$200 In 20 Minutes Review- Legit Or Scam?

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I bet you never went to a Japanese restaurant and ordered ALL the sushi bites they have to offer. There are people who can order California Roll every single visit while others opt for the one that packs a lot of punch – the Spicy Tuna. Basically, what I’m getting at here is – few things suit everyone. And like the sushi, $200 in 20 Minutes V2.0 is not just for anyone who wants to make a living from home. I’ll tell you this upfront so you can go look for another option.


Initially launched last year, we now have the updated version of Desmond Ong’s $200 in 20 Minutes. More often than not, some products have very little improvement from the first version but impressively enough, this is not one of those. For $9.95, you get training that will help you earn $200 in less than an hour.

I know the photo shows a bunch of DVDs in all black, glossy packaging but sorry to disappoint you, that’s not what you’ll be getting. Instead, you will be brought to the members’ area where you can find the necessary tools that will supposedly help you make money.


  1. Build the “$200 in 20 minutes” Campaign using our app.
  2. Upload the “$200 in 20 minutes Page”.
  3. Start making money.

It look easy peasy but mind you, it’s best for those who already have experience in internet marketing. Desmond won’t be teaching you the basics and it’s good to be equipped before diving in for this training. Now, in a nutshell, the app will help you create your squeeze or landing page and you simply upload it. To be fair, this does save you a lot of time and some money. In this digital world, I’d be lying if I say that alone isn’t attractive to ANY marketer.

Then, you’d be taught all about generating traffic and directing them to these offers. Sound good to you? It’s actually a pretty sweet deal when you think about it. In fact, considering what you can get for less than $10, it’s worth every buck because if you haven’t tried building squeeze pages, I’ll have you know it’s not easy at all.


There’s not much to complain about given that everything is black and white – props to Desmond for that, by the way. But when I mentioned this isn’t suitable for newbies, the reason is this: there’s hardly any support from the company itself. Sure, there’s a Facebook group for the members but WHAT IF you all bumped into the same problem? Unless there’s an experienced marketer among you, it can be difficult for beginners if you have questions which more than likely, you’ll always have.

Though they have up-sells costing anywhere from $19 to $97, it’s optional. Desmond doesn’t try too hard to sell them, not resorting to cheap marketing tactics by telling you these are all absolutely necessary.


$200 in 20 Minutes may not be the best way to make money online (there are still way better options) but at least, it’s completely legit. It’s decent especially for its price but again, if you’re new to all these and still learning the ropes in internet marketing, this might not be the best choice for you.

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