Does Bubblews Scam People? Full Review

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bubblews_review_You’re searching Bubblews scam on Google because you already know when something seems too good to be true, or if it’s worth spending your time to make money. Thanks for stopping by this review and I really hope to give you some valuable information that could save you some big money. I know this is a new company and seems exciting to work with, but I’m going to say to be really careful spending your time and energy in the wrong places because you could actually end up losing more money than actually making. I am not recommending this program and let me tell you why.

How Does Bubblews Actually Work?

Bubblews is a website that has developed a way to get tons of content from people, by luring you in with the idea of making money for simply writing whatever you want. Understand? The more content a website has, the more likely Google will favor it therefore gets more traffic. More traffic means easy money off the ads on the website. They are using you to add traffic-generating content and paying you cents for it. In other words, you are building someone else’s website for them and getting compensated peanuts for it. Here’s what you do to get started.

  1. You sign up for free
  2. Create your profile and take a look around
  3. Pick a category and write an article on whatever topic you want
  4. Get visibility on the site as your article gets commented or liked
  5. Get cents for any interaction that occurs on your article
  6. Start branding yourself

Sounds like a good deal right? Not really and let me explain.

You’re going to be placing your unique thoughts, ideas, and writing in someone else’s domain. Sure, you might be able to generate $1 or $2 with the some article you post on there that someone either clicks or comments on, but you can literally make $1,000 on your own blog website if you know what you are doing.

HUGE Problem With

Wow so if you don’t know by now, it’s not a good idea to have uncontrolled content uploaded to a site. That’s a huge no-no for Google and just imagine how much crappy content this website already has. Google is BIG on quality content.  If you are someone that wants to use this site for back links to your own site, I would be very very very careful about that! It could actually end up hurting your rankings, seeing that you are linked with a shotty content driven website such as Bubblews. The reason is because of this whole business strategy that they are using. This used to work really well back in the day before the whole Panda/Penguin updates. You could have these sites that allowed people to writer whatever and Google would rank your articles really high allowing you to get all kinds of traffic. But Bubblews keeps all the potential of you being able to monetize that traffic! They just want to pay you for interaction within the website and its members. However, not through the benefit of being seen on the 1st page of Google. They will keep that instead.

So Does Bubblews Scam People?

I can’t say that it is absolutely a scam just yet. But you’re not going to make much money. You could only make money in the website itself, and not through organic traffic. It’s just not worth it in my opinion. It’s just a waste of time honestly. Bubblenews might be popular right now, but just in time it will turn out to be a mediocre program just like the rest once it stops delivering. Why not focus that time and energy building your own Internet business and website? You’re doing the same thing, except making all the money for yourself and you get total control. You get to be your own boss, take your income to unlimited potential, gain tons of skills that open up doors to many, many other income opportunities and much more. How do you learn all this? Check out my top-rated income opportunity.

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  1. oh really but bloggers are writing about them so ultimately they are getting attention and bloggers are experimental so they will do it again and again 🙂

  2. I have written for Bubblews long enough to know they are simply experimenting with ideas. They tend to depend on membership for traffic which only means nothing to zero clicks on Ads. Anyway, they’ve paid me thrice and kept my payment umpteen times…. planning to delete my articles

  3. it’s scam for me ‘ because it dissapointed me regarding to not understanding the situation and not paid as well

  4. I must say it is scam now. I got first payment back in July 2014 then after no payments for my earning. I sent several messages, emails etc. but no response from them. So I believe it is now 100% SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!

    I am going to delete all my posts from my account because I don’t want to allow use my contents for which they didn’t pay. I also recommend all users to delete all your posts if you have not received your payments.

  5. scam scam scam! Arvind jay dixit should be behind the bars. he ate my 847$ genuine moneyin the name of terms of services. motohr fkkr

  6. Have you seen the latest:
    If you haven’t seen it, here’s the latest from &BubblewsMemberSupport, posting dated 12/31/14:

    “Bubblews recently changed its compensation policy to a flexible model to match our advertising revenue. Instead of the previous fixed rate, Bubblews now pays a variable amount, depending on local advertising rates in your country. This ensures that the site remains sustainable, and may allow us to process redemptions more quickly.

    “Unfortunately, due to extremely high levels of manipulation and fraudulent activity, Bubblews will not honor redemptions made before November 11, 2014.

    “Furthermore, all redemption requests submitted after November 11, 2014 will be processed according to the new compensation model.

    “We apologize to the Bubblews community for any inconvenience these changes may cause.”

    Actually, I had a redemption dated November 10, 2014 that they did honor. But there’s at least one earlier one that I guess will now never be paid.

  7. I wouldn’t call bubblews a scam. I’ve posted there for months and lost only a few payments, about five to be exact. It’s nice because you can write 400 characters about your daily life or most anything you want to. It’s enjoyable to post and even more enjoyable to read about people’s daily life from all over the world. It’s a learning experience. I was making around $200. a month on bubblews until the big change last month. Now the earnings aren’t near as good, but it’s still more than any other online site I have posted on. I have posted on Triond, Bukisa, Expertknowledge, expertscolumn, and wickinut. They all pay much less than bubblews. I do believe they need more and better trained people to run the site.

    • Ruby, If you’re making that much through bubblews, you can make more by writing for your own blog. I say go for it, and do your own thing. If they’re paying you $20o/month, they’re making much more than that off of your content. Just saying….

    • Ruby. I enjoyed reading your articles. We are not young. We try our best and hope the sites we write for will treat us nicely. Guess what? But then, I guess you realize now, Bubblews was not an honest and above-board site.

  8. I suspect those who got pay in bubblews may be bubblews staff or staff’s friends.

  9. Bubblews is one of the worst writing sites that I have joined. They allow crappy content, give evasive answers when contacted and they definitely do not pay. They deleted my account around the precise moment that I was due my second redemption. Their excuse was that I violated the terms by transferring some of my articles over from another site. They did not give me a reason for deleting my account until I pushed for an answer. They never paid me one dime, and when I asked about that, they kept replying with the excuse that I violated the terms. So who gets to finally bring them down for violating terms by outright ripping people off?

  10. I used to get paid by Bubblews and I’ve been a member for a year. But since they launched the new site, I haven’t been paid. I know the rules by heart and I don’t even share my posts anywhere. I do bubble activity almost 12 hours a day just to earn but alas! all my seven redemptions (amounting to 100 dollars each) were not paid…

    • I can testify to the fact that Bubblews is a Scam. They pay the first time in most cases, then never again. You can write until your fingers bleed, if you annoy them with complaints, they will delete your account. There was $50 in my account when it was deleted.

      • you are lucky it pay you, I never got paid.

      • Now they delete people when they got $50 and even REDEEM

    • we’re on the same boat.







  11. Bubbles is scam?

    • YES it is scam

  12. Yes, Bubblews is a scam. My $300 are still pending on them and they are not even replying to my emails. That site is really a scam and people should not waste their time on Bubblews.

  13. Don’t trust on this biggest fraud website

    This is the biggest fraud website, they have told me that when I reach $50 then i can withdraw money. but when I have earned aprox $42, they have banned my account with out any reason.

    not only this, but also my friend has made $210 on this website, he has send lots of messages to’s support, but they have never responded him, in last they have banned account.

    so, my friends this is my advice to beware from this website, This is only wasting our time, bubblews’s owners are all scammer and fraud persons, you can see some peoples are supporting them, that they are paying regularly but those are not correct but those all are own persons of fraud

    So, don’t trust on this fraud website and save your time..


    • They suspended me when I got $49.50

      dont believe bubblews, dont even go waste your life time like this, life is much more precious

  14. Bubblews is a scam. My account was deleted for no reason at all. I was careful NOT to violate any of its rules. I was a good citizen there. But still my account was deleted. The deletion occurred when I tried to contact them about my redemptions or payments.

    They replied that they did not have any record of my first redemption. Then my account was deleted. I did not receive any warning. I was not notified. AGAIN, I FOLLOWED THE RULES. I was scared of violating any of them.

    • they dont want to pay you so ban you. My past bubblews accounts are killed due to this

  15. currently I’m trying to scavenge the money from Bubblews, so I haven’t had a negative opinion for the service. my hope and expectation that service is not a scam …

    • @laura allen, dont be so stupid. all of us firstly also believe bubblews until we nearly $50 when being suspended. so we come here to warn others dont use bubblews. we also trust them at first too. but now, Laura, Laura Allen, see what we past bubblews people got, see what we really got from bubblews

  16. Bubblews is Big Scam….Dont wastage your time on because you will not getting any payment its completely fraud…..

  17. is totally scam, and fraud. I appeal to those who are waiting for their first payment like me should not continue working without it. they have kept of matter of payment linger on with out any specific reason and gives no satisfactory answer.

  18. I’m new at bubblews yeah i found it suspicious, loading the page too long hmhm that would be something that there is running background script on the page I trust no one in the web-world i’ve been around online marketing finding a good way to get some money even those PTC? most of them are scams. Like i said i trust no one I’ll try bubblews myself so i can prove to myself that it is a scam but still i’ll be careful giving my paypal account to them but thanks for the warnings… as of yet i am near at the redeeming part just little more dollar from my crappy post -_-

    • it load long so you can not know how many money you can really gain. they will suspend you when you nearly $50, or when you click GREEN REDEEM BUTTON then you will be like us, SUSPENDED

  19. I have been with Bubblews since August 2013. It is a clunker of a website, but I cannot call it a scam. I made the mistake of requesting my first redemption by check, and that never came, but all my pay pal redemptions cleared no problem.

    Some of the people complaining here have probably engaged in practices like using bots to increase traffic or using traffic exchange sites. A few others are writing for rival Sites, as I do myself, and deliberately try to provoke the Bubblews staff so they can write an article about it for the rival site and be featured prominently. I know Bubblews has big problems with site stability and I definitely have my complaints but after several redemptions I have yet to be scammed.

  20. I just feel so sorry for the ones who were not paid.. well for me… I have been paid almost everytime (just with 1 missing) like around $1200 for past 7 Months! 😀 (Pure Luck? I dont know..) Now U all can hit me with all u got and I dont care at all.. Coz its u people who were not paid and Im getting richer day by day! LOL!!!

    • when you first joined bubblews . did you receive a confirmation email? i joined today and i have not got any confirmation email. from the start it looks like a scam.

      • I got a confirmation e-mail

    • wait till they will stop. I thought I never will be having problems. I am there for a year. some missed payments then they just dropped the bomb on me – account deleted. If only I could sue this site, I will.

    • RICK, you are lucky but it does not mean you can laugh other people.

  21. They paid me…all redemption are succesful it is NOT a scam

  22. I had two of my payment cancelled by Paypal, because there was no money on the sending bank, which is from bubblews. And they have not replayed any of my message to them. Some other member were paid, i just don’t know why mine was cancelled, eventhough i had already get the e-check.
    sorry for my English, not a native speaker

  23. Yes Bubblews scam people I’m one of them. Bubblews is a Ponzi Scheme pure and simple, they pay some of their writers to make the siteseem legit.

    • they choose people to pay so it make it becomes those who did not get paid are lygin to public./ it pay VERY FEW PEOPLE so others whom they never pay to, looks like lying to people. then those who got paid will say people tell lies

      yes see how bad bubblews is. the best companion with bubblews must be listia.

  24. bubblews is a scam. even if you tell me it may select partial members to pay, as long as “NOT ALL BUBBLEWS MEMBERS GOT PAID” IT IS STILL UNFAIR, IT IS STILL SCAM.

  25. yes bubblews suspend people when people claim payment.

  26. Bubblews is most definitely a scam. It’s a classic pyramid scam utilizing yet another well known pyramid scam which is Google Adsense which robbed publishers of nearly 700 billion in 2013. So no, you can’t earn well on your own in this market. You need to become part of a large community of quality writers on a site that has earned direct partnerships with advertisers and legitimate ad networks such as Tribal Fusion. This community must allow writers to share & link directly to your other earning locations. I have created such a community along with many other writers. Networks that loot publishers, writers and advertiser have no place in our community. Google & Bubblews have no place in this market.

  27. Yes I don’t know what should I say.
    I got 3 payments but later I havent got after redemption more than 3 months.
    what should I say????
    I am waiting i will stuck one more chance.
    hence will trty if I will get one more chance.

  28. If you ask me, I will say that Bubblews is a selective Scam. It pays some people while do not pay a majority of members. Despite of not having broken any rules, I have 3 Payments pending with them. I emailed several times but didn’t get a proper response from them.

  29. Bubblews is a spam! It is a selective payment. I had 6 missing payments ($160), deleted 4 of my most viewed, liked and commented posts without explanations at all. My posts were consistently featured in the front page and top news. I haven’t violated anything. I emailed several times but didn’t get a proper response from them. It’s not worth our time! They are definitely a joke!

  30. As others have said, yes, it is a scam!

    First of all, if you are a victim of the Bubblews scam, you can report Bubblews to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3 here: www(dot)ic3(dot)gov/default.aspx The information required about Bubblews–at least that requested on the form–can be found here: www(dot)whois(dot)com/whois/ The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center accepts complaints from all over the world, and the more people who do complain, the better!

    The most surprising thing about this scam is that Google Adsense allows itself to be involved—Google Adsense is Bubblews’ main source of income. Of course, this income wouldn’t be possible without the people who have been invited to contribute to Bubblews’ website under false pretences—that in itself is a criminal offence.

    This is my experience of Bubblews:

    Yesterday (November 30, 2013), I deleted all of my Bubblews posts because Bubblews had been earning from my them, but had never paid me a cent. I awaited three redemptions dating back to September 9, 2013. I’m rather angry, since I always paid utmost attention to Bubblews’ rules: even every photo I ever published was completely my own, taken with my own camera especially for whichever post it was intended to illustrate. The money made from this work has subsequently been pocketed by Bubblews.

    I went through all the appropriate and recommended channels in order to claim payment, but to no avail. Bubblews ignored my each and every email.

    It would have made sense had Bubblews unpublished my posts and deleted my account. It would have meant I’d done something wrong. But, until yesterday, my account remained, my posts remained, and Bubblews continued to profit from them.

    What I most loathe about what Bubblews is doing, is how it gets contributors’ hopes up, then leaves them bitterly disappointed by breaking its promise of payment. Even worse, it’s a complete waste of people’s time and energy. These people, who had contributed in good faith, could have earned elsewhere during the time they were writing for Bubblews. From what I can ascertain to date, most victims of Bubblews, although not all, seem to be based outside the United States, with contributors in Asia being the hardest hit.

    I have reported Bubblews to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center for fraud, and, working for several print and online publications, have begun to publicize my experience.

  31. it is a scam site check my review in my blog…thanks 🙂

  32. Go those who claim that they got paid, bubblews pays only 4-5 times only, then they stop paying. I was a member there too and got 4 redemptions. Thought the site was genuine and all those who said it was a scam had violated the and hence were not paid. But no, I wrote original content, have not violated any rule and after 4th redemption, I was not paid for four consecutive redemptions.
    So bubblews is indeed a scam.

  33. I joined Bubblews in April and cashed out in July. They never paid me. I contacted them several times. They just said they are looking into it. I finally had my account deleted. I posted about this on my Tumblr. I also put a link to this site.

  34. pays few people just to show that they are paying but the fact that they are deleting the accounts which is near redemption is not acceptable. Bubblews earns through ads impression and views which the users brings but at the end, there accounts were deleted and bubblews gets all the credit.

  35. No it’s not a scam. Bubblews is not paying us to defend them because they don’t have to. I’ve had 4 successful redemptions out of 4 requests. They are a new company and growing fast by the minute that’s why they can’t possibly get back to everyone’s email.

  36. its not a scam! I havnt paid one time for $116 but I kept on posting and now I am being paid always. How come it will be a scam if they pay people, I even made a blog to generate traffick in my posts.

  37. The Truth is they do pay but only like 10% of the writers and their support is ZERO as all emails to them are never answered. I got my 1st, 2nd and 4th redemptions but not the 3rd, 5th, 6th or 7th. These people suck people in to the stage that even if they don’t get paid some people just stay to interact with friends they have made. Bubblews should be reported as a scam website and shut down !

  38. I Have just received my 8th payment without any problems.

    • Linda Smith is paid to lie for many sites . She also uses many accounts to make users think they will be paid.

  39. This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me.


  40. I was recommended this web site via my cousin. I’m not positive whether this submit is written by way of him as no one else recognise such precise approximately my problem. You are incredible! Thanks!

  41. is a site that recently appeared in late 2012. Bubblews is 100% A Scam !

    My account was suspended without any prior Notice , despite I was following the rules..why?

    here is why :

    because they own to me “$ 1753.00 ” YEs it’s true ! so after I redeem my cash they cancelled my account immediately after 8 hours without any notice and even they never reply to my emails

    I was following ” exactly ” the terms of use ( No copyright infringement ,No abuse of the like or connect button, No hack No Cheat ….) I just was lucky and had a huge amount traffic from SEO !

    Bubblews pay you only as long as you have a ” small amount of cash ” , but as soon as you start making some real cash they try to to trick you and find a fake reason of not paying you or even suspending your account .

    Here is my advice : Beware of such scam website and cancel your account before they “broke your dream “.

  42. I have been paid every single time I have redeemed. I had a 2 day delay because of a server issue. They contacted me to find out if the payment had made it to me. I know they are slow to answer their emails sometimes but they are a new company and few staff. I have seen a lot of people on there who are complaining about not receiving their payments, however, I have seen a lot of those very same people blatantly violating the rules as well. I’m sure that there are some who didn’t violate the rules but are backlogged. I don’t believe it’s a scam. I do think that they are really trying to get rid of the people who aren’t following the rules and when that is done, along with the upgrades, things might move faster. If anything, I think we need to blame those violating the TOS for our delays in payment.

  43. Thank You very much for writing this article about bubblews reviews. I have been a member there for almost two months and got two payments which are $25.80 and my second payments was $28.60 but only recieved 25$.
    Bubblews payed me twice and I have many pending payments. I have $89 pending payments and I failed to recieved the third, fourth and fifth payments.
    So bubblews will be put to not recommended website because everyone gets their two payments fast ot even 15-50 payments some members recived but bubblews will not pay all the money you earned for no reason.
    Bubblews is a scam.

    • Payments may be decreased from what you actually see. What you see for redemption is an estimate only. If you have received any likes, etc from another writer who may have been banned from the site, your earnings from that member go too. People manipulate traffic and that is another reason for not getting paid.

      READ THE TOS and Posts by Bubblews.

  44. I have just got my first payment there and thats great. But the one thing that is puzzling me is are we sure that we are not actually paying for ourselves?!
    Bare with me. Okay, I write for Squidoo, the link on my Bubblews page from Squidoo is the only thing I need for them to access my Squidoo, go through the system and pay me by paypal. Ho do we know that by accessing our writing site they are actually not just taking our earnings from squidoo earnings on google adsense, then paying us back on bubblews! I know, I am a suspicious person, but hey, its an idea! Hope you get my point.

  45. It’s almost certainly not a scam. Poorly run at worst. If it was a scam, instead of blatantly stealing from a percentage of your users, lie about the revenue share percentages and pay out 10% while calling it 50%. I wrote at great length about the site for anyone who’s interested.

  46. No, it’s not a scam. I’ve been paid every time I hit redeem. At first it took me two weeks to redeem, now it takes me less than a week. If you don’t break the rules, you get paid. Those crying foul are usually cheaters.

    • how much did you get paid by Bubblews for defending them??

      • LOL, yes, thats what it’s all about!!!
        I have been a member since 7/2012 and received payment every-time until last month. If you dislike or say anything sarcastic to one of their fav’s, you will be messed with. I haven’t been able to access my profile in over 2 month’s and thats because I had it out, not literally, but had an opinion argument with one of the Support peoples pet’s. I wrote an article back when i was still getting paid about what to do when an online company or site doesn’t respond or ignores you, deleted within 2 minutes. They claim it’s still there. When you Google it it’s there, but click and you will get not found on this server.

      • I have been paid 275 dollars already and I joined in June so I would say it is not a scam..Not even close

  47. Yes, is a scam:

    The comments from the CEO under my article are hilarious, to be honest.

    A few weeks ago, I tried to redeem my fourth or fifth payment. A few days later, I looked at my tally in the Bank page, and discovered that all of my articles but one were counted. I had lost tons of views and likes, as well as two dollars — at least.

    I mentioned this issue and the issue about not receiving money owed in an article. I also visited the Facebook Page and Twitter account and let them know about the post there. I received no answer.

    A week later, I wrote another article. Arvind left a message on my wall: “Your payment(s) will be cleared by Wednesday of next week. Thank you. Please email back in on Wednesday if you do not hear from us.”

    He then proceeded to delete my article. I posted another one, which was deleted two seconds later.

    The link I shared above is my third attempt.

    I chose to delete all my previous articles because I don’t want the site to make money off my back if they decide to terminate my account.

    • I have been paid by Bubblews, so I am fine. If you haven’t been paid, it’s because you broke a rule – whether or not it’s arbitrary is for you to decide. I know I have not broken a rule, so that’s why I can guarantee I will always be paid.
      Bubblews is a great company. Don’t talk bad of it unless you want to come across as jealous.

      Alea Din (Dr Lin)

      • Alea Din is a paid shill for Bubblews. You can find the name all over the web saying similar things. If anything, that is the biggest proof that the site is a scam.

        • It isn’t a scam. Wonder why people don’t receive their payments? It’s because they broke a rule. Might want to read terms and conditions guys. It’ll definitely help

          • Nope, Meg, it IS a scam. Unless the rule is “don’t say anything about bubblews besides ‘it’s the bestest!'” then I haven’t broken any rule. Yet I’m not getting paid and, as many have said, “Help” doesn’t respond to questions.

            If someone breaks a “rule,” then a grownup tells him what “rule” it is so he can avoid “breaking” it. Like most of their content, bubblews is juvenile rubbish.

  48. Yes it is a scam for sure. I have redeemed two times but have not received the money till date (it’s more than 3 months) and so I’ve stopped writing content for it. It’s true, they don’t even bother to respond to your mails.

  49. Yes, it is a scam. There are many, many members who are not getting paid. Support does not respond to emails about the missing payments. Some have had content deleted and earnings removed for breaking rules that are not in the terms of use. If you’re going to change the terms of use, change them on the site, where members can see them. In addition, if you delete your own content, money will be deducted from your account leaving a negative balance. That means you owe them money. This practice is illegal as it is stealing. The revenue generated from content in the past is not affected by removing the content. Only future revenue would be affected.
    What is most puzzling is that people who are owed hundreds of dollars continue to fill the site with content. They are holding out for something that will never come. When I received my last payment, after threatening to contact the BBB and Attorney General’s office, paypal had to hold the payment until money was in the Bubblews account. They did not have $25 in their account.
    I agree with your assessment and advice regarding the type of content on Bubblews. I deleted my content after discovering that what was being uploaded was pure garbage. There are a few good writers there, but most of what is on the site is poorly written, sloppy, and plagiarized. Do you really want your name, brand, and work associated with that?

    • Thanks for the feedback, Jacqueline. Wow, that’s crazy. They actually deduct money from your account for deleting content? That’s really bad. Yes, you definitely want to make the most of your hard work and content creation by submitting it to a reputable site if anything. That’s why Bubblews and many other content farms have been hit so hard by the latest Google Penguin 2.0 update.

  50. It is a scam. I am one of the oldest member of the website. I was paid 3 to 4 times but now when I redeemed 102 dollars 2 weeks back they didnt pay me the amount and they started ignoring my emails. IF you are a genuine webmaster you will publish my comments

    • Thanks for the feedback Saurav. And yes, there are many “content farms” out there that entice people to upload content to a site that does not belong to them. The idea is to draw lots of organic traffic to the main domain. It’s always best to upload content to your own website first. Sorry you’ve had trouble with payment, my friend. I can’t say it’s a straight out scam just yet, because some people have gotten paid and never had a problem. Of course, they don’t make much, but still.

    • is indeed a website that is short changing advertisers and users. They use users in writing poor content posts like what they ate, what they drank,where and how did they sleep, why some person across the road was limping-most posting is grabage and filler content. With this they are almost cheating advertisers as google would not rank such content any higher than ‘useless’ & garbage. Saurav is right they pay public members only say a couple of times and then they start denying payments. Even I had same experience and am in receipt of much worse treatment and I suspect that;

      they utilize own employees or outsourced employees to create fake user accounts with paypal etc. These users lure public by showing how they have been paid so many times already

      Lured public enters and contributes content. Then these people restrict public accounts by engineering a system glitch in his account so that he or she can earn only gradually.

      They have frames highly restrictive website rules which hide totally why they are deny payments. they show no cumulative payment data. Referral income details are no available. Once you withdraw your account is set to zero. Wonder how they are accounting inside for tax filing/IRS.

      What and how much revenue you egenrate that you can pay 1000s of members $50 each week. I suspect 80% are planted members who recycle received money back into system.

      Arvind Dixit the CEO was questioned by me and he is unable to reply anything or pay outstanding dues.

      here is a fulle xpose:

      please refrain from becoming unpaid writing laborer for this website and ARVIND DIXIT

      demand from Dixt why your past payments have not been paid
      why your accounts were suspended without payment
      demand details of your refrral incomes

      prefer police complaints for financial fraud.

    • I agree, they owe me like 4 or 5 articles. I find it stressful whenever I redeem as I always worry if they’re gonna pay me or not, they do pay sometimes but most of the times they don’t.

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