Does ACN Scam People? Unbiased MLM Review

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acn_scamThere’s a big ACN scam question being thrown around by people who are skeptical about the business opportunity and I can’t really blame them. I can understand why people automatically assume an MLM company like this one is a scam.

Most likely you are doing research on this company because you want to see if it works before you join or you’re looking for some honest answers.

I’m going to explain to you what this business is all about and whether or not it really works or if you can really make money from home as they like to pitch often times to prospects interested in becoming a part of it.

  • Company: ACN (American Communications Network)
  • Founded: 1993
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Business Model: Multi-level marketing
  • Level: Beginner- Advanced

So pretty much ACN is an MLM company that revolves around the distribution of telecommunication, television, and energy products and services. In my opinion, this actually not a bad niche to consider building a home based business with.

The Signing Up Process..

So to start making money, you have to sign up with ACN as an independent distributor. Now, I’m sure you are here because you are more on the “make money” aspect of this company. Understand, that you are going to basically be opening up your own home business, selling their products. First of all, straight to actual customers.

You could work out deals and create direct customers through family, friends, or local businesses and receive a commission for each account.

You Have To Recruit People…

But this is not where you make the big money. You make the big money by recruiting people under you and teaching them how the MLM business works.

To make any significant amount of money, you’re going to need to become a very active leader.

This means developing communication skills, knowing how to persuade and talk to people and sign them up. Not only that, but you’re going to have to motivate and inspire your team members to actually go out there and do the work. Then if they are active or actively creating accounts will you only be able to make some money.

I’ll be honest. From my experience and what I’ve seen, I would say 99% of people fail to ever accomplish this. It’s not impossible, it’s just much harder than expected especially in the 21st century.

This is why a lot of people make ACN scam claims. It’s not just this company, but it’s the industry it’s a part of. Multi level marketing is a very controversial field because a lot of the general public views it as a scam or pyramid. Usually the “guys at the top” seem to make all the money. Let me assure you that not all the money goes up to the top, but they do make the most, mainly because they have been in the business longer than someone at the bottom and have accumulated a large team over the years.

So Does ACN Scam People?

No, I can’t say it’s a scam. It does move real product or should I say, service.

Some people are making money in the company. Most don’t make much at all though. The “big wigs” will make lots per year and try to inspire and motivate you not to give up. I just can’t recommend MLM types of businesses especially to people just starting off.

There are much better ways to generate income than this nowadays.

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  1. bulls–t meetings, bulls–t products, 99% doesn’t make a dime and are broke.
    All the money is in recruiting, the products % are so low.

  2. I have a friend who personally works for them, I’ll just say he is doing might fine,

    • What dose “might fine” mane? how much?

  3. not many people realize it. it has to be one of biggest secrets out there and not many people see it. what I mean, is that you want to become rich you hustle. if you want to have just to live from pay check to pay check, go get any type of job you can do. I on the other half see ACN as big opportunity for the taking, I was on one of those conferences, they waste of time, why because there lots of potential clients and you just wasting your time listening someone else who just got rich because he invited you. it brings people down and I understand it. they also use wrong information regarding pay for that business license, I understood it too. not many people realize is that if they want to open business, why not to start as kick starter else where, where it is not considered competition and acn people actually help you if need. the only turn over is that if you are only fit to make hourly you will be stuck with hourly wage for long time and once you realize that you can make good money, it will be to late. I see potential in ACN as kick start in my other 28 business list that I want to do and I already have 2 businesses on top of ACN, interesting fact is that if you hustle enough you can become who ever you want to be. I am only 27 and how the people say? sky is the limit? well, my plan is to build second space station in orbit. sooo. I have time and now getting good capital. I can’t complain, let others do it for you. those who want to talk to me for help I also help with business start up. cheers.

    • I’ve just joined this company and still confused that really does it works or no ?

  4. I spent two years hard at it in Amway’s Quixtar. I worked many, many nights trying to motivate my down line. We had a system of tapes, videos, etc. At the end of it all, I made it to what is called a $4000. Probably better than 90-95% of people who start achieve. But, if I’d concentrated on my primary job and spent that time there, I would have ended up far better. That said, I met some amazingly rich people and spent time with them. I listened to a TON of information that has helped me tremendously with my primary job. Through repetitive contacting, I developed a backbone of steel addressing anyone, which has helped me tremendously in my profession. But, as the author states, it’s the motivation of your down line that is the toughest and most frustrating part of the business in ANY MLM. They tell you what they’re going to do and get one “No” and quit. I just found that I couldn’t keep spending so much time at the neglect of family and profession trying to get people to do what they said they would do. If asked, I say that Quixtar was the best education I’ve ever received. I mean that. Temple U Business Grad. But, I just can’t take the plunge once again. My entire up line crashed and burned. A friend just approached me all wide eyed and excited. How I remember those days. Your call.

    • You are absolutely right, Dan. I was actually in the same boat. I was even stood up and recognized in a crowd of about 3,000 people at this one mini-convention. My upline told the speaker about me, so he stood me up in front of everybody, and pretty much exalted my efforts. The funny thing is, I hardly really did anything more than sign up about 6 people the 1st month. That was a real shocker. Than told me probably 90% of people never recruit more than a couple people. That’s including my own downline. I felt like I was treading in mud. I heard someone say that at least in this new 21st century American culture, it is much MUCH more difficult to build this type of business. It’s an in-person method. The reality is, the way people connect is much different now being through text, online, social media, etc. Once I woke up and realized the real future is in online marketing, I went for it and have been full-time for the last 4 years, no job and I get to do what I want!

  5. LOL at the guy bragging about making $800 a month congrats bud. Here’s the rub though- how much time exactly are you putting in for that whopping $800 a month or $200 a week? ACN is for people who think they’re smart but don’t realize they’re wrong. The first major red flag was that it costs to go to the meetings. LOL so if that’s intended to help reps why would they have to pay if it was for the overall better of ACN? Think about that for a second. Now back to the $800, how hard would it be to make an extra $800 a month with a 2nd job? That’s 20 hours a week at worst, 3 hours a day with no monthly fees, gas to travel to meetings, fees to attend meetings, no worries of reps quitting or customers discontinuing services etc. But I get it you’d never advance in the workplace doing 20 hours a week, I completely agree. Here’s the key though- to get ahead YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SAVE AND INVEST YOUR MONEY. There’s no other way. The bottom line is all the people I know working for ACN are smart but not quite smart enough. They don’t realize ACN like most companies you’re never gonna make money unless you got in on the ground floor and your time is better spent working a good paying job, being frugal and learning to invest. When you look at it ACN = all liabilities and no assets, some business you get to own though.

  6. please don’t waste your precious time with ACN and invest your resources somewhere else.

  7. ACN ,the best investment I ever did, 1 year in,all my friends, my 2 sons,love it,if you work with persistence the sky is the limit.

    • How much are you making? The sky is always the limit if you work hard. I don’t have to go to ACN for that. I want to know how much i can make.

  8. If you put in the same sales effort into your own business, you will most likely make money faster. Get real people. ACN pays pennies for hard work.

    • Went to a vitamin store. They do business online also. Their Merchant bill Monthly is 475K. Anovia (ACN Merchant) get 8k a month, I get 10%, $800.00/month….Pennies?

      • Yes, that is pennies. If a regular merchant services rep had sold that account he would be making 4000-7200 per month. No to mention you are ripping the merchant off. Those fees should have been reduced. Eventually they will find out and leave.

        • Sorry, dropped some zeros. Hard to see what I was writing. Should be 40,000-72,000. If the numbers he gave about the fees are correct.

  9. Looking into the validity of this company, the product seems genuine and after watching the video it was so vague it left me asking many question that were not answered. I have an open mind but trying to give me a phone line with a company at 30-40$ a month is a joke, I pay under 50$ a year with magic jack and I have 2 cell lines with unlimited local calling and text for under 40$/month.

    Now in order to understand their compensation chart is simple math, with 1-29 points equals 1%, so in order to obtain 100$/month you would need to make 1000$ (roughly selling to 15+ people.) Now to start you need to pay 499$ for a storefront, pay a monthly fee of 30$+ depending where you live and an annual fee between 100-150$ once again depending on where you live. when you add that all up you won’t see your investment for a few months..

    If you are thinking of joining ACN, please do you homework, measure out the pros/cons and ask lots of question, make sure your questions are answered and don’t leave any stones unturned.

    • I did my homework. Obviously if you after small potatoes you will collect small potatoes. You obviously like lousy services…Magic Jack lol 2 cell phones for $ 40.00 a month (Every cell phone has unlimited calls and texting….duh) Whats the company? Single Cellular? $ 10.00 a month and you only get a signal on top of the Empire State Building….are you going to tell us you shop for your food at the Dollar store?
      There are plenty of opportunity other than cell phone at ACN. Electricity, Gas, Solar Energy, Merchant Services…just made $800.00 a month sale. Love ACN.

  10. i first discovered Acn in mid 2013 and was interested in what the company was about because there were people stating that you could make over £30,00 a month. a feq friends joined can and tried to persuaded me to join them. right from the start this type of businesses raised red flags, this is because, this type of business is a pyramid scheme which is proven that 98& of people who join these businesses doent make any money.

    • I had only a week for my exam when a friend buzzed there was a best opportunity for us to make thousands in just few years. The ideas sounded too sweet to my ears that I forgot about the exam preparation and went straight to London last week– dared to lose 12 hours study time. The hall with ear-piercing music was crowded with hundreds and surprisingly, among them were those who claimed they had acquired higher academic levels–PhDs, two masters, several degrees but all of them complained they didn’t manage to find any suitable job for themselves, too disappointed with their qualifications and therefore had to join ACN. All they were bragging about was that ACN was a panacea for their life — nothing less. From £10000 to £40000 monthly income!! So mouth-watering! But none of us (my friend and myself) could dare to ask as to how ACN’s insurance scheme was in Euros, for God’s Sake! You live in the UK but you get bonuses in Euros! In addition to that there is none to deal with your grievances or other problems once you have joined the scheme. You have to pay for all your travels, food and worst of all you get blamed if you are unsuccessful over the course– “you haven’t done enough that is why you have been unsuccessful is all you hear from most of them!” What I gather was that those at the top in the US are the only who rake in millions and the leftover is left for those claiming to be the regional self-proclaimed kings, prime ministers, and regional Directors -none of whom has a single chair or desk to sit down and work.

  11. yooooooo

  12. According to the better business bureau, to determine if a mlm is legit one should ask two questions. The first is “is it possible to make money selling the back end product or is recruitment of new associates required?” The second is “what percentage of the company’s revenue comes from back end product sales, and how much comes from front end recruitment fees?” The answer to the first question is simply “no” and acn WILL NOT TELL YOU the answer to the second question. So ACN doesn’t pass the smell test. It is a scam. And to those who will point out that they have a triple-a rating with the BBB, all that means is that ACN has paid fones to resolve all open complaints against them. To the ACN scammers who are going to tell me I’m worthless and lazy etc, put the script down and face the truth. You are a rumbaed who got ripped off for $500, and you have no arguements other than to degrade people. If you made money, prove it. Post photocopies of checks. If you can’t (you can’t, you know it) don’t bother saying anything at all. Its too bad you got ripped off. It doesn’t mean I’m going to. Also, Donald Trump would endorse smallpox if they paid him enough, so don’t even go there. ACN is a scam.

    • i used to think the same as you but exactly four of my friends work part time with acn and they make a respectable income for young adults, they are financially free of their parents at 18, one of the as bought a 10 000 car. ive seen their cheks with my own eyes and they are not geniuses, but they worked hard to get a few people in their team and sold a few services.

      • According to acn’s own literature, the commission for services on the first tier is 1%. So figure you sign someone up for $100 worth of monthly services, the rep will receive a monthly residual of $1. After paying a $500 recruitment fed, plus the monthly maintenance fee on the website ($40) plus the yearly fee ($250) there is absolutely no way anyone is becoming financially independent by recruiting “a few” reps and selling “a few” services. Its simple math. Now.the residual rate goes up the more customers the Rep has, but it maxed out at 3%. So $3 per every hundred each customeer spends monthly. A Rep would have to have thousands of customers with services billing $100 a month minimum to make the kind of money some of these people claim. Sorry but I call BS. You can’t really blame them they doubtlessly are trying to recoup the huge sum of money they themselves were schnookered into shelling out. Acn is a scam. Go to one of their meetings. Its not about gaining “customers” as 1% is nothing. Its about “recruiting” people into coughing up $500.

        • What are you smoking? There is no $ 40.00 website fee, and the annual fee is 150.00. Also you start at 1%, but as soon as you write 25 services (60 points) you at 10%. Love all the failures in the world that badmouth a company because they could not make it in the real world.

      • Prove it. Post pics of checks. Otherwise you are blowing smoke.

      • thats great VINCE!!!-glad to see that some people really did put in the effort to succeed instead of pissing and moaning about how ACN is a scam-im sure they will make it a HUGE success and say TO HELL with the day job!!!!

    • I love working for ACN. I enjoy building myself up. I went in knowing It was not a get rich quick. My partner even told me this up-front. I have a full time job and I am not a sells person, I just believe in saving money. I have no one under me and am making 5% off all my sells. I only feel people who call this a scam for one have not tried it OR have tried it did not try and expected people to come to them, when people did not come and they learned they had to work at it they decide it is a scam. They did not want to truly work.
      I have learned people do not like change even if to save money. They seem to like staying with their same phone company that will only charges them for long distance (calling to 80 countries), voice mail, caller ID and so much more. With ACN one price all included.

  13. Today’s article highlights ACN on if this is in fact a fantastic trustworthy network
    marketing business opportunity or not. Most of the people considered it as a best business opportunity, not
    only a work from home probability. MLM has infamously had a stigma attached stating network marketing is just like a pyramid scheme and would not follow through the enormous income promises
    which is stated when joining.

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