Does Inbox Dollars Scam People? Honest Review

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inbox_dollars_scamWill Inbox Dollars scam you? Great question and oh, thanks for visiting my website. I really appreciate. In fact, the whole goal of this site is to shed some honesty on the whole “make money from home” world and sort out what’s bs and what can actually help you earn money. And that’s why I have created this review for you. I’m assuming you’re browsing Google or some kind of search engine in hopes of finding out whether this company is legit or just another scam out there trying to take your money. That’s good that you’re doing your due diligence and investigating. I’m going to give you my unbiased and honest opinion.

So Inbox Dollars. Let’s talk about it. Money. You need some. You’re looking for some. You want to know how to earn some. Online.

Let me explain to you as best I can about this particular website that claims you can earn income doing simple tasks and what not such as surveys, playing games, shopping, and browsing the web.

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What I Like

It’s free to join. You can literally set up an account within 30 seconds. All that’s required is your name, email address, and a password and you are all set ready to go.

inbox_dollars_review_$5 starter bonus. You actually get credited five dollars when you sign up which is pretty cool because that’s pretty much free money.

Start doing tasks. There is a wide range of things you can do to get paid. The main ones are trial offers, surveys, easy cash things, games, search, referring friends, and more. You can literally start taking surveys right away and earn about $.50 each.

Referral program. You can actually invite your friends to join under you and earn money when they participate in these activities.

Extra income. Probably the biggest benefit is that this is an opportunity for you to make real money.

What I Don’t Like

You have to sign up for lots of stuff. To participate in just about anything especially the trial offers, you have to sign up at different websites. Often times these websites gather information and can sell its to other companies which is why you might get lots of spam. Not only that we have to be careful because sometimes these trial offers require a credit card which may be billed if you read the fine print after the trial period expires.

Minimal Earnings. This may not be a big deal to you. Maybe you’re not looking for a full-time income, but just extra cash. That’s fine. I just fancy focusing my time and effort online towards something that’s going to pay me maximum dollar such as building an Internet business from scratch. But that’s just me.


Inbox Dollars is a decent website anybody can join and make minimal earnings. you are definitely not going to get rich by joining this website, but you could probably make a few extra bucks per month which could amount to a free dinner or maybe even a small bill.

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  1. They got me too!!!!! Three years of saving money from their stupid stuff and then they just delete my account when trying to reactive it and get my money they tell me that the account has been ‘cleaned’ and no way to get it. What a scam!!!!!!! I would never recommend this site to anyone not even an enemy!!!!!!!!!

  2. Actually was liking this site, took two weeks to get to the $30 payout. Noticed that the surveys had dried up the last couple days, I was at $31 this morning and now my account has been deactivated. Well played InboxDollars, what a bunch of jerks! Best to stay away from this one.

  3. I’ve been with Inboxdollars for more than 10 years. Yes, they do pay…many times. I don’t understand why you people are getting banned….unless maybe a VPN that you forgot to turn off or something? Or 2 people on the same IP address? Not sure, just cashed out again, will let you know if I don’t receive my payment.

  4. I was with Inboxdollars for a long time, over a year, and I go on today after not using so much after I cashed out for $51.96, which I did receive via e-gift card today, and I get this screen that says I’ve been using a proxy/VPN and my account was terminated. I am steaming mad. I don’t even understand how a proxy or VPN works, but apparently I’ve been using one, according to them. I am in the process of trying to get my account back, but I really don’t know if I even want it back after this experience. They do spam your email and phone, but I had put so much time into earning that I put up with it.

  5. Only sign up if you have a lot of time you want to waste.
    I have earned and been credited over $40, but they have raised the cash out to $50. It was $30 when I started. I have started over 10 tickets during the last 3 months about the same issue. I participated in a trial of a product for which they promised $11.80 credit. When my account was not credited I made my first inquiry. They asked for proof of payment, which I provided and someone named Victor responded with a thanks for the info. Ever since they close each ticket by responding we will contact the advertiser. They never follow up after that.

  6. I should have read the warnings before I signed up. I completed an offer for a $10 payout and never received credit. After submitting proof twice, I was informed, the issue would be closed, as I had not submitted proof. After I submitted it a third time, I received an email saying that the ticket was closed because the offer couldn’t be verified as completed through my account. I had only completed the offer for the incentive of the $10 and now have something I don’t necessarily need or want as a result of completing the offer( and I can’t return it). What a waste of time. To top it off, I tried to plead my case, and the representative was really rude, and insisted that the issue was closed and nothing further could be done. Don’t trust these guys.

  7. 0) I have been with inboxdollars for several years. They’ve added new features then they take them away. I liked using the TV channel feature, it may take several hours of watching these clips, and the MANY MANY ads which love to keep the CPU maxed out. You have to watch 1-2 ads before each clip, sometimes ads load on top of each other.. I mean you can see one ad in the background counting down under the top one playing.

    I am starting to feel as though it could be a rigged system as I keep seeing the same exact names in the recent winners, like for the last two nights Denise H won $1, $5, $10 seeing this played out all night under the scratch off in the recent winners, then Denise H, Jenice H and Sherice H (triplets seriously?) on the same card over and over again… They all win $10 every scratch off? Sure seems like it! Amanda H wins the sweeps for both $25 and $50 in the same night? Almost every name shown on the bottom of the scratch off as a recent winner the last name starts with H and these names are displayed over and over again… Makes you wonder if it’s one big ole family or a bunch of bots – who knows!

    Anyway, tonight out of the blue they disabled my TV channel “InboxDollars TV has been disabled on your account due to advertiser targeting issues or suspicious activity.” that’s the message displayed across it now; I do not even know what advertiser targeting is and I have no clue how I could have done it! I see the random ads loading on the side of the tv player, I see them underneath it and in between the tv clips so I don’t know what I did that is “suspicious” they’re not replying to my help ticket “all agents are busy” (maybe they hit everyone with this out of the blue).

    Oh and the paid search has been broken for at least a week – guess they’re getting ready to get rid of it too. Now you have no choice but to do hundreds of searches and be rewarded with either 5 or 10 sweeps before finally lucking into a 1 cent reward!

    • Never had a problem. Always got my card

  8. Total scam. I completed their surveys for about a year and collected quite a good sum of money. Just because I accessed their site from outside United States for a day, they terminated my account and erased all my funds!!! They didn’t even care that I have been using their site from United States most of the time. This is their way of not paying you a dime. One little mistake and your account is terminated. Not worth my time. AVOID this site!!

  9. Been with them for long time. Cashed out at $43.00. Two hours later, they terminated my account. They keep the money. You have wasted your time. Teck support is of no use.

    • Your testimony makes no sensse,.

    • Same exact thing! I cashed out money and they terminated me, KEEPING THE MONEY! What a waste of my time and energy. They represent a bunch of companies and we need to let those companies know that they site is a scam.

    • Try their chat support again and all them to send you the money. If they don’t help you, threaten to report them to the FCC and FTC. That’s always worked for me when dealing with them.

    • I have had no problem with Inbox dollars: read the fine print. The agreement says they can terminate fan account for any reason. They have issued 3 legal checks. I am sorry this happened.

  10. They aren’t a scam. I on earned on avg $500 a yr. If you are looking to just make a little extra it’s great. But it’s not like you can live off it.

  11. Inbox dollars has taken all my earnings along with my sisters and my neighbors which I have referred to. I personally lost about $31. They claimed that all the accounts were in the same location/computer. Yet we have sent the IP information and have even went to as far as asking if we provide identification if it could be reversed. Of course they said no automatically. RIP OFF. Be careful when referring people that live close to you. Too much work for nothing in the end.

    • TOTALLY agree, they wait until you have accumulated a bunch of money and then play the bogus game of kicking you out and KEEPING YOUR MONEY! STAY AWAY unless you enjoy being used and abused.

  12. Do not under any circumstances join this (and I use the term loosely) company. Shame on this website to promote them. It’s all about money. They don’t protect your privacy and don’t screen their third party vendors. Once they have your information; all is far in making money for themselves, hell with the you. I warned you.

  13. After signing up and doing surveys I started receiving 200 to 300 scam e-mails a day. The domain is I contacted them and they said I agreed to the terms. Then sent me a huge amount of infor which was the terms. I told them that I never gave my e-mail, only surveys. They don’t care. I forward every one of those scam e-mails to them. I have joy sharing the scams that they help promote. Maybe they would like sexy Russian women or for Alma to come right over.
    Maybe they will get a feel for how annoying it is to get 300 scams in you e-mail box every day.

    • Haha, good for you!

  14. Inbox Dollars took all my earnings which was about $16 for no reason then when I tried to contact them they said they were busy and sent me to an email. I then emailed them just to get no response. I have since tried again but no response as to why they emptied my account. I have tried multiple times to contact them for a no response as the result. so do they really want people to think they are a scam or what. This is ridiculous to have try this hard to keep your account earnings so they don’t steal them from you. I thought it was a legit site until this time around.

  15. i havent had any problems with inbox dollars it does atke a long time to get to 30$ i also use surveyjunkie because i like it alot in less then 2 weeks ive gotten 30.00 ive made more then that its easy and i get alot of surveys

    • Do they need a payment from you before you redeem your money ?

      • No, they take the 3 dollar processing fee out of your earnings…or if you wait until 40 after trying to redeem for 30 it is free to redeem

        • They told me once I got to $40 from the $30 they would waive the fee. I got to $40 then they still wanted to charge me a fee. I contacted them through their chat and they said I never activated that off. BS. Now it has activated the offer but I have to get to $50 to get the no fee. Now I am not getting paid for things I have completed such as downloading apps to my phone or playing games that they recommend and completing them to a certain level. I have started screen shotting offers before I do them and then once completed so I can have some legal standing.

  16. If you join InboxDollars there are several things that you should keep in mind to ensure that your experience is a positive one. When signing up for offers that require personal info read all the terms and regulations and make sure that any info you submit is to a reputable company.

  17. I made a terrible mistake while signing up for InboxDollar. I put in my phone number. I don’t care about spam emails but I received about 6 spam calls from the same line yesterday, plus at least two other companies. I have told them to take me off their list and the calls persist. I already deleted my InboxDollar account so I can’t go take my number off… Does anyone have any advice on how to stop this?


    • I made a big mistake as well giving out my phone number on InboxDollars. I have been receiving at least 6 calls a day from bogus companies. Just when I start to tell them to put me on the do-not-call list, they hang up on me.

  18. It is a scam…they have to make something from all the people who sign up for the site…they REGULATE…how much you can earn…and they lie and make you pay for complaining!!! I have been with them for three yrs now but they got worse this past year!!

    • I need to stress….if you ever have issues where you can not do videos…they are regulating you…I have been on friends sites and they can do them all. When you make money on a site, they regulate how much you can make. Like this TV I made 3 ore 3.50 a day…today they took that away from me. After 2.00 I can no longer earn. Oh and the surveys…how many do we really qualify for??? I NEVER LIE, and i very rarely qualify!!! Sure you make money so “scam” is not the word….but they do regulate how much you make….and god forbid if you complain..they really give you the shaft!!!

    • Agreed! What they don’t tell you is that you can spend a lot of time filling out the survey information with your personal information just to find out after 20 mins of answering questions that suddenly you are not eligible for the survey. You are out your time, your personal information that gets used and you get nothing for any of it. I also signed on to 1 of their offers and never got paid. It sometimes takes weeks I was told and since I did not know the exact date that I signed on to their offer, they could not help me to get my $1. I was punished for only doing their paid emails (a penny at a time & you need $30 before you can cash in on anything) so they sent me an email that I would now only receive 1 email a week.
      I finally after a couple of years got the $30 to cash in just to find out that they are going to charge me $3 to process the payment. Bing doesn’t charge me, swagbucks doesn’t charge me. You can have inbox dollars. to me they ate a total scam

  19. Going to say Inboxdollars and Sendearnings yes them as well are the biggest scams on net without a phone number believe me folks iv’e experienced it just as the others who are warning you about them.

  20. I have been with them over a year and cash nearly a check every 30 to 40 Days for $30 each time. I did try having them mail a prepaid Visa that didn’t work well for me but the paper checks always come they always cash and they’re always good to me

  21. InboxDollars is not a scam !!! Been with them for over 2 years ! Cashed out couple checks, received one today (50$).
    You might not always qualify for a survey, but you can confirm paid emails and watch videos also make sure you get your daily 20 spins. Good luck !

    • Stay with MySurvey and Swagbucks. Ok so Swagbucks will allow you to cash out at $10.00.I have made $24.00 bucks in less than a month. I am waiting to cash out on Swagbucks once I big 2500 points for PayPal cash. You have a lot of $5.00 cards but I want cash to build up PayPal. You will get denied on surveys but the is stay with it. I am at 1900 points in less than two weeks. I know for sure you canhustle $100.00 per month. The MySurvey is super slow because you get little to few surveys. I figure $ 125.00 a month for doing nothing is easy money. I’m jobless right now but I also hustle $200.00 a month donating plsma twice a week. I also hustle $ 200.00 a month pan handling cash. That’s a easy $ 525.00 a month doing nothing. If I had a part time job it is less money working in a sweat shop factory. I will go to work once I get a 40 hour paycheck. This should help you guys with money options. anyways these two sites are the real deal. I can’t speak for other sites myself. I could make a lot of money doing bad things but I won’t as I have two kids who need me.

      • Maybe you should get off your lazy behind and get a job instead of being the reason homeless vets don’t receive money when pan handling; they actually need it. Do the world a favor and don’t have kids!!

        • She can’t get rid of her kids just so that homeless vets would receive money. This comment makes no sense. She already had the kids and she has her own responsibilities she needs to take care of and whither you agree or not with her decisions, it is not up to you on how she spends or makes money during her current circumstances.

    • I had more then $30 in my account and tried to cash and and was getting support to assist me as the Tel. No i had was incorrect and when i looked again they terminated my account saying I broke the Rules , so much for the Assistance
      and helping me with my problem

  22. They owe me $30 and have for almost a year. They are just a big scam.

    • They owe me also they sent a check out on a cancelled account

  23. It’s hard for me to even complete a survey sometimes get to point n it won’t let me go any farther

  24. I believe Inbox Dollars is a scam because at $25 I stopped receiving e-mails to click for points and now at $28, the daily surveys aren’t showing up. They haven’t for 3 days now. It’s like the site is trying to prevent me from cashing out.

  25. I have this company and they are denying my credit. insinuating that I am a lying about the completion of my offers. this is redicuouls and I have emailed, chatted back and forth many many times. about 3 weeks now.

    • I had a similar incident back in July. I completed their $20 Club W offer, signed in on my account from THEIR app. Waited 2 weeks, no credit. Waited 3 weeks, no credit. Contacted Inbox dollars, waited 24-48 hrs for customer service to respond. They in not so many words told me they showed no record of me completing the offer and that I was full of shit. Said they needed proof from Club W that I had signed up and completed the offer and that my items had been delivered per the offer requirements. I had all of that, and they STILL never gave me credit. So pissed and disenchanted with this website, they are a joke and takes an arm and a leg to earn even a paltry 25¢ from them. They give me surveys that they say I qualify for, then I take the survey, waste 10 mins filling it out only to be told I don’t qualify! Then, you get those ‘free’ spins that NEVER pay cash, only those worthless sweeps. I have used them for years and it used to be worth my time and I was paid for completing things quickly. But now, I’ve been sitting at $27, not able to cash out bc it has to be $30 for over a year! I want my money so I can delete my account!

      • same here. as soon as I get my 30$ I’m done with inbox dollars too.

      • Billy’s Spin O Scurvey Scamstakes

    • My first, careful inquiry at InboxDollars: Dear Sir or Madam
      “I am for a long Time a user of your service but now,since i applied for my first payout still have for few days use your service .
      Since today the service does not work anymore and my credit disappeared!
      I think to need an explanation.
      Please explain to me these processes.Thank you.
      Kind regards”

      This sent i today to InboxDollars.Now i let myself be surprised

    • me too. same thing happened to me. I’m sick and tired of getting cheated and rooked out of credit for completing offers with this place.

  26. This site is not a scam. I have been using InboxDollars for about 5 years. I am signed up to about 10 different survey sites and this one is among my favorites. As with everything, there are pros and cons.
    The pros: yes, you do really get the money. My first couple payments were received via check, but then they made a prepaid debit card option and its so convenient. They also have this offer when you reach $30 and go to cash out, they ask you if you want to reach $40 in the next 30 days so they will pay your $3 processing fee. I do it every time. Once you cash out, they also give you a $3 bonus in your account. It only takes a week to get the money once you reach Gold status. There are so many ways to make money: surveys, shopping, tasks, games, videos, emails, web searches, clipping coupons, trial offers, and more. If you don’t qualify for a survey, they give you a “spin and win” where you have a chance to win money or sweeps. You can then use the sweeps to enter for a chance to win bigger prizes such as larger cash amounts, electronics, gift cards, etc. I’m a stay at home mom, so the extra cash is wonderful and it also keeps me busy because the surveys are fun and the tasks are entertaining.
    Cons: the surveys are very hard to qualify for. I only qualify for maybe 1 survey a day. But its based on your occupation, shopping habits, etc, so you may qualify for more than I do. Sometimes the tasks are broken or the questions are unfairly marked wrong, but you can submit a ticket for that. You do get a lot of spam mail, so I registered with an old email address that I no longer use. You can only have one account per household, so don’t have your significant other sign up like I did only to have his account closed! Yes it does take a bit of time to build up. You cannot make a living off of it. But if you are a very active user like myself, you can make some decent extra cash.

    • I completed all their requirements and now that I was finally able to retrieve my $ 30 pay after months of login each day and not qualifying for their surveys, my account was terminated. NO WAY to contact their office only by mail and the person that assists in live chat, has no answers and supposedly sent my case to a manager that was suppose to contact me in 1-2 days….LOL, it has been a week. INBOXDOLLARS.COM IS THE BIGGEST SCAM.
      DON’T waste your time with these thieves !

      • I’ve been with them for more than 3years they always pay me , sometime I don’t qualify.for some ki d of surveys but I do.the mail , videos , they always have something g to earn money with, I like inboxdollars

      • This is what happened to me as well. Don’t waste you’re time with this site. They just find ways to not pay you.

    • Agreed. this site has worked for me also, for numerous years. I usually wait to get to $50 to cash out, then they give me $3 towards my new balance. It does take me at least 2 to 3
      months to reach $50.

    • How is it you don’t get e-mail scams. One week after I signed up (never doing any survey that required my personal information or e-mail address) I stared getting 200 to 300 scams a day.

  27. Its scam!!!
    When you reach 25-26$ they will try to stop you to do further work and to reach 30$ as this is minimum for withdrawal.
    They stopped me with searches as this was only way for me to make $ there, they changed rules and they made it impossible to make even few cents per day ….now I can make just 4cents every 7 days…and I will need 28 more weeks in order to reach 30$…most of people will just forget their site and they will keep $.
    Its a SCAM, they will say ohh this or that ….just forget it

    • You are absolutly right, they did the same thing to me

  28. is it really a paying website???

  29. Is it really??

    • It is if you can reach minimum of 30$ for withdrawal….they will make it impossible to reach specially if you are not in US

  30. this company is NOT a scam, BUT they definately lack morals & ethics!!
    I WAS a member for over 10 years, slowly clicking on mails, videos, & surveys now & then (long ago, back when they actually paid off & didn’t magically stall or reject on the last page) -n in that time I recieved two checks, not much, but no effort at all.
    I move a lot for work, & worked overseas, no problems there as they still paid when I returned.
    HOWEVER, this year I’ve seen on many blogs/sites that members have had their accounts terminated for any reason the company desires,
    My own account was terminated as I left my VPN (I change my IP so I get less advertisements & more bandwidth privacy) on when I checked my account… magically, they noticed my overseas IP address while I was waiting for a $60 check to be issued?!?!?!
    The timing makes me think they string alonng everyone & abuse those who will make the most profits at that time!

    On a side note, a friend & his girlfriend had their accounts terminated as she checked her account from his laptop ONCE!!!! (both accounts had over $30 incidentally!)

  31. Has anyone used the ECards as a payment? I was thinking about it but don’t know if that work or how they work?

    • heard about it. yes they work, but some have been issued wrong & it’s too hard to get help getting it sorted. But IF you’re lucky it will be ok, but remember they are not accepted everywhere!

    • You shouldn’t pay one penny for an online job in advance, before you are making money. The only thing they’re looking for is your credit or debit card information, and that is too dangerous. If the offer is legitimate, they’ll take the fee, out of the money you are already making, and not before.

    • I have.
      Once i understood how it works i had no problem

  32. I have been using inboxdollars since January. I’m not it all the time so it took me forever to get it. I got my 30 dollars then I was told that if I got to 40 that I wouldn’t pay the processing fee. Got my 40 bucks didn’t pay a dime for the processing fee. Cashed out July 6th got my check saturday. Was not no month. I’m at 16 already. I do a lot of free trials did do early moments for my daughter and that’s what got me to my 40 dollars. This is definitely not a scam. It just takes forever to earn it.

    • I believe it really is a scam, because they clean your account permanently, with no apparent reason. Plus,the money is atrocious.

  33. By the way, for those of you who read our complaints and say “get a job,” or “get a real job.” let me tell you this, some people are disabled and disability don’t pay enough for you to whipe your but everymonth….. some people, like me can’t get disability and have physical problems, i have five herniated disks in my back and the SSI dr. keeps telling me i can work…… also there may be people trying to get extra cash that already have a job, because they have families to take care of and with everything costing more then what you make…. i have applied for over 30 jobs in my area, and guess what, someone with less qualifications get the job before i even get an interview…. so please think before you jump to conclusions about someone you dont know. you don’t know their situation, and we don’t know yours so please keep your rudeness in your own head. as for these site that say you can earn money for doing surveys, i am getting so frustrated with….. two of them say payment sent to my PayPal but one has been two days and still nothing. the other one i just reached today so idk what to even think….. me and my husband are struggling to pay for our apt, have already utilized the resources around us, and now about to get kicked out, because his 10.67$ an hr job isnt getting us far….. so please if anyone has a sit they have gotten paid from please share…. and please don’t waste my time…. these sites have already did that. thank you in advance!

  34. Inboxdollars is defintely not a scam. I have received a little over $160 from them since I signed up about a year and a half ago, and currently have another $10 in my account. Yes it takes a long time to earn money, but what would you expect taking surveys and reading emails? It’s not a full time job. Yes you need $30 in your account before you can cash out. I’m not sure how someone could sign up and not know this, it was made pretty clear to me. Yes, you need to stay active to keep your account open and not forfeit the money (which means doing more than just reading emails). Again, this was made clear during the sign up process.

    I’ve received 4 checks from them with no problem. The first one takes a while to get but every subsequent check has taken about a week. Again, they won’t make you rich but some of the surveys can be fun and the paid offers can be for some really useful things. I’m very happy with my experience with them.

    • $160 in a year and a half ? That’s a scam.

  35. Not really a scam, but it does take patience. I was on Inboxdollars for about 10 days when I reached the minimum payout amount of $30. It takes about a month to actually receive the payment after requesting it, but you get it. Anyway, they have excellent (live) customer service you can chat with if you experience any issues. Just sign up, if you do this as a hobby, there;s nothing to loose.

    • I believe it is a scam, if you have to practically beg for your money. I didn’t know anything about them, so I signed up. They actually cleaned my account, before I got started. When I asked him what the Hell they were talking about, they gave a scripted answer, so I called them Obscene names. It was very therapeutic. Then they told me, in order to sign up again I had to enter a different email address. I used colorful Obscenities again. It was beginning to quite entertaining for me,, but probably not so much for them.

  36. There are people saying it’s not a scam…other people saying it its…people saying they have got paid..and people saying they never got paid….Is this a legitimate?

    • The inconsistency in their Renumeration policies, indicates a Scam. It appears, that they make the payments, when they damn well please, if at all.

      • I think the one commenting that they received the money are actual scammers I’ve been in this situation before smh

    • When I first stumbled upon InboxDollars offering monetized surveys, I thought it would be a productive way to use my spare time. Foreseeing the possibility of a future discrepancy, I used my boyfriend’s US address during registration as I would soon be moving in with him. I currently live in Canada, where over the course of the next few weeks I completed the surveys, making sure to include my Canadian address when prompted. In that period of time I had accumulated roughly $21 from the surveys, nearing the cash out point of $30 when my account was mysteriously deleted. Inquiring into the matter, I was informed that my account had been terminated due to the inconsistency of my registration address and my IP address. Further correspondence and explanation of my situation yielded no resolve aside from the termination of my account. The decision is absolutely unreasonable and illogical, when it would have been so simple to change my country and residence and remove the inapplicable funds from my balance. When such an egregious decision is made, it calls to question the motive behind it, and when logically deduced, its obvious this site simply wants to avoid following through with their offer of paying for surveys. After as much time and effort spent completing these surveys, I would advise extreme caution before anyone else make the mistake I did. It would be no surprise to me if a reason with even less validity than mine, be used to cheat another out of they money they had earned on the site.

    • Hi ive made 3 payouts so far. Im a regular person.. but they make me so mad cause they have just about stopped my earning

  37. Inboxdollar is a SCAM. They asked me to fill in the IRS form with my Social Security Number when i reached a payment for $300. i had withdraw $150 and when i was about to request another $155. They did not allow to me to do so till i don’t provide them with filled IRS form. First of all why would i provide a company which does not even provide a number to call them with my Social Securiy number. when i started writing to people on twitter and Facebook to be careful as they can do the same to others.They blocked me my ID so that i don’t write to people about this scam. To be it seems like they are making a database of SSN number and they would sell it off in few years to someone and scam people. They terminated my inbox dollar account which has $155 (just imagine it would have taken me ages to make that money) . they blocked me from writing on their Facebook and twitter and barred me from letting others know to be careful. GUYS PLEASE DO NOT GET INTO THIS SCAM.

    • They’re not scamming you, that’s the LAW. The IRS requires a company to get tyour SSN if you make over a certain threshold so they can send you a 10-99.

      • the threshold is $600 dollars

    • its not a scam if you reach the 300.00 dollar mark you gotta pay taxes on it that’s common sence

    • . They ask for all this information, so they can get their money back, and more. I am almost certain they are located in India, making it impossible to prosecute their Faulkie Ass. That’s why they can get away with This Sh**….

      • It’s definently a scam they will not give you the money

  38. InboxDollars is not a scam. Although it’s difficult to qualify for survey’s, they do pay. It took me about 6 months to earn my first check of around $27, and had to wait about one month for it to actually arrive. Nonetheless, the check was real and I was able to deposit it in my bank account. If you have the patience, this site will allow you to earn a few extra dollars!

    • Hi Caril, its definitely a scam. They would buy your Social Security Number from you in by paying you $300…

      • I have been working on Inboxdollars for about 2 1/2 years. They have never asked me for my SSN. The first check takes a month to receive but, after you reach gold membership (which you do after requesting your first check) it only takes a week.

        • It’s a scam

  39. Like most people say. You’re not going to get rich off of doing surveys but I did make $240.00 in 4 months so I have no complaints. I’m not even a gold member yet. Just remember that they report your earnings to the IRS if you earn more than $600.00 within the fiscal year.

  40. I joined about 4 months ago and have received at least 6 checks so far it is time consuming but it is legitimate, you just need to learn the tricks with the surveys to better qualify, you won’t get rich from it just a luttle help out money

    • Hello. I read your review. I easily made my first $30 on inbox dollars, but now I am finding that I don’t qualify for most of the surveys. Has this happened to you? Thanks!

  41. I had a good experience with them for maybe 4 years I think, but today they just cancelled my account after being a Gold member for all this time. I change residence from the US to Canada not long ago. I ask for help to change the country in the address because I could not change the country and instead the cancel my account and took my 30 dollars that took me like 6 maybe more months to earn. Saying I did thing that were only for the US (most of them I completed them when I was in the US) Anyway I was kind of getting tired of it because even the surveys for Canada would take like 15min or 20 and after answering all those questions, sorry you are no the profile. I had a good experience but at the end they left me with a bad impression.

  42. I have been using Inbox Dollars since 2008 and have had no problems. The first cash out took approximately one month but all checks after that arrived in one week. It is not a scam but you are definitely not going to get rich. It is, however, a good way to make “mad money.” I stopped doing the surveys because I couldn’t seem to ever qualify for one. They pay 10cent for every coupon you redeem, so I clip theirs. That’s a good deal!! So, if you’re not trying to get rich and have a degree of patience, you could come up on some pocket change.

  43. I am starting to understand this is a big rip off so I am going to take legal action against these so call money making website.. Class action lawsuit is what hurts these people internet panhandling..hope your laws are good at out of court settles because I plan to hityyour industry for 9 . 6 billion dollars in damages any lawyer’s want to join me add my address..

    • Your an idiot. Get a real job.

      • Calm down there, Rick.

  44. Well they are a scam too!! They need to give me my 80.00 they owe me !!!!! I requested my money told me it would be 2 months to get it I checked it and never was taken out then they deactivated my account told me I was not on for 6 months which was not true cause I checked it and changed my address when I moved. They also quit sending me paid emails and surveys. I checked that to and was signed up to receive them and never got them anymore.

  45. I have inboxdollars too.. I have about $15 in my account now and I was about to try one of their “offers” so I could cash out at $30, but no I’m a bit reluctant.. Anyway, I found a really good site that already paid me thru paypal, 25$ for 2500 swagbucks, and it only took a week! I admit I did do a lot of their free trials, but I cancelled them all after my trial date was up, so didn’t spend any money, so it worked out very well.. the only thing is, is that I have a hard time qualifying for their surveys, but that’s ok cuz even when I shop online, at Amazon mostly, I get credit in swagbucks (like 3 swagbucks per dollar spent). This is really only the legitimate site I’ve ever found and that I’ve actually got paid from! If you guys like, you can help me earn more and help yourselves if you follow this link: thanks and I wish you all good luck! or if you don’t trust me just go to and look for yourself…

    • oh I should comment that it only took them a week to pay me… but it did take about 3 weeks for me to accumulate the points

  46. It’s a scam, plain and simple. I joined and earned enough to get my first $30 payment. Just about the time they were supposed to send my payment my account was terminted by inboxdollars with no explanation. I have emailed several times with no explanation. I believe that they didn’t want to pay me and the whole thing is a huge scam.

  47. I wish that I had read this article and the comments before I signed up for Inbox dollars! My account seems to be stuck on $29.11 and I wonder if I will ever make it to the $30 payout, even though I have completed qualifying surveys/tasks. What a crock!

    • I’ve already gotten at least $200 from them within the last year or so. It takes a while but still worth it…

  48. I hope thi sisn’t too long. This is the ultimate review of InboxDollars that anyone thinking of joining should read first.
    Ok when I first joined about 3 months ago I was pretty content. Finally made that first whopping $30 cashout ($27 on a prepaid Visa after “processing fees”) and reached a second $27 cashout. It is very hard to qualify for very many surveys. I think having kids gets you more surveys and my only kid is grown.So the good news is yes, there is tiny bits of money to earn on that site. Now for the bad.

    I am bloody sick and tired of spending a half hour answering multiple pages of in-depth questions only THEN to be told ‘We’re sorry but you do not qualify for this survey” That’s a load of BS. They do not have to take up that much of your time and make you do that much work in order to figure out if you’re a good candidate for any survey. It’s plain and obvious they are getting all the data from you to use in their research, then refusing to pay you for it and there is no recourse for you when this happens. Sure it looks good that they have a “live chat” person on their site. Except for well . . . it’s a bot that keeps cutting and pasting BS that is not even relevant to what you’re asking.

    Today, I was excited to get into a survey after getting rejected by 3 or 4. They wanted to access my web cam and capture my reaction to a 10 second video. Ok fine. When they want to do this supposedly only the researchers are ever going to see it and it won’t be used for any other purpose, yada yada. So what’s the harm right? I enabled my webcam, participated, then after they captured my reaction to something they had me answer some questions. Then guess what? Yep, they were sorry but I did not fit the criteria for the survey. That could have easily been ascertained BEFORE capturing my face on film. Clearly another case of “Let’s get this poor poverty-stricken a-hole to jump through hoops and not even give her the lousy dollar she’s trying to earn!”

    That is a disgrace. Beyond unethical. And well, a load of B.S. And of course you cannot confront the cowards because as I said they are hiding behind a bot. I would stay clear simply because the frustration they will cause you will not override the few small payouts you will get.

    • Ceecee I’ve had the same bad experience with this survey companies and other before you can be excepted for a survey that ask you almost over 50 questions then turn your down they have already received a lot of information from you before they tell you that you do not qualify, about 6six years ago i had signed up with these same companies they still seem to pull the same tricks, when you do qualify for the survey i do not know if anyone is having this problem but after i have taken a long survey then just before i get near the end to complete the survey my page expired. IF I did nit know any better it seems like they have gotten all the information from you then cancel your page out so they want have to pay, In the pass doing surveys with some of these companies I’VE HAD THE SAME NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE, but i notice with surveys that ask for your credit card at the end of each survey your page do not expire the page stays up into you give the permission to use your visa debit or credit card. I have no time to waste i am trying to make ends meet i am not just doing these surveys just to have something to do.i expect to get paid if you say you are going to pay i expect to get paid, Over the years i thought some of these companies have change their bad tactics but seems like they have not, The person that said that his email will never be the same because all of the other stuff that he is receiving, i think not for sure but they should have a place where you can delete or cancel out where you subscribe or signed up. They supposed to not send you any more emails that you are getting from them anymore.

  49. This is just another way to scam people. Kudos on the clever way to present it, but they’re still all crooks exploiting those less fortunate who are desperate in trying to make ends meet. Most of their “surveys” are trial offers ironically and I’ve seen 25-min surveys offering a $0.15 reward, making our time worth $0.60/hr. Last but not least, I’ve been bombarded by spam emails on top of their “paid emails” for the last two weeks. My email address will never be the same and I will most likely have to change it. I just found out that in I can’t even cash out the little $6.86 I’ve earned so far and will have to forfeit it if I cancel before I earn $30. Therefore the ultimate lie is that the little I thought I was earning wasn’t even mine anyway. Thanks for nothing. I hope Karma will hit them where they most deserve it very soon!!!

    • i made a comment earlier about bad experience that i had with companies in the past now i did not call any companies name. but if the companies out there feell offended the if the shoe fit then ware it. i just got through watching a certain t v show saying if you got a certain complaint against company that you should let the courts handle it. you should not blog about your complaint against a company, i feel this way most of us that doing any type of home base business either it is surveys ore what, might not be able to hirer a lawyer, i thank God that there are others who have tried a product or company before us can warn us on scam cons or whatever, The reason why i am using my initials, i am not afraid to use my full name. but before when i had a discrepancy my internet crash and burn got s bad virus, you do not know who in high places are trying to shut you upo keeping you from exposing certain bad, companies, it seems to me that the law should be glad, that there are complaints about certain companies not just on this blog but all other site, that i’ve visit. this tells you then something is wrong, it’s true companies has misfortune makes mistake, But if a companies has been scamming people for years taking their hard earn time or money are credit card misuse, they should be called out i do not care who they are. I notice on this blog so far people are saying their not so good experience in i decent way no one is using revengeful threats nor profanity. It seems like when the poor and the little persons speak out. saying they are being treated either unfairly or being oppressed . others are trying to shut them up or make them feel that they or trouble makers, i am not scared, of these people in high places who are trying to shut me up because i i cam have a voice or pen, rather i see unfairness or other being oppressed or taken advantage of i am going to speak out. It is a strange thing when with this same talk show host said do not speak out what hypocrisy, when he have people complaining about either a bad business or people over seas that ranking in millions scamming people out of their money ever day it seems like no ones does nothing about it, shame on those who want the little people who are being taking advantage of to be quite. I don,t care who you are if you wrong you just wrong i know there are some good companies out their but if the shoe feet were it, it is true someone said earlier these companies want you to be honest, they want you to dot ever eye and cross every t. but they themselves are full of it,

  50. Another warning. If you cash out when you earn enough you must keep the account active. It takes weeks to get your payment and they will cancel it if you have not shown activity in 10 days. There are better sites to use.

    • Stacy, what other sites have you found. I’m interested. I have been with inbox dollars, but recently haven’t qualified for any surveys.

    • It take me long to get paid, but yes if u don’t stay active after u rec. your paid u will be cance out. So if u want to get paid like u sure stay active.

    • Do you have to pay them back?

  51. im sure this was our fault for not reading all of the tos…as you cant have 2 accounts for same house hold.well my girlfriend and i were membes for about 3 months…almost got to that forever 30 dollar goal…i had 26.98 she had 27.79.couldnt tell us our first week that we broke the tos…not having more then one account per house hold…they held out so we couldnt cash we made them some money…becareful

  52. I use Inbox Dollars a lot and really like them. I’ve received about $200 from them since I’ve been a member and it’s a great way to earn extra money online.

    • hi tell me you got really payment?

      • try it for yourself and you’ll find your answer…

        • DD – That is an extremely stupid response- “try it for yourself” . She/he is asking so she won’t waste time and effort just to find out in the end that it is a scam.

        • To “DD” : Your response “try it for yourself” is without a doubt the stupidest thing I have read all week if not longer. ASHOK KODLI is trying to find out if FRANK PAIANO really got paid. Your response means absolutely nothing.


          • wow, renee, common sense was trying to help out. but you hust went and went on a rant blasting him for being helpful. Who’s the douche now?

      • I’ve been with Inbox Dollars for a few years and yes they really do pay. I’ve received a check at one time, then i received a Visa Card with my earnings.

      • I have been using inboxdollars for 5 years & have received numerous checks. t does take some time to build up enough to receive a check, but the combination of e-mail does pay out.

      • Yes, I have really gotten paid from them a few times. They are forreal.

      • yes they do pay real money i have had 3 payouts since joining in august. they sent
        me a visa debit cash card it did take a couple wèeks to get my card and payout but once you get your card they can reload it for quicker payouts i would suggest to have a dedicated email for this as you do get a lot of junk. you really need to try it to see if you want to put any work into it. i average about 30 bucks every 3 weeks and that is without referrals hope that helps

      • Yes, I really have received payment, sorry for late reply. But I use another site more.

        • frank, what other site do you use? looking to get a site to actually pay-out like they promise……

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