Day Job Killer Review- Another SCAM or Legit?

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day_job_killer_review_I kind of liked the name Day Job Killer to be completely honest with you. Chances are your reviewing this company because you want to know if it can actually work. I hear you. In fact when I first got started in the whole Internet marketing thing, I did a lot of research as well and now that I’m experience I realize that a lot of programs don’t deliver anywhere near the results as promised. Could this be one of those? Is this a scam? Well that’s what I’m here for to help you out with. So let us discuss what exactly this make money online product is really about and whether or not it’s going be worth your time and effort investing into it.

Wow…so many upsells!….

It is true. You can “kill your job” with Internet marketing. Lots of people are doing it these days because opportunities for online business (home based) is growing. Maybe you are someone looking into it. I definitely can show you where to earn money online myself, but can this program really help you kill your job?

One of the masterminds behind this product is Chris X. He is a very well known Internet marketer behind the launch of many different products in the past. In fact, he’s has made a killing off several launches, but the question remains: what do his products actually work and help people make money on the Internet? I’m going to have to say that a lot of his previous products have been a little bit more high than actual helpful content in my opinion. Well let me go over with you this particular product.

The Steps You Go through…

The first step with Day Job Killer is going to be for you to set up your own website and in this section we will be able to pick a domain name. As you know one of the best ways to make money online is by building a niche website. So we got that out of the way.

The next step is to join their secret website which is pretty much an upsell and this is where you’re going to actually find out what kind of niches are hot and are selling very well in Clickbank. In fact, that is where Chris X makes most of his money which is through this marketplace.

Then there is the keyword step. This is a little section is going to teach a little bit about keywords and what people are looking for so that way you can choose your niche wisely. Pretty much keywords are were going to bring in the traffic which is a key component to making sales. I have to admit that there really is a lot of valuable aspects about this subject that is seriously lacking in this program. But let’s move on.

Also there is a kind of tool in the package where it’s a voice to text software which will help you blog. I actually think this is a great idea to have whether or not you actually buy Day Job Killer or not. By using a voice to text tool, you can get a lot more done than if you were to manually type in blog. You can literally speak and have this software right everything down for you and basically just press publish and you’re good to go.

You Pay A Lot…For Such Little Value

So after going through the material in Day Job Killer, my personal opinion is this is a very entry level product. I think Chris X makes a killing developing these beginner products and marketing them to people looking to make money online who are complete newbies and pretty much think everything thrown at them is worth a lot of value, when it’s just basic affiliate marketing stuff. There were a couple things I really appreciated which is an emphasis on finding keywords. That’s big. It’s not a bad program, but it’s not the best I’ve ever seen either.


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  1. Seems odd that there are no comments here. Is that because this is a fake review site for Job Killing? I am a past member and I can attest that it is not worth $6k and they will not give refunds after you realize it.

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