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Commission Killer is another Clickbank product that a lot of people are trying to sell to you by writing positive Commission Killer reviews. Please don’t read those. They are totally biased and you are most likely going to waste your money. Usually I can tell almost within 30 seconds of watching the sales pitch whether or not this is going to be another one of the low quality IM products that sell more hype than actual useful information. And this “software” system is honestly really no different. I see them all the time and it’s a shame because many new people to the affiliate marketing industry fall victim and end up spending their hard-earned money on products like this. So let me explain to you why I feel that Commission Killer should almost be considered a scam.

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One of the things this product pitches to you is the idea of having this software that does all the work for you and that all you really need to do is push a button and watch all kinds of Clickbank commissions roll in. Oddly enough, this is a Clickbank product itself and is reason for a lot of Commission Killer reviews to be totally positively biased. Not good. But anyways, you should know by now that Internet marketing doesn’t work this way. But don’t worry if you didn’t, it’s okay. We’ve all been new to the industry and I have even been scammed before.

I have to tell you that the sales video is very “salesy” if that’s even a word. It just is and I’ve seen the same thing pitched a million times. One of the things it says is how you can make money quickly and how you don’t need to have any technical skills or experience. Really? Sign me up then. Not. This is the Internet. Of course you need to have some kind of knowledge in order to find success. Show me something where you don’t need at least some experience and where you can start making money immediately. Maybe drug dealing? You tell me.

Commission Killer Scam Red Flags

One of the things that really bugs me are the fake screenshots of commissions and everything else that a lot of these products like to do, in order to get you all excited about the product. So let’s talk about the actual product.

Commission Killer is a software that’s supposed to help you launch a website with all the fixings in it. This means all the traffic generating content, affiliate links, and everything else you need. I already knew this wasn’t a good idea because isn’t everyone else who buys the product going to get the same thing and process? The first step is actually getting a Hostgator website, hosting, and domain name. Then you’re going to want to populate your site with products that sell right? So there’s a software where you input your niche or keywords and it spits out banners with your Clickbank affiliate ID already in them. Ok, not bad.

I had a few issues with the software and that it took me a couple of refreshes to get the darn thing to work correctly. And then the next step is the ad setup process where it actually inserts your affiliates links into the banners and everything else so that way when visitors click on these banners they actually go through your affiliate link. And then the last step is it supposed to grab content from the Internet, spin it, and publish it on your site and that is a big problem for me.

If you know anything about correct affiliate marketing you will know that Google does not like this at all. You should always publish 100% unique content to your website no matter what especially now after the panda and Penguin updates. If Google calculates and finds out that your content is pretty much duplicated, you will be sure not to rank at all for anything and that’s a huge problem. And that’s why I really can’t recommend this software for you. On top of that it took me about five different tries to get any kind of content published to my site automatically because it took forever to load.

Commission Killer Scam Conclusion

It’s pretty close to a scam, I’ll tell you that. Is it worth the $130+ price tag to me? Heck no. The only way I could see this working is if it created 100% unique content with all the keywords in the right places in the articles and had profitable domain names. There’s a lot of basics you must know in order to really make affiliate marketing work for you. You don’t just expect to buy a software, press a few buttons, and watch the riches roll in. I can see what this product really is. It’s pretty much an IM product aimed at total newbies who have no idea what’s going on and feel like they’re accomplishing something good with the software. It’s also for Clickbank affiliates that want to make money promoting the program itself and earn a commission off these newbies.

My advice would to be very careful of software systems that claim they do all the work for you while you do nothing but sit back and collect commissions. Doesn’t work that way at all. Just my two cents.


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  1. These guys are all liars and all they want is your money. Remember the gold rush in America in the 19th century. Why a lot of people were busy digging for gold and a lot got nothing, a second group capitalized on the trend and took advantage of it to make money. They were supplying the excavation tools like diggers, shovels, pans etc.

    That is what is mostly going on right now. Everybody wants to make money on the internet so these charlatans are supplying the so called tools to make money off the internet. Over 80% of these tools don’t work and the money most of these guys make is by selling these useless tools. Most of those screen shots are fake and you will never make money on the internet just by pushing buttons alone, never. I believe in automation, but the right kind backed by knowledge. You must know the basics and do some work and the right tools can compliment.

    Don’t get me wrong there are some honest marketers out there who are sincere and they make a lot of money because they have been consistently building their online business for some time and they are reaping the fruits of their hard work. Don’t let any bald faced liar tell you you can make money by pushing buttons while partying in the beach and drinking juice with half naked women.

  2. hi Vince, i have purchased commission killer and i couldn’t get the damn thing to work, it couldn’t log in to my C-Panel with the same log in details that i could log in to my C-Panel with!!! not only that when i asked for a refund all i got was a auto responder reply with more offers of scams.
    I’m just wondering if you got it to go and if you made any money from it, (if you tried it that is).
    if you could reply to my email address that would be awesome 🙂
    Thanks, Damon.

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