A to Z Cash System Review- Another Upsell Scam?

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a_to_z_cash_system_review_Oh boy the A to Z Cash System is another one of these crazy get-rich autopilot marketing systems that gets tons of people interested in making easy cash from home using their totally automated system that’s not even going to work that well. Usually it is beginners or people brand-new to the industry of making money online that fall victim to these type of schemes.

I can tell you right now that there are a bunch of other websites that look almost exactly like this one, and I’m betting it’s all coming from the same owner or same company that continuously changes their domain names after they get enough sales so then they switch up their e-mail addresses and run for the hills.

One of the things they will do is post photos of fake checks and earnings so you can believe that the success if real and that it’s made through the system. Please do yourself a favor and always run away from income opportunities that say you’re going to be able to make quick easy cash by joining the system.

You can definitely earn income online, but you have to do it the right way. 

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That may also be a clue to you what exactly is going to happen when you do sign up with A to Z Cash System. It’s all about up-sales. Once you give them your name and number you best believe that you’re going to be called by sales representatives trying to upsell you on purchasing hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars of additional training products.

That’s really how they make their money. They hire sales teams to call leads and close deals on clueless and confused beginners thinking that they’re actually going to be able to make money. That’s really the whole purpose of this website.

Not only that, but they’re going to train you to promote and market your own A-Z cash system affiliate link. You definitely don’t want to be part of this, or at least I would never.


Often times people that have been scammed by companies like and similar to A to Z Cash System often ask me what’s really and truly the secret to making money? While tell you right here right now that it requires a certain level of marketing skill and keyword research.

You never want to buy in these “mass traffic” or auto type of systems. They never work. Just think about all the thousands or hundreds of other people that are getting the same product as you. Don’t you think that your competition would be very high if everybody that’s joining gets the same thing as you are? Of course.

And you know that whatever they’re providing isn’t going to be that high quality anyway. It’s going to cost about $20 to get started with A to Z Cash System. If I were you I’d run for the border.

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  1. The rep contacted me and told me I would receive information in 2 days on how to make money on adding ads to websites, she told me it would be 4.97, she directed me to multiple websites, to sign into including lifelock for the free 30 day trial. I ask her if there were going to be any other charges, she told me no, I checked my credit card and had a 77.00 charge, I called the 800 number and spoke to Sarah , who proceeded to tell me that I had 3 days to cancel the atozheme info and it was on the easykits site, I told her the rep never gave me a chance to read it, I did not agree to it, she told me they would only reimburse me 50%, I told her she would reimburse me the full 77.00, or I would report them to the BBB and my credit card company as a scam and fraud. She escalated my ticket and told me I would get the full refund and I would see it in 10 days and cancelled my subscription. I will be watching my credit card for the next few months.

  2. THIS IS A SCAM — I will be calling my credit card companies and A to Z to get charges reversed in the morning. I feel like an idiot for signing up and doing the upsells…. I had a bad feeling about it, but did it anyways….. sooooooo stupid. This is what their charges are, and when they “technically” are planning to charge you … I had copied it and pasted it in a Document incase I needed to reference it since they “time” you to sign up quickly or you loose the “great” opportunity, which doesn’t give you much time to read about everything……. They suck!

    “A to Z Cash System – Immediate Access
    This product is strictly for customers over the age of 18. A valid credit card acts as verification of this criteria.This product is 100% Risk-Free to try! Enroll today and your card will be charged $4.97 to validate it.You will then be given a 3 day trial period from your authorization date,at the end of this period unless you cancel your trial,the program’s full price of $77 will be charged and after 30 days $57 every 1 month until cancelled to the card you signed up with.In addition to this you will receive a 10 day free access to the facebook training. After 10 days, if you do not cancel we will charge you for $1 and three days later $29 per month until you cancel. You may cancel at anytime and have a 90 day money back guarantee!. “

  3. Always do your research before signing up for anything. Rule of thumb, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  4. To see what now

  5. Corrections to above comments that I wasn’t asked to pay for $4.97 with Checking Credit Score but rather was asked for A-Z CASH SYSTEM but with which I need to pay $4.97.
    to check Credit Score ? I am hesitant to do it because I might not have a Good Credit and each time you check it will eventually deduct POINTS. When time comes that you really need to buy something in the future, Then that’s the only time we wanted to do our Credit Scores Checked as NEEDED.

  6. I received a call from (707) 509-3842 at 9:00 a.m. I spoke with one Rep that wants me to go to the computer and ask me to log on visitapply.com. she ask me to follow as instructed. Started what she chose options like to go Education because she was saying that we need to follow those other options when she advised me to get education pace filled out and at the bottom I chose the one that is (not likely ) interested to get an education within 6 months. Then ask me to go to other options to pay $4.97 ” I told her I don’t carry credit card. She told me that most of the employers check CREDIT SCOREs before hiring any candidate, ” I told her it’s illegal to do that ‘coz there’s million of people seeking JOBS that don’t have Good CREDIT, right? then she said “that’s alright but rather go back to visitapply.com to click a golden key then click on GET DEBT FREE….told her I don’t know how much we owe ‘coz my husband is not here, Since she cant get anything of my other Personal ID,as I have said “I want a JOB not a SCHOOL or FREE ATTORNEY” as of now!!
    Finally she said “THANK U for your time” then HANG UP. So I checked their website after all what she told me to go back and forth and ask me to do this and that, Took so much of my time rather than applying to real JOBSites. as per advised from Rep of visitapply.com to pay $4.97 for A-Z System, I decided to check their website accuracy and found out that the A-Z System is a scam.
    While reading this reviews I take time to write this experience,too so that they won’t continue disturbing people who are SERIOUSLY LOOKING for A JOB and NOT to FALL in SCAM Web.From now on before I entertain phone calls I advised the Reps if this is a JOB Opportunity calling for me then I wanted to proceed with the call but in an appropriate way. Some of the Reps hang up Hoping that this will help people SEEKING FOR JOBS like me not to entertain any Phone Calls from them.

  7. Hi i just bought this a-z cash system. Now that i found out its a scam can i would like to cancel the membership. So i immediately called the customer support and they said the 5 dollars are non-refundable and then i told them to cancel my membership and allow no further billing. They then said that they have done so. I just mare an account so the 3 day trial was still running and i stopped my membership. So basically can i be sure that i wont be billed the $77 from these guys or could that still happen. The customer support lady told me to “rest assured as you will not be billed anymore and that your membership has been cancelled. After the 3 day trial you will not be billed”. Can i believe that or if not, what should i do?

    • you better call your bank and put a stop on your account from this company because they will wait three weeks and then hit your account for the 77 dollars it just happened to me.

  8. Glad I read all of your comments or I would have been another one scammed. So sorry to all of you that lost money to A to Z. I hope you are able to get your refunds asap! Are there any legitimate ways to earn money online that do not require you to spend your hard earned money???

  9. Just called the number that a previous comment had and I spoke to them and I received two emails for two charges I revie ed, it takes 7-10 business days they said. Is this true or is it another scam? What should I do ?

  10. Thank you for saving my bank account. I was definitely going to join.

  11. So I got an email about some couponsanity thing and I signed up for it. I paid 4.97 and I’ll be damned if 2 days later at 4:48am they took $77 from my account. I xalled a cursed them like I was a crazy person. First the rep tried to give me half of my 77.00 back thats when I really went in on her. So two days go by and I noticed no emails confirming my refund and ended up calling again. And again I cursed and cursed until finally they approved my refund and I got the email that same back and the next day my money was put back in my account 77.00 damn SCAMMERS!

  12. A scam it is, but thank god i got my money back! Took me half the day to fix the problem due to the fact they put you on hold when ask why do you wish to cancel, told them my reason and they just put you on a 10min hold and hang up called again so many times but this time i didn’t give them my reason pretty much have to be very demanding on canceling and getting my refund! Waste of time!!!! For those who want to get there money back heres the number its 1-888-793-3429 and a word of advice don’t give them a reason to why your canceling because if given reason they just put you on hold for a long time either that just hang up and its very annoying when you have to start the process all over again

  13. Thamks for the info cause I was just bout to sign up but something told me to look further into it cause something just didnt sit rite with me and damn if I wasnt rite thanks again everybody you guys just saved me a lot of money headache

  14. I signed up yesterday called and cancelled today and they refuse to give me back my $4.95

    • Blah

  15. SCAM!!! We signed up for the $4.95 packet (not a trial agreement). The next day they drafted an additional $77 from our account with no authorization. I have gotten the run around all morning for supposedly 7 different people in New York, who all strangely have the same accent. They are thieves!!!!! Beware!!!!!

  16. Have been getting email to join to make fast cash. So I looked at it and it asked me for a payment. I said no. When you get a job they don’t make you pay to get hired. Just a gut feeling it was a no go! And I was right.

  17. I hadn’t had time to look at this deal and when I checked my account thet (A to z) had taken my money targeted for my medicare supplement. I called them and told the customer service representive that they wereto returned my money and cancel all agreements or talk to my lawyer. These were the terms. My account has beencanceled and

    will get my refund. If this does not happen, my attornerys will be notified.

  18. Surprised you all went forward, this is how the Democrats get ther money for there support for governor or to become the president ha ha LOL

  19. hey guys you all need to call your bank and cancel your debit or credit card and ask them to send you a new card and please do that if you don’t want to lose more money

  20. in order to get your money back go onto the easykit.org website and follow their ticket support thing to request a refund…they are still going to try and sell you the kit but keep requesting…that’s what I did and I got my money back like within a wk of fighting it

  21. I would not have signed up for anything unless I read the reviews of other peoples experience. I am so sorry that this happened to you all. Just do a Bank charge off which most Banks will credit the money back into your accounts within 24 hours. Tell them it was an unauthorized charge get a new bank card and block the old one. Most banks can make you a temporary card on the spot like :


    The best way to make money from home is to design a website and have it based on what you are good at:

    Making clothes
    selling cars
    wood work
    having others advertise on your website
    buying and selling DOMAIN Names
    etc …… we are all very smart people we do not have to work for anyone when we can work for ourselves and make our own wages.


    : )

  22. This a-z easy cash is a total scam. I couldn’t even log onto the training part of their page it was blank. I called and emailed kept getting told problem was fixed and it was not. The I told them I was in my time frame and I wanted my money back they copied and pasted a statement and did not want to give my money back . I argued they agreed to give it back . So please don’t be a moron like ne.

  23. Lol. It says that it will charge you $77 after day 3 unless you cancel before your trial period is over and $57 monthly. That is why it is important to read the fine print. Legally they do not have to give you the $77 back since it is stated on the top of the page in the disclaimer. Hope all works out though.

  24. What’s a number to call them

  25. My daughter sent me this.. A story about an Irish single mother making money online. I clicked the link because I was curious and because my daughter is not easily duped, saw a photo of the single ” Irish ” mother and thought – nah this is a total scam – she is no more Irish than someone from Outer Mongolia . She had an Irish name but that’s about it. Learnt afterward that my daughter didn’t send it at all- her twitter account was hacked

  26. How do I cancel??!!!

  27. Anything that requires money to get started is a scam ! I fill out surveys and havent had to pay a dime ! Its not big money but in this economy a little helps !

    • where is a good place online to make money that isnt a scam…..im not talking about hundreds of dollars but anything will help me and my daughter.

    • Are there any survey companies that I don’t have to spend money on? Which ones work the best for you? I’m new to this and totally need some help…please!!

  28. Yea there are alot more of these sites then people actually think. But if you take your time and research what you & are look for that fits your needs and wants. If you look they post the same comments every time. My words are use caution on what you put your money into. Just think of it as if they were stocks would you put your money into something that you haven’t research and took time to look into? Remember at the end of the day you made it you earn it why would you give it away. Thank you ladies and gentleman.

  29. THIS COMPANY IS A BIG SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I AM GOING TO REPORT THEM TO “FBI”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEY THINK THAT CAN FULL THE WHOLE NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. I can’t believe this. I signed up as well and I just checked out everything. I paid the $4.95 pus the extra $75 and I’m demanding my full refund the very same day. This was not what I was expecting at all.

    • I was just sent a few or more than 5 messages on A to Z System and the cost is $49.

      • I’ve gotten 2 emails from them, 1 saying $49 and another dating $4.95, but I believe what everyone on thus site is saying about A to Z Cash System being a scam, & therefore, will not order their system. Thanks to everyone’s honesty :-)!!

    • Did any of you get your money back

  31. They are a scam they say its 4.95 and then automatically deduct 77.00+ from your bank account there days later

    • SCAM!!! They say $4.95,. Three days later $78.00?? For what?!? It is all a SCAM!! I called and they offered to give me only half my money back! Why would I give my money away!! I demanded my FULL REFUND and was told I would receive a email the same day from a manager regarding my full refund.

      • Sorry to hear about that!! It sucks. It’s really hard to get your money back from these crappy low quality IM websites.

  32. The atoz cash system is a scam. First they tell you that for $4.95 you can get the whole program but in the small disclaimer it says that they will charge $75 after 3 days and $50 per month. And then they ask you to go to the next page to actually see the program but first you have to pay $60. When do you start making money? Never!!!

    • I do agree, usually I am sceptical about advertisements such as these but I am sure I saw where all these television stations endorse them. I went ahead and signed up for the $4.95 and low and hebold their was a $77 charge too from them. In addtion to that they are an INTERNATIONAL COMPANY – my bank alerted me. I called them and told them to put back my money and then they are tryign to keep selling – I told them I wasn’t interested in buying anything from them just put back all the money they trying to scam me. So now I am waiting for them to do so. Hopefully I don’t have any problem becasue if I do I will be reproting them to the FBI

      • Hi Lee,
        I’m in the middle of going through the same thing. I paid the $4.97 and lord behold they took that plus $77. I was suppose to receive an email over two weeks ago. I just got off the phone with them. They claim an email was sent to me. I told them to send another. According to them when I respond to the email. I will get my refund back. If I don’t see any results by the end of the week. I will be making some noise to any and everybody who will listen. I will do whatever I have to do to get my money back.

      • the same thing happened to me….they finally gave me my 77.00 back like a week ago…good luck on getting your money back

    • How these tv stations are able to endorse these scammers is beyond me.I wonder whether the images of people are fraud.like you Lee i signed up and got taken FOR $77 plus THIS IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM AND SHOULD BE MADE PUBLIC .WHY ISN’T THERE ANY HONEST IS TV STATIONS OUT THERE WHO CAN DO A THOROUGH RESEARCH ON THESE CROOKS .

    • so have u found one that works. and if so let me know

    • Actually they said, the VIP price for today is $49.95 and no more charges

    • I have been trying to do affiliate on my own and didn’t work for me I thought this was legit but I guess not

    • i am glad i saw this i was going to sign up but if they scam you never mind

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