Avoid The Donald Trump Work From Home Scam- Exposing Review

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Riding on the coattails of whoever is popular nowadays is the favorite strategy of scammers – Donald Trump Work From Home Scam is just one example. As if it’s not enough to constantly see his name pop up on your newsfeeds or TV, now this. Because thousands of people are probably searching his name in Google, what better way to get free SEO than adding his name to that of the company’s. It’s disgusting and unethical. But since Donald obviously has his plate full, I doubt he will waste time and money into hunting these marketers down.

donald_trump_work_from_home_scamThe website looked like it was put together hastily though. They used USA TODAY for the link and CNN for the news article. Neither of these media companies have anything to do with this con, however. They took bits and pieces of Donald’s platform and used quotes without any permission. It’s pretty much like listening to an hour of speech and taking a minute from that to post. Of course, this is all so they can make it seem as though Donald is promoting them.

According to the article, the fictional single mom Theresa Andrews uses Secure Cash At Home System. This helped her make $6,000-8,000 a month with just 15-18 hours of work in a week. Dream job? Absolutely. Legit? Not even close.


Visiting their website, you’ll notice a different name on the tab. And if you must know, that’s a link-posting scam which has already been shut down.

link_posting_scam_First, they lure you in with outrageous promises of huge earnings doing nothing. Then, once you’ve taken the bait, they’ll tell you the real deal: it’s nothing but posting ads. If we went back about 10 years ago, maybe this would have worked. Maybe, it has potential. But now, it’s nothing but a big fat scam. Why?

  • Takes money and time
  • Might be tagged as spam
  • Website owners rarely allow link-posting
  • Only earns if somebody clicks and buys from ads

With so many red flags in their page, I want to feel confident that very few people are falling for this. But I know for certain there’s still quite a number of victims because why else would they still continuously pop up? At this point, all they do is recycle everything – from the names to the links to the fictional characters to the entire website design. They’re not lazy, they just don’t see any reason why they should bother starting from scratch since they will need to re-brand if they get exposed anyway.

And if you’re banking on their 60-day refund, I hate to break it to you but they might not last that long.


These crooks are still at it and they’re using every means to lure and trap people. They’re violating so many laws and the reason they’re still running around and creating new scams is that there are not enough resources to go after them. The unauthorized use of logos alone should warrant a legal action but even those big companies waste no time for these scammers.

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