Auto Profit Signals Review- Another Scam or What?

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Before we get right to it, scams like the one I’m about to show you always parade their software as “new” or “revolutionary” or “one-of-a-kind.” Auto Profit Signals (APS) is not unique in any way since it has the same exact look with the Automated Cash Signals (ACS). The creators didn’t even bother altering a few words and it even uses the same sales video. Well now, Mike Stevens (the creator) was probably all too eager to get his hands on lots of money so he tried hitting two birds with one stone. Unfortunately for him, it backfired. It serves him right though. ACS was proven a scam a few months ago so it follows that Mike is merely trying to resurrect his unethical money-making practice.

Binary Options Are NOT For Beginners

The business they’re in, or the type of scam rather, is Binary Options. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a legal means of trading. However, the problem here is with how they mislead people. In Binary Options, depending on whether you think a stock will go up or down, you just have to choose CALL or PUT. With or without any help or experience, you have 50/50 shot at winning. But with APS, they make you believe you’ll win every single time on autopilot. That’s nothing but a big fat lie.

You may have noticed Mike is too lazy to put an effort in making his website seem legit, here are some of the red flags which are so common in other scams you might as well make it a checklist:

  • Scarcity tactic: It’s almost always present. Most would put the remaining number of slots available but in this case, it’s the people waiting for a position in APS. I left for just a few minutes and the number rose from 81 to 719. Oh come on, seriously?
  • Outrageous claims: According to them, 42 REAL PEOPLE makes over $10K a month. I don’t know why they have to emphasize real people though.
  • False promises: It says 100% free and no credit card is required. True enough, you’ll be given access to the mediocre software BUT in order to begin trading, you need to provide your credit card details and deposit funds of at least $250 to their “recommended” broker. Beware because those brokers are often not regulated by the SEC because of their location (Think Cyprus and the like).
  • Bank account screenshots: It’s easy to fake it so it’s not a solid proof that Mike’s earning anything from his software.
  • Sob story: It’s probably the most fun part for the scammers since they get to throw whatever kind of story they feel like it just as long as it makes the creator look like the average person with the rags-to-riches life.

Mike goes on to say he has helped 11 businesses, or more like scams. He continues blowing his own horn by claiming he has helped several people get out of debt etc. No matter what he says, the fact remains that he has scammed others before and he’ll continue to do so until he gets caught.


To cut the long story short, this is not something you want to get involved with. You can use your $250 in a more secure way because if you decide to join Auto Profit Signals, the only movement your money will have is towards 0.

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