Does Income Institute Connect Scam People? Honest Review

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Income Institute Connect sounds pretty legitimate, doesn’t it? Well that’s about the most legit as it gets: just the name itself. Man, I’m so tired of running into these fake work from home scam opportunities. Wait, don’t get me wrong, you can definitely generate an online income, but not through the methods these companies explain in their product. They love, and I mean love to use fake characters and this site is no different. Let me tell you that it is absolutely a setup. To be honest, it’s quite genius how they get away with fooling so many people to opt in to their opportunity. By judging the date that this domain launched, it is quite new although not brand spanking new of a system. I’m going to explain to you why this is nothing more than a scam and a big upsell system in a little. But first, let me go over some feedback from some people that have been burned.

The Income Institute Connect scam says they can teach you to become a search engine agent and make over $300 per day and you don’t even need any experience or any kind of marketing skills whatsoever. I can straight up tell you right now that that is a big lie. Can you tell me any kind of profession or any kind of job or any kind of anything that makes lots of money without any skill? Of course it’s going to take some skill to generate income especially off the Internet. The next time that you run into a program that says all these kind of things, you should just run away. Another thing that they will claim and right away you know it’s a scam is when they say they can pay you up to $80 per hour simply posting links all over the Internet. That’s total BS. Unexplained to you that the only way to make money is if you post links and people actually click on them and buy something and that’s hard enough if you don’t know what you’re doing. This program is to teach anything of value or get you to that level.

income Institute connect is the cost about $97 to get in. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s a complete nightmare for most people to have to deal with these come companies because they will charge you $97 up front and after a few days they will actually bill your credit card per month without you even knowing. This is how these companies make so much money. They launched these crappy sites, get people to join, and end of billing all the poor victims each month and these victims have a hard time getting any kind of refund or anything results as far as cancellation. It’s just a big headache and I wish that Jesus never existed. The thing that cracks me up is that they say they will give you your money back if you don’t make money within 30 days.

Yes, the biggest problem that people have faced with Income Institute Connect is getting their money back. In fact, this is probably in the top 3 as far as scam problems that these programs are guilty of. They will give you phone numbers to call. No one responds. They will give you email addresses to contact, and again, no response.

I’ll tell you this much. Income Institute connect is going to teach you some very basic affiliate marketing principles that you can find for free on the Internet just about anywhere else. That’s really what you’re paying for, and info product and not a work from home package or anything like that. Another thing I found interesting is that this company looks like the IP address is coming out of Europe. It’s funny because I get scammers come from all parts of the world and will scam anybody globally. The only common thing of value that this program would offer is for you to believe in yourself. I’m sorry but that’s not to make any money, because you know exactly how generated, Internet and know which marketing strategies actually work and which ones don’t. income Institute connect is not that of your answer for looking for income.

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