Direct Commerce Academy Legit Or Scam? Honest Review

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Direct Commerce academy is a work at home business opportunity, ostensibly offering a way to earn a substantial income from home via the internet.

Extremely Vague…

The sales pitch tells a story about Kelly, a work at home mom earning $8000 or more a month, the details of what the job entails are extremely vague but there is mention of posting links, and little more. To find out details, they ask you to pay $2.97 for the “home income profit system’ to cover shipping handling and administration, and here is where things get a little iffy.

The small print (on a separate page you need to go looking for) yields a bit more information about the actual cost of the home income profit system, which most certainly isn’t $2.97. The small print declares that this fee is for a 5 day trial, after which the charge is $139.95, and then a further $39.99 per month for training.

They do include a number to call for cancellations, but with a trial only 5 days long starting from the moment you order the package, how many people will have paid the full cost before they even get it? That isn’t mentioning how many will not even realise there is anything to cancel or that extra money is to be charged in the first place.

After Doing More Research…

A google search about this opportunity reveals that this initial impression of the site turns out to be, sadly, very much the reality of it. Complaints and warnings litter the internet about this particular offer, with hundreds of people finding money taken from their accounts after looking at the product and not knowing why, from the Better Business Bureau to stay at home mom Facebook groups (the direct targets of the advertising) the stories of hundreds of dollars being taken from accounts is endless.

The opportunity itself? Its only mentioned in passing by anyone who has had the misfortune of seeing it, they are usually more concerned with how much money is being taken from them, but comments range from worthless to useless, so it gives a fairly good idea of what this “opportunity” is actually about.

So Is It Legit Or A Scam?

So, is Direct Commerce Academy a legitimate business or not? I have to say not, the trail left by this company is one of money taken, not money earned, and whilst the terms and conditions are all perfectly legal, the implementation is designed to allow them to take money people wouldn’t necessarily sign up for if the information was clearly presented.

However, this does not mean that the story of this company is not useful, in the search for extra income or online opportunities there are many pitfalls and traps waiting, and how this company operates is a perfect example of some of the sneakier ways you can get caught out.

To avoid losing money in this way, there are a few measures that can be taken to lessen the impact and reduce your risk dramatically. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a pre-paid credit card, which you use for internet purchases from companies you are perhaps a little unsure of.

They are issued by several banks and there are even virtual cards (just the numbers emailed to you) that can only be used for internet or phone purchases. The beauty of these cards is that they only have as much credit as you put on them, so, if in this example you wanted to pay the $2.97 initial fee, you put $5 on your card pay for the initial offer, and wait.

You get the offer, but unless you put more money onto the card, no other charges will go through, all will be declined as there are not any funds. Load it up with just enough money before any purchase, buy the item, then leave the card with zero or near to balance just in case. A great and easy way for a bit of peace of mind when purchasing from unknown companies, not just business opportunities.

The other lesson here is to check out an offer before signing up for it. A Google search for Direct Commerce Academy revealed a long list of issues immediately, certainly enough to cause anyone to stop and investigate further before handing over credit card information.

This is a good method to use before going for any business opportunity, it is, of course, easy to get caught up in the sales hype and before you know it you have signed up and it is too late, that is what the marketing pitch is designed to do, but it is always advisable to take a step back and look for the experiences of others before jumping in. Doing this with Direct Commerce Academy can certainly save some money.

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