account. The rep from the credit card company asked for an authorization number and she said “we don’t do that”. My credit card is being cancelled and another one is being issued to me so that Melaleuca can’t do this again next month. Originally when I cancelled, I told the person who brought me in the future, I may want to purchase products, but for now I don’t want to. After this happened, I will NEVER purchase anything from them again! This is the only company I know where they make you keep your credit card on file with them. Now I know why! I am sure I’m not the only one this has happened to. I will now go out of my way to tell everyone about my experience to prevent this from happening to anyone else. It took me almost an hour to get this cleared up. So I say for the last time, anyone doing research on the company to either buy products or consider it as a business opportunity, I would tell you to turn around and run in the other direction. DO NOT buy anything from them!

    • I could have signed from a friend of mine ,but decided to do some research on the company first. Thanks to you and many others that had problems like you made my decision really easy.No frigging way I would get into a MLM scam or pyramid scheme like this…….Ken

  30. I found they didn’t care about anything but sending more products and charging me.

  31. I do not know the first thing about affiliate marketing. In your opinion, is “Wealthy Affiliate” going to help me? I have done MLM to include Melaleuca and worked my but off and ended up with small checks that barley paid off my products each month.

    • Absolutely WA is going to help you. I had my stint in MLM as well. Worked my butt off. Had over 20+ people downline….as was making peanuts. After discovering affiliate marketing online, I literally have made 100x’s more income than I ever did in MLM and you could see the same success, Ron. It comes down to going through the training, and applying lots of action. Simple as that.

  32. Melaleuca is a horrible company to get tangled up with. Once they get a hold of you, they push down your throat a required mandatory purchase requirement. If not they hold you to be in violation of your agreement and they will send you to collections. Some people are “satisfied” with their Mekaluca products SNF others are not. From a scientific viewpoint other multilevel marketing businesses are better. I feel sorry for anyone who gets caught up in the melaleuca web of scams

  33. I joined melaleuca because that advocated natural chemical free products. I joined as a preferred customer and have been buying and using thei products for six months. I have not recruited anyone because my aim of joining was for personal use of their products. I can attest that their products are great and less expensive comparable with others. And they are truly chemical free. Prior to using melaleuca I cou clean with the cleaning products from Walmart because of severe acute respiratory reactions. My husband did all the cleaning in our home in my absence even with that I still had problems when. Long story short I can clean my home now without any reaction to my airway. My husband swears by it. Like someone said if you are a dollar store shopper it is not for you. I have no problem meeting my points a month. February I was too busy and forgot to order and they sent me stuff I had placed on. Back order in case like this. Most of my friends love the products. I have refused to sign up anyone because as i said my interest is the products not the business.

    • If you look at the extensive, independent research conducted by the EWG (environment working group), none of Melaleuca’s cleaning products rate higher than a “C”. I’m glad they work for you but based on the independent studies, they are not 100% chemical free. They are just a better choice than some.

      • I have noticed that they say on the back to call poison control, if it’s 100% chemical free you shouldn’t have to do that. But that could just be a way to cover their butts too

        • That’s an erroneous assumption. I’ve got plants in my garden that could kill a person if ingested, and they’re not chemicals….it’s natural toxins. I’m not a Melaleuca salesperson, am only just looking into their products. But to say that something can only poison you if it has chemicals in it is completely untrue.

      • ????? I can’t find any Melaleuca Products on their website?

  34. My mother in law signed up for this and a box of products would arrive each month. I must say, I tried all of them, for her sake, and found them all to be inferior to the products i was buying from BJ’s and other stores. The various cleansers, detergents, and other products were ineffective and their human consumables were all compounded with junk.

    • The only thing I can think is that you work for a competitor. The products are AMAZING and they are chemical free Actually work better than the Lysol’s and Mr. Clean’s of the world.

      • I wish people would stop saying chemical free! NOTHING IS CHEMICALLY FREE!

  35. Direct sales or mlm is not for everybody.Not everyone
    will go into it and make money.Alot of people that i know
    have done it and made fortunes.It all depends on how determined
    you are to make it.Melaleuca is a great company,they have
    one of the best compensation plan in the business.That said
    alot of people have done it without much success but yet alot
    replaced their salary with it.It all depends on how much
    work you’re ready to put into it.To have financial freedom
    is not an easy task.So,those complaining should know that
    is not always negative.

    • WOW. So many negative bitter people…..you can make a lot of money IF you are willing to work and If…IF….IF you have a good attitude!!!!! What I learned from all these negative naysayers is that from now on when I sit down with someone to let them in on how Melaleuca can change their life and I hear the first negative word ( not a sincere question) but a negative remark along with a shitty attitude I AM OUT THE DOOR!!!!! I wouldn’t even let these negative assholes get in my business…..I’m sure most all the of them have bad jobs, bad marriages ….if anyone would even marry them and no friends unless they are just like them…..enough said.

  36. This is Amway just under a different name.everything else is just the same.

    • If the product is good and reasonably priced compared with the general market, then it should work ok. I always check the web on any business like this, and if it has complaints about the product, or the way its sold then I give it a miss. There is plenty of information out there, just type in the company name and look at Wikipedia. You would not want to sell a product to your family and friends if it was not a genuine, honest deal.

      1. Company Track Record
      Amway has been around for 50 years so obviously they have a track record so we’ll give them credit for this.
      Melaleuca is a 28 year old company with a A1 financial rating. We have excellent credentials with the Better
      Business Bureau. Our president and CEO, Frank Vandersloot, is the Vice Regional Chairman on our US Chamber
      of Commerce and was recently named Entrepreneur of the Year by CNN, Nasdaq and USA Today.
      2. Financially Sound
      We can give this to Amway, also. They are a financially sound company.
      Melaleuca- We are also financially sound as stated above.
      3. Strong Management
      Since Amway has been around so long we can assume that they have good, strong management.
      Melaleuca has been featured in the Inc. 500 magazine five years in a row (Microsoft was featured three years in a
      row) as one of America’s fastest growing, privately held companies. This would make Melaleuca’s management
      team strong, also.
      4. Unique Consumable Products
      Amway does have lots of consumable products but only 5% of them are unique. Actually, Amway buys from other
      companies and then packages the product in Amway bottles. Amway products are also very expensive when
      compared to similar products.
      All of Melaleuca’s products are consumable and unique to the company. They have patents or patents pending on
      all their products. What they don’t spend in advertising they spend in scientifically developing the best products for
      your home and personal use. They call it “the best of science and nature.” Melaleuca will not release a product until
      it is well-documented and researched.
      5. Competitively Priced
      Amway fails in this area. As stated above, Amway buys many of their products from a middle man and thus has to
      mark up everything to the consumer to make a profit. You can buy most of their products just off the grocery store
      shelf for a lot cheaper.
      Melaleuca prices are very competitive to grocery store prices. We beat just about all prices on name brand products.
      This was a goal of Frank Vandersloot’s when he started the company. He wanted to make sure that anyone could
      afford safer products for their homes.
      6. Low Personal Production Requirement
      Amway fails here again and this is one or their biggest. To be an Amway distributor (remember that word) you
      must order $250 a month of product to try and sell to others. That’s where the word “distributor” comes to play.
      You must buy wholesale and sell retail to anyone you can to get anywhere with Amway
      With Melaleuca, you order for you and your family alone. There is no requirement unless a person wants to be a
      Preferred Customer in order to receive company perks. In this case, the requirement is only about $55 a month,
      something that you’re doing already at the grocery store. With Melaleuca, you just switch stores. We DO NOT buy
      wholesale to sell to others retail. We are not distributors. We are all just customers and have the privilege of buying
      wholesale for our families. This can also include the privilege of earning a check from Melaleuca every month.
      7. High Reorder Rate
      Amway’s reorder rate is only 12% every month. Only 12% of the people that you have sold these products to will
      buy them the next month and months after that. And then you have to keep on chasing these people to get them to
      order again. Talk challenging!
      Melaleuca’s reorder rate is a whopping 95%. Ninety-five percent of the people that ordered Melaleuca this month
      will order it next month. Once you set up a customer account with Melaleuca the company takes care of the rest and
      the customer orders and pays the company for their products.
      8. Low Attrition Rate
      Amway’s attrition rate is a whopping 90%. That means that 9 out of 10 people will quit Amway and you will spend
      90% of your time trying to replace those people.
      Melaleuca’s attrition rate is only 7%. This is almost unheard of for a company. Customers are totally satisfied with
      Melaleuca products and the Melaleuca business.
      9. Low Initial Investment
      Amway’s initial investment is $50 but, and that’s a big but, the required business starter pack is $200.
      Becoming a customer is a $29 decision. Period. You can order a Value or Essentials Pack to help your business, but
      they are not required.
      10. No Risk
      Amway has many risks. One is just the risk of wasting your time. The majority of people in Amway seem to never
      make money and many lose money. The only way to really make the big bucks in Amway is to sell tapes, books, do
      seminars and conferences. Any training with Amway will cost you. There are, also, quotas every month that you
      need to meet.
      Melaleuca has NO risks. If you are not satisfied with the products you will receive 100% of your money back. There
      is a 120 day money back guarantee on the business. If you are not satisfied with the business and you just don’t
      think that it will work for you, Melaleuca will refund your $29 no questions asked. They only want satisfied
      customers. All training with Melaleuca is free. You build your business the way you are comfortable with and at
      your own pace. There are no quotas every month to meet.

      • Brian,

        I really think you should research a bit more before you compare Melaleuca to Amway. Most of your facts in relation to Amway are in fact not correct. I am unsure how you got this information but it is clearly not from the correct source.
        4. Unique Consumable Products
        Amway does have lots of consumable products but only 5% of them are unique. Actually, Amway buys from other
        companies and then packages the product in Amway bottles. Amway products are also very expensive when
        compared to similar products.
        All of Melaleuca’s products are consumable and unique to the company. They have patents or patents pending on
        all their products. What they don’t spend in advertising they spend in scientifically developing the best products for
        your home and personal use. They call it “the best of science and nature.” Melaleuca will not release a product until
        it is well-documented and researched.
        This comment is so not true. Amway does own all the products that they sell. They have over 900 patents and over 1000 pending…… They also have products tested by the CSRIO.

        5. Competitively Priced
        Amway fails in this area. As stated above, Amway buys many of their products from a middle man and thus has to
        mark up everything to the consumer to make a profit. You can buy most of their products just off the grocery store
        shelf for a lot cheaper.

        The only products that you can buy out of a supermarket are the general grocery items. Everything else is exclusive to Amway.

        6. Low Personal Production Requirement
        Amway fails here again and this is one or their biggest. To be an Amway distributor (remember that word) you
        must order $250 a month of product to try and sell to others. That’s where the word “distributor” comes to play.
        You must buy wholesale and sell retail to anyone you can to get anywhere with Amway
        With Melaleuca, you order for you and your family alone. There is no requirement unless a person wants to be a
        Preferred Customer in order to receive company perks. In this case, the requirement is only about $55 a month,
        something that you’re doing already at the grocery store. With Melaleuca, you just switch stores. We DO NOT buy
        wholesale to sell to others retail. We are not distributors. We are all just customers and have the privilege of buying
        wholesale for our families. This can also include the privilege of earning a check from Melaleuca every month

        Amway you do not buy for anyone other than yourself. We do not sell the products…..

        As for the $55 a month that you must spend with Melaleuca,,,,, well try $121….. that you are forced to spend whether or not you actually want to buy something. With Amway if you do not want to spend for a month you don’t have to. It just means that you do not get a payment for that month.

        7. High Reorder Rate
        Amway’s reorder rate is only 12% every month. Only 12% of the people that you have sold these products to will
        buy them the next month and months after that. And then you have to keep on chasing these people to get them to
        order again. Talk challenging!
        Melaleuca’s reorder rate is a whopping 95%. Ninety-five percent of the people that ordered Melaleuca this month
        will order it next month. Once you set up a customer account with Melaleuca the company takes care of the rest and
        the customer orders and pays the company for their products.

        The only reason that so many people reorder with Melaleuca is that they are forced to to do…..

        8. Low Attrition Rate
        Amway’s attrition rate is a whopping 90%. That means that 9 out of 10 people will quit Amway and you will spend
        90% of your time trying to replace those people.
        Melaleuca’s attrition rate is only 7%. This is almost unheard of for a company. Customers are totally satisfied with
        Melaleuca products and the Melaleuca business.

        I would really love to see where you picked these figures from…..

        9. Low Initial Investment
        Amway’s initial investment is $50 but, and that’s a big but, the required business starter pack is $200.
        Becoming a customer is a $29 decision. Period. You can order a Value or Essentials Pack to help your business, but
        they are not required.

        You still need to spend at lest $150 in your first order………. so your comment makes no sence….

        10. No Risk
        Amway has many risks. One is just the risk of wasting your time. The majority of people in Amway seem to never
        make money and many lose money. The only way to really make the big bucks in Amway is to sell tapes, books, do
        seminars and conferences. Any training with Amway will cost you. There are, also, quotas every month that you
        need to meet.
        Melaleuca has NO risks. If you are not satisfied with the products you will receive 100% of your money back. There
        is a 120 day money back guarantee on the business. If you are not satisfied with the business and you just don’t
        think that it will work for you, Melaleuca will refund your $29 no questions asked. They only want satisfied
        customers. All training with Melaleuca is free. You build your business the way you are comfortable with and at
        your own pace. There are no quotas every month to meet.

        There is no risk at all with Amway….. at least they do not force you to buy when you do not want to….

        • I don’t know where your getting your facts from. I was in Amway and now in Meleluca. I have never spent more than 100 bucks in products not even 80 bucks. At the low end
          I spent like 50 bucks At the high end 65.

        • I agree with you Sue about Amway. I literally live across from their headquarters. Everything you have said is correct. I am not a customer of Amway but know a lot of people who enjoy having this service.

        • Where did you get your facts? I know someone that was with Amway for 20 years. She had a storeroom of products purchased for customers and they were very expensive. I know many people that are on limited income but they are ordering and enjoying a wide variety of Melaleuca products while spending $40-50 month buying things they need and would have had to buy from another store. soms of the cleaners are less than $6 a bottle but they make up to 6 bottles ween mixed correctly. Laundry detergent is $17 for 96 HE loads. Go look at Tide and Cheer. You can buy cheaper detergent but it will take 1/2 cup to wash a load compared to Melaleuca I’ve been with Melaleuca since November and I have others that have joined after I told them about the company. One of those people did have a family emergency and in her panic she called to cancel. She called me to let me know but later decided she had made a mistake. It took her 10 minutes to cancel and my presence was not required but it took 30 minutes with both of us on the phone and many questions asked to get her reinstated.

    • I couldn’t tell, Vanessa, do you mean to say that as a positive or a negative comparison ? I was once an Amway distributor . I even was persuaded to give them a second shot with a different sponsor , but the business model was so inflexible (with good reason , but not a fit for my schedule or family life ) and the products offered while of excellent quality were not competitively priced . And two more differences are I don’t have to wait till Monday evening to order product , at a given hour (when all my sponsor’s personal customer s were also lining up to order with that same allotted hour , And last I knew they all must show up on Tuesday, again , at another designated hour to pickup there order with Payment in hand ! Just not going to work for most people these days . Melaleuca on the other hand , receives all orders from customers directly , and ship directly to their door step via UPS or FedEx . From my personal observations and experiences , Melaleuca can serve more of the average Joe & Jane customers to satisfaction than the Amway I knew. Have they changed over the last decade or so , undoubtedly . But my last scan of their web site revealed no closer similarities than simply two companies using the same (basicly ) business model , MLM , to market household consumables (yes Vincent they most certainly are an MLM business , but anyone who’s had more than a passing introduction to this style of business knows why they wish to distance themselves from the foul reputation that follows those three letters around , because so many pyramid/ponzi scams presented as MLMs ) . I certainly hope you don’t feel I am disrespectful of your opinion , but I could not discern what your opinion was (what is the comparison , do you like Amway , or dispise them ? ). Check out the company histories. they even got into generally similar businesses for directly opposite reasons , and I think that has had a huge influence on their respective corporate mission statements as well. I ate a piece of fruit at breakfast today , and another one at lunch , and though they were both fruit, they were not “just the same”, and neither are we . I expect we often arrive at differing opinions although often relying on the same facts because we don’t all place the exact same value on each particular as the next person . To those seeking answers , I wish you success. Ask better questions , and you may get better answers , but always verify the source.

    • Its Amway gone Green

    • Not true Vanessa. I was with Amway for many years. Never received any cheques, no discounts on the products, no rewards for helping others use the products. Not the same at all

  37. You all keep saying there’s no selling?? How do you earn a living then. If the people you recruit do not buy how do you get compensated. Why do you reps not even use the Company name but call it a wellness company or a woman’s wealth network or a myriad of other things. If people don’t buy you don’t get you 7% cut thus no income. They bribe you with car allowence’s and trips which you do contribute to by the way. No Company could survive without sales.

    • This is no selling products. A person simply becomes a member for only $29 and then shops directly from the company. The person who sets up their account initially earns $25, $50 or $100 depending on the new customers initial order. Afterwards, pay is 20% based on those member’s subsequent orders, which over 95% do and thus creates a great and consistent residual income.

      One thing not to be overlooked is all the lucrative bonuses along the way based on how many customer accounts get set up, namely $200 for the 8th, $400 for the 10th, $1,000 for the 11th and so on.

      There are many other money generating features too. That’s why there are so many people making money with Melaleuca.

      • Mark, how can you say there’s no selling? You market the name…marketing is selling! If you do not market it correctly, you fail selling the company’s product!

        • It’s because you don’t physically buy and then sell off the products, like many other MLM arrangements do.

        • Marketing & selling ARE 2 totally different, but related fields. Marketing involves company image, advertising decisions, high-end decisions, etc – usually an executive type of role. With sales, you have to pound pavement, phones or the Internet and actively sell a product or service. In Sales, you can have a small salary or end up earning $0, it’s dependent on your own actions, techniques & ambition (unless you become a manager, but that’s different). With marketing you have a set, often very good, salary & may earn extra commissions in various ways. On a P&L, Sales would be an income & expense item, while marketing is more of an expense item you may lump with advertising.

  38. Why would I want to buy $50 worth of cleaning products a month, when I barely use that in a year?

    • $50 may be hard to spend if one doesn’t wash clothes or their hair or brush their teeth. I do and i take vitamins and clean my house and easily spend $80 per month. It would cost more to buy inferior products at the grocery store.

      • You dont need vitamines if you eat clean vitamin enriched food in the first place.

        • Not true Ken. Our soils are depeleted from over producing many crops, and the use of insectisides used on the said crops. Unless you organically grow your own fruit and veggies and even then you will not get the full benefit. Our bodies are working every day to expel the toxins in the air, from washing products, cleaning products and irradiation from the many appliances in our homes.

    • Melaleuca has well over 400 products. Whey do people keep regurgitating the point about cleaning products only???? The cleaning products are just a fraction of the what Melaleuca has to offer. I also personally could never use up $50 of cleaning products per month.

      They also have an entire line of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, bath and body line, nutritional supplements and more.

      • I personally am involved with Melaleuca and love their products. Some are great, others are not. Melaleuca offers money back guarantee for those products that I don’t like. My husband and I swear by their vitamins. Feel so much better with more energy. I don’t refer people because the commission is not worth it to me. But if your looking to make an extra $100 or more. Sure, why not. It’s all up to the effort you put into it. I have no problem spending my required 35 points a month, which usually comes out to about $85.00 a month for the products I love. Their laundry stain remover is amazing also. I used it on clothes with stains that had been washed and dried several times and the stains came out with it. Also Melaleuca is always having specials on the sign up fee. Usually cost $1 to be a member which is going on right now. So ya, your not going to get rich fast or quit your job today but the products alone are great and safe.

    • Because the products don’t last!

  39. Sounds to me like you are negative people. Melaleuca is a good comoany and either you build a business with it or you are just a customer. You probably buy 1 or 2 coffees a day from your coffee shop and what does that do for you? I am sure you like your Tide detergent that is made with harsh chemicals but why should you care, right? I am sure you love you GNC products that contain ingredients that will cause health issues later. Just go ahead keep your lifestyle and when I am still alive at 100 anf walking normal i will send you a picture of me skydiving.

      I was blessed to have a “business opportunity” presented to me. The presenters were fairly convincing until they tried to speak of the biochemical interactions their “green” supplements provide. I asked to not place an order until we spoke the next day, yet my A1, potential new bushiness partner decided to place an order over the phone with my credit card information anyway… smart man, because Melaleuca can’t cancel orders over the phone due to their warehouse, “moving really fast.” Imagine that! Melaleuca’s products are comparable to any run of the mill business, their fish oil tastes like shit even though “it has no fishy taste” and the sports drink is full of artificial sweeteners. It’s a huge MLM scheme where very, very few make a living.

  40. Melalueca claimed themselves as DD (direct distributing) in quote, not MLM. They said they don’t sell the merchandise thru them but direct from a distributor. And yet they sell the business and you become under whoever promoted you the business. What I hate about this business is they send you the package even without you ordering them. It’s like they pull money on your credit card month-to-month without your consent. And if they say, you can control that, it is hidden and NOT CONSPICUOUS. They make it hard to understand.

    A woman actually got me into this. And I thouht she was a friend. She told me that I can make $4000 a month in six months!!!! Man, if it sounds too good to be true, it is nothing but a LIE. I tried it and it wasn’t easy to make people sign under you. I am very TURN OFF by Melaleuca. I cancelled mine right away!!!!


    • I love Melaleuca! When I first joined my husband was a skeptic, after a few months he has been converted and loves the products. It is true you have to work hard to make money in this company, but no one ever hands you anything in life.

    • Although you can’t “SELL” the products, you can certainly BUY them direct from the company. You just need a current member to refer you in order to set up an account.

  42. You know it is MLM, no matter how they try to claim it differently. But theres nothing really harmful in that except it has a bad reputation. As far as not purchasing anything for a month the worst part is that you dont receive a commission check that month. And as for not spending money on advertising that only serves the company with higher profits. We the people only get harmed by that as it makes our job that much harder. I like the green industry for sure, just not sure how easy it would be to “sell” this idea when many products are more expensive even though they claim like Amway the products are more concentrated. In my experience they need to be to be as effective. I am one of the best when it comes to internet marketing and sure I can put it in front of many people but I really don’t like working for free any of the time. I haven’t decided either way.

  43. M F Christian, That was a well written truthful comments that I like to see… we need more people like you Dude to speak out… hope to see and read more of your honest comments… I’m going to put you on Face Book. Have a great day!

  44. I have been with melaleuca, and they have great products. I stopped promoting the program, because as Vince says it is very difficult to earn an honest living. And this is true of all other businesses. It takes great work and real hard work.

    uplines leaders make it seem simple, usually with the ‘” no selling’ suggestions. that’s not true. To make money you have to sell something.

    online marketing is much easier, but, it, too, takes great work.

    The difference is that you don’t have to leave your home to promote, everything is done through the internet.

    And, using a common name to get traffic is a gimmick use very offen. usually blog owners use it frequently, as is Vince using it now.

    i consider it honest as long as you don’t damage the reputation of a legitimate company, and i think that Vince isn’t damaging the reputation of melaleuca.

    Federal law says that a legitimate mlm company has to have 80/20 customer to biz ratio, that is, it should have 80 customers for every 20 biz oppotunity members.

    There are many people that buy melaleuca products and don’t care about the biz or money making part. i had many of those, but getting the orders and delivering them was time consuming and took money out of the profits.

    i use some of the products for personal use, not because i need to buy them to qualify for earnings.

    you have to get the money for each order before you deliver it, or you will have a hard time collecting your money.

    i am a free member of wealthy affiliate, and consider it a legitimate program.

    Earning money online or offline takes hard work, online you can do it at any time, any where around the world, and takes less investment, but it isn’t free if you want success.

    your friend,

    luis Antonios

    • Thanks for your response Antonio. I appreciate. People can decide to sell as often or as little as possible. People this doesn’t have to be a full time thing. I was thinking about it as a little side money. Don’t have to get up an arms about it.

    • Up in arms*

  45. This guy is selling affiliate programs and not affiliated with Melaleuca at all. He is using the Melaleuca name with a salacious headline to get your attention and trick you into looking at his affiliate program system. Of course he is going to make false claims, it’s al part of the game to get you to click on his stuff for his personal gain. I hope Melaleuca finds a way to shut this down, as I am surprised if this is even legal to do this kind of shady marketing ploy.

    • Hey Debbie. Absolutely I am recommending affiliate programs I feel can really help someone succeed in building a home business. I challenge you to check one of them out and see for yourself.

      And this is my blog. Obviously I know how to market and have been experienced in the MLM industry before. I know exactly how the MLM game works and how reps and distributors tend to develop a “die hard” loyalty to their opportunity.

      As far as shady marketing ploys, how is hustling people into a downline for your own financial benefit not shady? You can find much better products in the market. Let’s be real. The only reason you promote this company is to recruit and make money.

      • When you say “much better products”, do you have specific examples in mind? I would like to read a blog that does a comparison: finding a better product, with the science behind it, with better ingredients, at a better value. If there’s revenue sharing so much the better, but I guess at that point it wouldn’t be too necessary.

  46. You CAN sell Melaleuca retail but there are very strict guidelines for doing so. The system is set up for the MLM approach.

    • Laura, how can you sell Melaleuca products retail an where can I find these guidelines. I’m new and looking to increase my sales without having to recruit. I live in a small town where it’s hard to find new people.

      • Why in the world would people want to pay retail price for something they could get wholesale?

  47. THere is no pressure to buy products.I have been buying products fior over 12 months and have found them to be all they say.I buy monthly as a preferred customer and have no problem reaching my points and that is not buying the high end product range.just several supermarket islesI don’t have have to visit.There is money to be made.yes like anything you do have to work, however I get a small amount monthly from referring a couple of people. I know people that are making a go at it and doing well.yes they will loose some people, but people like myself are in for the long haul.

  48. Lol, if Vince didn’t have an angle that could have never believable.

  49. Kris Is right it to the point of having to buy stuff every month lo rat is also right that there is no “selling” but the majority of the products that push the points are way over priced. They hook you with the idea of cheap cleaners then stick ya with expensive things.

    • Jay, Yes the cleaning products are an AMAZING deal. However that is just one, out of five, product lines! I have found that all the product lines are a fantastic deal, if you’re comparing them to actual market equivalents.

      No, the sulfate-free shampoos aren’t as cheap as Swave – but it’s WAY better. Compared to other sulfate-free shampoos, it’s the cheapest on the market.

      Melaleuca isn’t for everyone. If you’re a dollar store shopper, you probably would find the products expensive. But if are a person that typically buys name brand products, or shops in natural / whole food stores – Melaleuca is going to save you tons!

  50. Thanks Suzzette for the clarification of “Selling Products” Kris was obviously NOT given a proper presentation.

  51. Great company but if I could correct one thing written above is with Melaleuca there is no selling of products . In fact you’re not allowed to sell anything . You may purchase your own products at wholesale prices and share this system with others if you choose . It’s consumer direct marketing . No Selling ever 🙂 . You don’t even HAVE to buy every month ,anyone can be a direct customer and purchase at direct prices when ever they choose .

    • That is what I heard to until the last sentence., sign you up todya and pick your back up products to buy each month in case you don’t make you order on time….LOLOLOL if that is not selling I don’t know what is and that gets the person their commission……. no I did not buy

      • Not true!! You can suspend your account if you do not wish to purchase anything for the month! You don’t HAVE to get your back-up order!! And your team should let you know…Hey you didn’t order, did you want your back up order or to suspend this month?…!

    • The only problem is that you have to buy $50.00 worth of products a month in order to get a 40% discount. Or you pay the full amount.

      • Chris, why is it a problem to purchase a certain amount of product a month to receive discounts as a preferred customer? Restaurants have loyalty cards where discounts and free meals are given when spending money at their establishments. Car companies give extra money back if you remain loyal to the brand (I.e. Ford, GM). Grocery stores have shopping cards where you could get deals on gas and produce if you regularly shop at their stores (Safeway, Ralph’s, etc). Also if the company like Melelauca offers no penalty cancllelations and a return policy for a refund then how is that different from any online store?

        • I have a FRYS grocery store card. I have to use it to get my discounts!!! BUR guess what if I don’t have one, the checker will use hers/his to get me a discount. AND I did not pay 29.95 for it, and I don’t have to buy $50.00 dollars worth to get it. LOL give me a call, I have some nice property in

          • It’s not selling , I don’t ship , stock , and or take products to people .
            It’s their account and they set up their orders as they wish .

      • Chris, the decision to shop with Melaleuca isn’t any different than the decision to shop at Target, Walmart, Rite-Aid or the Dollar Store. It’s not a decision to make NEW purchases. It’s a decision to simply switch stores. You’re already buying these things. Melaleuca offers safer, greener alternatives. You either “get it” or you don’t. No sweat.

    • The product you sell is the company. You can label it “Sharing”, This is smoke and mirrors. If the company is valid don’t hide it, but rather shout it on a mountain top. If you are not “selling” the company, then you are not making money. This is NOT Charity work. If you weren’t getting paid, then you would not be doing it.

    • anyone that really believes your not selling something ” I have a Gold Mine in lower Arizona….! You can play with the words all you want, but what do you really think your doing when you present the MLM aspect or have a group of friends over. Selling is selling. May not be a “product”, but your selling !!!

    • The Melaleuca reviews that I have been reading online lately have been very interesting. It comes across to me that many of the reviews and complaints about Melaleuca are coming from either misunderstanding of direct sales companies or haven’t truly spent time with a leadership team. Either way, joining a direct sales company (not MLM) is a legitimate way for employed entrepreneurs to introduce additional income.

    • You DO have to buy every month. If you forget to buy in any given month, the company will ship what you normally buy and charge your credit card on file. Even if ai didn’t want a single thing that month, I’m not sure if I can call and tell them not to send me anything.

      • Debbie, you absolutely can tell them that you don’t want anything for the month. Your enroller should have explained this to you. If you’d like details on how to suspend your account for any number of months, contact your team or call Melaleuca directly and the Customer Service people are supper helpful!

    • Come on now? are you honestly trying to use a play on words to say there is no selling? that is what keeps companies like this alive. It is funny to listen to members of these different companies use the catch phrases. And semi brainwashing techniques. I guess if you say the shy is green to the same group of people over and over, they will look up at the beautiful blue sky, and claim it is green. They still see blue, they have just told and heard the lie so long, they puke it out before the brain knows what they are doing. Yes, Everyone sells. Yes, Most won’t make a living doing it. Yes, The products are pretty good. (just like many other companies like this. Yes, It is a MLM. Yes, You pay to join. No matter how much you try and claim that 29 bucks is not real money. it’s more like green sky. And finally, Yes, Give one of these companies a try. most of us have. it is almost a right of passaged anymore. And a great way to make sure you won’t get invited to Thanksgiving Dinner.

      • I guess that would depend on your definition of “selling”. I call selling exchanging goods or services for money. We don’t do that. All transactions are done by the company, not the marketing executives. This is different than say, Mary Kay or Tupperware, or any other catalog sales company.

        However if you define selling as talking-up a program, or recommending products, or explaining how something works – well, than I guess Melaleuca fits that description. Its selling in the way that you “sell” a friend of yours on a great movie you just saw.

        • No Stacy, the definition of selling is the same for everyone. Look it up in the dictionary. It’s THE standard resource for definitions. Oh wait, I’ll do it for you:
          1. give or hand over (something) in exchange for money
          2. persuade someone of the merits of.

          You can continually deny that you’re “selling” something but you’ll only alienate others as you play that word game with them. You WILL lose credibility. My guess is that when you go to the doctor’s office and they want to draw blood, you believe the nurse when she says, “this won’t hurt.” Ouch!
          Here’s another fact: It’s not what you think you’re doing that counts (Oh, you’re just sharing? ha ha); it’s what the person you’re “persuading to” is perceiving. If they think you’re selling something to them, YOU’RE SELLING!!! No amount of self-denial will alter that fact. Any real marketer knows that they don’t dictate policy to their prospects/customers, or they won’t have anyone to “sell” to. Only network marketers seem to be confused by that.
          Listen to Vince. He certainly seems to know about marketing. He studied and learned. You’ll want to do the same. Or suffer the same fate (being broke) as so many other MLMer’s.
          Check out Ann Sieg if you want to succeed. She teaches network marketers how to do it right. Hey, am I selling you on something? C’mon, you can tell me…(gee, I thought I was just sharing…)

      • I was looking for a work from home job and came across a job listing on Craigslist for Customer service with this company. I sent them a email and they told me I had to do a webinar. Ok did it. Never mentioned an employee had to pay a dime to start the job. Just showed you all kinds of products that were natual and why they are better for you and how you get more for your money and better health. Ok great. That was not what the ad said for the job or in the webinar. Now they want 2900 to start. Mis-leading junk ad on innocent people.

      • Ray, People that join MLM’s do it solely for the business. It’s the very business model. Melaleuca customers don’t ever have to tell anyone about the new store they’re shopping with if they never want to. MLM’s have ruined a lot of people’s perspectives about what Melaleuca is all about. Melaleuca uses the word “sell” in quotations because we know that for the meager 12% of us that choose to use the store as a means to grow a business we have to “sell” the premise of wellness and ecological responsibility. You can’t put an actual price on you or your families health and you can’t actually put a price on preserving your little part of your natural environment. MLM folks invest in inventory, take orders and hold parties to sell actual merchandise. Who needs that? We show you an awesome store, give you all the info we can about it and you make your own decision. There’s no way I can make anyone do anything they don’ want to do and there’s absolutely no risk. So we, the minority of shoppers that choose to build businesses, are indeed pitching the store but it’s the ONLY way that the store is advertised. Anyone advertising in classifieds or social media shall be reported as this is against Melaleuca’s policies and they’re business may be revoked.
        On another note: a non-profit organization may be added to the business organization at no obligations to purchases or annual fees and that sets them up to receive charitable contributions from customers placed under said organization. There’s charity here too. There is also an orphanage in Santa Lucia that the Melaleuca Foundation contributes money to every year. Again, charity. This is a noble, crystal clean company with the best business model anywhere. The FTC has nothing bad to say about us. They did however just sue Herballife for millions and forced their policies to change. We play by honest rules and with integrity. Always have, always will.

    • CORRECT!

      With Melaleuca you are NEVER a distributor. No one sells products at mork-up. No one sells products at all. Melaleuca is NOT actually an MLM. The only thing you buy is products you yourself would like to use. If in any given month someone doesn’t want to order, they just have to let the company know and put their account on hold.

      I have been a customer since 2007, and since 2008 I have gotten a check from them every single month – and that was without even though I put my business on hold for two years.

      Sounds like this reviewer didn’t actually watch the company overview – which is available for anyone to see, just as a friend that’s already a Melaleuca customer.

    • Recommending is a form of selling. If you don’t tell anyone about the products you won’t sell or “share the system”.

      • So right!love all the positives the company has to offer like truth is in the pudding FOING GREEN IS HEALTIER AND SMARTER THESE DAYS AND TIMES

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