Auto Blog Income System Review- Another IM Product Scam?

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Just the name Auto Blog Income System alone when I first read it, sounded like bad news. But you can’t always judge a book by its cover!! Well, that’s what mom would always say. I think sometimes you can. But that’s besides the point. Let’s talk about this product. Ok. It’s obvious to me if you’re reading this, you’re doing some research on a money-making product before you buy, because you want to know how to generate income the legitimate way through an online system. Correct? That’s good. I got some good news and some bad news about Auto Blog Income System.

Whoa, Update Much?

It’s going to be a hairy ride. It seems this product hasn’t been updated in quite some time. You’ve got to know how SEO works, like, yesterday. The way search engine and websites rank is constantly changing. Auto Blog Income System is teaching automated techniques that are going to destroy your online business if you follow it. Stuff like automated posts, and submitting your stuff to article directories, spinning articles, installing plugins to help you do it, all that stuff is pretty dangerous if you are not careful.

Auto Blog Income System is pretty much a package of an e-book and plugin kit I guess you can say. The e-book does go into detail about a lot of different topics especially SEO, but that was good maybe in 2007. Nowadays you’ve really got to know what you are doing when it comes to automation. And if I do anything “automated” what I’m probably doing is nothing more than outsourcing to another human being. Understand that mass-produced stuff that comes out quickly on the Internet is going to get the red flag from Google. There are proper ways of “mass” producing stuff, but it definitely can’t be anything cookie-cutter. I know it explains this in the e-book, but it’s the other techniques it advice in the content that bugs me.

The things such as spinning articles and automatically submitting them to different directories in order to gain back points is definitely a big no-no nowadays because of the dreaded panda and Penguin updates that are always going on. If you are doing the improper SEO techniques, you can definitely expect to take a big hit in traffic and that ultimately leads to less leads and sales for you.

Auto Blog Income System Review Conclusion

Anything with the word auto seems to spark peoples interest because they think that it’s going to be easy money rolling into their bank account without them having to do anything. This kind of thought process and mindset is going to leave you broke and unsuccessful in the world of affiliate marketing. You’ve definitely got to learn some skills and put in some effort first, before you can see any results and make the money. That’s why I personally would stay away from Auto Blog Income System. There are just too many better products out there that actually offer resources and much more up-to-date and valuable content. That’s why right now I am absolutely crazy about and suggest that you check out Wealthy Affiliate. 

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