Automated Income App Scam- Honest Review For You

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automated_income_app_scamIf you have managed to stumble across this Automated Income App review, you’re in luck! Just by reading this, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars! Sounds like complete B.S., right? Wrong. This is not your typical review of an online money making program in which you will read all of the glorious aspects of making money while doing next to nothing.

This is not the review in which you will get to read a ton of lies about how you can sign up for only a small membership fee and make enough money to tell your boss where he – or she – can shove it. If that is the type of review you are looking for about Automated Income App, then you have stumbled on the wrong article.

Before I get into a review on Automated Income App and why it could be an automatic mistake, let me start with you, the reader. If you are reading this, you are likely very new to internet marketing. Perhaps I’m all wrong and you’ve been in the game for years but you haven’t managed to make any real money. Whatever the case may be, it makes you wet behind the ears, which also makes you vulnerable to scams similar to work online programs like this one.

Just to break it down, Automated Income App works very similarly to similar programs that seek to feed on the needy and give to the rich.

A bunch of bigwigs collect emails from people who act out of desperation. In their moment of desperation, new marketers or marketers who are not making money signup for an offer that sounds absolutely amazing, such as the one proposed to you by this program. You hope that this will be your big break and that the company will deliver on the promise of a large monthly income.

Unfortunately for you, the only person making a large monthly income is the person that developed the program, not you. Perhaps you stumble across Automated Income App and you see a very promising video. Everyone in the video looks happy and they are boasting about the terrific amount of money they are now making. They entice you to join them and do the same. They ask you to “turn your life around” by making more money than you have ever dreamed of. Perhaps the people in the video look wealthy. That is all because they are paid actors and actresses.

The reality about Automated Income App is that you will actually end up losing money, and lots of it. Therein lies the reality of my initial promise – by reading this review, you could end up saving yourself hundreds of dollars. The thing is, this advice does not apply to one make money program.

It applies to all of them. It applies to you. It is up to you to recognize the wolf in sheep’s clothing. You must know the difference between sounds too good to be true and what might actually be realistic.

A legitimate work from home opportunity will not promise you a remarkable amount of income while you get to do little to no work. Anyone who makes a remarkable amount of income will tell you that it takes hard work and determination to get there. There is no automated program that will do it for you.

There is nothing out there that allows you to click a button and sit back while your income builds each day, each hour, each minute. In reality, such a program does not exist, meaning Automated Income App is nothing more than another scam, another myth.

Automated Income App creator, Bryan Miller, promises you simple forex trading for a start-up cost that is absolutely free. Sure, the start-up is free, but money does eventually come out of your pocket. Unfortunately, you will never make that amount of money back. Miller goes on to promise $1,000 a day for life. With such a high dollar amount, you’re probably thinking, “Sign me up!” Who doesn’t want to make $1,000 a day?

Honestly, if that were possible, we wouldn’t have poverty and starvation like we do now. That is because you cannot actually make $1,000 a day with an automated forex trading program. Forex traders that have been in the game for years and know exactly what they are doing don’t even make $1,000 a day so do yourself a favor and stay away from this automatic mistake.

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