Amazingprofitreward Review- Another Ad Scam?

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Those looking for some very easy, easy money online might want to check out Amazingprofitreward. This company promises that users can make a whopping 4% of their account balance every day. The maximum amount that can be earned from the site daily is $400. Supposedly that money can add up very fast and turn into a significant income. The potential to make that kind of money is very hypnotizing and many suckers fall for it. However, it could also be that Amazingprofitreward is a big scam. Read on to learn more.

Get Your Amazing Profits? I don’t think so

You would think that earning money could not be any easier than this! All users have to do is look at five ads a day. They get paid 4% of their account balance every time they do this. To make building up that account balance easy, they are allowed to deposit funds! That means they do not have to wait around for money to build up in their account in order to start earning big time. The ease of making money is the greatest appeal of Amazingprofitreward. And that’s why it’s sold to newcomers in the make money online niche.

What to Expect When You Become Member

Becoming a member of this website is very easy. It is free and there is no need to deposit funds. Just sign up and start viewing your daily quota of advertising. You might even find some ads that pique your interest! Basic, unfunded accounts can earn 16 cents a day and that money keeps increasing as the account balance grows. However, there is no need to wait around for such a small sum to stack up significantly, as funds can be deposited. You can upgrade to a Premium membership to increase your potential. I wouldn’t though.


There is no deposit required, meaning anyone can get started for free. Unlike some other sites, there is no sponsoring required. The money stacks up for 50 days and can grow even faster if you refer others. The percentage of the money you can earn goes up and up and up. The best part of this company is that it makes it super easy to almost no money. Wow, what a benefit, right? No.


It’s a paid to view site. Definitely not a good way to make money. In order to make the $400 a day that is possible, you have to deposit $10,000. For many that is a significant risk to spend on a company that might not be completely trustworthy. There are no reports from any real user that says they invested this amount of money and were able to make what was claimed and pull their investment out again. There are simply more reliable ways to take $10,000 and make a profit, even at the rate that this company claims to pay. Those who want to try this company should consider risk.

Is Amazingprofitreward At All Worth Trying?

Well unfortunately the website is no longer up. I would recommend any kind of programs similar to it. It simply is not a good idea. There are a lot of people who highly recommend this system, but remember that they supposedly get paid for the referrals they bring in. I give Amazingprofitreward a “not recommended” rating.

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