Does Banners Broker Scam People? Unbiased Review

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banners_broker_scamYou’ve probably heard of the Banners Broker scam…or you are looking for an honest review. Well I hope I could help you out a little bit. I’m guessing you’re just tired of systems and networks that promise you great results, but never deliver. Or maybe you are someone that wants to implement this into your Internet marketing efforts. You know, I like to be extremely transparent as to what I think about these type of things, so I’m going to give you my honest and serious opinion through this short review.

The Good

It is possible to get some traffic your website if you invest as an advertiser. Probably one of the only good things that I found is the hook you up with 1000 hits right off the bat. Now comes the question of the quality of those hits. That’s a whole another story.

Also, you can set the amount of traffic that you want or impressions that you’re looking for to your website. At least you have some control.

The Bad

Unfortunately, I found a lot more bad than good. This goes along the lines of the whole point in investing in something like this. 

So let me talk about the problem if you’re an advertiser. I personally think that they may be using fake traffic. The reason why I say that is because of an extremely low conversion rate. Like really low. In fact buying fake traffic is not something new in this industry. also, I had been doing a lot of research online and reading the different comments in forums about how some users are extremely unhappy.

On top of all this, it is really difficult for the average person to understand how this business works. I actually do know how it works and it pretty much revolves around signing people up to this company more than anything.  The real way you make money is by referring people into this thing and getting a cut off of everything they invest in.

That’s why you may see some affiliates out there trying to promote this to you and saying it’s the best thing ever. It’s kind of like one of those pyramid things.

The Ugly 

It’s just really, really expensive. There is an ad package there that costs $11,000. That is insane. And best believe that it is more a a commission than anything else for the person who signed you up to do this. 

I can literally go on and on about all the negative testimonies people have posted on the Internet that I have found and ran into. Everything from not getting paid their commissions, to people not even been able to track down exactly who is the owner of the company. It’s crazy.

Will Banners Broker Scam You?

No. I’m not going to sit here and call it an outright “SCAM!”. But it’s just another run-of-the-mill opportunity that in my opinion, fails to deliver. 

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