Amazon Money Machine Review- Matt Clark Scam?

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Welcome to my Amazon Money Machine review. I just wanted to quickly go over one of Matt Clark’s training programs that teaches you how to leverage Amazon to make money online. I have to say that this is kind of a refreshment because most of the time and doing reviews on make money online programs that only teach people how to venture into the “make money online” niche and try to build an income in there. But this program is a lot different because you’re actually going to be taught how to build an Amazon business without the traditional way of trying to sign a bunch of people under you. So let me dive in deep and kind of go over with you what you get when you join this system.

Inside the Amazon Money Machine Member’s Area


Basically the intro section is going to be a lot about Matt Clark explaining why you want to use Amazon as a source of online revenue. He explains briefly of how the whole course works and how he’s been able to make a killing on the Internet just by using Amazon. There are a few interesting videos in this section such as the “Love/Hate Relationship with Amazon” which I found pretty good. There is also a video on the course overview and instructions.

Get Started

In the Amazon Money Machine “Get Started” section, there are 3 videos pretty much showing you how to set up an Amazon affiliate account and run through of the back office or dashboard of your account. Basically you become a seller and will be walked through all the different things you need to know as you get started. Also there is a video called the “The First 28 Days” which basically shows you how important it is to be involved in your first month of business.


There are several videos on drop-shipping. If you don’t know what that is, one of the 1st videos in this section explains and gives an overview. Basically this training section is to show you how to make money through drop-shipping as a seller and exactly where to select the right products. He actually shows you which companies that he is using to drop-ship products and what not.

PL & Wholesale

Here Matt Clark shows you how to use Private Label products as well as wholesale products or you can benefit and gain maximum profitability in your marketing efforts. He will show you exactly where to find these private label products and even how to outsource. There actually is quite a few videos in this section more specifically eight. That to me is a pretty good sign of value.


in this section you’ll be taught a lot about Kindle such as how to sell these books and even there is a training video on the 10 steps it takes to create your own Kindle book. There is even further training on how to publish your book and a lot of other pretty valuable training that I must admit that goes with anything related to making money with Kindle.


in this Amazon Money Machine training area, you’ll learn all about promotion and how exactly to get your product range towards the top in Amazon. So in other words of this section is for you once you have created a product that you want to market and sell on Amazon


This section I have to say I am a pretty big fan of. It is pretty much on how to build your own blog website and get it to rank towards the top of Google. You’re going to learn everything from keyword research, to picking the right domain, content creation, choosing the right kind of themes, installing the right plug-ins, and much more. I must say that there is a lot of valuable content here although some of it I would say needs a little bit of fine-tuning. But other than that it is definitely valuable and pretty powerful in my opinion.

Bonus & Forum

Matt is also going to offer some more bonus that cereal and is well there there is a forum for members to use encasing need any extra additional help.

Conclusion: Recommended

I have to say that I am fairly impressed with Amazon Money Machine, and no, I do not think it is a scam at all. I am a big fan of any kind of make money online program that’s going to show you how to make money outside of the “make money online” niche and this does a pretty good job because it teaches you how to leverage Amazon to sell and make money by shipping and distributing real product to real people in different niches. Not only that but it teaches you how to create your own product and that’s how you’re really learned to drink on to the next level eventually.


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