Will David Wood Scam You?- Most Empower Network Reviews Biased

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David Wood Scam Questions Are Staring to Rise

Some Internet marketers ask does David Wood scam people? I can actually see why some people think that he is a scam artist. Thousands of people looking to make money online the legitimate way have become followers of him and his buddy Dave Sharpe. Now before you keep reading, I’m going to give you an honest analysis of David Wood and everything that is going on with him and Empower Network. Understand that this is just my opinion. I know a lot of good things have come from Wood’s training and teaching, but still, a lot of people want to know what he is all about and EN.

It’s funny because David Wood calls himself the “guru slayer”, yet…honestly…he kind of comes off as one of those IM “gurus”. It’s a little ironic, but it’s true. David Wood is an extremely brilliant and smart Internet businessman who really, and I mean REALLY knows how to sell. He could probably sell you a set of flat tires and you’d probably drive off in them thinking you got a good deal. What I’m trying to say is, he knows how to work the camera and deliver a very touching and inspiring message to viewers. And this is why so many people have joined Empower Network. This is also the same reason why people promote it.

Most Empower Network Reviews Are Biased

Understand that Empower Network is a very high-converting system because of the David Wood sales videos. What does this mean? It means if you can figure out how to get a lot of people to click on your EN affiliate link and watch those sales videos, you’re going to make some money. So, just think about it. If you were getting tons of traffic to your own personal website and you joined Empower Network, would you write a positive, neutral, or negative review? Of course you would write a positive one. Why? Because then people will click your affiliate link, watch David Wood, and freaking join the darn business where you make 100% commissions (not really, I can explain later). There is no problem with this, but it’s the reason why most reviews are totally biased.

David Wood Scam- It’s Not Only Him, But It’s His Followers

Now, if you searched “David Wood scam” in Google, you probably want to find some dirt on him. To be completely honest, I don’t think he is a scammer or anything like that, but I can definitely see why people might think so and it’s because of the members of EN and how a lot of them are promoting the opportunity.

The actual training David Wood gives is actually quite good. He teaches you how to brand yourself, develop a following, and become a leader. He also teaches you how to sell and become a dynamic personality. He basically teaches you skills that you can apply not only in your own business, but also in life.

The problem is, most EN people don’t follow the training. Instead, they like promote their links in the most spammy way possible to make money instead of trying to actually build their own business. One way is on Facebook. In fact, FB doesn’t even allow links from affiliates of EN anymore. That’s how bad it has gotten. Also, Youtube has banned Empower links as well. This whole “recruiting” thing has gotten out of control. People will do just about anything to mass-distribute their affiliate links everywhere and anywhere and that’s the biggest problem. So now when someone who wants nothing to do with the business is getting pitched over and over, it can be irritating and therefore David Wood scam questions pop up.

David Wood Scam- Why Does He Live In Costa Rica?

This is probably my own biggest David Wood scam concern, besides the Empower Network compensation plan. There are a lot of people bringing to light the reason why he lives, resides, and runs the company from Costa Rica. The main reason many people believe this is because Costa Rica is a notorious safe-haven from the FTC. You see, EN is not technically listed as an American company. And also, the payment processor is E-Wallet which is located in the U.K. This is a big concern of mine and now I do actually wonder. How come they couldn’t use Paypal? The training on how to sell is really good, but the whole affiliate income opportunity and compensation plan is what bugs me.

EN Compensation Plan: Commissions Roll All the Way Up to the “Top”

Understand that the Empower Network compensation plan allows money to go all the way to top to owners David Wood and Dave Sharpe. Is this illegal? Well, technically no. Well, it’s kind of hard to explain. Since EN is based in Costa Rica, it my not have to follow certain guidelines which is why some suspect that’s why Wood lives in CR. But to explain even further, it goes like this:

Your 2nd, 4th, 6th and then every 5th sale you make, goes up 1 level to your sponsor. Now, if that sale goes up to your sponsor and it lands on their 2nd, 4th, 6th, or every 5th, it keeps going up to their sponsor. And if that same sale lands on their sponsor’s 2nd, 4th, 6th or every 5th, it keeps going up!!! It is absolutely possible for commissions to literally climb all the way from the bottom to the top and right into David Wood and Dave Sharpe’s pockets. But it can also work in your favor, because your team’s commissions aren’t always going to land on your “pass up” sale. So you could enjoy residual profits each month.

Not Really 100% Commissions

Another reason some might feel David Wood scams people is because you don’t really reap 100% of the commission you make on the sale. There is a “processing” fee which takes out a significantly large chunk out of the commission itself. It’s funny though because this is something that they are proud of, yet it isn’t technically true.



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  1. Interesting review, so Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 Affiliate Income Opportunity? I can make more with WA than any other program?

    Thanks for clarifying!


  2. Great review of EN and David. You did forget to mention the fact that you can join @ $25 for the basic plan. Then there is a $100 inner circle group. Plus you have to shell out another $19.99 for e-wallt. And if you really want to get going much faster you’ll have to invest $500 to $1,000 bucks for the Costa Rica Intensive formula.

    The actual training is good but you can find the same stuff online on various other blogs, groups, or membership sites

  3. AWESOME!!! The information here is great.. here is another site you can learn more about David Wood and Empower Network

  4. Hi Vince,

    I like the reviews you make and the content you offer to professional internet marketers and newbies as well. Keep up the great work 🙂

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