Does Global Test Market Scam People? Unbiased Review

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global test market reviewsIf you’ve asked the Global Test Market scam question, I can’t really blame you. Many people get so excited about the idea of quick easy money and survey sites are created for this reason. Is this really a legitimate income opportunity that really pays you to take surveys? I personally can’t recommend it for someone that is looking to make some decent income and allow me to explain why I feel this way. Actually, from an actual Internet marketer’s perspective, I can give you a whole bunch of reasons why I think it’s just a big waste of time and you can make much more doing other things online.

How It Works

1000 points= $50….sounds good, right? Well, um…

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You can sign up at Global Test Market for free. It’s actually quite simple. You just visit the site and there is a form with all your contact info and everything else. The idea is once you sign up, you will get surveys to complete for points every so often.  There have been a lot of survey site started with in the last two years and this has become one of the more grounded and established online survey sites out there. Some people have been members for years and some people are just hearing about it right now. This tends to attract a lot of people who are looking to make easy quick money and more often than not are these people disappointed and there are a lot of reasons why. I can’t really blame you if you’re frustrated with any kind of online survey site because usually it seems a lot better than it really is. I’ll give you my personal opinions and reasons why I probably won’t spend that much time on doing surveys with Global Test Market or really any other survey site out there.

You Most Likely Won’t Earn A Lot

Whether it’s Global Test Market or any other kind of big survey site, just think about it. Do you figure they can really pay you a consistent income when thousands and thousands of other members are wanting to make money too? Of course not. They are going to structure the payout in a very limited manner, otherwise they would go broke. You have to earn about 1000 points to make $50. Each survey varies in point value and could be 35 points or it could be 50 points. It all really depends. Also, it’s not like your inbox is going to be absolutely flooded with many emails for you to do. We’re talking just a few every once in a while and then on top of all this, it could take quite a while to complete just 1 survey.

Taking boring online surveys to make money doesn’t even COMPETE with the affiliate marketing

The requirement for you to actually get paid is 1000 points as you can see an example above and you will be a will to cash a $50. But you will see as you go along in this Global Test Market review, there is a marketing and profitable strategy that survey sites like to use by placing this threshold just out of reach for most people. The reality is most people will take a few surveys, get bored, and quit. in my opinion, the majority of people won’t stick around and reach that 1000 point level and if they do it only be like once maybe even twice. You’re going to have to do anywhere from 20 to 30 surveys just to meet that 1000 points and that’s if you’re lucky enough to pass all the surveys, and you will find that what I mean little bit later in this review. 

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Very Time-Consuming

Just doing surveys from a site like Global Test Market is not efficient work. Honestly. You’re going to spend a good amount of time answering questions. This is the trick. It depends on the answers you choose. I believe some answers lead to more questions than others. I remember doing some surveys where I completed the questionnaire within 10 questions, and then I took a similar survey and answer little bit different and it took me to almost 50 questions or so it seemed like. So I think it depends what kind of answers you give and you might have to take additional questions that keep lingering on and on. One time I remember I spent almost an hour taking just one survey. I’ve done the math before with other survey opportunities and if I got a consistent flow I calculated it would be about one dollar per hour. It’s just very time-consuming and something you can’t quit your job over.

The “Screen Out” Problem You’ll Probably Face

This is one of the main reasons why I can’t recommend the Global Test Market. This problem is going to cost you a lot of time and headaches and it is a very common problem among many of the members that I can see giving feedback in different forums. I’ve been saying this for a long time, and it’s that taking these online surveys is very frustrating because of this screen out process. You see, before you take most of the surveys, there is usually a set of screening questions that filter out the type of demographic they want answering. You can be spending the same time building profitable income streams from home. 

So in other words, it is a pre-survey and you don’t get paid for it. This alone can take up to 5 to 10 min. of your time and if you don’t answer the questions the way they want you to, you can be screened out and not be able to take the survey. This is a huge disappointment for me and makes it very difficult to ever reach the payout threshold. That’s why this company saves so much money. It’s a lot easier to keep thousands of people right below the payout threshold by continuously screening them out with just different pockets of people passing through the line.

Takes A Long Time To Receive Payment

Maybe this is why many people ask the whole Global Test Market scam question. There have been numerous complaints about the lengthy time it takes for you to get paid. Some people are saying it takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, and some people say it has taken them a few months. It’s a very sluggish income opportunity and you definitely won’t get rich. But then again you probably knew that anyway. But my point is that most people do join because they want to make some quick money and they want to get paid. It’s very frustrating if you have to wait weeks or even months to get paid in any kind of business or income opportunity out there, not just this one. But again, after researching other reviews, I can see comment after comment of people saying it just takes way too long to get paid.


So does Global Test Market scam people? No, it’s definitely not a scam and it is one of the truly legitimate survey sites out there. It does have a pretty good reputation and a lot of people appreciate and enjoy being members of the program. Personally I wouldn’t waste my time doing actual surveys, but rather referring people as an affiliate to the survey sites. That’s how you’re really make the money: by becoming an affiliate marketer and driving lots of traffic to your link so you can a lot of people signed up under you that are active. But that’s a whole other story. You just don’t make that much money doing actual surveys. Is very time-consuming, barely pays anything, it’s very difficult to ever reach that payout threshold. I just have to pass.

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  1. Recently they have changed their tactics (in addition to new LiefePoints system which = roughly $0.78 $/hour).

    Even if you manage to complete a survey, their system crashes. When you file a support ticket, they tell you the survey is being audited, it may take 6 weeks, and you should assume that you failed to complete the survey if you haven’t received the points. Here’s the exact text from one of their responses:

    Thank you for your email. We apologize for the issue you experienced regarding this survey. However, please be assured, your concerns have been escalated to our Project Team and they are looking into them.

    Also, we have now requested that this study be audited. If you completed this study you will be credited once the audit has been completed. Please keep in mind this is a very time consuming process since it’s done manually. If points are awarded, they will post to your account within the next 4-6 weeks.

    If the 6 weeks has passed and your account still hasn’t been credited, this means our Project Team determined that your participation in this study did not qualify to be awarded.
    Please understand, unfortunately, we will not have any additional information regarding your participation in this study until after the audit has been completed.

    For reference, I sent them jpgs of the my web browser showing the last question and the resulting error.

    You need to update your review and warn people to stay away from these morons.

  2. Global Test Market is nothing more than a data mining scam. You can waste anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour on a survey, and half the time you won’t even get credit for it. They only want your personal information, nothing more. Avoid them as much as you can, and report them before they screw more people.

    • What do you think of the new awards system? you now have to accumu;ate at least 3000 points! this is in UK

      • GMI recently changed to LifePoints. In case you haven’t done the math, each LifePoint is worth $0.0091 (yes, less than 1 penny).

        I refuse to participate in any surveys with less than 100 LifePoints. They are a waste of my time. Even when I do participate, I give BS answers and when I get the chance for a open-ended question, I write something like “When GMI starts awarding reasonable compensation for my time I will give truthful and thoughtful answers. Until then, you get BS.”

        I’m hoping other participants will jump on the bandwagon.

  3. those involved in this company have been written 970 930 and now to delete because I did complain! and I gave at the end then the same survey and now removed it is thugs liars thieves and robbers. who does not believe I have all the data to send me message to see the documents, attention is big cheaters !!!

  4. I receive a consistent £30 every six months from Global Test Market. It’s not the best payer but certainly not the worst. Overall I making around £100 each month and have been doing for five years.

    • How many hours a week are you working with Global Test Market?

  5. It’s the very first time I’ve been tempted into trying this type of thing, but I’m fed up with the time out screens & yet to find a survey I was compatible for. Feel conned by this site & would advise to avoid at all costs.

  6. GlobalTestMarket was the single worst online survey website I have ever used!! They completely cheat you on your points, I qualified for one worth 30 points and received nothing, I was screened out of a survey that I had 96% completion simply because of my postal address. and i was screened out of another survey but was still supposed to receive 5 points of entering and received nothing again. I contacted the customer service team with each of my problems and they gave me a ridiculous excuse and refused to offer any help. single worst website, please don’t waste your time on this website… try something like ValuedOpinions or MyOpinions, actual trustworthy sites.

  7. Hi everyone.

    Just to let you know, I was having the same issue as some of you when I went to redeem my points (being redirected to the login page). Try a different browser; I had this problem on Firefox but when I tried logging in on Google Chrome, it was fine!

    Good luck.


      • Yes, unless you like to spend months filling out surveys to get a 25 dollar gift card

        • Almost had enough points to redeem when my username and password were invalidated for no reason,requested the reason why, still awaiting a response,they have not had the courtesy to reply.

      • Don’t join this site…Ive been a member for a long time but just recently left because they changed the point system….it used to be $50 for 1000 points not its 6000 points now…it would take you a damn year to earn that

    • This is just small issue for not able to login for redemption. For my case, don’t know when and where they send my redemption to, at 7th weeks (globaltestmarket said they need 4-6 weeks to process the redemption) after I submit my redemption, nothing send to me. When I check with the program support. They just tell me that the redemption has been sent out and “No refund for point if the redemption get loss during delivery”. I was so mad because this is not my first redemption, for sure my mailing address in the system is correct because I’m able to receive my past redemption. I believe this is the issue with globalTestMarket’s vendor that making the delivery arrangement, because when I trace through the delivery channel, I found out that total 19 redemption was failed in one day in just my area, and you know what, all these so call fail in delivery redemptions has been successfully return to the globaltestmarket’s vendor (I have the proof of this). And since it has already return to the vendor, so I told the program support say I will collect from the vendor directly since it’s not too far from my area, BUT, was get rejected. This is so unfair to me that doing the hard work and at the end the fruit of my sweat is enjoying by other. This is a very big loophole for globaltestmarket, because they will never sent me any notification that saying my redemption is on the way, and off course they will never sent me the courier tracking number as well. Hence, I can never know if they really send out the redemption of not, until I gave that an email after waited, waited and waited for long long time. And what do I get? *pop* no redemption receive, and my point is gone. I’m really SADDDDDDD…………

      • Did you figure any way to unsubscribe to this scam acne

  8. I gave them the benefit when signing up 2 months ago, and like most everyone here, experienced rather quickly, convenient screen-outs because I don’t have major health issues, don’t own multiple vehicles, smoke, or invest in consumerism shopping, as many of the surveys I received tended to cover. In spite, cautiously, the supposed ‘screening’ questionnaire you have to complete during the registration. To date I’ve earned a whopping 85 points, after wasting time with nearly 50+ surveys. A scam, not really. Major strikeout…. yes. There are other legit survey sites to invest in, that actually work and properly credit you.

    Additionally it was very unsurprising to see several consumer complaint links upon a Google search review. More than 600 registered, most of them, the same payout and screening/point system rubbish this joker survey site promises.

  9. Been with Global Test Mkt. for appx 6 months. I did just redeem for Amazon gift cards and they came within 5 business days. It did take a LONG TIME to get enough points to redeem though, and will no longer deal with this survey co. (You need a minimum of 1000 points to start to redeem. And with 10-30 points per survey……….MANY, MANY surveys I did were screened out AFTER fully completing the survey and answering the “classification questions”. When I would complain about this unethical/fraudulent practice I would get a blanket “you were screened out of this survey” statement from their help desk. I am owed about 500 points for my time, and have no way to collect them. I do NOT recommend this survey site at all!! ie: you are person 99 and person 100 hits the final button a split second before you do……………you get NOTHING!!

    In fact, I am about to take this to the govt. agency responsible for putting pressure on Air Miles. I would urge you all to do the same, so that Global Test mtk. either starts to treat us fairly, or is shut down!!!!

    There are more reputable survey sites out them. But NOT GTM.

  10. I would have to say AVOID THIS ORGANIZATION AT ALL COST! I had been a panel member of Global Test Market for years. What people have said about being disqualified after spending a lot of time answering many screens of questions is true. But, I never connected with this organization in order to make money. For me it was a way of having some fun and maybe having a payoff in the end. However, my recent experience with them has been totally unacceptable and also make me question their integrigy. I had earned enough points to cash in for a gift card. After not receiving the actual card code (via e-mail) I tried to sign in to my account but couldn’t gain access. I wrote to ask them why I couldn’t sign in and I received a response that I had “clearly violated their rules” so my acocunt was being cancelled and any points I had earned were being forfeited. What?? So I wrote back and asked if they could explain further. I then received a quote from their guidelines talking about being honest in answering surveys, but no proof of what I supposedly had done. I then wrote back again and asked if they could provide any proof to support their claim that I had acted in an untrustworthy way. So far they refuse to answer with anything other than quoting guidelines. Clearly they have no proof and most likely wanted to “weed out” panel members who have been with them for a period of time, or perhaps those who had FINALLY earned enough points to cash in for something. Their level of panel support has been horrendous and insulting. Avoid this organization at all cost……..

    • same thing happened to me,,I got booted for no reason at all

  11. I have not so far not received any payment for the filling in of the test survey market forms.

  12. After SEVERAL months doing surveys and being screened out of surveys, etc. I have a WHOPPING total of 77 points. Seriously??? This is not worth anyone’s time… Maybe in a full year, I’ll have enough points for a $50 check which will equate to about .01/hour or LESS.

    This is such a HORRIBLE way to try to make any kind of side cash. I do NOT recommend it whatsoever.

    • I’ve been using them for the last couple years and have been paid. But, it takes a lot of time. I think they have closed though because I just went to turn in 1900 points and it won’t allow the rewards page to come up. Not a scam just seems like they went belly up.

    • Completely agree with you Dave. I only started a few weeks ago, and have been conveniently screened out of numerous surveys because I don’t smoke, have major health issues, own several vehicles, etc etc etc. And have earned a whopping 85 points in this time. Misleading and ridiculous you bet.

  13. This is a major scam. Many of the Surveys require many pages of question/answer… time spent… then UNqualify you for rewards after you’ve invested 5-10 minutes of effort.
    Most disturbing: Good luck trying to redeem your reward points. They require you to supply a USPS address to receive your rewards by mail, then they send a link by email that must be dug from the depths of your Spam file….and then your time to claim your reward has passed. Three months after I submitted my Rewards claim, I still had not received any Rewards. Stay away from this site.

    • I’ve been trying to redeem my points.. but it won’t let me, it asks me for my password and it won’t aceept my password.. it keeps saying “incorrect password”.. but I’m already logged on there

      • I think their site is down I haven’t been able to go the the rewards page. I’ve left two messages and no replies. Maybe they went under. But, they still keep sending me surveys.

      • Hi Lori… I also experience the same problem. I have complaint 3 times, but there is no reply yet.
        Is there any formal annoucement if GTM still in the business or not? I look for the information from the internet but I have no luck either.
        Same with Jan, they still send me surveys.

  14. Has anyone else had checks returned from GLOBAL TEST MARKET because the account was closed? I had ten $50 checks come back and the funds taken out of my account. I also have $120 in bank fees now too from the bounced checks! So, they owe me $620.00 and I can’t get them to respond to e-mails or phone calls. Are they still in business or not? I have filed formal complaints with the Ohio Attorney Generals Office where I live and have also contacted the Washington State Better Business Bureau. If anyone out there has had any luck getting money from them, or has current contact information, PLEASE let me know!

    • Hi. I was also cheated of 4 checks and I was charged for the bounced checks. No reply after I sent them an email for explanation. Cheat. I don’t know how to complain as I am from Singapore. Do let me know if you settle the check issue with them. Thanks

      • Hey Andy i’m from sgp too! I think you can bring the issue up to CASE if they haven’t gotten back to you about the checks? Let me know how it goes 🙂

      • I have been waiting since August 2016 for 2-$50.00 Checks. I finally reported them to the Better Business Bureau. Still waiting to see what they have accomplished.

    • Definitely a big SCAM. Unethical and dishonest company. Cheated of 4 checks which were bounced by issuing bank. I had to pay for the charges for these checks. Wasted my time and effort in doing their surveys. Hope the company will be taken to task. Still angry!!!

    • I’m facing the same issue too. Been charged a penalty for the bounced checks by the bank. Been trying to reach them but they are not responding!! Feel really pissed and cheated

  15. I do online surveys sometimes, but I stick with them if they are interesting. There are certain ones that I actually try to disqualify for because I know that the questions are going to be ridiculously intrusive, and I don’t want to be contacted again by anyone wanting to nag me to answer. I do not do banking surveys, insurance surveys, or anything where they right off the bat want to know how many people work for my company. Oh, and I never do reviews on their Facebook page when they tell me to do that. Who is on my “friends” list and stuff of that nature is none of their beeswax!

    One thing that I do to give myself better odds is look for the ones which offer gift cards. At least that way I can check on the web site for the store to verify whether there is anything on that gift card. I would never accept a check and run it through my account.

  16. Can someone please confirm if global testmarket is permanently closed? When click on the address at bottom of emails, the map details shows that they are permanently closed! Maybe that’s why I don’t get any reply when I query my check which I still didn’t received.

    • It currently requires at lest 1100 points to get a reward . They screen out a lot but only after you have spent 15 min. or so before getting the screen-out. The time it take is often misrepresented. When you figure how much time you have invested and how little you get in return, its not a good investment of your time.

    • I’ve been trying to receive my second $40 to pay pal for over two weeks, they have answered me just the other day, I thought nothing of it.. So today, it’s still not there, I just clicked to sign in to email them again, it says page no longer available. I hope that isn’t the case. I spent many hours, and almost two months just to earn 1130 point. $40 on pay pal. Just redeemed two weeks ago and now this. I am already furious, and now seeing your question has blown me into Xanax portion. I am going to have to take a anxiety pill because from what I just saw, and now reading your post, I’m thinking they finally got all the money they need or could off people, and have cashed out and closed down. Geeez, I am really pissed right now, and that site better just be down for patience.

  17. It took me more than a year to get 1000 points. I did receive my first check. Now I need 1200 points. That took me more than a year. Now it’s been more than 2 months that I’m waiting for payment and when I query, no one even bother to come back to me. Where I stay, we pay a lot for Internet and to complete surveys is costing me more than the payment I receive.

  18. Global test market dupe people

    Joined global test market, given 50+ surveys, once points exceeded 1200 points which you can redeem, have got the mail that account is blocked due to some reasons & your points can not be redeemed. Beware of such a cheap unethical survey organisation who thrives on others hard work .

    • I started to believe global test market is a scam too. I redeemed total 1200 points from march 2016, till now I did not receive my $20 dollars vouchers. My request for investigation has been ignored…


  20. For the last, I don’t know how many, number of surveys, when I’m finished they say I’ve taken the survey before. They are such liars and cheats.

    I wonder why this websites is so light I can barely see to type.

    • On March 30th I redeemed my rewards for $100.00. They were to be transferred to paypal but someone in that organization decided to transfer them to sent me verification No’s to redeem @ When I entered them to receive credit I was told they were not valid & they were in a different account. They ouldn’t tell me who redeemed them but said Gloal Test Market should call Amazon & get this rectified. Afterr all the emails to GTM This is still not resolved. I contacted BBB & this is a clear case of fraud. I want my rewards of $100.00 returned to me.

      • Global Market promise you 400 points for some survey and give you nothing at some stage, even if you complain, you do some surveys for free, without credit at all. Surveys are also credit you for minimum points you worked

    • Fully agree, and as for the home page caption “GlobalTestMarket is a fast way to make money online”, joke of the century!!!
      Latest gem is , complete survey THEN be told “Quota is full”, as well as the tried & tested
      Here’s a new survey for you, click “Survey is closed” (last 30+ I’d guess)

    • YEP!!! As well as you literally will take a full survey, 20-30minutes, and answer all the questions nessacery, then after you obviously have completed a survey, it will say “sorry you’ve screened out of this one, but here is 7 million entries to the sweepstakes” that really pisses me off. It is like they know you really need the money, I’m a college student, so they know you are desperate and will do just about anything and come back to try and make it to cash out. I hate people who are con artist and scammers. It really shouldn’t be allowed. If my parent’s ran their business like that, we would not only be homeless, but they would be in court all of the time, or jail. Exactly where these people need to be

  21. Last year i.e. November 2015 I have redeemed 1200 points. They said that they have sent cheque. But today I did not receive any cheque. Many messages I have given to them. Even though they used to mail me that they have issued another cheque. In this way three times they said that they have issued cheque, but till today I did not receive the cheque. Again more than 1600 points I have done. When I thought to redeem to paypal account, it is giving problem while log in.

    • global test market are a fraud…cheaters !

    • Hello, I have also started believing that they are frauds. Its been 5 days I had raised a ticket for redeeming points to my PayPal account. No response till date. To test whether their help/support system actually works, I raised another ticket 2 days ago on a technical issue. I received a response to that. No response to the redemption issue as yet. Looks doubtful.

      • Only five days waiting… that isn’t really much. I’ve raised several tickets but as of yet have not received a single response to most of them and that having waited several months! They seem to pick and choose which messages to respond to and even then they do not give a direct response to the question you asked! I just avoid contacting them because they are simply useless at that!

  22. ive been using global test market for six years and tbh it isnt a scam it does take awhile to receive a paper check cuz the company is in canada but using the paypal transfer option is a little bit quicker. taking surveys is time consuming but worth it for me especially when i see products ive tried or surveys ive given my opinion on in stores its not gonna make u rich but if ur between jobs or a stay at home mom like me its definitely a worthwhile use of my time coupled with other survey sites

    • Watch out, I been doing surveys with Global for a coupke of years, and every few months got a 50, or 75 check…not much but easy to do…then a coupke of days ago out of the blue I get an email saying I was no longer eligible for surveys because I was giving fraudelent info…that is a downright lie. I had close to 1200 points, and they just stole it away…..the company is going downhill, and this a sign that they are NOT finacially sound!

      Secondly I am filing a complaint with the attorney general of that state, my state, and the internet. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A SCAM!

  23. This is not a scam, I make enough points every couple of months to cash £30 at a time, they are sometimes boring surveys and sometimes screen out after ages of doing a survey, but they do pay out.

  24. This company takes my personal information and tells me that I am not qualified. I signed up and i would never sign in so I asked them to send me the info i need in order to sign in but I was told that I have accounts.I told them yes I have accounts with google, yahoo and msn so that should not be an issue. so they have my info including my social security. Now i have to contact the CFPB and FTC because of this.

    • At long last I have earned enough points for a pay out but am finding it impossible to log in. I click on send and nothing happens. I try to send a message and it won’t send. I think it is a rip-off.

  25. A fraudulent company ripping people off with random screenout and being told you don’t qualify after filling survey ! Many of their surveys are very long as well.
    I nearly smashed my keyboard to bits and pieces and hurt my hand badly
    after I was screened out after 30 minutes of filling their survey.
    I invite people here to file a BBB report and expose this company.
    They should apply more diligence in screening their clients and making sure this kind of shit does not happen.
    They wasted 30 minute of my time and I will consider taking them to small claims court.
    I will stop doing surveys for this rip off of a company.

    • Yup. Even when I was brand new to the whole “make money online” world, something just didn’t sit right with me about filling out surveys. It just seemed TOO easy. And, of course, I learned that it’s just not worth it.

      • Oh my, how I wish that I could go back in time to have read this article and comments on GTM prior to joining the survey site! What I have determined by reading the posts here is that before 2014, this company was somewhat legitimate in that people actually got paid for the points they accumulated. It’s apparent by the volume of negative comments here that GTM now behaves fraudulently so I will suck up & take a loss for the 172 points I earned because I don’t want to waste any more of my time.

    • Yes I agree they have completely gone downhill. Customer service is no longer existant and if I receive one more lbl technical error message and receive no credit I am going to throw my computer out the window. Site went from a c+ to a D-. Raised rewards thresholds and lowered incentives for all their surveys, I took a 10 point survey that was twenty minutes for Christ sake that equals thirty cents with their ridiculous 1200 pay pal limit to cashout. I am filings BBB complaint against them for failing to pay and gir their non existent customer service.

  26. Signing up and receiving the survey’s was quite easy and the vast majority of the survey’s were simple to complete. However, once I began to accumulate what I thought was a substantial amount of points, I began searching through their FAQ section to learn how I could redeem my points for cash and that’s where things began to change. After being unable to locate an answer, I sent out an e-mail and asked them directly. After no answer, I sent out another one. Then another and another……. I have now lost track as to how many e-mails that I have sent with no response in return. It’s funny though, almost immediately after every e-mail that I send out, I get another survey sent to me to complete. Fortunately for me, I signed up for the surveys in order to kill some time during the slower winter months, not because I need the money. I feel bad for anyone who gets involved with Global Test Market who does so for the added income because based on my experience, they’re likely to be greatly disappointed.

  27. They have been using a new trick recently to waste your time all the way to the end of the survey and it told me I have been screened out, these were happen after about 30 mins of the survey. Not just once or twice, I encountered three times just for the recent few months.
    They were reluctant to solve the problem and will only kept replying those standard template email. They even asked me to recall what’s the contents of the survey after probably a month, who the hell will go and memorise the content….
    So after the bad experience #1 & #2, I screenshot every page of the second part of the survey whenever I find the survey took me too long to complete. So I have proof for the incident #3, I told them I have proof that they want, I screenshoted everything, guess what, this time they totally ignored me w/o even reply with their standard reply. Suck!

    • For the past 3 weeks I have been unable to log in using the same details which I have been using for 3 years. I have wrote them 5 e-mails without reply and have around 1300 points which is worth about £40. I don’t know but maybe they don’t want to pay me, I am looking into trying to recover the money through the small claims court in America on line I want my money after the work I put in, if I get it I don’t think I will be using them again.

      • The lie they told me about redemption was that after I had reached 1008 points, that I would need an additional 1008 in my CART. WTF, so I guess that means that I have to buy something worth 1008. I plan to report them to the Attorney generals office ASAP!!!!

      • Please tell me if you have succeeded in getting your account back. I could not sign in today after complaints I made about ‘unfairly screened out’, not sure if they have suspended my account which have points yet to be redeemed. I hope they would reply me as to why I could not bring up my account.. So wasting of effort doing surveys via this company!

        • totally agree with you, i also face problems with GLobal Test Market, never join and work with such cheaters !

  28. i do not understand all the negatieve feedback …
    i aim member for about 15 days and i got 800 marketpoints.
    i never got a survey for less than 50 marketpoints, sometimes i got surveys for 110 marketpoints.
    … it’s a legal site, so i think they are trusted.
    … maybe there is a difference for people from europe and outside… ?
    … one off my favorites is mysurvey, account never expires… i stopped there about 5 years, after 5 years my account was intact. got already more then 500 euro earned from them, they pay between 1-2 weeks. (reward survey there 50-150 points) – 3-10 surveys – weekly

  29. They pay out but i have been a member of GTM for over 5 yrs and I am quitting their surveys…here’s why!!! What they have slowly done (over the past 3 years) is reduce the points of the surveys…So, when you got 50 points for 15 min survey…you now get 15-17 points, sometimes 25…So, your workload is already doubled…Now you have to do twice as much to get the same money….Moreover, they have reduced the point value as well…When 1000 points added to 50$, they increased 50$ payout to points value of 1200 and in the last month to 1401. Thus, your workload increased by another 40%. So basically, you are working 2 and 1/2 times more for the same money as you were working 3 years ago…….they are now taking advantage of US…find some other survey company…………

  30. I am a while with gtm now and worked my way up to a 1000 points. When I finally decide to redeem them now nothing is happening. I am waiting now from end June still didn’t receive my check and they don’t reply on my emails . Is this a scam?????????????????

  31. Although I’m not really out anything, I feel like I got ripped off. I completed survey after survey, cashed in my points for 2 iTunes gift cards, the redeem codes did not work and I’ve tried repeatedly, for months to reach anyone, even the parent company to help resolve the issue, all to no avail. Three months later, I’m giving up. Don’t waste your time, you won’t be rewarded.

  32. I’ve been with Global Test Market about 2 years and have made about 120 dollars a year. I’ve taken my money out in Amazon vouchers which I use specifically for pre workout stuff. I get screened out about 60 percent of the time….I don’t mind that when it happens up front, but once in a while I will work for 10 or so minute and then be screened out..and then DO mind. Lately it seems that points have been going down for surveys…..35 points used ot be the average, but now it seems like 22 or 30 is. Some of the surveys have been quite interesting while others have been boring. But GTM is not a scam at all, as far as I am concerned. Almost all of the other sites are.

    • How do i get them to stop sending me their damn urveys, i get upto 4 everyday and i hate them I gave my account details and have requested more than 30 times over 4 moths to cancel my account and to stop sending them….but nothing , can you help please….


  34. Global Test Market is a legit company.Have got cheques and gift cards from them.It takes about 1100 points to get a $50 amazon gift card.The points earned per survey is about 35 and it takes atleast 20 mins.Most of the time you will be screened out, and sometimes towards the end of the survey.So,you get no points.

    Companies pay $10-15 per survey to GTM.
    But GTM pays survey takers $1-2.
    The reason is that they have no competition.Most other survey sites are scams.

    • I saw your review on Global Test Market. I have sent numerous emails to them about my account with no response. Have you ever spoken to anyone there and do you have a phone number or name? My points have disappeared and I need to speak to someone. I had enough points to redeem and now they are gone. Any suggestions?

      • Have you verified your email? I’m pretty sure they will send ya some kind of order info when you redeem something on your email like they just did for mine. Bear in mind it takes 5-10 Business days (Excluding Saturdays and Sundays and Public Holidays)

  35. I agree that this site is not ethical at all and their practices are quite abusive. I just joined and I filled out an endless questionnaire for more than 30 minutes about a very boring uninteresting subject, but I did fill it out completely till the end! When done, i was shocked to get a non-sense message telling me that I had been screened out of the questionnaire despite the fact that I already filled out the survey entirely!!!!! so I got “f…ed up” so to say! so I spent 30 minutes replying to stupid questions for nothing? I should have earned 30 points for that. I sent them a message letting them know, and they stupidly replied to me that I had been screened out. So when you are screened out, you usually dont answer the WHOLE survey, you get cut almost immediately, not after more than 30 minutes. I call this THEFT., abusive practice that will be reported to the police. They owe me what they promised because I did what they wanted, now I want redemption. I have saved the whole thing and will sue them. I will call them too!!!!!! It’s raging such abusive practices!!!!
    So yes, they are a bunch of dishonest scam people who use your time. Here in this country, they pay will pay you 10 euros for 281 points! Where is the justice?

  36. I agree that it takes time to build up the points & is not any sort of income. But I have the time & enjoy doing most surveys. I have redeemed $150 this year to Paypal & received the credits within a week. I usually receive one or two surveys per day & get screened out about half of them.

  37. I just read about Global Test Market today, and since i was looking for an online money-making site, i got hooked up with GTM and did more than 20 initial surveys. I wish i saw this site first before i registered with GTM, although it was free. However, the time spent answering the questions plus the electricity involved 🙁 was a waste. When i looked at my profile account, i didn’t even get any points. Anyways, i am still hoping to find a really legitimate online money-making sites since i am currently unable to physically work due to an accident. Can anyone please help? I read about this article on Career Journal Online telling about a mother making $8k per month online after she got a kit for under $5 for Paid Surveys Online. Is this website legit? Your feedbacks are greatly appreciated. I need all the infos i could possibly gather. Thank you very much.

  38. Who in this world would give a way free money to thousands of people for jut answering questions? Think about it! it is all scam.

    • They are getting paid from a third party consumer that wants your information.

      1) The third party consumer (A new startup or Campaign) does their market segmenting and comes to a conclusion of a small targeted audience.

      2) They will need to find out how to reach out to their target market. (Location)

      Global Test Market do primary research and they require you to key in your address.

      The Third party consumer engages Global Test Market for their research and your details (in this case it is secondary research) and then, pay them an amount.

      This is how Global Test Market earns. And that is how they can pay you money.

      This is not a SCAM. I would say that this company is a genius as they can come out with these online research to gather information. Kudos to them.

      • Well you pretty much hit it on the head…somewhat. I think what people think they’re signing up for, and what they really get is really what ticks them off. The average person who’s looking to make money isn’t expecting to have to sign up to a bunch of different places, submit info and then later get bombarded with more stuff. I understand that Global Test Market is more of a lead-gen system for advertisers and/or new start ups more than anything. But do you really think these surveys are getting honest answers from these survey takers? Hell no. They just want to “make money” so they click this, that, this, that…next question. Boom. Where’s my money? It’s to build a list.

        • Is there any one from South Africa who received a check. I am waiting now 3 months

    • There are survey websites that do legitimately pay you but dont gey get paid much. For example that would be stupid for 5 million to signup at this site. And not get paid for opinions.

  39. I have earned points to redeem $63 for more than a year of surveying and when I redeem it, the same story happened to most of us here. I made follow up emails and they replied with sweet promises that they surely will send the payment within 6-8 weeks. I waited but it’s almost 2 years now, I haven’t seen even the shadow of a penny of their payment. They are really a SCAM. Global Test Market is a great SCAM.

  40. Dont trust this global test market its fake and scam I have taken my valuable time to filled survey and past 2 years I have reedeem my point and still I have not received all the mail goes in voice mail.Dont send any survey in future.

    • Absolutely, I had 1825 points ready to redeem my points and now it won’t let me log in to my account. I have feverishly tried contacting them but to no avail. All I keep getting is a response giving me my password but it still won’t allow me me to enter. SCAM, SCAM

      • Globaltest market has turned into a SCAM company….it used to be okay and paid me my checks. When it is time for me to redeem my 3rd check thay placed in their website that Philippine checks are not yet available that it would take 3 months before the check in Philippine currency arrives, so i patiently waited and counted the days. When the 3 months have passed I asked them again, where are the Philippine check, why can’t I be paid out already. They said that they are working on it and they revised that announcement in their website. Now, i am checking my inbox everyday but alas no surveys are coming not like before I asked them about the checks and worse came to worst they said that I have violated them TERMS – my account therefore is TERMINATED. I asked them politely to prove their claim and justify their actions but they said that divulging their tactics on how they track erring members are a security concern. I will understand GLOBALTESTMARKET that you are on the verge of bankruptcy that is why you cannot pay your members anymore rather than make false excuses just to deny us of our rightful claims.

        I will just consider this as a bad experience and I have learned not to trust wolves in sheep skin anymore.

    • I have ran into the same problem with them and contacted the New Jersey BBB and received my rewards within three days, thought that would solve the problem just redeemed 2200 5 days ago contacted them twice reminded them that the last time I went to the BBB hoping to get a response and now am going to contact the NJ BBB again then cancel my subscription when I get my rewards

      • Hi, Can I ask who New Jersey BBB is please and how do I contact them as I am also having trouble redeeming my points with Global Test Market… having had no trouble previously? I would appreciate a prompt answer, thanks….

      • Hi,

        Can I know what BBB is and where can I contact them? GTM is now cheating and I dont want to loose the rewards I earned they are now not letting me login and saying i have violated policy by using multiple accounts which is not true, and I reallly want what I spent my time on and not get fooled.

        • Same with me, with them for a couple of years, then I had close to 1200 points, and all of a sudden I get an email sayi g I have violated their terms and gave false I formation, which I did not..when I called them on proving that, nothing, no reply, they will not answer my emails. I am reporting them to the attorney general of my syate and to the interstate commerce dept for fraud.

  41. A TOTAL rip off.

    Dont waste an ounce of your time or Money..

    Peter H

  42. also ading to my last comment they also take over a week usually for money to reach me, and thats through paypal quickest way. very time consuming for pennies but works cashwise 100%

    • Global Test Market is a scam site. The CEO of my company received check of $50, but his check bounced. My wife never received the check. My wife installed a software Comtracker on her computer which was a chinese software and that software stole $4400 from my wife’s paypal account. We got the money back but Global Test Market is a scam site. It steals your money.

  43. i earn £30 a month from this site but not without loads of screenouts and error messages at end of surveys. i think im wasting my time though because i have to factor in the time im spending chsing up my points that were not credited. half the surveys i get screened out of in a month probably adds up to a week. money always comes through but too much work for pennies, guess im addicted

    • Yeah, I hear you. Taking surveys becomes more of a game because it’s so simple. But honestly, if you were to put the same amount of effort into learning and targeting affiliate marketing, you would literally make 100x’s more money. You are definitely not going to be rewarded very much for such low-level task work, especially online. I’m sure you can make a few bucks here and there, but when you calculate how much time you have spent versus how much income you have created, it’s going to equate to a few cents per hour. Have you ever considered venturing into Internet or affiliate marketing? Many people have gone from taking surveys to creating pretty awesome, prosperous home based business online.

      • I am so relieved to have come across this site before signing up. I am a mother looking to earn extra money for my family and thought GTM would be a good idea to sign up to until I stumbled across this site. If anyone can help me or has any suggestions I would be so greatful, as they say two heads are better than one, I really would appreciate chatting to people who are in the same position.

  44. I redeemed 3 £40 paypal rewards over a period of time and to date have not received a penny
    Have emailed many times but never heard back
    The whole thing is just a scam and took hours of my precious time to do the surverys – and all for nothing

  45. They are a scam! I completed a really annoying survey that was supposed to be less than an hour and took way longer than that (and it was because they wanted you to watch videos that you couldn’t skip – not because I was slow) for only 40 points ($4), and when I finally completed it, none of my points showed up. When I message support about it, they said I needed the survey number, but when I went back in my history, of course it just says on their own webpage that I took the survey, but it doesn’t give me the survey number. That means that they know very well I took it and will just not give me the points. This is before I was able to do my first cash out – if I had been given the points I earned, I would have been able to. I think they just rely on people taking a few surveys and then leaving once they realize it is a scam and they will never be able to cash out.

    • I therefore conclude that it was a wise action to have unsubscribed from GTM and deleted my account. Thank you for your input.

  46. GlobalTestMarket used to be a good company which I’ve been a proud member since 2012. The payout points used to be 1000 (1100 now) and in 30 days I got my first cheque, already converted in my country’s currency (Philippines). It was all good I even got my sister and her husband join too.

    (I had no complains about acquiring points and pay rate, as I was also member to 6 other surveys which were not much different than GlobalTestMarket. True, surveys never made anyone rich, but I thought dimes and nickels are better than nothing at all. Oh well, that was just me).

    The 2nd cheque, however, arrived in 3 months. (Thinking back now) I thought it was still okay since the amount was in my country’s currency. It was October, and incoming mails and shipments to my country on that month usually get delivered 3 months later. So yes, I thought it was still okay.

    This year (August 2014), GlobalTestMarket has finally proved itself to be going down. The waiting time, which used to be 30 days, took 10 weeks (2 months and a few days). And the cheque was no longer converted in my country’s currency, so my bank requires me to open a US Dollar account, which would cost me money.

    I emailed the Customer Support, but I got no real answers. I’m now keeping the useless cheque in my underwear drawer. The GlobalTestMarket site provides no Account Deletion, so the next time I get a new survey from it, I’d definitely click “Unsubscribe” and will block the site.

    • I only credited cash voucher which in my currency was on 40 bucks! Perks is stated on their web as their rewards partner! Emailed to them but they deny any responsibility stating it was solely GTM’s fault. Emailed GTM but no reply.Professional much?

      It is going to be 3 months? Does cash voucher cost so much?

      Terrible. Truly felt scam!

  47. I ordered an e voucher through global test market for placed my order spent full voucher amount but it wouldn’t go through because they wanted credit card info so they could deduct the total amount from this. what the point of e voucher p.s first itme using e voucher so don’t know alot about them .

  48. just to be clear, globaltestmarket isn’t a scam. I’ve received check’s from 36 euros and cashed them in at my bank and I still have the money. It’s a great way to earn money. It’s not a lot of money but it is money afterall for filling in some survey’s.

    • Yes, Liam, I used to say that about GTM on the first couple of years…. but now they have changed into the scam we all fear about. Read my previous comment and LEARN the truth NOW before it’s too late for you.

  49. f**k global test market, what a load of thieving cunts.

  50. GlobalTestMarket is a scam! I’ve wasted 1 year of my life in order to complete the 1,000 marketpoints and when it was time to pay they literally disappeared. I’ve wasted another year of my life fighting over my paycheck which never arrived and 1 year after arguing with them, sending them numerous emails, they say that the “1st check” was “cashed” and there is nothing to do. But they conveniently say that after 1 year, even though I have emails from each month stating that my check never arrived, that I was worried about it. It sucks! They don’t pay, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER WITH THEM. PLEASE DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I DID!…BETTER RUN AND GO TO OTHERS THAT DO PAY, that is why people are so afraid of trusting companies over the INTERNET because they got into this “so called company” which is nothing but a big fat fraud!

  51. global test market is a scam! they cant pay me in 3 months and still waiting I just cant believe this .it took me a long time about 9 months to reach the pay out threshold , the payout threshold was increased from 1000points to 1150 points for $50 in the same period .they don’t respond to complaints about not getting paid ,only an automatic generated email is all you get . stay away from gtm if you value your time.

  52. I’ve made several hundred dollars from GMT but as they are an international company worldwide sometimes things go a little slow. be polite and contact them; then wait abit. bug them, be rude, and you may sit a the bottom of the pile for awhile. common semse dictates or they would be on the surveyscam website instead of being listed as 1 of the top 5.

    having an online business and having to deal with twits and rudeness daily I can see why some of the above comments get no where.

  53. Yes it’s a SCAM I answered all those stupid surveys and they never paid me, i redeemed my points but the check never arrived.

  54. Dear Sir,
    My friend Rakesh Gupta is a member of GLOBAL TEST MARKET online survey site and fill up survey. Rakesh Gupta had redeemed 1000 market points on dt 30-11-2013. After 2 days rakesh gupta had received a mail from GLOBAL TEST MARKET FOR SEND BANK DETAIL FOR WIRE TRANSFER. rakesh gupta send bank detail on 05-12-2013. NOW GLOBAL TEST MARKET NIETHER SEND MONEY NOR GIVING REPLY OF MAILS TILL TODAY.. I THINK GLOBAL TEST MARKET IS A FAKE/ FRAUD COMPANY IS CHEATING TO PANEL MEMBER. SO PL. BEWARE OF GLOBAL TEST MARKET.

  55. I thank you people of God, May God bless you for being honest to us.
    Your truth really set me and other victims of scams like this free. I thank you again, be blessed.
    I was about to sign In, so you really saved me from this scam thing.

  56. it is just fake like other similar sites even worse as earning 100o points take several months and lots of screen out .first they will say that shipping of courier is not possible to your location then if you provide details of your bank account and wait for 8-10 weeks they stop replying to your request.if reply the will tell you that we are getting problem in wire transfer to your country ,we will transfer a check through courier services you just have to wait for 8-10 months and this all will keep going.please don’t do any thing for them it’s just a waste of time and u r generating money for them and panic for your self.

  57. Global test market have previously been great, surveys can be dull and takes a long time to earn enough for a cheque, but the cheques have always been real!

    The problem now though is the ‘technical errors’ where you complete a survey and they don’t credit the points. This has happened on some long, high value surveys lately, so I’m going to unsubscribe.

    Good for pocket money, but lately not so reliable.

  58. Global test market is scam only they cheat people.

  59. scam scam, only fraud Global Test market is big scam , they distplay wrong information and cheat people.

  60. After 20 plus surveys in two moths, here’s what I am eligible for in the way of rewards: 35 Points & 450 Sweeps entries. That Sweepstakes covers April 2013 – June 2014. 95% of the prizes awarded are $10.00. That’s barely two lattes. No, I do not recommend Global Surveys.

  61. 8th attempt to contact personnel at global test market and they do not respond. Clearly, this company is run by idiots. They owe me 100 points for a month-long study and are not paying out. Forget these guys. Total waste of time.

  62. I think it is scam I have been waiting since November when I contact them it is really weird for me I was receive they auto email respond and then in that bottom write this “Your account not yet register at panelist member”
    What happened? Really weird! the survey always received in my email why they said my account not yet register at panelist member? so they are really SCAM I though! Waste of my time to follow and fill they survey :'(((( I think they was really kind and honest to all member. But now they cheat!

  63. I have been into GTM for about a year and i just redeemed my points just this year, I look on their FAQS to double check how and what would be the process from the start that I request for a redemption, through the details on when would be the waiting time for receiving the check for this is their only preferred way to send the payment to their panelist for international it is stated from their redemption section that delivery of check will arrive within 6 to 8 weeks, after many days of waiting nothing has come, so contacted them submit a ticket about the redemption and I instantly got an automated email response from them, however in contrary with an instant automated response their real live email support answered after 2 weeks I’ve received a response from them telling me that they were sorry that the check didn’t reach me they will investigate the check and with the liable bank if its cashed and if not they will issue another one and will have to wait again for another roughly 8-10 weeks, sigh!!!!, everything is so terrible, it just seem that they are using check as the only payment method in order for them to come up with lots of clever plans and alibis just to delay the processing the payments requested by their panelist, so unprofessional up to this very moment i don’t know if they issue and delivered the check already or they are still investigating, are they choosing people they will give priority for payments cause I’ve seen lots of feedback from other reviews that they got paid instantly??, tsk,tsk,tsk, getting involved with GTM is absolutely very confusing or just might say a nightmare.

  64. They scam people and do it in the most direct way possible: by not paying the money. Recently they started giving Paypal payments and I decided to use my points to get 40 EURO. But what did they do? Nothing. My points are withdrawn, it’s been almost 2 months but they are still in “processing”.

    If you try to contact them they’ll send you an auto mail saying you need to contact PERKS, because they are the ones to operate rewards system, but that’s the thing, you can’t contact them and GTM doesn’t care if you can’t. They’ll just say contact PERKS and do nothing about it. Effectively removing all the responsibility from themselves and scamming you with a clean cut.

    Stay away like a plague.

  65. GLOBAL TEST MARKET IS A CHEATER, FRAUD AND SCAM on 6-10-2013 I redeemed 1020 points and till now i.e. 24.12.2013 11.23 am I have not received my cheque. In this respect I sent so many requests to solve the problem these beggers never bothered to either answer my request or resolved my problem. For the god sake to all the existing members and new members please do not waste your time for joining or attending their surveys from GLOBAL TEST MARKET

    • You need 1100 points now to redeem. This has been going on for a while now, and I`m not sure about their customer service. I remember sending an email, and never getting a response. Can`t disagree with others saying its lousy..

    • i doing survey on gtm since last 4 months, redemption of point up to 1000 mkt points, but when you go to redeem point into cash there is no paypal, even i redeemed gift voucher thri flipcart only, but no catalog of paypal

  66. Global test market is big scam. I will share my experience. On 6-10-2013 i redeemed my 1020 points for that I have now recd my cheque till now. (i,e. 23-10-2013) I sebt 15 nesgs abd bit a subgke nesg tget reokued, It is quite unethinic and indecent the way Global Test Market acts. Please ensure that do not waste your valuable time for attempting their survesy.

  67. Its a really Fake site… They are always make nonsense the unemployeed youth …..GTM is surely fake… dont go to this site

  68. The last couple people must be in contact with a whole different company, or else they are shills from the scam company. The bank they list on the check they sent me doesn’t even exist. You are going to lose $900 if you cash this at your bank. I’m a bounty hunter and sometimes I go find people who do things like this and stomp them into the ground for fun. I’m busy on someone else right now, but this looks like a good candidate, if the Ohio number isn’t just an overseas transfer

    • Oddly I’m another one who has had no problem with them. I’ve been a member for a few years and while they are fairly slow, and you don’t actually earn much, they payments have always been OK. The cheques did indeed come from Canada, from a bank I’d never heard of, in sterling (generally around £30 depending on exchange rate) but always cleared OK. They seem to use a different system now and my last payout was in Amazon vouchers and arrived much more rapidly.

      • Was your cheque sent from Vancouver?

        • my first payment was a check from Vancouver as I live in Canada and the second I chose pay pal which I now have set up. Everything went through both times. It took two wks for the check and 5 days with pay pal.

    • The bank on my check does exist. I just googled them and the same exact address on the check is the same on the internet. I even called the bank. So it keeps making me think/feel that this is legit but, I’m not risking trying to cash this check.

  69. Haven`t had issues with them other than getting screened out from 75% of the surveys.. I have made $100 with them thus far. Each $50 cheque have taken 1 month to arrive from the time I made the request. It might not be worth it for most people because the time it takes to accumulate 1100 points is ridiculous. The first $50 took me 6 months. You really are better off with a part time job but if you got some extra time on hand go for it. Global Test Market which I believe is under GMI is also BBB accredited.

  70. I’m not sure what all the bad comments on Global Test Market are all about but its actually one of the best websites to go to and earn rewards for things such as pay pal and amazon gift cards. The reason you are opted out of some surveys is they are looking for specific criteria thats how surveys work. If you dont shop at lowes why would they want you to do a survey on something you dont know??? I’ve been with Global a short time and have already done very well. I love them and would recommend to anyone who is interested in this type of site!!!

    P.S. To all of you with you your negative untruthful comments above, maybe they dont allow negitive people do their surveys!!!!

    • she is right, i have been paid twice in a year, once by pay pal and once by check I just use pay pal now.

    • I agree. I don’t get all the negativity, I fill out the surveys I want to fill out and get points slowly over the year and save them up to cash out with Amazon vouchers to buy something I want. I’ve never had a problem with them – they always send voucher codes although it can take up to 4 weeks. I think it’s a great way to get Amazon vouchers for answering a few questions. I’d only be wasting my time playing games online in any case so I don’t see this as being any different. If you aren’t looking at it as a way to make millions, you won’t be disappointed.

  71. globaltestmarket(dot)com is a scam.. They couldn’t pay my money for 6 months and I’m still waiting..

  72. Have been doing their surveys for years. Admittedly it took a long time to earn a reward but they always paid in GB pounds. This option is now not shown so I e-mailed them to ask if they would still do it as I had enough points. They replied saying their rewards are on their reward page. I then received another e-mail saying I had cancelled my account. Think maybe they don’t know what they are doing. All that work for nothing.

  73. I have already got $50 dollars in INR as a cheque. I don’t think they are cheaters or more time consuming. We may earn just for pocket money. But this alone will not feed us completely.Overall its good for some extra earning. That’s all!! And even today i checked, only 1000 points are needed for cash redemption.

  74. I’ve been trying to login to my account for weeks and can’t access it-everything comes up in Spanish! Including “contact us” I’m no techie but should’t there be somewhere to access my account? I’m reaslly feeling ripped off! Even their websites come up in Spanish! What the heck is going on?

  75. They are very time consuming; and have increased their redeeming points to 1100 (formerly 1000); making it @ $4 an hour; if you are lucky enough. Since they have changed the company; it has become harder & harder to achieve points. I have had some surveys that have not been credited to my account & when I contact Global they are not concerned and reply that their records have shown me to screen out. Which was totally false!! I spent 30 min (each) on a bunch of surveys that were not credited. And not one apology from Global. I think I will cancel. It once was a great company but now they are a waste of time.

  76. are you sure they are going to be a scam? but I’ve already pay by gtm, twice by cheque and it’s very well no problem I stay in indonesia using local bank account to disburse my cheque and fee just $1 or Rp 10.000 rupiahs but now I’m going to exchange my point with cheque. Truly I don’t know about gtm going to be scam, so I want to proof it if gtm going to be, btw thanks for your informations really helpful even not yet believe :p hehe

  77. Great review @ thanks everybody for all of your honest feedback on this company. I think I will pass on GTM and put my time and energy into something else.

  78. SCAM and dishonest. Don’t waste your time with ths one. to many errors wth this company. I have done surveys offering 150 points for completition. Well you complete it but then you never get to the very last page where it calculates your points. They just want all this information from you and they won’t live up to their end of the bargain. Oh and forget about the Help emails they have for these surveys because there aren’t any. No one reads your emails if you have questions about a survey you took and didn’t receive the points . I have been waiting for weeks now on two surveys I took that took well over an hour and then never took me to the very last page. This one is really notorious for that.

    • this place takes forever to pay you your check it takes months and months and you have to keep contacting them i asked them why they do it is it so people foprget about the money they cashed out and you are right you will take surveys and thn never get your points you are do

  79. I don’t see the name of the writer of this story, but I just wanna say “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.” and a big THANK YOU to all the commenters. I was just about to sign in on another tab, when I opened a new tab and did a search. This article came up. Thank You all!!! I see the light. I will NOT get involved. Reminds me of a survey site (cant remember the name) that my son and I got into around 1994-ish (anyone remember Prodigy? Dial up access?). Anyway my son got a coupla’ checks for about 3 bucks each. My checks never came. My payment was being processed for almost 3 months before d-uh..(insert Dorothy – We’re not in Kansas anymore). Yep, company disappeared off the face of cyberspace. Thanks to all of you, I won’t repeat that mistake.

  80. I can’t cancel my account , I don’t won’t anything to do with them.

    • To Comrade Mark
      Arm yourself with an army of lowers and good luck suing overseas company (probably under different name) that could use your personal data in their own will.

      Solution: shortly – non. Or you can change your name, or get so drunk you will forget everything (works for me). And next time google the site to check if its legit or not.

  81. Global Test Market EVOLVED TO A SCAM. Way back, they were paying me for answering their surveys, a real human customer service would reply on my concern emails. But just this year, they implemented this auto-generated reply email which says that your concern has been “resolved”. What the heck! It was the same reply on all emails. And my last check never came. So I dump them.

    1. Check mailed from Canada
    2. No return address
    3. Letterhead from Mo.
    4. Bank in CT
    5. Check has no ‘micro-printing’ in the border which it says it does on the back.
    6. Look them up on the web. Don’t read the sites that they wrote themselves. You will know who they are, because they rave about this company. It’s false.

    • thank you foryor coment it saved me I got a check in the mail form gtm and instesd of cashing it I looked you this site and found your coment. only it was mailed from Canada the letter was from RI and the check was form al thank you for your warning

    • I don’t understand how this “scam” is supposed to work. If it’s a phoney cheque how does that then enable the to empty your bank account? Unless you provide them with bank details, which would seem foolish. And I don’t really understand the problem with a company having a bank in a different area to their company address either – that isn’t particularly uncommon in the UK but maybe American law is different. While I can hardly rave about GTM (£30-£60 annually is nothing to write home about) I have certainly paid in their cheques and they have cleared OK.

    • Okay, but why are you saying that here? It doesn’t make sense for a company to write a review of itself saying to not to sign up with them, even if they say they’re not a scam. So, this person is most likely telling the truth.

    • Been doing surveys for them for about 2 years in total, not loads just a few here, few there. Left points to add up, after 2 years of saving them up, cashed in and got a cheque for $170, cheque cashed with no problems.

      Much more timeouts now though so you get free prize draw entries only and the odd amount of points if youre lucky

      Not a scam though, 100% sure of that, have spent the proof

  83. This survey company is unethical.
    They cherry pick the people doing the survey. So, if you do not meet their criteria for what your opinion should be on the survey, they axe you from the survey. And, let’s be obvious here, the company will not ask a man for their opinion about feminine products, okay. What is not obvious is how you’re 10-15 minutes into answering questions – with only 5-10 minutes to go—and all of a sudden you are axed. I don’t know if this pressure comes from the marketing company, or the advertising company wanting information. It’s like polling a bunch of republicans and saying what do you think about capitalism? Or Christians, do you believe in God? There is no widespread range of sampling for fair, impartial opinions. You have to fit neatly into a confined box. Such as only the head of households can have an opinion about garbage bags. So, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how their sampling method is strongly biased.

    Watch your MarketPoints
    In one week of completing 32 surveys with points ranging from 10 to 35, I only had accrued 50 points. All under the same account number. You will find new surveys are supposed to provide the updated point totals. But don’t be shocked if you spend ten hours filling out their surveys and still notice your point totals have not changed. When you contact their customer service (the truth is you’re an inconvenience to them), they won’t get back to you. You will get a form letter email however your complaint is being investigated.

    Better to work a min wage job
    You could spend literally 150 hours doing these surveys, under the same account, with half of them being axed after completing 50% of them, and be lucky enough to earn 1000 points or $50. So, it’s not all that. Your time is worth much more. And there are more reputable companies to join than these frauds.

    • I received a letter as well from Canada. The letterhead also stated MO but so does the check. The bank on the check is also from MO. It does look pretty legit but, I’m not that gullible. Lol. Have you ever thought about what if it really was legit for some freakish reason? People would be screwing themselves out of some serious money.

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