Blogging With John Chow Review- Overhyped Scam?

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blogging_with_john_chow_review_Wow, I’m actually surprised with Blogging With John Chow. This is a make-money course that teaches you the basics of blogging and how to make thousands of dollars per month. Well, kinda. If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in how to make income off the Internet and you know one of the ways, probably the best, is by building blog websites.

Yes, you can make lots of money this way. In fact, the website you’re on write now reading this (my website) is a blog. I make money blogging. So, as someone that does know how to make money blogging, I”m going to give you my honest review and opinion of this particular product. 

If you know me, you know I pretty much gear my honest reviews to help out beginners. I like that this product is also geared to help out beginners because there is a 30 day action plan encouraged when you buy. This is huge. I can’t tell you how many times newbies hesitate to pull-the-trigger when it comes to income opportunities. But by at least having some kind of plan or guide, that’s a huge plus for me. This will get you off-the-ground and motivated to start taking action. 

How I Critique Blogging With John Chow

One of the things this program does well is shows you how to setup your website. In one of the modules, you will learn about themes, plugins, graphics, and what to write about. You will learn about branding, which is very important. All sorts of stuff that’s a lot different than the “plug-into-this-EZ-system-and-make-millions” type of deal that I’m used to seeing. 

I have to say, Blogging With John Chow is a pretty decent product. It’s definitely not perfect, but I actually do think it’s worth it if you’re a beginner and what extra info on blogging profits.

Allow to me to explain why I feel so.

John Chow teaches focuses a lot on the content aspect of blogging. It’s content that does the selling for you when you blog and this is a big benefit in this course. The dude is a master at creating good content and most of the training is geared towards content creation. In fact, good content is going to provide a lot of benefits to your website’s rankings, well, if you are getting traffic. And that’s kind of the only downside to this program. 

One Minor Mishap

You need traffic and Blogging With John Chow doesn’t teach as intensely on this topic as it should. One of the things you need to know about are keywords and the competition and the type of traffic that you want visiting your blog. It’s okay though. I know of a better program that teaches you all about traffic. But other than that, it goes really into detail about the dynamics of selling through content and delivering helpful info. In fact, a lot of the teaching is done by Peng Joon, who is also a very popular Internet marketing guru. 

Overall I Do Think It’s Worth It And Won’t Hurt!

But another thing that this product does very well, is shows you how to build a list! This is huge! This is how you make lots of money down the road without having to rely on your blog so much. There is a whole course in Module 5 that shows you how to get people to opt into your email list. It goes pretty deep on the psychology of attracting people to actually click on your optin form and teaches you how to build custom squeeze pages in 10 minutes or less. These are really good aspects of this course I must say. Email marketing is legit. 

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  1. How did you learn how to create websites & or get good at blogging in general?!

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