Does Online Wealth Formula Scam People? Full Review

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 Online Wealth Formula has become very clever at fooling people into thinking that they are visiting a legitimate newspaper site that is promoting a work from home opportunity. Most likely you have gotten an e-mail may be from a friend or maybe somebody’s account got hacked and they sent you an e-mail from this company.

Let me show you an exposed to what exactly is going on with these type of scams so that way you can protect yourself in the future….

You see, work from home tends to become very attractive to lots of people. So then what unethical Internet marketers will do is form these companies and build their websites around making money from home through fake online job positions.

The problem is that most people don’t know that these are fake positions that don’t really make any money and these people have to invest in order to get one of these jobs.

Online Wealth Formula is not unlike a lot of other very scammy affiliate marketing programs out there. Not all affiliate marketing programs are scams, just ones like this where they say you’re going to make hundreds of dollars by simply posting wings all around the Internet.

Companies like Online Wealth Formula will often create fictitious characters and in this case the names are Michelle Starr and Karl Goddard. Yes, that’s all they are, are fake names to fool you into believing that actual people are earning money and often times it’ll stay in the area that you live in. Will explain to you exactly how they understand what city you’re living in.

They have these IP tracking scripts that will tailor the article or the sales page to your location. Often times you will see that there are only “two positions left” and this causes people to become very urgent and want to join quickly. Don’t fall for its because these are not real jobs. What can happen is you’re going to invest money because it costs money to get started usually about $100. After you got the training packet then you will be billed per month about $40. But it doesn’t stop there.


The Online Wealth Formula scam will then sooner or later shut down and change their e-mail addresses, domain name, and the links won’t work anymore. They do this whole bait and switch technique where once they have made enough sales, they cover up all their footprints so there’s no way view tracking them down and get your money back.

This happens all the time and there are many sites out there like it unfortunately. So I try to say to you is anytime you come across a company or website that says they pay you hundreds of dollars per day by simply doing data entry or posting links, you can pretty much bet your socks that it is definitely a scam and you should stay away.

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  1. can i know, what can i do to cancel my registration? i already give my account number and ccv. please help me 🙁

  2. I responded to a HOME CASHFLOW CLUB (HCC), “Posting Online Links” internet investing opportunity.
    This was a fake, false and fraudulent scam which lead to OWA (ONLINE WEALTH ACADEMY). I contacted HCC and ashared with them that I believed their website had been HACKED when OWA continually contacted me. I finally told OWA that their tactics, while possibly legal, were definitely unethical- and I would not like to hear from them again!
    They used a local phone number(in KY) from their headquarters in Wyoming. They continued to call afterwards. Now, 4 months later, OWA started calling again! daily… for the last month!

    STAY AWAY from these folks- don’t give them “the time of day” let alone any money!!!

  3. Hi guys thanx fr opening my eyes i was also going join this scam but i didnt give thm my account numbr but thy hv my email iwamt to ask is thy can harm us with our email.thank god i read yours comments iwas hvng dout on online wealth market thy told me the same that i shuld keep 250 doller in my accnt
    Humera( ksa)

  4. How can I deactivate my account? I registered my email but didn’t pay anything.
    Any suggestions? I worried that they have my email and contact details. Pl. help if anybody have some information regarding this.


  5. Online market wealth potentially a big times scammer..they askng for payment..but at the first place they said u not even have to pay for anythng..but then afterward they askng for fee and initial deposit..wht a hack is tht..first action frm them already notified me tht they re big careful u ol

    I have registered my card details with them and luckily I did not have enough money on the card and now they are keeping on calling me from different numbers saying that they will activate my account with them. I have clearly said a big NO to them and yet again they are calling. Worried that they will take money from my account, I called up my bank and requested to block my card immediately. Wow What a Scam !!! I was foolish enough to believe that I will make some huge money right away. So stupid of me !!!
    Guys these kind of things will always be SCAM !!!

  7. How can I deactivate my account? I registered my email but didn’t pay anything.
    Any suggestions? I worried that they have my email and contact details.

    • I have the same query, I registered my email but didn’t pay anything. Pl. help if you got any information regarding this

  8. what should i do if i already give the account number then someone from them call me said that i did not have enough money for the fee then he said sorry you cant join in. Does he still can access my account and take my money in it? but im not fully registered yet. But he still can know my amount of money right? im so worried , what should do ?

    • I just register,and somebody calling me until non stop,how to cancel,i alredy put my card no.

  9. Thanks guys for the information i do to register but I don’t put my card for the payment I take Google first in I found this page

  10. hi . guys I paid 4.95$ from my account …and they charged 280 dollars … s a scam guys please be aware…

  11. I have no any type of card or bank acount so how to pay them 250
    $? Or plz tell me anyone howz this? Its true or not..

  12. If payment could have been made by Paypal, I quite possibly could have been duped into paying the £4.95 but as soon as I saw payment by cards only, that’s no no for me! Whenever you see such claims to make money easily like this, it pays to always type into Google ‘scams’ with the name of the company and luckily this came up for me. /thanks for information.

  13. yes it is a scam as you see the same comments on every success story in the news link. I observed it after reading the three stories. The story format is same and also the comments are same, however they change the name of person commenting. I also initiated the process and blocked my card. I daily receive a call from them now. Huhhhhhhh!

  14. As long it’s linked to Banc De Binary…no doubt it’s a scam
    BDB was charged $11m by the American court after scamming 6,600 American clients.

    • Wow!!! I thought that DBD is a trusted Broker but now I have my doubts about them.
      Thanks for the info.

  15. Thanks again I gave my bank details with no money in as I paid registration fee now they don’t stop calling me to deposit $250 which I don’t have

    • same as u i did, i had no money in my card but i am afraid thats card details i have given its running account. what should i do no w.

      • i would cancel the card and order a new one, that way they have no access to your money or account.. as long as no direct debt details were given. you can also call your bank and tell them so they can keep an eye on it and stop any payments going out to them.

  16. Thanks for all this info. Just before reading this I tired to opened the account at the “Online Wealth Marketting”. Had some problem to confirm, so didn’t finalize. Wasn’t sure if the number of my credit card had been registered with them, very quickly make a call to the bank and blocked my card. Thanks you all.

  17. Thank you so much for opening my eyes I was about to join but bcs it’s sound real when you read other peoples comments on it. But I checked on google first tnx tnx tnx

  18. Thank you for letting me know about this website . I almost payed the 4.95 fee but I thought I will check on google before I go ahead with this. There was so many people out there saying how much money they made it sounded so real and to good to be true . thank you for all the help cant stand scam people how do they live with there selfs ?? greedy people

  19. Omg I was just about to register myself and give them my bank details. I’m so lucky and glad I checked Google before I registered. They call me every now and then.. Telling me how my money will double up in a week.
    Thank God I didn’t listen to them.

  20. Just take a look at the testimonials at the Online Wealth Marketing page, with all those testimonies just saying how much they earn… but nothing about what they did to earn it…. this in itself is already a warning sign.

  21. They are scams. They called me from London and in order to complete my registration, they need my card number as well as my 3 digits private code on my card. I said i’m not keen to share my code and just hung up the call. I quickly transferred all my money to other account of mine and has alerted bankers about this. Be alert guys!!

  22. Hi I was about to deposit the required 250£ but something told me to check up with Google whether online wealth is a scam then I find out what I know now I am just worried about my card details that I provided them with. But I will make my bank aware of this. Is there any legitimate trading system without any scam these days ? this is my big question.

  23. somebody help me how can i pull back my deposits of $500??
    ive paided it in order to complete the registration
    and ive registered my credit card number as well
    will they took money directly from my account then?
    how can i know if such things happen? omgggg
    im so afraid now grrrrr help me plssss
    somebody help meeeee

    • Go to your bank and explain what has happened and if you have any evidence eg. Snap a picture of website or print out, check search engine also and complain
      .i don’t know if you will get money back but bank can stop future withdrawals

    • Hello I’ m interested to know since you made the deposit did you manage to get a refund or has it actually worked and you’re making money?

    • Myb jst go to the bank and ask them to stop debit orders

  24. Hello. I am completely unsure if this website is still active or not but I am hoping to maybe get a response of some kind.
    I’ve been seeking online work for a very long time now and I’ve dealt with too many scams to list that have utterly killed my hope. Seeing a site like this has finally given me a bit more to work with.

    I’m a mentally handicapped artist who is in the process of trying to get to find some sort of work I can manage from home.

    I’ve already got sites with over 35K followers that enjoy my work and I get commissions very easily, but due to health issues my income is slow and I am unable to work fast and support myself. I was hoping for some sort of help in the right direction. I have resources and support but the inability to know or trust what to do with it.

    • There is no doubt in my mind that my #1 recommendation is going to be the perfect fit for you, Amber.

  25. i just paid $4.95 omg i am not sure if i did the right thing, I am starting to wonder now. douche i am

    • Hi did they contact you or asked to pay further? Share your experience please

  26. I’ve just went into the process of paying £4.95 and now they want me to pay at least $250 to start earning. Does this mean they can take the money from my bank as they have my bank details when I made the £4.95 registration fee? Any advice will be appreciated . Thanks

    • yes correct….. so it mean there will be more payment required for this 🙁

  27. hello guys I am asking whether it’s possible for them to take money from my account I registered when the debit card had no balance and went up to the step of activating the software just out of curiosity help please I’m afraid of saving in my account now

  28. Thanks for this eye opener they asked for $250 for study kit which is. About R4400 in my country lucky for me I just had R3600 in my account I am going to pull out and let me back know that this company should not take any money from my account

  29. thank god i search before joining . just an hour after i registered i got a called from them , he said that in order to activate my account i need to deposit the minimum og 500$ and he suggested that i desposit 1500$ because it would be double in a week . i havent let him activate it yet cause i reason my way out of it . now i cant see their website

  30. Thanks for exposing this. I got suspicious when I was asked to pay $4.95 activation fee . What was the next fee going to be ???

  31. The do say that no registration fee 0f $4.95 is required but ask you to put in d deposit of £250 to allow you to trade re buying and selling shares. Paid the deposit but could not get on the site the following day to start the demo. Realised this as a scam and rang m y back to stop the payment.

    • Can’t even believe u got sucked in at all .what a thick pratt

  32. If you start to beleive that there is no such thing as “a free lunch”, you would detect these scams on the first go

    • If you are writing to make people feel bad about themselves,your “free lunch “comment.Could I suggest that you learn to spell first.

  33. Thanks for letting me know about the “Online Wealth Marketting” are scams.
    First I notice charge for $5.00 Dollars to join, as I getting deeper information its asking $250 Dollars to open my own account.
    Now I started to notice this is scams big time.
    I bailed myself out quickly.

    • I want everybody to know that Online Wealth Markets is a scam ..they take your money and tell you they do not see the fees for registration and besides they do not tell you what this is all about …and they have many testimonies that are made up by people that lie

      • I activated my account when i had no funds in there, Will they take my money when i resume using this account

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