Ad Hit Profits Review- Another PTC Scam or What?

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ad_hit_profits_reviewHi and welcome to my Ad Hits Profits review. I’m kind of pleasantly surprised at this moneymaking opportunity because it’s a little bit different than most of the ones that I see. This is a combination of being able to advertise any affiliate link of yours, at the same time invest in shares which can mature and make you more money. So you’re pretty much an Internet marketer and an investor. And if you know what you’re doing, you can make some pretty decent money pretty quickly. Allow me to explain.

How Does It Really Work?

So, when you join At Hit Profits, you’re going to want to buy what are called shares. 1 Share= $45. This will also get you 1000 views to your affiliate banner which is submitted to a directory. So if you are an affiliate with a money-making program, you can definitely get some opt-ins, leads, and sales from submitting your banner ad.

Then you can make some additional income and get paid or to participate in the revenue sharing program, but you’re going to need to view at least 10 advertisements per day. And I think if I can remember correctly, the time that you have to spend on each advertisement is only about 10 seconds. So you won’t even have to spend more than a couple minutes of your time each day in order to get a little piece of that revenue sharing program. Not bad. Not bad at all.

[note color=”#fffbeb”]This is how it is POSSIBLE (but not likely) to make it work for you

With $45, you can get 1000 views to your affiliate offer. Let’s say your capture page converts at 30%. You will be making money in no-time. Lots of affiliates have been seeing some good results using this method.

Then you can earn with the revenue sharing.

Let’s say you buy 4 shares which costs you $180. Keep in mind, each share matures into $56.25 over the course of a couple weeks. So now, your matured shares turn into $225. You just made $45 in profit by doing nothing. Now, just keep reinvesting and keep it growing and growing. Now you’re at 9 shares ($405) and those mature into $528.75 when you calculate all the carry-overs and everything else. That’s $120 in pure profit. That’s how you can use the revenue sharing program to your advantage. But remember, to get paid you must view 10 ads per day yourself![/note]

Could This Be A Ponzi Scheme Though?

Have you ever heard of Zeek Rewards? It was a company that got shut down by the FTC in August 2012 for being a Ponzi scheme and it operated quite similarly to Ad Hit Profits. You bought shares, they matured, you got paid a percent of daily revenue. In fact, that company grew to $600 million before getting taken down, so no one really thought it was a scheme, but it was.

But I honestly don’t think Ad Hit Profits is going to be a problem. You are basically paying for 1000 views to your affiliate offer which can create some money. Then, you are receiving a little bit of revenue from all the new $45 shares that day. You get a small “cut” or percentage just by having shares.  It’s just a perk. Not the main focus like it was in Zeek Rewards. This means, some days will be good, some will be slow. But that’s how it is in any business. As far as I can see, that’s not a big deal.

Is Ad Hit Profits the Answer to Quick Money?

You can definitely use Ad Hit Profits as a vehicle to earn some sales and money each day, if you really know Internet marketing, but probably not quickly. What it comes down to is having a very clickable banner ad, a very high converting custom capture page, and a good income opportunity that many people can join and relate to. If you have these three things line up really nicely, then you might be able to make it work. But if you are a beginner and new to all this, I would pass this up for something else. 

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  1. This is a total Rip Off! My shares have not made any money for quite some time now! I have stopped clicking the ads but even when I was clicking them there was very little growth!!

    It grew for about the 1st week to 10 Days and then came to a virtual standstill … I can’t believe people are still ploughing money into it!!!

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