Amazing Selling Machine Review: Worth the Price?

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The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) sounds like something with great potential. They aim to teach you “how to build a highly-profitable business selling your own brand of physical products by leveraging the power of Amazon.”

I was actually quite impressed given that Matt Clark has published business articles in Forbes and Killer Startups. This guy knows what he’s talking about and he’s dead serious about it.


If you subscribe or purchase the online training kit, you’ll be entitled to a three-day live event in Las Vegas and a year’s subscription to more information tools. The entire premise of the business is simply drop-shipping products.

By definition, drop shipping is just moving the items from the wholesaler or manufacturer and shipping them directly to the customer. Basically, the retailer (YOU) rarely sees or even handles them.

It’s a buy-and-sell system that keeps cost and operating expenses to a minimum and in turn, increases sales and profits.
If you want to build a business without the hassle of keeping an inventory, then this might be the way to go. But wait, there’s more.


• Huge profit potential – Forgoing the costs of having a physical store allows you to have big mark-up. And besides, you don’t need employees to keep track of the products and all the other costs associated with warehousing.
• Numerous product offering – The internet is almost synonymous with “unlimited” and with drop-shipping; you get to explore a wide range of products that best fit your customers’ needs.
• Less stress for “unsold” inventory – Nothing bums you more as a seller than seeing an array of unsold products. Drop shipping allows you to avoid all that and more.


• Finding good suppliers or manufacturers – This is probably the trickiest part and the one that could take up a lot of your time because you need to find suppliers with cheap products so you can maximize the profit and at the same time, you don’t want something that’s way low in terms of quality.
• Order processing – With the ASM though, this might not cause any problem since you’ll be using Amazon and well, they have a pretty neat and organized method of processing orders.
• Shipping issues – Again, you need not worry a lot because Amazon does the work for you.


So looking at both the advantages and disadvantages of drop-shipping, I assume you only have one question: WHERE TO GET THE PRODUCT? Matt Clark points out the obvious; where else do you get cheap products? In China, of course! He’ll even teach you how to test them, purchase in bulk and send to Amazon.

You know, this is all good actually. He has decent and very practical methods but there’s one thing that concerns me – the price. Everything is valued at $3, 497. I’m not sure about you but with that amount, you can already start your drop-shipping business.
There are other training kits like ASM which are way cheaper (say, a couple of hundred bucks at most) and they also provide good information. And since Matt highlights the importance of profit margin, then we know why the price is over $3k.


If you have plenty of money to spare (I don’t advise pooling ALL your hard-earned funds into this training), Amazing Selling Machine is a good product. It’s high quality and from someone dedicated to his craft. However, if the amount is going to break the bank, scour the internet for other cheaper alternatives but also look out for the real reviews to make sure you’re getting an above-mediocre training.

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