Crazy Cash Club Reviews- Another Scam or What?

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crazy_cash_club_scam_The Crazy Cash Club is simply committed to making cash for themselves. The website has a lot of beautiful people on it hanging out on the beach. There are a lot of people that would like to be able to make a ton of money off of the process of just watching webinars. The fact of the matter is that any website that claims you can make $17,000 off of the concept of watching a webinar would be lying to you.

It is important to also pay attention to the fact that the Crazy Cash Club is always going to offer new products, this may be a sign that a lot of their older products and formulas are not exactly working for different people.

It’s Gonna Cost You…

Real traffic is something that a lot of websites are going to be looking for. One of the best ways to generate real traffic is to talk to real people, offer better products and communicate with people through the world of social media. The initial sign up for the Crazy Cash Clubs happens to be free.

The Mini Monster webinar is something that will cost you $177.00 up front in order to sign up for the webinar. The people at the Crazy Cash Club are not going to tie webinars to leads generated, they want their money to be handed over to them before they even look at results. Results oriented investments are something that business people need to pay attention to.

Cheesy Sales Pages 

Splash Pages are something that companies definitely want to set up. They would like to make money off of well designed splash pages that will soon lead people to a website on a regular basis. You want to make sure that these Splash Pages can lead to a fair amount of revenue for a company. Most of the information that is offered through the Cash Club’s splash page webinars is something that can be learned through basic and free SEO training.

It makes a large amount of sense to simply ignore these webinar offers and try to find a way to cut costs for your company. The main products page also talks about content management on different sites out there.


Online reputation management is also something that people will talk about within the Crazy Club webinars. Most of this stuff is just common sense and you don’t have to spend money on it. There are a lot of different marketing firms that are going to offer better deals on their webinars as well. It does not make sense to spend $200.00 or more on a given webinar, there are a lot of effective speakers and experts out there though.

Business leaders have to try to find a very effective marketing strategy, but the Crazy Cash Club is not going to lead a company down the right direction.
The best webinars out there can lead to a lot of new revenue, but just look at the results associated with the Googling of Crazy Cash Club. The comments that people leave on their videos speak for themselves.

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  1. another scam

  2. sure is a scam I was in it from the start (purchased their splash pages, advertising), while waiting for it to launch officially. Big promises of anyone in the top 5% & 10% would make big money was promised when business blasters launched. They continued to revamp the system repeatedly, & while I’m not technical it was probably to move people around to get the money. My big money at launch was a little over $3 & after revamping they took that! I was in the middle of the top 5%! When questioning them as to why they would simply get defensive & angry

    Roger and Martin made a lot of promises about how much money a person can make with their program. I sponsored people into Crazy Cash Club and never made a cent , it as just a lot of BS and broken promises. After they had a few thousand members they joined Ingreso Cybernetico and again Roger and Martin told the members they where going to make money because we where going into this program as a team and will make good money. This was nothing but BS and I know a lot of people who paid into this and never made any money. After IC Roger and Martin opened their Business Blasters website and asked the member for more money promising everyone they would make thousands of dollars. My advice to anyone looking to join these programs Roger and Martin are invited with is to think very carefully and to do your homework yourself or you could get scammed too

  3. Yeah I’m also I free member but more likely 99 times out of ten its a scam

  4. Please tell me the truth is this crazy Cansh Club Fake or a true Company? Because i want to the real aboit this Crazycash club! Thanks.

  5. How about business blasters? I paid $320 and never got one sign up from the automatic recruiting ruining system they just give promises and charge for a a seat in the coop. They are scammers. They just keep stalling so you can’t get your money back. Ask a question don’t get a straight answer.

  6. Its November 2015 and still no launch for CCC crazy cash club, they have been stalling for year or more and 5forfree is owned by them too!

  7. We work for over a year here in Germany on the team building. We have many VIP partner! Now, we thought it’s going at the turn of the year. It is incredible how they screwed us here. All the partners hoped to launch with the 6 x 3 matrix. The Cowboys and Indians have destroyed our team of over 100 partners. The two have destroyed itself and also the program. What do we want with this shit webinars. These are but total Bungler! Have sold only your Web pages for expensive money and believed to be able to start business blasters so, this program is only an image of the CCC.
    I can you all just requests to say the two boys. On us Germans, they have so far never heard, Yes, better ignored. When you start not right now, the whole stupid fabric has died and these two spirits must look around to the next stupid. I think it’s anyway a huge mess, what is happening here. The boys should pay back the money to the CCC partners and in the District of retirees include itself, where they also belong.

  8. I have signed up as free member, lets see what happens

  9. Secondly, I did do my reviews and found out that a US$147.00 fee for the website.
    I would like to understand this first.

  10. Vince, the information you provide is very researched. Are you sure that this is a scam and that there will be no launch at all? I know people who have signed up, and they say that launch will come soon. When their launch date comes and goes, regardless of what happens, can I still contact you here? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on whatever happens. But based on what you have said above, you are recommending that I not join because I won’t get paid anyway. I will follow your advice because you are definitely saying that this is a scam and I wouldn’t be losing out on any money. I just have to figure out what to tell my friends who have joined.

    • I’m sure there will be a launch. I’ve been in this industry and have reviewed thousands of products. Make $16,000 your first day? Are people crazy? Most likely your “friends” are trying to hustle you into this, because

      a) they’re newbies who have been suckered and have no idea what’s going on and will believe anything
      b) they’re trying to make a commission out of you by showing you a crazily hyped up program.

      The only ones that are going to make 16,000 bucks in one day, are the creators of this site once they launch the offer to the probably tens of thousands of people who are gullible and will fall for this and will whip out their credit card. Think about it…people go to school to become doctors for 10+ years to make the kind of money promoted on this scam.

      You think you’re going to get in on it for free? In my opinion, if you buy into this and lose your money, you deserve so. I would highly recommend to stay away from ANYTHING that looks like this.

      • Thanks for that, Vince. What I think I will do is get in for free and stay free to see if they deliver as promised or not, because frankly, as a free member I will have nothing to lose if I make no money. But if I don’t get in for free, and if my friends who are in for free make the promised amount, I will feel like a total ass for not at least getting in for free. I won’t pay for anything regardless of what they say. I will keep you updated on what happens. My friend, will you be here if it turns out not to be a pipe dream.

      • Thank you so much for that, Vince. What I think I will do is get in for free and stay free to see if they deliver as promised or not, because frankly, as a free member I will have nothing to lose if I make no money. But if I don’t get in for free, and if my friends who are in for free make the promised amount, I will feel like a total ass for not at least getting in for free. I won’t pay for anything regardless of what they say. I will keep you updated on what happens, hoping to get your thoughts on it.

        • Hi Vince,
          I was sent a link upon request from someone but I cannot seem to get on the site so I have two questions.
          Is the program open to international users and is there another link that I can try to register?


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