Big Idea Mastermind Review- Does Vick Strizheus Scam People?

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Hey and welcome to my Big Idea Mastermind review. Have you ever heard of Vick Strizheus? Well he is the founder of this marketing system where he claims to have made $710K in his first 28 days and that was with just a little “test” of his system. He is making lot of money on the Internet and now he wants to help you do the same. But all Internet marketing Gurus and leaders want to “help” you it seems. So let’s dive in a little deeper and really get to the bottom of this whole thing.

Most likely if you are reading this right now, you may have run into Big Idea Mastermind when looking around for a legit income opportunity or maybe you are in the BIM system yourself and could be 2nd-guessing. And also maybe you’re on the BIM team and are looking for BIM-bashers and want to leave a comment and defend/say something. No problem. So can this system really help you make all that  income it says it can on the sales page/testimonials?


Most Likely Not Going To Happen For You However

So, Big Idea Mastermind is really a training system/sales funnel designed to help you sponsor people into your Empower Network downline. If you are familiar with the work from home industry and haven’t heard of Empower Network, you must be living under a rock. It’s a type of semi-MLM business where you make money recruiting people into the company and pitching them to buy the courses and training products.

All Big Idea Mastermind is basically doing is creating a different avenue into Empower. The reason is because of marketing “blindness”. This means that there are way too many people promoting EN and you need a different “face” or “front” to keep people interested. In other words, you need to become part of a team that provides extra training, resources, tools, and support like BIM does, and has different capture pages than Empower.


I Sat Through A 2 Hour Long Webinar

I did manage to watch a webinar by Vick which was about 2 hours and 10 minutes long. What I noticed about the training taught is, a lot of it seems to be centered around “mindset training” like the secrets to success, how to start an online business. That’s okay. You do need to have the right attitude to be consistent and go for your dreams. A lot of the training is about understanding business and financial freedom and how you should fire your boss. That’s what the 1st hour was mainly about: how to think and set goals and why people work for others and how you can get out of that, etc.

The 2nd hour was mainly about paid advertising strategies such as using a lead generating software, solo ads, and PPC marketing. Paid advertising means you’re going to have to invest some good money to see things work, and you’ve got to know what you are doing. The majority of people that visit my site looking for income opportunities, i’d say 80%, don’t really have substantial amounts of money to invest which is why they’re looking for ways to earn income.

Vick did a good job showing you exactly what to do, however the only thing that kept going off in the back of my mind was “well, it’s you and 1000’s of other people trying to use the exact same resources marketing the exact same system and strategy to the exact same prospects”. 

This system is aimed at people who want to earn income by teaching them to sell make money online training to other make-more-money seekers. The training is 100% geared toward targeting the “make-money-online” niche, which, no matter what people say, is very saturated nowadays and competition is very high. But it can still be done.

If you don’t believe when I say competition is high, most solo ad sellers won’t even touch an offer than involves Empower Network.


But Can You Make Money With It?

It definitely CAN work. What it’s going to come down to is getting lots of traffic to your Big Idea Mastermind capture pages and making sure that traffic is targeted and wouldn’t mind being involved with EN. Ironically enough, getting massive amounts of traffic to an affiliate link consistently is the #1 problem for about 99% of people trying to make Internet money out there. Good luck.

After doing even extra research, I have found positive feedback from members of BIM who claim it’s an awesome system with lots of valuable training. But to the beginner marketer, just about any new training is going to seem awesome even if it’s at the most basic of level. 

On the other hand, I have seen lots of comments also saying how it was a waste of money for them, the strategies brought minimal results, and investing in everything was very expensive without a dime made. 


Does Vick Strizheus Scam People?

After doing more research, I came across a local news clip featuring a story of how Vick (Vitaliy is his real name) had been busted in the past for grand theft for getting paid advanced commissions through Mutual of Omaha and Americo. In 2007 He also got caught for filing life-insurance applications for people who didn’t exist. Here’s the link. 

I’m not sure what that was all about. 


Big Idea Mastermind Is NOT For Me

Whether or not you’re looking to join because you’re trying to learn how to make money & looking for income opportunities, or if you’re already in the Big Idea Mastermind team, all I can say is it’s not for me. I think this could be a decent marketing system for sponsoring people into your Empower Network team, but I’m not much into the whole multi-level marketing scene or Empower Network. That’s just me.  I would rather promote a legit Internet marketing course that teaches people how to build a business/income in any niche, say weight loss, acne, golf, or whatever. But that’s just me. Thanks for reading.


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  1. I just canceled my membership with the four percent group because Vick Strizheus swapped my affiliate ID with His.

    I have screen capture MP4 video as proof.

    Enmough said…..

    • That’s absolutely terrible. Geez.

  2. Here’s a big pyramid scam:

    They are all under one company, Tecademics

    Very similar to Empower Network

  3. EN is saturated and is not even in the IM niche, its more of a personal development company disguised as a business opportunity. I am a member of EN and own all the products and have been in EN since early 2012 when they launched. If your just starting out and looking for a business opportunity its better to do your research on facts and not be fooled by the hype just because EN is popular they are writing “million dollar checks” every week.

  4. Vic is a con man period and empower network is a ponzi sceme

  5. Big Idea Mastermind is a SCAM! I know my story won’t mean anything but if you just do a quick search in google the whole first page are full of people saying it’s a scam… That’s more than enough Proof…

    • Actually, there’s quite a few positive reviews and then there are the reviews of the lazy people who didn’t want success bad enough and gave up before they got started.

      • Not everyone wants to be that rich, where your life is consumed by the almighty dollar. BUT …. In saying that, everyone wants to make enough money so they can live, and eventually retire, debt free and comfortable.

        I am the latter. I have watched most of the videos and followed his first two; however, when I replied to one of his emails asking for help with HostGator, there was no reply. I would think that as a “mentor” there should be someone checking the website to see who may be struggling and give them the nudge they need. Obviously I am not important as a potential investor, I am just another number. A $ in Vick”s wallet maybe?

        I am not lazy, but this is VERY new to me and I would have appreciated the common courtesy of a response.

        I guess the saying is true “If it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t”

        So very disappointed (NOT lazy)

  6. I m in the Big idea mastermind system and i m realy happy to be there cause i ‘ve learn a lot of things who can help me to sell all i want in internet not just empower network but items for xmas, ebooks … with his video in my back office i m learning about how to make traffic with different tools. I really love that.

  7. I agree with ALL that Vince says here. This is just an attempted revamp for EN.

  8. Vick is the greatest. He is genuinely wanting to help people be successful. It is because if they are successful then he is successful. Good concept. My main reason for joining BIM was because of the way Vick was so honest and up front with you.

  9. Thanks for the nice review,
    I am already a Big Idea Mastermind member.
    Vick comes from a ClickBank background, he’ve created an sold many products.
    You said in your post “Internet marketing course that teaches people how to build a business/income in any niche, say weight loss, acne, golf, or whatever” I just want to clear that point for you. the training provided in Big Idea mastermind, can be applied to any niche, and its separate to the Empower Training.

    For example you can use his High Traffic Academy Course (which sells for $497 for free) for any niche and plus you can resale it if you choose to.

    I don’t want you to think Im here to sell you Big idea mastermind. just want to clear something up. Thanks you

    • Hi Bilal

      Just saw your post for Vick Strizheus, wanted to know how was the course and training, was it worth the money ?
      What are you doing now…and how effective was his training in your internet marketing biz?
      your replies will be highly appreciated..Thanks


  10. Next time your making a scam video make sure you take the car dealer tag off your key chain. I have seen this same video with different actors about 5 times so far. The car dealer tag makes it very obvious to be a rental, borrowed, or even on a test drive to save money. When everyone is scamming then nobody makes any money. Way to contribute to the downfall of humanity. People just stop being so concerned about money or the lack of it! Humanity is about a lot more than just owning nice things. We probably have more sellouts now then every in history. Don’t be a liar looser chasing money and ignoring being honest at the expense of others! Seek True knowledge, be selfless, be kind, truly love people, and then the rest falls into place.

  11. Great and honest article. I just came across one of Vick’s videos on Yotube and I must say that he is great. It’s good to have a perspective of him, what I noticed from the videos that I have watched is that he basically repeats what other marketers say and he is extremely motivational. I will stay away from his products until I have some income to test them out myself. About his run-in with the law? I hope he has changed. I have had run-ins with the law in the past and it does not mean that I plan to do what I did before as I am a different person now who has learned from my mistakes. I think that anyone looking or listening to internet marketers who have videos on Youtube really should listen and learn. We are not puppets to sign into any offer and we need to do our due diligence (Rich Dad, Poor Dad). Thanks for the insight!

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