Does Instant Payday Network Scam? Honest Review

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instant_payday_network_reviewI see a lot of people trying to promote Instant Payday Network in the make money online niche. This must be for a reason, right? Not only that, but it seems the majority are shining this “work from home opportunity” in a positive light. There are bloggers doing this and people uploading Youtube videos saying how great this system is. Let me tell you the truth. Yes. They do make money when you join through their link. But if it’s something that works well, then why not refer people to it to make some extra income? I think it’s fair game. 

You will hear and see sales pitches like this one:

I have recently found something that $0 out of pocket costs. This means no signup fees, no startup fees, no websites fees, no hidden fees, or anything where you signup and have to pay later. This a system that anyone can plug into and do and works on complete autopilot and make $100- $500 per day. There are no products for you to stock, ship, or sell. You don’t have to bug your friends and family and this is not MLM. You don’t have to do any of the work. You just plugin and watch the money roll into your bank account.

Note: I’m going to be completely honest with you. Do I think you’re really going to make $100- $500 per day on autopilot as soon as you join? No. You probably won’t. But once you get things going strong, it is definitely possible. There really aren’t any website fees or start up fees because you get to use the system that has all this stuff, for free. Also to be completely honest, there is a small part of IPN that actually is MLM, but it is completely optional. 

Instant Payday Network Is High-Converting

IPD provides a pretty good sales funnel. This is one of the reasons why so many people actually make money with Instant Payday Network. The system or follow up process does a good job at selling, so you don’t have to. You will get a number of tools to work with for free, such as lead capture pages, an autoresponder and even tracking so you can see where your hits are coming from. This is really important if you are someone who is brand new. Definitely want to take advantage of all the tools. 

I actually have made money with systems like this in the past. 

Here’s what YOU have to join first in order to get paid. You have to complete trial offers to amount to 1 Credit earned:

  1. Express My Cash Freebies (free-$10 offer to reach 1 Credit)
  2. Double My Cash Feebies (free- $20 for 2 offers to reach 1 Credit)
  3. Empower Network (optional) (at least $45/month)

Total Cost: Free to $75 to qualify to get paid with everything in IPDN. The only thing that isn’t completely free and somewhat MLM is Empower Network. Although many people who use IPN do not join this company simply because they are not interested. But you can if you want. 

Instant Payday Network Is Not A Scam

This is what’s called CPA marketing. You’re going to get paid by referring people to these affiliate networks. These networks that offer the trials through IPN make money when someone decides to actually stick with the trial product or offer. Which is why they are willing to pay you for simply referring people through IPN. It’s how a lot of businesses out there work.

So how much can you make?

Well when someone joins through your link and gets started in all the steps, you make money. The answer is, you can make an unlimited amount of income if you want. But let me break it down. Let’s say you get 3 signups that complete the steps, per day. Well, that’s potentially $100+ per day which means a pretty decent monthly paycheck.

No Traffic Means No Money

frustrated_more“It’s so easy! All you have to do is post to Twitter, Facebook, and stuff! Make thousands per day!”. NOT. It’s not that easy. And that’s not how you drive massive amounts of traffic to your affiliate link. There’s much more to it than just posting to social media and classified sites. This is where most of the people run into a big problem. And that is marketing. Because with marketing comes the traffic and that’s the only way to make money with this system or really any system out there. The problem I have is that Instant Payday Network pitch is the idea that all you have to do is join and you will be successful. That’s just not the case.

If you can get thousands and thousands of hits to your YouTube video and then promote your link, then you can make some good money. But you have to know how to do this correctly and effectively so your traffic can convert into money.

Do Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

In my opinion, there are a lot of holes in the training of Instant Payday Network. I believe if you are brand new, and learned how to do affiliate marketing the effective way, you could definitely make a good income online even if you wanted to continue promoting IPN yourself. I’m sorry, but I think Wealthy Affiliate dominates any other affiliate marketing program, home business, or system out there, online. Period. 

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  1. Hey Buddy, I wanted to say thank you for what I am sure is a real review and not some half done job just to promote your other business.. So thank you very much for being very professional by doing so. Now what have I learned with Instant payday network? Well to be honest, I wasn’t looking for this business when I came across it. But when the guy said “I don’t make a dime off of you and you don’t make a dime off of me” it got my attention. Well I didn’t realize the rabbit hole I was about to go down was two weeks of reviewing this business inside out. I mean darn near no sleep at night with this on my mind sort of research. The more I reviewed the more I became excited. And no it wasn’t the hoped up reviews either. It was the real ones that got me. Well it had gotten to where I had seen to much, I knew I couldn’t Not get in, so I took a leap of faith and got in.. I felt great about every aspect of this business still to this day.. But I did do a few things that are not taught that I think really helped my business out. I promote it as saying for about the price of a meal you can get into this business and all training and tools are free. Including our private Facebook page that is monitored 24/7 by people that do this business successfully. That really helped stop the people standing there at the great wall of my cash freebies.. The cat was already out of the bag.. I also teach sincerity in all ads, meaning tell people what you have found, proof of it working and then show them the doorway in. And I teach an awesome follow up with an email that had an embedded YouTube video from you personally showing you talking about the business. With this technique I have a 1 out of 8 opt in ratio. My third week I had 12 people to opt in in 24 hours of each other and started getting there credits. My first month in,I was able to pay my house payment in full. Something that I won’t expecting. I would have been happy with just one payout. It would have been proof that it worked to me. I do all free advertising. I have over 50 YouTube videos in a month and a half time. What I have learn is observe your surrounding, think about what could work and try it out. I got opt in and complete both steps on a 3rd viewer of a video.. it’s not all about the high numbers.. The reason mine took off so well possibly? I believed in it and it showed in my ads if you can call them that.. :0) and my videos.. I didn’t even know that the guy that showed me this business left his job in the medical field a year and a half from the time he saw the same video that I did that got me interested.. Y’all it all comes down to this.. If a vehicle is real and legit and YOU believe in it, show it.and apply action. APPLIED ACTION, GETS SEEN , APPLIED ACTION MAKES YOU MONEY That is what people want to see, you being successful and how you feel about it.. I myself love what I do.. It makes a huge difference.. I’m not going to leave a link to my business out of respect for this guy here. He seems like a really good guy. I did leave a link to a video though. That shows you what I mean about sincerity and telling people how you feel about it. If you need to delete that as well I understand. Thanks again for your honest opinion and hope you well in your business. Thanks, Shawn Powell

    • This sounds like a glorified Pyramid Scheme to me.

  2. Vince,

    I have also tried instant payday network for about 3 months. Ended up making about $60 all together. I agree with you when you say this product can’t be a scam because if you work your butt off to get traffic to your sales page you can make some sales. I ended up finding WA and saw that there was a much better way to make money online so I switched.

    The big problems for me were that you basically promoted a Free to join program, but in all reality people had to spend money on the credit card offers before they were able to join.

    If you want to do a ton of extra work and lie to people about how it works Instant PayDay Network can work for you.
    In my situation I didn’t want to promote something that used false information and I found a better way to earn more money so I got out as fast as I could.

    Great review though!



    • Hi Chris. Thanks for the feedback. I think IPN is really set up for the advanced marketers like myself to win. The reason is because all the tools and everything else are going to be useless until you really know how to do affiliate marketing online. As an advanced marketer, I know how to already drive traffic to an IPN link, and by the way the sales pitch is set up, many new people will find it very appealing and want to join the steps. This is easy money for the seasoned Internet marketer. You see systems like this being created all the time. Sure, someone might be able to make a few bucks, but consistent income is the problem with IPN at any level. People catch on to all the B.S. thrown around with this system and will start falling out. That’s why I always recommend getting to know affiliate marketing inside and out before you were to ever try this. In my opinion, I would stay away from this completely. I would focus your time and energy in a niche that you are passionate about.

      • Hi Vincent, it makes a change to see an honest online marketer without a motive to make financial gain.

    • How did you spend $600? I spent $30 on one product and didnt even have to spend that but I choose an product that was 1 full credit and got some vitamins I ussaully buy anyways. You can make some good money using the system I will agree that you are not going to make as much as Jeff shows in the video but you can make $200 plus a week.

  4. You know there is free money sitting in the ground and on the beaches. Buy a metal detector and cash in on what others have lost! or find gold, it was the best thing I invested in when i lost my job. Sometimes I get $20-$70 a day in loose change on swim beaches, parks or more in known areas that produce gold. But maybe that’s too much effort for some people.

  5. Does this really work?

    • If you’re asking for my honest opinion, I would say no. I’m not saying you can’t make money with it, but for beginners no. Even if you were to make a few sales by hustling people through the system, it would be very short term. You make a few bucks, things seem to be going well, and you just can’t keep it going. You basically exhaust your strategy. These systems are extremely hard to market nowadays and you have to get real clever at basically fooling people to optin. I mean, just the name of “Instant Payday Network” should ring a few alarms off in your head. You never really find instant success, and if you do, it’s really short-term. Those top earners that are making money with it, have put in the time, effort, and everything else like in any business. It’s just that now, they are winning the jackpot hustling new people into their system.

      • This is such bullshit. You cannot make any real money with this. Bullshit is bullshit.

  6. My position of employment fazed out at the end of 2013. So, in an endless job search and desparate I decided to try several of these crazies schemes I had vowed never to get hooked into. First was My Cash Freebies which was only $97.00 in order to become wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. Yes, a coupon situation, so, why not fill out a couple of coupons with all my personal financial information on these forms. You guessed it. Ordering a package of Steaks, Yumm. Well! the steaks never came and my credit card outfit had an instant order but from an unknown account.
    Fortunately for me I got reinbused by my credit card company. Then I did not learn my lesson I took up Instant Payday Network which was free and on my way to a easy fortune of life on the beaches of some far away tropical island. First phase was a snap. One credit simple after filling out a few free financial forms with critical information. Second phase: Impossible no matter which free offer I attempted I could not move forward only half of the required 2 credits. Somehow if I wanted to learn more it would be a a cost. $$ here, $$ there, ## everywhere. I did not have to become a total trick but if I actually wanted to become an expert at extorting funds from simpleens like myself I needed to spend some cash. Exauted after hours upon hours of complete frustration and minus much cash, with no return, I decided to leave this FREE business up to the future entreprenuers. Back to job hunting and savings is vanishing thanks to No Hope and Radical change. Good Luck and remember “Don’t do as I do, Do as I will no longer do”. db

  7. Hey, thanks for the article! Im thinking about joining IPN, i like the fact that its free. So do i have to join express AND double? And also, i am familiar with how to get traffic, as i have a blog of my own about fitness and health. I think that may help in working with IPN. So you have to have credits before you start advertising to others?

  8. Instant Payday network and Online Profit for Dummies have basically the same sales video so this makes me wonder if they are both noting but bull s**t

  9. If someone joins IPN, and not EN, they still want to enroll others. Only, it’s one at a time . . . either someone else who wants to make money online and signs for the 2 credits to get started, or someone who REALLY wants free trials. It ends there, unless your enrollee continues to sign up for free trials, right?


  10. Nothing to note.


  11. Hi I’m from the uk and have recently started this process as from the little research I did seemed like everyone was progressing well and I didn’t want to miss out.

    I did the first phase which was to spend £10 to register with an online betting company to gain my first credit.

    The second phase was more difficult as there wasn’t too many good trials and it was looking like It would cost me more then I wanted to spend.

    Could someone please inform me what I should do? I’m worried that I have missed something and I’m not actually sure what I need to do to progress within this business.

  12. Hi Eila. Thanks for you comments. Appreciate your feedback.

    The problem I have with IPN and others like it, is you’re pretty much hustling people to sign up to a “system” that encourages people to follow steps and when they follow the steps, you make money.

    Why? What do these steps teach? What really is the purpose?

    It’s so you can get credit (get paid) from getting people to do these trial offers. Most of the time it’s a headache signing up for these offers with your credit card, in which a lot of companies will bill you if you forget to cancel and spam you once you give them your info.

    The bigger offers most of the time are going to cost you, as they did me. And then what? Those people are taught to pretty much hustle and siphon others through their IPN link? And the cycle continues.

    And please…don’t even get me started on the last step: Empower Network. I could go for days on how much of a crazy scheme that one is.

    And I understand IPN is “free” but system pushes you to complete the steps! It’s the whole point! And those steps often cost people not just money, but their info….and confusion.

    A lot of IPN members use very spammy techniques as well. Some are taught to scrape off ID’s from Facebook for leads, cram Classified ad sites disguised as “jobs” when they’re not…and upload cheesy Youtube testimonial videos, trying to sell people on this “System that generates me cash 24/7 and it’s super easy!!!”….

    WA is waaaay different. WA teaches you how to build a home based business in any niche. It teaches you how to market a website from scratch, drive traffic, develop content, monetize, there’s help, community, support, and even unlimited hosting at the Premium level. The OEC training is ridiculously up-t0-date on SEO including watching out for the latest Google algorithms, and everything else.

    And did you read the last paragraph? That’s exactly what I say. IFFFF you’re going to do IPN, at least learn the ethical marketing skills to drive traffic.

    IPN members and members of other EN “payday” funnels tend to be DIE-HARD followers & fans….they’ll defend it to the death!…I used to be one as well. Some day hopefully you will see the light!!

  13. Ok, so after reading your review, although I can agree with some things, I can’t agree with many others. I mean you slam the fact that it may cost a few dollars for a newbie to start with IPN, but then you recommend wealthy affiliate, which I am sure that there are more costs associated with wealthy affiliate, than IPN. Plus all your top 5 affiliate products, cost more than IPN. If the real issue is that it will be hard for newbies to drive traffic to IPN, why not use the skills learned in wealthy affiliate or your affiliate tools to learn to drive traffic to the site. Especially since IPN is very low cost if you do trials that are not free. The money made with IPN or any of the IFW sites is real. I have been doing it a while and it was the first success that I had on the internet making money. I think IPN and wealthy affiliate can stand together well, especially if wealthy affiliate teaches you how to drive traffic.

  14. Thanks for a great post. I found this as I was researching Instant Rewards Network. They sound very similar. Any thoughts on Instant Rewards Network?

    By the way, I agree with you about Empower. I have a wordpress and blogger site and get great search engine results. If a person does keyword research, keyword density checks and delivers high quality content, they will get good search results.

  15. A lot of great comments. Like that there are some supportive comments for IPN. I also have to agree that it is a great program for newbies and there was no start up cost. As with everything new it takes time to learn the process and you get out of it what you put in it.

  16. I tried IPDN just to see if it COULD work… start up cost was zero… you do need to have a credit card to complete the offers… i completed step one for free… got paid $25… i then used that money to complete a couple of trials on level 2 that i really was interested… the free ones are there but hard to find… the trials i did cost me just under $9 so i was still “up” by $16 at that point… the next day i got $33 because someone i shared this with had tried it too… so without spending any money out of my pocket, i made $49… i stopped at that point because i wanted to make sure that my credit card wouldn’t be charged once the trial period times were over… i contacted each of the trial offer companies and canceled my accounts… i received confirmation emails that all accounts were canceled and i have not received any charges to my credit card… the only thing i really don’t like about IPDN is the “free autoresponder” which can not be modified… so i found a compatible autoresponder to connect with the system and decided to spend $10 to pay for it… i have not joined the empower network, but i can’t say that i won’t… what i will say is that IF i join, it will only be with money earned from directly from IPDN… so yes, everything costs something… either time, money or usually both… the IPDN has proven to be a good starting point for me… i’m not delusional… i know i need to spend some money, but it’s not money that was in my pockets to begin with… i feel like IPDN allowed me to grab just a tiny amount of cash out of thin air, but it was just enough for me to begin a snowball of momentum… right now, i’m grateful because i could only afford to spend time… and i knew that even just $50 a week would at least pay for my gas… lol… it’s turning out to be more than that, but it definitely takes consistency of effort… if it’s a funnel for the empower network, then good for them… it captures potential leads but it actually does offer the ability to earn some cash as well… i had never even heard about CPA networks until i ran across this… clearly i’m new to this… so it’s possible i may feel scammed, but right now i have more dollars than i had last month… so i think i’m ok with it…

  17. Im a newbie as far as mlm, internet marketing, ppc, ect. are concerned, and I hear everyones concern regarding this product, but just like with any thing els in life you’re only gonna get out what you put in. No one wants to be scamed,”I get that”. But even when looking for a job, you’re gonna do your research to find the job thats gonna pay you the most income, Right! You’re not going to take the first offer ( especialy if you are qualified or have special training); Unless you’re desperate… So unless you’re desperate your not jumping on the first “make money online” sceam, you’re gonna do research. I got into IPDN a few weeks ago on a fluke, and I hav’nt made a dime, and I did do the offers, and I did give up some credit card info…but you know what Im not gonna start crying, Im gonna learn what it takes to become successful in my new business. And Im doing that by research,(looking at youtube, going to google, reading articles like this one), to learn how marketing works; Yea it might take a little learning but when you are looking for results you are going to find them, when you are looking for something, or somebody to blame, or critesize its usualy because of lazyness. So my take is do your researcn on these Companies and your chance of brong scamed deminishes greatly.

    • If you are afraid of giving out info on your credit cards, you need to have a credit card that has Virtual Credit Card #’s. That means you can set the amount of the purchase on the Virtual Credit card #’, which will come off your account, but if will only be able to use the amount entered. Say, you are going to order something for $3.00 and you don’t want the company, you are ordering from to charge you with another item. You are protected by the Virtual account #, because you have entered the amount. Citibank & discover have virtual account numbers. First you have to ask the bank you have your credit card with, if they have a virtual credit card number you can use with your card, and if you can set the amount. The company you are sending the payment to will get a credit card # with the CVS #, the amount you want to spend and that it is all. It doesn’t tell them that it is a virtual credit card no. This is the great thing about it. You know that with some trials, as soon as you give them your credit card number, they charge you the full price before the trial is up. This way you are protected. If it is something you want, you just make another virtual credit card number, if they ask why the number is different, just tell them you lose the other card, you people have to think past the box. Remember they want you to give you the trial, but what they really want is to charge you the full price. I’m a guy and I can tell you I know how they operate. I get my wife to use the Virtual numbers with anything she purchases off line, unless it is Amazon, they don’t give your credit card info to their clients.

  18. This is an awesome review!!!

  19. I am always cautions regarding ” free ” and placing my credit card to any unsecured website & this was no exception .. you called it funnel , I see it as a pyramid someone has to be the top. The thing that caught my eye was the phone number and that was local & this guy stated he was in Miami or somewhere … I can’t remember nor care I just watch several U- tube videos requesting to join and some people were suppose to show ” how its done on video …and .that was a joke and made me laugh so call “experts ” Like you stated before non experience people try something new and now paying a high cost because they didn’t take the time to research it or had know- how or weren’t properly trained. My hearts goes to out kids that are buying this crap and have to give back ” refunds” to the new person to make his referral , now that just broke my heart,.. please research your options 1st and then make a educated decision .

  20. I was checking this program out, and thanks to you that’s it not worth going any farther ….I tried surveys which you get disqualified for 7 times or more before you get q survey for 25 cent which takes almost an hr to take , the Internet is ripe with scams and its good to have honest guys like the person making this video that opens up the can of worms …thanks

    • I personal try this product from all aspects and get no return from time consuming posting from different sources has the company provide but did not work for me

  21. I agree, that the premise of Instant Payday Network IPDN is very misleading: You don’t have to do much to earn $. However, I do disagree on how much you have to spend in order to make this system work for you.

    You do have to put in work, primarily your time and effort, just like anything that you do in life. As a newbie (completely brand new to internet marketing), it’s going to take you more time to set up and figure out things. However, once you figured your “special sauce” for marketing, you can reach, if not make more, than what IPDN claims you can make daily. I’m a newbie too, but I like challenges. For those of you who likes everything laid out for you, the IPDN’s marketing system is pretty limited as far as what you can learn from it. It has videos, but that’s about it. Quite honestly, you should never restrict yourself to one place to find answers. This your business, treat it like one. If you want more help, go find it. The Facebook group for IPDN is very active, you can get support and real people who answer your questions.

    This system is free. I’m doing this on a no money budget. To prove to people that this can be done for free. I haven’t spent a cent on signing up, doing the trials, or marketing.

    The author is right, you have to do offers that adds up to 1 credit.

    Express My Cash Freebies: Saw an offer that had 1 credit attached to it. Did it, got the credit. I didn’t have to put in my credit/debit card information or pay for it.

    Double My Cash Freebies: Didn’t do it. The offers are far fewer than Express My Cash Freebies. I saw the offer that I did in Express My Cash Freebies in this area, but I can’t do it again. :/ offered for free. The others look you may have to purchase the trial.

    Empower Network: You don’t have to join if you don’t want to. The membership fee $25/month plus $20/month affiliate e-wallet (as an Empower Network affiliate you have pay to access your money), is not necessary. I did join Empower Network, but not through IPDN. I was super curious and sucked in by the hype. I was dumb, I bought both the membership and e-wallet at the same time. Shouldn’t have done that. After being in it, I think I’ll end up canceling it by the end of this month. However, I do not use Empower Network to market IPDN. I just don’t. I view these as two different set of products. Just think before joining.

    Conclusion: Zero $ money spent.

    • Hey Gylp. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! I really appreciate it. Great response.

      The ultimate goal of IPDN is to sponsor people into Empower Network which is why so many are promoting this system. Just about any semi-experienced Internet marketer knows how easily Empower Network suckers beginners to pull out their credit cards.

      Otherwise if you’re just trying to make money off CPA offers, there is a much better system that doesn’t push mlm on the back end.

      The reason why it costed you $0 is because you still haven’t completed the Double My Cash Freebies. It’s really hard to get a truly “free” trial offer because the ultimate goal of these CPA offers is to bill a credit card or make a sale. How else would these companies providing trial offers make money?

      Empower is one of the steps you need to complete if you want IPDN to work optimally for you. In order to get paid with Empower, you must become an Affiliate ($19.95) and purchase any products you wish to earn a commission on ( ranging from $25- $3,500!!!).

      So for the newbie who still hasn’t joined Empower, it’s going to cost them.

      The actual IPDN “system” is free. But it is going to be utterly useless unless you know how to market, drive traffic, and generate leads on a consistent basis. Funny how that’s about 99% of every newbie’s problem.

      There is hardly any training or valuable content whatsoever.

      IPDN is just a straight, raw sales funnel more than anything else.

    • Thanks, not joining , but have some thing you might be interested in

    • Guys, I was researching Anhony Morrisson before buying His product which is called fast traffic sniper. I came accross Chuck B. Video and he sounded so sincere ” like he actually cares.” So, I decided to check out this instant pay day since Chuch bashed Anthony so much, I figured there is no way he could also be a con artist. Well, I was dead wrong. I honestly feel he is a bigger con artist than Anthony Morrisson. I am upset at myself, because I provided the scam artist with my cell phone number and right now I am kicking myself.


    • Hey. I was wondering how did you get past the debit/credit card information, because on my cash freebies they request it to join or get any credits. Let me know something, would love to get started asap.

    • I really liked what you wrote. Your right there is alot more to this. I just cant get any where with it. I did get payed $2o.00 from one person,but thats it. I cant even get to my webpage. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate It.Thank you and GOD BLESS.

  22. Nice content! This helped me make my decision on if I really wanna try this out

    • For those skepticals out there, it’s no 9-5pm job that pays weekly or monthly, it alldepends on what you put into it, but as this link states it’s totally false, it does work and it’s certainly no scam or to get anyones money from them and it is correct you do not have to pay a dime to start up if you choose the free route, so dont spread false info.
      You can certainly earn a lot with this if you are willing to work, some people think money falls from the sky or you sit down and make money, that’s a dream world, so long and short it can make money and it does make money you just have to know how to make it work.
      Some people give up when they dont get paid in a day which job pays you in a day? None unless you are working one daily basis job that is temporary, you will get paid just give it a try.

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